Yates: VP Pence Could Be Called As "Witness To Crime" If Flynn Is Prosecuted

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It's fairly safe to say that General Michael Flynn did not fare well in today's testimony from former DNI Director Clapper and Former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates.

Very early in today's testimony, Yates confirmed that she reached out the the White House counsel regarding General Flynn after it appeared, based on comments made in the media by the Vice President, that he had lied to VP Pence about his past interactions with Russian officials.  Here is the exchange with Senator Feinstein:


Later, in an exchange with Senator Blumenthal, Yates went one step further to suggest that if Flynn told the same lies to the FBI during his sworn testimony that he "could face criminal prosecution."  That said, she declined to comment on testimony offered by Flynn to the FBI.


All of which led to the logical conclusion, that VP Pence and other "Top White House officials" could be potentially called as witnesses to the extent that General Flynn is put on trial.


All of which would be a very pleasing spectacle for Democrats, so we suspect it's only a matter of time before it happens.

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Deathrips's picture

This bitch belongs in jail.


Wheres the option for fire everyone? The rulers dont give the plebes that option.


Time to water any trees....if not now when?



Schlump's picture

Obama told me not to hire him.

But I don't listen to losers.

Good people don’t go into government, as I've said before, so Flynn is a case in point. Move on.

knukles's picture

When is all this shit gonna stop?

Pure Evil's picture

So, Flynn could go to jail for lying about speaking to the Russians, but Hillary walks free even though she violated US security laws.

What a bizarro world we live in.

Never One Roach's picture

It's complex. But Hillary has ties to powerful terror groups like the Clinton Crime Organization who "Seth Rich' people like there's no tomorrow.

chumbawamba's picture

It's complex. But all this is just so much theater of flatulence.

I am Chumbawamba.

nuubee's picture

What Crime did Flynn commit? It is not a crime to lie to the VP, so what crime did he commit?

Akzed's picture

Aaaand would Sessions prosecute Flynn before he would Hitlery? Huma? Weiner? The Podestas? Really, what would it mean if Flynn was prosecuted and these snakes are still slitering free? Don't bother answering that.

BobEore's picture

How bout accepting money to work on behalf of a foreign government - without registering as an agent of that government? C'mon show us some good ol hairsplitting, exceptionalism, "it's only a crime if my team's opposition does" Triumphalist spirit Dawg! Like yous rode all the way through the winter... till March.

Which is when Flynn was finally forced to formally register as a paid agent of the jihadist Ankara regime  - having received $540,000 in fees for work on it's behalf - prior to signing on as a key member of the new administration.... and somebody finally realized just how much of a liability he had made of himself for that administration. About the time it also come out that he had consulted with representatives of the same crew as to how to remove their target - Gulen - from the shores of America by 'extra-judicial' means. A goal shared with Srael, who like the Turks, need to silence the man who knows too much about the dirty laundry.https://storify.com/SuaveBel/part-eight

But that's no "crime" in an America controlled by other 'agents of a foreign power' - unregistered as well - in the senate, congress and judiciary. So you'll keep barking about Hitlary... while watching serial crimes committed on the watch of those who declared 'the swamp' would be drained. Circus. Maximus.


sushi's picture

How much did the Chinese pay Bill Clinton?

How much did the Ukraine pay to Biden or to his son?

How much did the Saudis contribute to electing Obama? Or funding his litte destabilization operation in Syria.

There is more but Seth Rich is at the door so I gotta run.


BobEore's picture


Everybody on the slush fund bandwagon of the current administration gets an automatic get out of jail card - because of what those of previous criminals cartels did in a similar vein. Your reasoning is specious... beyond contempt, in fact... allow me to say/ you gotta run is right! 

Go back to playin with your vote arrows. And leave the arguments here to the folk not wearing short pants.

cheech_wizard's picture

Something about nuclear weapons dropped from orbit comes to mind.

MasterControl's picture

When another democrat is elected president?

Mikeyy's picture

Sure, sure... way to bury the lede.  Flynn belongs in jail.  And Trump knew he was a bad pick and went ahead anyway.


What does that say about the Orange Man?

nuubee's picture

What crime did Flynn commit? What statute did he violate?

Secret Weapon's picture

Right next to Lois Lerner.

Everybodys All American's picture

During the congressional show trial today the overwhelming thought I took from it was that Pence who was apparently defending Flynn in public unwittingly had to be "saved" by the FBI. They could not have their imo globalist replacement for Trump going out and defending Flynn. It would look bad as they were intending to destroy Flynn and eventually Trump. The FBI and intelligence made the conscious effort to save Pence from the Flynn fibs. You have to ask why would they care that much about Pence so much that they had to stop this bad look immediately. I think it's because they see Pence as the continuity of government replacement for Trump. This is all deep state organizing the removal of Trump.

The other key fact is that neither would say specifically what actually makes Flynn a candidate for Russian blackmail. Which leads to my question and that is why do you think Flynn would succumb to blackmail. Is that not a fair question. Just because you are weak doesn't necessarily mean that Flynn would be.

mc888's picture

She already got fired. But she's definitely guilty of Obstruction.

Why is she not being prosecuted?

Lost in translation's picture

Felons calling others, "felons." It would be hilarious if so many innocent lives didn't hang in the balance.

These filth should all hang, every last one. Feed their corpses to the rats.

knukles's picture

Pigs.  To the pigs, please.  On PPV, except broadcast fee of charge in Muzzie nations.

Seasmoke's picture

A Feinstein and a Blumenthal vs. A Flynn. Can Anyone connect the dots here ?????

Lost in translation's picture

Over-representation of Hebrews in the US government.

ThirdWorldDude's picture

Mind you, not all Jews are Zionists just like not all Muslims are Wahhabists...

Pure Evil's picture

But, all muslims are islamists that read the Quran.

The Quran requires everyone not muslim to subjugate themselves to muslims and islam.

Gorgeous's picture

Agree.  Trying to differentiate "good muslims" from "radical islamists" is like trying to distinguish "moderate rebles" from "terrorists".  It's all word games.

The Quran is the problem - the claimed words supposedly copied verbatim from their "diety" by their "one and only prophet".  Herein lie the psychopathic hallucinations of a deranged mass murderer.  And as the doctrine of the Quran is one of world domination, any adherent to the Quran is a risk to society, great or small, extreme or moderate.

ThirdWorldDude's picture

You, my Murikkkan sunshines, really deserve a double dose of everything that you are about to go through...

11b40's picture

Bigly....and especially in the White House...just like Obama's.  Full of dual citizens with with their true loyalty pledged to Israel.  

All througout government, the MIC, the entertainment biz, and media.  It should be illegal for anyone to hold a position requiring a seurity clearance to have dual citizenship.  that has nothing to do with being anti-semetic and everything with being an American.  I don't care what additional citizenship you hold, if you have 2 it is just like having 2 wives.  Neither wife can ever be sure of your loyalty when push comes to shove.

techengineer's picture

Jews are so afraid sanctions will eventually be lifted on Russia.. I believe they sacrifice 100,000 American lives in order to prevent the sanctions from being lifted!

order66's picture

No, she's not political in any way.

Hikikomori's picture

"If, and could, if, and could, if, and could" - we've been hearing "if, and could" from these folks since the day after election day, and still nothing concrete.

Pure Evil's picture

Well, have you bothered looking between their ears. From their actions they're dense as bricks.

Duc888's picture



Pay no attention to Hillary, Huma, Weiner, Clapper, Holden, Lynch and Obama, all who lied, most under oath.


Let the shit show begin.

Gorgeous's picture

"Huma, Weiner, Clapper, Holden..."

Reptillary, Obamahorrid, children golden

Money masters they were beholden

Till their heads no longer shoulder-en

veeger's picture

 ' yates '=== lets throw the beginner war-criminals under the bus to protect us long-term war-criminals..............the beginning of the end for these treasonous , murdering scum  is something to see.

WillyGroper's picture

it's already been established clapp-on has lied under oath.

so with this kabuki, what are they hiding with the distraction?

awan bros?

their next numerological blood sacrifice false flag?

or could it be as simple as this is how the donald is removed in order for rabid globalist pence to ramp up the show?

Pure Evil's picture

When you say clapp-on are you referring to the drip, drip, drip of a recurring outbreak of antibiotic resistant gonorrhea?

Lostinfortwalton's picture

Flynn is going to be prosecuted? But Not Hillary, Bill, Loretta, Eric? People died because of Holder's gun running to the narcos. Where was little Sally then?

Pure Evil's picture

Sucking Macron's grandmother's toes? You know, she probably had to beat off Lil Macaroni just to get at them.

1stepcloser's picture

Flynn should have become a banker... Bankers pass go with 200 Billion and always skip go to jail

beijing expat's picture

What were the lies? As usual, they are skating right by the actual evidence. Is there something wrong with the evidence?

Pure Evil's picture

The evidence is not there to prosecute.

Comey, 2016

flaunt's picture

I'm sick of these gangsters running around like demons threatening to prosecute other people for crimes when every single one of them should be in prison for life at a minimum. Soon the tolerance will be over and they will face long overdue justice.

Stormtrooper's picture

Hey, Obama lied about his citizenship and committed high treason against America but the trap door has yet to drop so that the hangmans noose can do its work.

Hopefully, a Patriot will eliminate the need for a long trial with a .50 Barrett.

Pure Evil's picture

Obama was just a trial run to install a NWO non-citizen puppet to run USA Inc.

It didn't work quite as expected so they may need to wait until the cultural maxist millineals are in charge and the boomers are crapping in diapers at the nursing home. About another twenty years or so.

In the mean time there's still plenty of US NWO puppets that can be installed in D.C. every two, to four, to six, to eight years.

They have plenty of time and don't mind waiting a while longer since they've been at it for close on a couple hundred years.

In the mean time they'll keep doing everything they can to destroy what's left of Western Civilisation and white culture.

blue51's picture

THAT^^^^ , sure puts it in a nutshell.

Expat's picture

Yeah, fair's fair.  If all the other administrations had corrupt and vulnerable staff, then Trump should be allowed to have them as well. And if a single criminal is not caught or goes free for whatever reason, then no one in the Trump administration should be investigated or called into question.  It's only fair.  This is America, dammit, not some third world shit hole where criminals go to jail and politicians have to serve the American people.

Yates should have been arrested and shot for treason when she refused to uphold the unconstitutional travel ban.  The AG is supposed to be the knife and shield of the president and must carry out all his orders without question.

And who the fuck do these senators think they are?   Asking questions about the executive branch!  Fuck them.