Chicago Gangs Turn To "Armor-Piercing Rifles" In Police Ambush

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Last week we noted that Chicago's police officers were taking their own lives in record numbers...the devastating consequence of having to work everyday in the "war zone" that is Chicago (see:  "Chicago Is A War Zone": Police Suicide Rate Surges To 60% Above The National Average).

Now, yet another brutal weekend of violence and an ambush of police officers sitting in an unmarked vehicle offers a small glimpse of what Chicago police officers have to face on a daily basis.  The escalation in violence this weekend even prompted Chicago's police department to issue a new bulletin warning officers of an ongoing gang war in which "gunmen are using weapons powerful enough to pierce bullet-proof vests" which shows an increasing tendency to "arm themselves with weapons most associated with soldiers in battle." Per the Associated Press:

Given the very real possibility that the gang war has not played itself out, the department has saturated the same area with officers and tactical teams, Guglielmi said. It also has issued a warning about gunmen with weapons powerful enough to pierce bullet-proof vests.

"Given the type of shootings and the incident last week (in which two offers suffered gunshot wounds about two miles away) we have put out an officer safety bulletin," said Guglielmi.


Meanwhile, prosecutors said Monday that a reputed gang member sprayed a police van with more than two dozen rounds from an assault rifle after mistaking the vehicle and plainclothes officers inside for rival gang members.


Guglielmi said the incident in which two officers were shot while sitting in a car does not appear to be connected to the bloody gang feud that erupted Sunday. Combined, however, they are the latest examples of what they have seen as a greater willingness of arm themselves with weapons most associated with soldiers in battle.


The bulletin came after a generally violent weekend which claimed over 30 shooting victims and 5 homicides (stats per HeyJackAss!).

Chicago police issued a bulletin Monday warning its officers about gangs armed with high-powered weapons, after three people were shot to death over the weekend - including two attending a memorial for the earlier victim.


Department spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said the three people who were killed in the shootings Sunday were all members of the same street gang.


A shooting early in the day left one man dead, and the two others were killed and eight people were injured in a spray of more than two dozen shots from two guns while attending a makeshift memorial for him. Police suspect they were all shot by members of a rival street gang in the same neighborhood on Chicago's southwest side.


Meanwhile, the overall level of murders continues to track 2016's violence perfectly.


Of course, according to Loretta Lynch's analysis, those cops probably just had that one coming...after their decades of "racial discrimination."

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Summer of Death

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They should have the National Guard flying high altitude drones over Chicago to help the police out and good training as well.

Need a way get all the good people out and purge the rest.

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Legalize and regulate drugs and all this goes away because you take the funding of the criminals away. But that won't happen now will it. Instead we will get calls for gun control and increased welfare "benefits".

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Whats drug have to do with it? these people are dead broke and have nothing to lose.

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It's just a celebration of vibrant urban culture!

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More sensationalist nonsense to ban AR type weapons. Any center fire rifle will sail right through soft body armor. Any hunting rifle picked up for a couple hundred dollars in 270 or 308 will go through soft body armor, a torso, through the back of the body armor and travel a few hundred more yards. What a dumb term. ARs really aren't that powerful. Soft body armor cops wear is designed to stop pistol caliber rounds, nothing more. Just because it will penetrate that does not make it 'armor piercing'.

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Yes, let's focus on the weapons rather than the real problem.

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I have covered defending your life with a pistol.  

I have covered defending your property with a shotgun. 

Now, I cover defending your liberty with a rifle.

The good news is that there are newer rifles that blend the reliability of the AK's gas piston with the accuracy and lighter weight of the AR, and do so in a design that was meant to accommodate either 5.56 or 7.62 from its inception. The downside is that these new rifles are more expensive.  So?  Sell some stocks (preferably ALLY, CACC, and the Danish banks) and fund the fun.  I am no tax lawyer, thank the Lord, but I think that security is a legitimate business expense.  No?



Here are my three favorite traditional style rifles that meet all of my requirements.  All are top shelf and will make you the envy of everyone down at The Club.  Choose the 5.56 option unless you are a very fit BAMF, then maybe consider the heavier 7.62, especially if you live out west with wide open spaces.

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If they have money to buy guns, they don't need welfare.

Cut it all off and the violent blacks problem will solve itself when they have to become productive citizens, starve to death, or get shot for trying to steal stuff from productive citizens.

fx's picture

I bet there are no blacks and no illegal immigrants involved, because they are all so peaceful, law-abiding and absolutely and lovely fellows.

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Here is the old white guy, possible tribe member that helped to start the "Gansta" culture back in the day, that is pushed on the blacks. this man with "E-Z" got NWA started and launched nation wide.

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"Possible tribe member"? Did you read your own link?

"Born to a Jewish family in Cleveland, Ohio,[3]"

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The good news is that the caliber or load is not important…

..only that it looks like a military weapon.

Wait until they come up against something like a .338 Win Mag with a wooden stock.


..but I wonder if black gangsters could fire it sideways  ???


gladih8r's picture

I'm surprised that they haven't started using spears yet. 

froze25's picture

Wake up Black people you are being manipulated into idolizing criminality.

Handful of Dust's picture

Cut the child tax credit and shut the borders to illegals.


Need to start stopping the shitlings at the source. Offer $5,000 incentive in turn for sterilization.

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Meanwhile, Red states are making it tougher for poor women and girls to get an abortion, not easier. More unwanted mouths to feed at taxpayer expense. 

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But it's a gun-free zone!

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THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS AN ARMOR PIERCING RIFLE.  There is armor piercing ammunition.

Madison's_Ghost's picture

There is also just rifle velocities against armor designed to only stop handgun rounds.

hedgeless_horseman's picture


In the video the alderman blames rifles for cops inability to take cover.


Just consider the mobility of fat police in the summer heat wearing a set of rifle plates.


Immediate Action Drill:

  1. Drop the turkey leg
  2. Drop the 64 ounce HFCS drank
  3. Search beltline for sidearm
  4. Draw
  5. Return fire
  6. Find adequate cover, like behind a middle school or museum
  7. Catch yo breath
  8. Return accurate fire

Bytor325's picture

i dont think rifle plates would even give her nipples adequate cover

gladih8r's picture

Nothing could pierce that anyway.  It's KFC plated.

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and the round of ammunition being shown is not the LAP light armor piercing ammunition, a.k.a. green tip.  It is the regular 55 grain FMJ round ..Once again the media doesn't know what it it talking about.

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Oh i think they know exactly what they are talking about. Just keep pushing it.

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On "terror watch" security detail at the ball park

Zepper's picture

I was like, WTF! are they talking about?! Armor piercing rifle? LOL


I guess a good way to spin gun control. 'Oh, Mary, now they have those new fangled armor piercing rifles!' 

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Let the boys shoot it out as long as they don't miss and hit anybody useful. Natural selection at its finest.


Handful of Dust's picture

Sadly, the justice system is broken as well as filled with libtard judges who allow early release or bail for violent criminals. So they are back on the street killing and raping.


Locking up killers these days is considered 'raycist.'

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Yes, what they really need is gang outreach.  Reach out to Gang A and tell them where Gang B is hangin'.  And vice-versa.  Don't arrest anyone as long as they stay on their turf -- too many black men in jail already.  BLM would be cool with the plan.

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rifles are useless to defend your liberty,  if they were useful, then there would still be a constitution, you know a 4th amendment, a 10th amendment  etc.


   Camera's are much more useful for defending your liberty.    If american 2nd amendment supporters spent half the time  spent on rifles, spent using weaponized cameras and first amendment rights, to educate and evoke emotional responses thru storytelling in the visual arts, we would be a much more free country and much more insulated from the currents of socialism and authoritarianism now swamping the country.

hedgeless_horseman's picture


Camera's are much more useful for defending your liberty.

Tell that to the the Venezuelans, Vietnamese, Tunisians, Libyans, Bahrainians, Egyptians, Yemeni, Afghani, Pakistanis, Iraqis, Syrians, Mexicans, Palestinians, white South Africans, Rhodesians, Ukrainians, Panamanians, Nicaraguans, Falkland Islanders, Central African Republicans, Kenyans, etc.

jmack's picture

if the white south africans had used cameras int he 70's and 80's they would not be in the position to need to use rifles now.  The same for every instance you site,  and  it is probably too late for the US to avoid a similar fate.  


   If rifles worked, why have we not established peaceful democracies in Iraq and Afghanistan, or "win" in vietnam.  Every operator who has commented on it has repeatedly cited the need to win hearts and minds.   That is done, in part thru communication, which is the forte of the camera.   If your battlespace prep with a camera and narrative is set, then the work of the rifle is applauded.    If it is not, the work of the rifle is an atrocity.


   It is that simple.

jmack's picture

   A hollywood blockbuster of the story of LaVoy Finicum would do more to advance the cause of liberty, than 10 million more rifle owners.

hedgeless_horseman's picture


if the white south africans had used cameras int he 70's and 80's they would not be in the position to need to use rifles now.

I don't think the white South Africans had much of a chance winning the PR battle.

Nelson Mandela: An International Tribute for a Free South Africa was a music concert that took place on 16 April 1990 at Wembley StadiumWembley ParkLondon, United Kingdom (UK) and was broadcast to more than 60 countries.

jmack's picture

    Sure they did,  back in the 70's or maybe 80's, by the 90's they had already lost the pr battle.     He who controls the past... and all that.   Hard power can only be implemented if you have the upper hand with soft power.      anyone advocating for 2nd amendment rights  without understanding the necessity of  utilizing first amendment rights to maintain the moral superiority in the minds of the masses, to control the narrative, if you will,  is just setting themselves up to be slaughtered, and forgotten.


    2nd amendment still has strong moral superiority in self defense, but for rebellion, or protection against tyranny, it has very low percentage support, and less so as BLM types kill cops.   See the lack of outrage over Waco, ruby ridge,  various tax offenders such as the dentist and her husband in new hampshire, etc.   While excesses by cops, in the killing of  any armed homeowner, in mistaken addresses during drug raids, and various other examples are also pretty much ignored, when they should be moments of huge outrage and  catalysts for fundamental changes in how authorities conduct themselves.     

   You still have 2nd amendment people who believe that "cops will never execute orders to disarm or kill a peaceful populace", when there is little to no evidence that that belief is valid.

      Blacks are advancing thier agenda thru various movies like 12 years a slave, Get Out,   and many more, too numerious to mention. There is no equivalent political force for liberty minded people except on the indy fringes such as a few thing with Steve Bannon, and Dinesh D'souza, and pretty much zero in the fiction catagory, that i have seen, except christian based films that have less than stellar acting often times.

   The authoritarian socialists have complete command of soft power in this country, and that is why they are trying to start major fights with BLM and Antifa, if it metastasizes into widespread violence, it gives them the excuses necessary to really crack down on the 2nd amendment types, and solidify their power thru the use of hard power.    You see it in how the tea party protester were treated in comparison to how blm and antifa protesters are treat, both in the media and by authorities.     If tea party protesters acted out nearly as much as anti trump protesters, they would be jailed for decades on some sort of domestic terrorism or hate crime charges, while the liberal fascists get an over night  in jail and a misdemeanor  ticket and fine.

   Just look at the way the guy that defaced Trumps hollywood star was treated.... the writing is on the wall, wake up.

Zorba's idea's picture

 You're aware that the Corporate CIA co-opted Legacy Media edits all news especially the power to choose WHAT news to distribute/narrate. The tyranny that has enveloped what once was the American republic ain't afraid afraid of your camera. To whit..JFK/911 lots of cameras were present to witness in plain sight the theft of Liberty, Truth, Justice and the Amurikan way. The day will come when the gated communities of the elites won't have anywhere to run or hide.

jmack's picture

The fact that they exercise so much blatant control over media gateways, the latest example being thier attack on "fake news" and changing who gets paid what on youtube, is proof that they do indeed fear your camera.   The indictments against the Planned parenthood investigators and the vicious attacks on james O'Keefe among others, is further proof of their fears, meanwhile they allow you to have those weapons because they pray you use them so they can institute an Erdogan like crackdown and power consolidation that would make Maduro blush.


     A gun can only be used in certain extreme circumstance, a camera can be used anywhere, anytime, and devastates the enemy much more thouroughly than any weapon.



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Just buy a Norinco M-14 clone, $599 Canadian brand new. Forged reciever, chrome bore.

Tapeworm's picture

Whatever happened to the days when one could buy a NEW SKS for sixty dollars? With a little bit of stoning of the sear and other draggy components, chop the stock, etcetera, it was a fun pistol. Mini-14 was another candidate to convert to a handgun. Tiny recoil and big magazines make a fun close quarters weapon.

 I  realize that nearly all Chinese SKS's are scrap from new but they can be fired one handed. Cutting them to lighten for handgun use is worth it for sheer fun at close range.

runswithscissors's picture

Chicongo obviously needs more "common sense" gun control laws.

Four chan's picture

you had me at armor piercing rifles you dumb ass mother fucker.

espirit's picture



I struggled to get past that headline.


Stuck on Zero's picture

Everyone in Chicago belongs to a gang. The most evil gang is the CME Boys.

SoDamnMad's picture

No, the wrost gang is the Goldman Sachs "Squids".   They rob you blind.

Iknowstuff's picture

Thank both you and 4chan for a smidgeon of sense in a fake news world. If I buy an armor peircing rifle do I have to throw it at the armor extra hard to get it to penetrate or is it extra sharp on the corners to make armor penetrattion easier?? I love people who have no clue about what they are talking about writing the news :( Where can I get an armor peircing bow?

shovelhead's picture

Normans R US.

Be careful when encountering English Saxon ghetto gangs as they tend to use a very lethal rapidfire longbow.

True Blue's picture

An arrow from a bow will cut through soft body armor and kevlar like it is going through a kleenex. Just sayin'.

Bytor325's picture

That......and if you read the original full length AP article, the police chief mentions 50 round clips.

I get that from a reporter, but the effin police chief