Drone Images Expose Major US, Jordan Military Build-up On Syrian Border

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The US and Jordanian military forces may be prepping a massive invasion of Syria, if intelligence reports gathered from surveillance drones suggest.

Following reports today that President Trump confirmed US will provide arms directly to The Kurds to fight ISIS, AlMasdarNews.com reports, Damascus is reportedly on high alert after some 400 American and Jordanian military vehicles were located at a Jordanian military base near the Syrian desert border earlier today.

More pictures of the drone surveillance here:

The tanks are supposedly Jordanian M60 types.

The photos validate previous reports by an Al-Masdar News military source suggesting a major Jordanian and US buildup at the Syrian border. The military base is located east of Az-Zarqa, 43 km away from the Syrian border.

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Haus-Targaryen's picture

So now we have the Jordanians getting involved in here.  

The real question is -- will they fight ISIS -- or will they be fighting Assad and ISIS? 

How will the Russians react?  I imagine the risk for Moscow of blowing these things sky-high should they turn on Assad is much more managable than blowing American Abrams sky-high? 

If these forces ARE used against Assad -- these questions need to be in the forefront of everyone's mind. 


EuroPox's picture

Well, let's put it like this - under NO circumstances can Russia afford to allow a Qatari gas pipeline to be built.  That is an existential threat to Russia.  So I guess Russia will do anything it has to do, in order to ensure it does not happen - any associated costs will be met.  There is no way to bluff Putin on this one, Russia will fight to the death to stop the pipeline ...

beijing expat's picture

It's a bit more complicated.

StackShinyStuff's picture

There are two things these photos prove - Jack and Shit.  And Jack left town.

CuttingEdge's picture

Probably just a storage depot with new toys for ISIS awaiting distribution.

JohninMK's picture

As there are no comments re this in the thread so far I have taken the liberty to put them here at the start.

First, this site is over 40km from the border,

Second, some of that stuff has been there for 5 years according to old photos

Third, there is coincidently a major 20 country military exercise underway in Jordan.

Whilst there may well be a buildup of US and Syrian opposition forces in the south of Syria this probably ain't it.

HowdyDoody's picture

"So now we have the Jordanians getting involved in here."

Jordan has been invloved from day one. A lot of the terrorists were trained by US SF and contractors at the King Abdullah Special Operations Training Center north of Amman, Jordan. This, in spite of its name, is a US construction dating from 2009.

It is a very comprehensive training facility, with firing ranges, static aircraft, simulated urban settings, assault courses, tower blocks, hangars, etc. There are YouTube vidseos of training sessions.

Google Earth 32° 1'56.11"N 35°58'25.55"E

SoDamnMad's picture

M60's hahaha   Did anyone see the vids of the flip-flop Houtis in Yemen destroying Saudi M1A1 Abrams with Kornet AT missiles.

Then Jordanian M60s will be some sort of turkey shoot for advanced missiles.

BandGap's picture

You can take those out with RPGs, they are 1960s era tanks. Forget using "advanced" anything.

WTF is the US doing?


csmith's picture

Prepping for a JV game...one step above practice.

Manthong's picture

I’m pissed that my goddam tax money is being wasted on silly shit like this.

..a let-down of Trumpical proportions.

..let the Russians fix it.

new game's picture

WTF is the US doing?

Spending bankster treasurey raised debt to indebt future generations into debt servatude to kill someone somewhere and line the pockets of the deep state.

further questions on this matter need to answered in front of a mirror...

saddle up...

halfasleep's picture

^^^ the answer to just about every current foreign affair issue

CNONC's picture

These particular M60s are the later A3 variant, which is a very capable vehicle and platform.  They are more than a match for the armor they are likely to encounter, mainly T55s, T62s and T72s.  All tanks are vulnerable to modern ATGMs.  The latest RPGs, the RPG 29 and the RPG30 are designed to defeat both ERA and APS armor enhancements.  The trick is to deploy armor with infantry.  A basic rule is that tanks protect infantry, infantry protects tanks.  The Saudis have a terrible habit of allowing their armor to become isolated and operate in areas without infantry.  If you have been watching the Houthi produced videos, you will generally see that the tanks they are attacking are isolated.  There destruction is not a failure of the vehicle, but a failure of the commanders to properly integrate forces in a combined arms operation. 

In short, it is difficult to evaluate a combat vehicles performance when it is operated by monkeys.  I have heard persistent rumors that most of the soldiers on the Saudi side are actually demobilized Columbian veterans of the war with the FARC. 

TheReplacement's picture

It has been nearly impossible to fairly evaluate opposing weapons systems since the beginning. Was there really much of a difference between English and French/Spanish men of war or the cannons they employed? Not really. Battle tactics and gun crew training were usually the difference between victory and defeat.

Syrian ground forces with armor and arty were not significantly superior to ISIS/AQ until they had air support from the Russians and numbers from Iran/Iraq and Lebanon. What about command and control, communications, and intelligence? We don't hear much about those.

As you said, there is so much more to it than just one system or another. In the end, the better led, trained, and motivated force will have the advantage over a technologically or numerically superior force.

Ace Ventura's picture

Those rumors are based in fact. During Desert Storm....it wasn't Saudi pilots flying Saudi Air Force fighter jets in combat. I witnessed this myself. The saudis are a decrepit bunch who loathe ALL forms of menial labor. Everything of that sort was sub-contracted out to third-world slave labor. The average saudi air force guy was a fat slob wearing flip-flops while in uniform, cuz they have to pray 5 imes a day and its too big a pain in the ass to remove and reinstall their combat boots that often.


slammin_dude's picture

The highly propagandized...er i mean lauded IDF couldn't even beat hezbollah in a straight up ground war few years back. Something professional armies are supposedly good at... that should tell you how competent western armies are these days.

We've been watching too many films where murica saves the universe... im sure delta force is capable...great so you maybe have 10k troops with competency...bfd

Dancing Disraeli's picture

'That's just what we call pillowtalk, baby.'

JethroBodien's picture

Mattel storage facility perhaps?

cheech_wizard's picture

Well, at least we're not looking at Digital Globe grainy black and white photos of Russians supposedly invading Ukraine.

Standard Disclaimer: These images are of much higher quality. Therefore I give them two thumbs up on the propaganda meter.

SolidAssets's picture

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. . . _ _ _ . . .'s picture

The problem here, BooBoo, is that your mom only has one parking spot in her small driveway. You're gonna' hafta' park it on the street. Why don't you buy your momma' a house like a good little boy, instead of spending all your money on implants and lipo.

earleflorida's picture

yeah,... truth is always complicated when 'ignorance is bliss'[fully ignor'd]...[?]

mkkby's picture

Massive build up?  It looks like a shopping mall on a quiet weekday morning. 

If 400k troops couldn't keep a city like Baghdad quiet, how can a few hundred have any impact on Syria?

tuetenueggel's picture

No need to tell Russia what to do.

They not only have world´s gold ( together with China ) but also brain.

Snípéir_Ag_Obair's picture

you dont spend tens of billions and 6 years flooding a place with takfiri psychos and weapons if you want to run and maintain a pipeline through that area later.

Especially when it need not actually go through Syria.

The Qatari pipeline story is a myth. A cover conspiracy.

Iraq was a 'war for oil' or the petrodollar many said... when for DC and the media and think tanks and evidence fabricators (OSP) etc it was for Israel


call it 'Israel Lobby' denial:

And is Trump or the ZOG going to allow Qatari gas to compete with Israel's pipeline to Europe from Golan (illegally taken but Israel simply does not heed intl law) (Genie Energy- Cheney and Rothschild) or from Leviathan (stolen in large part from Palestine, Lebsnon abd Syria - Noble Energy out of Texas in bed with them on that)??

Come on man.

**Stopping** the Iran-Iraq-Syria pipeline, WHICH ALSO WOULD HAVE COMPETED WITH RUSSIAN GAS, was surely a major goal. Check the timing.

Breaking Russia's gas monopoly is a goal, but if you take a step back:

Vichy Washington is not regime changing the '5 countries in 7 years' for gas pipelines. While there are multiple reasons, from gold to central banking to imf riots (petrodollar argument is in there but is quite weak for both Libya and Iraq and silly to bring up at all for Syria or Somalia and Yemen) Israel and Likud's vision (ODED YINON PLAN) is just about always connected-

Jews and Israeli vets played a major role in the Ukraine coup, too.

No, Syria is not about Qatar running a pipeline through the hornets nest.

Its about weakening Iran's force projection to the Lebanese resistance, reducing Russia's power/influence, flooding Europe per the Zionist Kalergi plan, and destroying Arab states as military * or economic* rivals to the Jewish State... which keeps building nuclear icbms and slms... and likely has tactical nukes (or a crude version made to look sloppy) deployed in the US and Europe.... ready to pin on Iran.

And President Kushner means to have the US fight more wars for Israeli lebensraum.

I have done some studying on Mattis, through the eyes not of a Marine but a former Ranger, granted (guess who saved whose arse more often) and the man is the Perfect Zionist Weapon.

All balls, no brains, and easily swayed by bullshit Israeli intelligence which, it seems, DIA is being prevented from reviewing and checking.

If Trump got his info on the purported satin (or chlorine) attack from Israel, whether or not the missile strike was a Potemkin attack or half the tomahawks were defeated electronically or by other means... relying as he us on Agent Kushner...

Well I hope he's impeached very soon, for the sake of people who signed up to *defend* THIS COUNTRY.

Blankone's picture

Jews and zionists betterment is the goal, of course.

They may attempt the pipeline with the notion they can forge deals with the residents to avoid it being sabotaged constantly. Supporting regional warlords.

Protecting the dollar as the reserve currency and the central bank system is a key reason. But that only plays right back into the betterment of jews, does it not.

Russia has been a traitor in disguise for a long time. Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen (for some reason), Serbia, EUke. The elites in Russia have taken short term gains by assisting the zionists goals in destroying those countries that reside in the ME. It removes competition but is a fools game to betray allies in order to bank shorter term gains. Russia directly assisted the zionists by helping remove WMD, chemical weapons and such before Russia then stepped back and let the US bomb/invade. Note: Iran's enriched uranium has to be shipped out to ---- Russia of course. In the end Russia will pay for this -- unless the Russian elite are party to the NWO game plan and traitors once again to the Russian people. (Russia has the same jew problem the US does.)

Russia is retreating in Syria. Putin's misnamed no-fly zones also prevents Syria and Russia from giving air support. Any Syrian ground forces will fail without air support. Putin seeks and always was attempting a divided Syria with the NW coastal region controlled by Russia. US ground forces are already driving around NE Syria.

Israel wants Assad gone so Lebanon can be attacked from what is now Syrian soil. The US is building in Afghanistan to get forces along eastern Iran. Putin drew Hezbollah into the open and lured Iran into Syria and is now backing up to the coast. The Kurds are getting heavy arms along Turkey's border. US troops also moving back into Iraq but pointed towards Iran from the west.

If Putin and the Russian elite are not party to the plan then they are short sighted ball less fools who's failure to act will cost them everything. Last time Russia was just looted (of course Putin and an elite faction profited) but next time Russia will be broken.

Laddie's picture

They told us that Iraq was all about oil too, but it wasn't:
Iraq war: NOT OIL BUT ISRAEL by Stephen J. Sniegoski PhD

The Zionist Treason of Supporting ISIS & Al Qaeda May 9, 2017 (AUDIO)

Dr. Duke interviews Syrian Partisan Girl and she is a pretty girl.
Syrian Partisan Girl Exposing the Zionist Role Behind the American Support ISIS in Syria! April 11, 2017 (AUDIO)

Globalists and Neocons: Two potent forces opposing the Assad government in Syria Dr. Kevin MacDonald July 21, 2012

Bashar al-Assad is a very spiritual man. As an Alawite he celebrates both Christmas and Easter. It may be the only true version of Islam extant. He is a WHITE MAN, with a beautiful wife and lovely children. He is an ophthalmologist!

Bashar al-Assad & Family Photo

veeger's picture

exactly why , does the qatarian pipeline have to go through syria ? if jordan and saudi arabia love isreal so much , its a straight shot to the mediterranian from qatar...i dont imagine putin would give a flyingratsass....

veeger's picture

nevermind , s-a-o  , explained it much better above.

earleflorida's picture

"*Is North Korea a Diversion for a US-Jordan Invasion of Syria?"      *(curious minds want to know?!?)


philipat's picture

Quite apart from the fact that, either way, it would be an illegal act by the US and Jordan (For which, read London BTW). That said, it doesn't look like much of a build-up to me. More like the sort of thing a few Russian jet fighters might use for anfternoon of target practise?

tuetenueggel's picture

Those islamic heroes as there are Jordan, S.A. or any other muslim shithouse start running after first shots.

quadraspleen's picture

The Jordanians have been involved since day 1. That's where UKSF were sent in 2011 to train "moderate rebels". Jordan is a British lap-dog. The Arabists in SIS love the King of Jordan. The UK has dirtier hands in this whole affair than the US, as do the French (and Israel, but that's a non-sequitur) but that's just how the US want the world to perceive it. "It was them, not us"


HowdyDoody's picture

" The UK has dirtier hands in this whole affair than the US"

They have more direct day-to-day control, but the whole thing would not have gone ahead without US agreement, and particularly, having the US Treasury OFAC ignore the ISIS oil/funding mechanism.

Turkey provided training facilities and a conduit for terrorists to enter Syria from the north.
Jordan provided training facilities and a conduit for terrorists to enter Syria from the south.
Qatar provided a small number of terrorists and helped launder the trafficing of weapons from Bulgaria to the terorrists.
Saudi Arabia provided a larger number of terrorists and helped launder the trafficing of weapons from Bulgaria to the terorrists.
The UK provided SAS FAC for the terrorists and MI6 agents as controllers based in Turkey. It also managed the movement of the Libyan terrorists they helped train from Libya to Syria via Turkey.
The French provided DI6? agents as controllers based in Jordan.
THE US provided satellite intelligence and SF FAC for the USAF weapons drops / bombing runs.
Israel provided low level military and medical support for the terrorists actting as its ground keepers in the area adjacent to the Occupied Golan (keeping the area safe rady for Israel to annex at a suitable time).

The various minor players are there to allow Israel to claim "it wasn't us, our hands are clean" when TSHTF.

cheech_wizard's picture

The Brits and the French usually do have dirtier hands than the US. (You have to really hunt for it, but the truth is out there...)

https://www.sipri.org/ has some great databases showing that the chemical precursors sold in the Middle East to make chemical weapons, not

to mention the clean room facilities, came from the U.K., France, and let's not forget Germany...

Standard Disclaimer: The European axis of evil?

tuetenueggel's picture

They won´t fight anyone.

Islamic turds

Gohigher's picture

Now ?
In from the beginning, Jordan you are......

Jordanian sandstorms originate from butterfly wings in Tel Aviv, after passing over the USSA, through the force multiplier of the ONEBANK.

Good to have all this old armor positioned to thwart the continuous evil plans of Syria and Iran who has waged illegal colonial fascist wars against every nation in the area, killing millions of innocents and destabilizing the world. Destruction of the US constitution is child's play for the evil Assad-Khamenei plan for world domination.

Wait .....Er, oops. Assad must STAY !

earleflorida's picture

"Jordan: We (DON'T WANT NO FUC*ING LOW-LIFES?) Do Not Want Palestinians"     [9/12/15]* Millions!!!, of Palestinians...'force' to live in Jordan by Israel, and the other half used as slave labor for the jews!?!


Patriot Eke's picture

The KING of Jordan is on the side of the other royals, and he'll obviously be fighting Assad.

otschelnik's picture

400 vehicles?  Massive build up - my ass, that force is not large enough to subdue a territory like Syria, even if there was no ISIS or no Asad. 

Gravatomic's picture

It's more likely this is a resupply depot for ISIS Saudi and US mercs. Jordan is where LCACs off loaded all the new vehicles and older model tanks for ISIS back in 2012, it's also where they've been training terrorists.

Able Ape's picture

Looks like a Boy Scout Jamboree...

Badsamm's picture

Russia needs to hit Saudi Arabia. Hard

jcbudmo's picture

Everyone needs to hit Saudi Arabia hard.

Take out SA and ISIS (Israeli State, Islamic State) and the middle East will cease to be a problem beyond the middle-East.

tuetenueggel's picture

Iran yesterday told them (S.A.) a clear warning.

Freddie's picture

Russia needs to get Syria it's Smerch system and some other goodies.  I ghuess Trump-Kushner-Soros are the same NeoCons.



Putin & Solzhenitsyn- Led by Christ
WTFUD's picture

Well Trumpy once he built an Ark . . one more river and that's the river of Jordan, one more river and that's my red-line to cross.