Our Schedule for the First ZeroHedge Symposium and Live Fight Club In Marfa, Texas, June 16-18

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"Believe me, folks, we do not know it all, and no one should be surprised at that revelation."
James Bunnell
Hunting Marfa Lights


The First ZeroHedge Symposium and Live Fight Club In Marfa, Texas, next month, is going to beat the crap out of Burning Man, Davos, Jackson Hole, Berkshire Hathaway's Annual Meeting, and Milken's Global Conference.  

Here, at last, is the schedule:

Thursday, June 15

Everything is bigger in Texas, including the art.  Come a day early to experience some of it.

Purchase tickets in advance: https://www.chinati.org/

10:00am - 4:30pm Chinati Foundation - Full Collection Tour

10:30am - 5:00pm Chinati Foundation - Full Collection Tour

11:00am - 1:30pm Chinati Foundation - Selections Tour

11:30am - 2:00pm Chinati Foundation - Selections Tour


After dark, go out and try to see The Marfa Lights.  



Friday, June 16

Marfa Activities Center
105 N. Mesa St. (btwn W. Texas St. & W. El Paso St.)
Marfa, TX 79843

9:00am Sound check

9:30am ZH Symposium Opening Rant: Sean Hofhine, Brushfires of Freedom

10:45am Healthcare: hedgeless_horseman,  Negotiating directly with physicians and hospitals


1:45pm Real estate: Forrest Noble, The truth and consequences of being a landlord

3:30pm Distilling and brewing: Ned Rutland, One man's experience with more than 50 years at the still  


The University of Texas McDonald Observatory

Purchase tickets in advance: https://mcdonaldobservatory.org/calendar

8:15pm Twilight Program

9:45pm Star Party


Saturday, June 17

6:00am Yoga at El Cosmico, under the trees by the community kitchen


9:00am Education: Russell Fish, Disintermediated education in your home and community

10:45am Crypto currencies: Ken Griffith, The Death of Banking and the Rise of New Financial Ecosystems - How to Make it Work For You


1:45pm Media: Robert Gore, Breaking alternative media's dependency on the MSM

3:30pm Agriculture: Tim Mann, Make backyard and commercial aquaponics easy and inexpensive


8:00pm Free Live Music at the MAC, Shane Walker and Kelley Mickwee, BYOB and wear you best cowboy boots.   


Sunday, June 18

9:00am Personal security: Brian Hoffner, When seconds count, the police are only minutes away

10:45am Project Mayhem


This schedule is subject to change.  

The symposium is free and open to the public.  No badges.  No registration.  Entry to the symposium is on a first come, first serve, come and go as you like, and space available basis. If more than the max capacity of 1,000 people show up, we have several options, and will just work it out as we go.  Nobody will be, "reaccomodated." 

Please donate if you can!  https://www.gofundme.com/2017-hall-rental-in-marfa-for-zh

This is a three-day-long Fight Club, and many of you haven't been training.  Fortunately, we may bring in our own Herman Miller Aeron chair, camp chair, inflatable couch, actual couch, bean bag, Persian rug, chunk of old AstroTurf, coolers, mini bar, picnic, drinks, friends, yoga mat, children, grandparents, dogs*, desk, and trading platform.  There will probably also be a couple of hundred folding chairs available for use. 

*I am told that dogs are allowed, per City Ordinance #95-05 - It shall be unlawful for any owner to fail to exercise proper care, restraint and control of his animals to prevent them from becoming a public nuisance, by running at large, molesting passersby or attacking other animals.  Basically - dogs stay on leashes, and humans pick up after their dogs.

I imagine that there is no smoking in the MAC.  Please, also, go outside to vape.  

Allegedly, we can BBQ in Coffield Park, adjacent to the MAC, but the food and beverages in town are pretty darn good.  Some food trucks may show up.

We are guests of the people and City of Marfa.  Please clean up after yourself.  

All speaker times are West Texas "ish" time, some or all of the speakers may say things you do not agree with, try to get you to change your mind or your life, not show up, show up late, or be under the influence of mind altering substances.  No warranties or guarantees are expressed or implied.  This symposium is nothing more and nothing less than a peaceable assembly of the public.  However...anything can happen...and probably will.  

Don't DOX people.  Respect others privacy and anonymity, even if our government does not.  If anyone tries to yank off my wig and dark sunglasses, then I am going to be quite upset.

Treat others as you want to be treated.  Look out for yourself.  

We don't rent pigs!

Peace, prosperity, liberty, and Godspeed!


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Lorca's Novena's picture

Wish I could make it, but someone has to keep MDB restrained and on lockdown for the event ;-)

Have a great time everyone!

wet_nurse's picture

Put up a live stream for us poorfags

hedgeless_horseman's picture


Take the bus and camp.

The Symposium is free, and I will buy you breakfast and a bottle of whiskey, if you can show me your bus ticket.



noless's picture

Better be careful with offers like that, people might actually show up.

hedgeless_horseman's picture


It would be my pleasure to refresh such travelers.  

VWAndy's picture

 You folks need some TP bulivars are on sale.  Like 1000 sheets for 1$ plus shipping?

Thoreau's picture

I'm only coming if GordonGekko is going to be there... and will Marla be in Marfa?

Bunga Bunga's picture

Davos pussies, better stay away!

countryboy42's picture

Just looked at mapquest. It's about 6 hrs drive, so I'll be there. I'll be the one in the Murry of Athol tartan kilt. Thanks for the invite.

Gilligan's isle's picture


It sucks that I cannot attend while I deeply wish to. You may count on a donation from me to fund the event, especially electronic copies of the significant speakers/events. Question - Is there any way to "sign up" for such an outcome, similar to crowd sourcing a video/book/band with a promise of some digital keepsake upon release? You know the gig: 1-item for small amount donated, progressively more return for greater donation.

Also, for future reference, most public educators, northeast anyway, have contractual agreements to serve into the mid-end of June. I'm sure we who follow ZH are a small sample of that population, but a July date would be most welcoming. Just sayin..

Glad tidings of peace and joy!



Peterman333's picture

The trade show part will be full of coin dealers.

TeethVillage88s's picture

There is a rumor circulating that 6AM Sunday Albert Gore will be speaking about his NYT Best Sellor 'An Inconvenient Truth'.


great quotes from Harry Truman yesterday, but out of hand now.

- The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time. Mark Twain
- Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect. Mark Twain
- Do the right thing. It will gratify some people and astonish the rest. Mark Twain
- We have the best government that money can buy. Mark Twain
- Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it. Mark Twain

countryboy42's picture

Few hours from me, New Braunfels, but might drive out Saturday just to say howdy.

Edit: If you have the chacne to re post this that week, maybe my CRS will not kick in.

hooligan2009's picture

i'm a smoker who hates being apartheided :-(

medium giraffe's picture

I won't be attending but I promise to watch the FBI siege on TV. 

peddling-fiction's picture

Federales, behave now.

Don't be going Wacko on us.


Anon2017's picture

Marfa, TX, where the movie "Giant" was filmed in in 1955 and where Rock Hudson took his younger co-star, James Dean, to bed a few days into the film shooting. I suspect that some of the religious wackos will have trouble with this artsie location. 

cbxer55's picture

I read some scenes from No Country For Old Men were also filmed there.

Stanley Kubrick's picture


Awesome!  Sounds like a road trip....to Marfa, aka the Dark Side of da Moon, Texas. How appropriate, for this den of iniquity.

Btw, we need T-shirts!  

I've got the T-Shirt connection if ya need it...

hedgeless_horseman's picture


William Banzai said he would come up with a design for the shirts.  PM him on ZH chat and see what you can do.

Incorporated by inference's picture

Are cut off yoga pants acceptable attire for yoga under the trees? You said no smoking I'm assuming you are referring to cigarettes?

BingoBoggins's picture

Anywhere near Beeville? I'll even hitchhike from River City if it is. Is Jerry Jeff Walker still performing? Hire his ass, pronto. I'll pitch in whatever I got left. Hell, I'll buy 'im a Lone Star!

There's some guys workin' on the Permian that owe me some money ...

WarPony's picture

Nope, not if you are talking about the Beeville near Victoria with the Naval Air Station - other side of Texas


BingoBoggins's picture

Thanks, and sorry. Just havin' some memories flood back. Time to break out the map.

WarPony's picture

Same here, and who has heard of Beeville, population 13k

JamesBond's picture

Sorry to ask if it has been answered earlier...  Any events live streamed?  Not acutally in the US at the moment....



hedgeless_horseman's picture


Any events live streamed?

We are working on it.  No promises.  A solid maybe.  More likely is a post-event video upload.  A donation will help.  

peddling-fiction's picture

All you need is someone with a YouTube account that enables them to livestream from the phone.

I believe you need an active channel and x amount of subs to do so for free.

Better than FaceCrook.

Doom Porn Star's picture

YouTube is a lousy unreliable service provider.  

I've had feeds/embeds fail live right in NYC.   No recovery from YouTube; only local capture if taken..

ALL four of the independently encoded and streamed Mixlr audio feeds that were also being captured and sent to the embeds so that any of the interpreter feeds could be accesssed and muted or unmuted along with the YouTube video with the room feed audio worked.   ONLY YouTube failed.   NOthing else puked.


Go with the likes of Wirecast or Livecast with an oniste tech, or another established local provider, or hire a properly skilled a/v tech who is into what is going on at this particular site.

It is unlikely that I can attend let alone provide technical support save on an ad-hoc basis if I show: but, I wish you all well in your fisticuffs and whisky meets stargazing and yoga weekend...

peddling-fiction's picture

Thanks HH, I am down in Bolivia, so I will have to pass on this one.

You can set up a free account with livestream.com and download their android app.

Silicon Valley's preferred choice and you can try for free with limited features.

Sounds perfect.

Elon Musk gives it a thumbs up <-- puke

newdoobie's picture

Yahoo! Not really interested in the speakers but meeting some other ZH'ers would be fun.

Put two zh'ers in a room and a fight breaks out!  lol

can't wait!

PeeramidIdeologies's picture

Violence is horribly unproductive

Joebloinvestor's picture

I would really like to see more chalk outlines of dead islamists at the event.

Stormtrooper's picture

Are we allowed to wear our six shooters?

cbxer55's picture

It's Texas, and I believe open carry of firearms is legal there. It happened in Oklahoma first, but Texas followed soon after. Provided you have a permit and it is recognized by Texas, goes without saying. ;-)

hedgeless_horseman's picture


Are we allowed to wear our six shooters?

I am amazed and honestly a bit encouraged by how many people are asking this question.  

Seems like some of you Chicago and NYC ZHers are happy to finally get to strap on the Big Iron.

You are going to love Brian Hoffners' talk on Sunday morning!

Licensed carry is allowed in the MAC.  Because of a new law, it is possible that concealed carry is allowed at the observatory, because it is part of the University of Texas, but I do not know for certain. 


FAQ for License to carry a handgun in Texas...



Texas reciprocity with other states...



Hardly ever open carry, myself, but reckon I may wear the ol' cowboy rig with my Single Action Army in Marfa 'cause it looks so good with my boots.

338's picture



Thank you so much for inviting me, I hope I can kick this thing off with my normal fire breathing approach to peace loving, self-reliant,  libertarianism.

I'll have my usual TAXATION IS THEFT T-Shirts in stock, and a generous supply of my Brushfires of Freedom BBQ sauce.


Your favorite peace loving hippy with a pitbull and a Barrett.





Stormtrooper's picture

Sorry hedgeless, don't really have a 6-shooter.  But do have my eye on a nice .44 magnum.  Just have a pile of semi-autos and black rifles in various calibers.  I didn't think that Texas was more restrictive of open carry than Ohio where it is legal for anyone to open carry.  Just askin for some cop who doesn't know the law to nail you for causing a public panic.  I don't open carry because I don't want to provide an easy first target for the bad guys.

Wild tree's picture

HH, I like to rock with my Glock 22. Not purty, but when you pull the trigger, it goes boom-boom; and hits right where you point it. Never had a stovepipe, nor misfeed. Just boom-boom when he is in the room; and lights up the gloom.

Hope to make it all the way from JAWGA, me and my Glock 22.

Stormtrooper's picture

I almost blew up a barrel once on mine while target shooting. Fired a spud and didn't realize it.  Barrel bulged and locked the gun.  Lucky it didn't blow while right next to other shooters.  Had to have a new barrel installed.

BingoBoggins's picture

Hoo ha! That's all that counts, pard'! Seriously, though - can you still drink and drive? I kinda doubt it ....

SafelyGraze's picture

me and paw-paw are bringing our burning-man effigy

and our earthship tinyhouse permaculture garden

it's arduino-driven and powered by a methanol condensation cycle

it also has satellite antenna for executing trades. 

kinda slow, but beats usps

and it flies a little flag that says "coexist", spelled with different currency symbols

our booth will be the one with chris duane's ZH-Marfa-love-festevent silver tokens

stop by and say wazzup




TeethVillage88s's picture

I wonder if anyone will be selling Texas Ranch Land by Credit Card... Or Junk Bonds... or Bitcoins... or numismatics? or Junk Gold Jewelry from a pawn shop?

Texas likely would require a permit to sell if someone had gold test kits or the gold gun that tells percent of gold in a sample. Maybe gold metal on circuit boards for recycling the gold.

BingoBoggins's picture

So youse grows yer own. Whyn't ya jes' say so?!!