Trump Throws His Base Some Red Meat, Fires Comey

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Everyone is making such a big deal over the firing of James Comey. First of all, everyone hated him -- shils from both parties. Second of all, Trump doesn't have 'Russian ties'. That's fake news. Thirdly, Trump is Mcfooling all of you stupid politcal bird-brains -- pissing off the libtards and giving red meat to the conservatards; meanwhile, he's about to send more troops to Afghanistan.

All of you will have an opinion. This is mine: it's a distraction and a gigantic nothing-burger.

Here are some quick hits on the topic.

Comey shit-canned whilst making a speech to employees, introduced to the idea by media reports. Severely beat the fuck down.


China's official propaganda outlet adds levity to the situation.

Sen. Burrrrrrrrrrr is 'troubled'.

Hillary Clinton should be nervous. This is the primary reason the AG's office recommended Comey's dismissal.

"I cannot defend [Comey's] handling of the conclusion of the investigation of Sec. Clinton's emails."

Bill Clinton is a rapist. He was the last and only President to fire an FBI director.

Here was the NY Times article from 1993.

WASHINGTON, July 19— President Clinton today dismissed William S. Sessions, the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, who had stubbornly rejected an Administration ultimatum to resign six months after a harsh internal ethics report on his conduct.
Mr. Clinton said he would announce his nominee to replace Mr. Sessions on Tuesday. He was expected to pick Judge Louis J. Freeh of Federal District Court in Manhattan; officials said Judge Freeh had impressed Mr. Clinton favorably on Friday at their first meeting.
Mr. Clinton, explaining his reasons for removing Mr. Sessions, effective immediately, said, "We cannot have a leadership vacuum at an agency as important to the United States as the F.B.I. It is time that this difficult chapter in the agency's history is brought to a close." Defiant to the End
But in a parting news conference at F.B.I. headquarters after Mr. Clinton's announcement, a defiant Mr. Sessions -- his right arm in a sling as a result of a weekend fall -- railed at what he called the unfairness of his removal, which comes nearly six years into his 10-year term.
"Because of the scurrilous attacks on me and my wife of 42 years, it has been decided by others that I can no longer be as forceful as I need to be in leading the F.B.I. and carrying out my responsibilities to the bureau and the nation," he said. "It is because I believe in the principle of an independent F.B.I. that I have refused to voluntarily resign."
Mr. Clinton said that after reviewing Mr. Sessions's performance, Attorney General Janet Reno had advised him that Mr. Sessions should go. "After a thorough review by the Attorney General of Mr. Sessions's leadership of the F.B.I., she has reported to me in no uncertain terms that he can no longer effectively lead the bureau."
Despite the President's severe tone, he seemed to regret having to force Mr. Sessions from his post. He said he had hoped that the issue could be settled at the Justice Department without the necessity of using his authority to dismiss the Director, who has a 10-year term but may be removed by the President at any time.
But Mr. Sessions's intransigence had festered into an awkward situation for Mr. Clinton.
A Republican stranded in a Democratic Administration, Mr. Sessions was appointed to head the F.B.I. by President Ronald Reagan in 1987 amid the turmoil of the Iran-contra affair. Mr. Sessions arrived as a respected judge from San Antonio, but after five and a half years in office, he leaves with his star fallen, his agency adrift and his support at the F.B.I. all but drained away. Troubled Tenure
He served under four Attorneys General, and each complained privately about his absentee management style, his frequent traveling -- often to unimportant events -- and his inability to take command.
During Mr. Sessions's tenure, the F.B.I. has struggled to redefine its mission, which has shifted focus dramatically with the collapse of the Soviet empire.

Comey brought 'disrepute' to the agency.

Krauthammer ponders why this was done with 'malice'.

Schumer chimps out, calls for special prosecutor due to MUH Russia.

Sen. Blumenthal calls the firing 'Nixonion.'

Sen. Warner calls this shit 'outrageous'.

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Lucky Leprachaun's picture

I've been bitterly disappointed with Trump, especially with his appointing  (((Kushner))) as Co-President and surrounding himself with squids. But equally he can't just get rid of all the bad guys overnight. It's just not possible.

Lucky Leprachaun's picture

Bloody great. Horrible two-timing bastard.

LA_Goldbug's picture

"Trump Throws His Base Some Red Meat, Fires Comey"
No meat on those bones.

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

"we were for firing before we were against it"..seems we heard that somewhere before.. oh some war or sumthin.

the left press outlets have dementia.

medium giraffe's picture

Wooo, you're hitting your stride now Fly, good article, nice vitriol.  Nothingburger distraction? Couldn't agree more.

Honest Sam's picture

He should have been fired after his first first appearance about not indicting clinton, and telling us that this is a one-off and if the same circumstances happened again, that he might recommend indictment. What a weasel. Just because he didn't want to be known as the person who influenced the outcome of a national election. A coward, as well. 

Those words should have resulted in clinton being removed by the democrats from the presidential candidates, the probe widened, and her before a grand jury.

If democrats were to be even remotely objective, they would anonymously approve of the this action. 


DuneCreature's picture

Firing Comey was half the job. ...... Now, fire Andrew McCabe.

This was like canning Goring without firing Himmler.

OK, Jeff step up to the plate again, that was a bunt that got a man on first base, now we need a least a double that takes that runner home, or better yet a home run.

McCabe is even DIRTIER than Comey, if that's even possible.

You don't just relieve a war general of his duties. You send him AND his staff packing. ........ Swamp Draining 101, Jeff.

McCabe is 'On the Take' and he is the one blocking the Clinton 600,000 Emails and Anthony Weiner investigation.

Chop, chop, Mr. AG.

Day 198,7 =
Day 198.8 =

Live Hard, Otherwise, Your Comey Sacking Is Token Bullshit, Mr. Sessions And Trump, Die Free

~ DC v5.0

LawsofPhysics's picture

exactly, don't stop there, finish the job! Plenty more need to be removed.

in the shadows's picture

Give the job to Trey Gowdy

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Setarcos's picture

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otschelnik's picture

Distraction? This ain't no distraction, it's yyuuge! 


grekko's picture

Now that there is an opening, let's see if Joe Arpaio get's a job offer.  That would be real bad news for Obama & Co.

OccamsCrazor's picture

The mental midgets known as the democrats in congress, should be elated that trump did what Obama didn't have the balls to do - they wanted Comey fired for trying to fry Clintons election.  Now they suddenly LOVE HIM ?  The two faced mental midgets they are, sets them all up to be crushed during mid term elections.  

I so do love the smell of napalmed demoncrats. 


trump has so out befuddled these midgets that its turning into a Trumpfest, where Trump destroys them with so little efforts, its as though he is using ICBM's, and they are using squirt guns.  Not a fair fight to say the least, and Obama who bragged about bringing a gun to a knife fight, is also about to have his smug little ass lit on fire.   Obama's cute little move of staying right next to the white house so he can pester Trump, wil turn out to be Obama's own coffin and burial center. 

mc888's picture

We should be talking about McCabe, not Comey. The Dims will deflect attention from McCabe by talking about Comey. ZH'ers have no excuse.

ironmace's picture

Good. Paul Ryan is next.

CrankyCurmudgeon's picture

only a hedgetard would think Trump can fire Ryan.

Carpe Tutti Bastardi's picture

Since he was elected and not appointed Trump cannot outwardly fire him,

BUT, there are other ways to neuter him!!!!

Playtime's Over's picture

Good fukin riddance mofo.  Good timing.  Dems having a hard time defending him after blaming HILL BITCHez loss on mr Weasel.

thebigunit's picture

He only did it because Comey was mean to Hillary:

Trump Throws His Base Some Red Meat, Fires Comey
Herdee's picture

That'll teach ya to conceal the names of Hillary's lesbian lovers, shame on you.

bIlluminati's picture

They aren't lovers. Hilliary likes her pizzas extra-small, with walnut sauce.

tripletail's picture

Comey is ex-CIA. Nothing criminal will happen to him. He will retire in comfort with full benfits. Another plant will take his place. Guaranteed.

hootowl's picture

Comey is also a big supporter of the Clinton crime syndicate and big donor to the Clinton Foundation.


McCabe has GOT to go.  He is an active Obamaloidal/Soetoroian/Sorosian Globalist Demoncrap Mudpuppy and cannot be trusted.  The FBI will continue to be untrustworthy as long as he sits next to the Director.


It is time for Joe Arpaio to become Director of the FBI and be unleashed upon the Barry Soetoro treasonous fraud as well as the Clinton crime syndicate.  He can help Trump "drain the swamp" and run Soetoro out of town and back to the cesspool from where the Demoncraps dredged him.

Juggernaut x2's picture

Why so many downvotes- do people honestly expect any different?

Nukerella's picture

Probably. The humiliation is pretty painful, however. Hopefully Trump doesn't get JFKed -- he sacked Dulles, remember.

hootowl's picture

......And held the ZIO-FED fraud in extreme low regard.

runnymede's picture

Good summary Fly---

Regardless of whether this is a nothingburger, which if measured by future prosecutions of .gov criminals I concur that it will be, the mere introduction of unknowns into the pedo banker/pol matrix is valuable, if just to flush the game out into the open (see: twitter responses already) and grow the number of eyes that have access to incriminating info. Like Weiner's laptop and who knows what else. Makes for nervous criminals, and nervous people do dumb things. Like Bernie just did, with his wife neck deep in bank fraud. And McCain. And on and on.

Shemp 4 Victory's picture


meanwhile, he's about to send more troops to Afghanistan.

Golly, what a fresh new idea! Innovative, even.

One of We's picture

I agree its probably just some tasty red squirrel meat to distract but it will be boner time if Trump appoints someone like Sheriff Joe or David Clarke....

The One...'s picture

You really meant weasel meat methinks...?

Global Douche's picture

Not boner time for me, but a mental orgasm? Hell yeah!

One of We's picture

The rainbow promises we will never be douched again but God didn't say he wouldn't burn the place to the ground....

"And I will bring the third part through the fire, and will refine them as silver is refined, and will try them as gold is tried: they shall call on my name, and I will hear them: I will say, It is my people: and they shall say, The LORD is my God."

Keep stacking.....

Reaper's picture

Give them what they want for others. Special prosecutors for Schumer et al. They conspired to bring false charges against Trump and his associates.
18 U.S. Code § 371 - Conspiracy to commit offense or to defraud United States
If two or more persons conspire either to commit any offense against the United States, or to defraud the United States, or any agency thereof in any manner or for any purpose, and one or more of such persons do any act to effect the object of the conspiracy, each shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than five years, or both.

Their special prosecutors will go through their every record.

cheech_wizard's picture

I jumped over to the NY Times comments sections. The whining from the left is delicious, considering before they were all clamouring for him to fired for costing Hillary the election. (Not to mention the "Russians"...)

Lucky Leprachaun's picture

I'd have done the exact opposite. Would have savored every whining word.  I can't read it because I've used up my free articles for this month and I'm fucked if I'll give the bastards a cent.

runnymede's picture

Life imitating art---- that 90s movie when the Martians' heads exploded when they heard yodeling. 


dcmbuffy's picture

i agree- he did it for hillary- how about a thank you? heh heh heh

Zero-Hegemon's picture

"Heckuva job, Comey!"

Now, fuck off

Juggernaut x2's picture

Comey is just another ZOG enforcer- a glorified bouncer at the door of the .01%ers' Country Club.

Vic Odd's picture

Lets say Russia did hack Clinton's emails, which is questionable. I personally care about the truth, not so much the source of the truth. Democrats like Schumer are masters of spin and distraction, but that only works on those who blindly accept the official story from 'authorities' that they affiliate with politically. The DNC leaks are authentic. Schumer et al have never denied their authenticity. I don't care if Mickey Mouse leaked them. Whoever did leak them provided a great service to the people of this nation. If Russia did it, they should get a thank you letter.

Lucky Leprachaun's picture

'I personally care about the truth, not so much the source of the truth.' Exactly. I could never figure that one out. The source is almost irrelevant. What's important is the content of the emails.

Duc888's picture



Little Dicky Blumenthall, the Viet Nam Vet who was not a Viet Nam Vet.  another asshat.

hootowl's picture

Blumenthal is just another lawless, Demoncrap,  Globalist, Khazarian, faux-Hebrew, Ashkanazi Chosenite who should be flogged mercilessly, then sent to God for final dispensation.

TeethVillage88s's picture

Kauthammer is a Loud-Mouth Insider making millions.

The public has lost faith in Max Kauthammer. Get rid of him.

Lucky Leprachaun's picture

Kraut is there to look after Israel's interests, nothing more. Check out anything that he says or writes and you'll see that it's geared towards supporting Israel's interests.

Consuelo's picture



 See that man - 3rd video clip from the top?   The Shylock who is permanently affixed to a podium and his spectacles similarly riding condescendingly low on his $nose?   Yeah, that one...   I'd like to see him 'Fired' as well, by alternative means. 

Arnold's picture

Schoomie was Weiner's mentor.
Know what I mean?