Connecticut State Capital Prepares For Bankruptcy Amid Collapse In Hedge Fund Revenue

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The state of Connecticut has been hit hard by the double whammy of a deteriorating local economy, coupled with a plunge in hedge fund profits - as well as hedge fund managers permanently relocating to Florida - leading to a collapse in tax revenues. According to the the latest Connecticut budget released last week, the state is reeling from the consequences of sliding tax revenue from the super-rich, i.e. the state's hedge fund managers. The latest figures showed that tax revenue from the state’s top 100 highest-paying taxpayers declined 45% from 2015 to 2016. The drop adds up to a $200 million revenue loss for Connecticut.

In a dramatic, if of questionable credibility, soundbite Department of Revenue Services Commissioner Kevin Sullivan says these wealthy people are “dramatically less wealthy than they were before.” He was referring to annual income, not actual asset holdings, because judging by the all time high in the S&P, the local financial elite have never had a higher net worth.

“When you look at the top 75, top 50 ... this is a group of wealthy people who are dramatically less wealthy than they were before,” said Kevin Sullivan, commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Revenue Services. “These folks, for a number of reasons, are either not realizing as much income or don’t have as much income.”

Just don't expect tears from the general public. Sullivan also noted how several international hedge funds have recently failed, resulting in “significant retrenchment” from investors. That drop in tolerance for risk brings smaller margins and ultimately less personal income for the state to tax, he added. It's fascinating how the Fed's central planning, superficially meant to restore "confidence" in a rigged, manipulated market is having such proound and adverse 2nd and 3rd order effects on state budgets.

Sullivan also acknowledged part of revenue decline can also be attributed to “a handful” of wealthy individuals who moved to more tax-friendly states — an issue frequently raised by legislative Republicans, who argue Connecticut’s tax policies encourage the state’s super-rich to move out.

Of course, for tax purposes it's the actual income that matters, and as a result the steep decline has exacerbated Connecticut’s budget woes. The projected deficit for the new fiscal year beginning July 1 has now jumped from about $1.7 billion to $2.3 billion, while the deficit predicted for the second year of the state’s two-year budget is now about $2.7 billion.

According to AP, lawmakers and the governor have already discussed the possibility of making deep cuts throughout state government, including to state colleges and universities and social services. Meanwhile, there’s a threat of about 4,000 layoffs if a $700 million labor concession deal isn’t reached with state employees. Lawmakers say these latest revenue figures make that agreement even more crucial.

* * *

Meanwhile, in a stark confirmation just how dire the state's economic and fiscal situation has rapidly become, the Hartford Courant reports that city leaders in the state's capital have taken a step toward bankruptcy, soliciting proposals from law firms that specialize in Chapter 9. It adds that the city is reviewing several firms and could hire an attorney as early as this week, sources with knowledge of the plans said.

Facing a $65 million deficit next year and a $14 million shortfall this year, Mayor Luke Bronin has hinted for months that Hartford could file for bankruptcy, and said during his budget release in April that he was "not in a position to rule anything out."  Bronin proposed cuts and concessions from the unions, but is still seeking $40 million in additional state aid to close next year's budget gap. The city resorted to short-term borrowing to cover costs such as payroll payments this year.

The mayor confirmed Tuesday that the city was looking at firms. "We have not engaged bankruptcy counsel, but we have had initial conversations with firms that have experience in Chapter 9 and municipal restructuring," Bronin said. "Given the uncertainty of the state budget process and the depth of the state budget crisis, it shouldn't surprise anyone that we might engage counsel in the near future."

Some, such as Council President Thomas Clarke II, who was briefed by Bronin on the prospect of hiring a bankruptcy lawyer, called the move premature. "I was told it was possible that a decision would be made before the end of this week," Clarke said Tuesday. "It's premature. We haven't exhausted every option and every avenue for us to go down this road."

Maybe not yet, but time is fast running out.  Meanwhile, reminding the state that "we're all in it together", Bronin stressed that the state must be a partner in pulling Hartford "from the brink of financial ruin", noting that more than half of the city's properties are tax-exempt and that Hartford has limited options for revenue.

"We've made clear for more than a year that Hartford's fiscal challenge cannot be responsibly solved at the local level alone with the tools that we have," Bronin said, "and we continue to push hard to build a new partnership with the state of Connecticut to put our capital city on a path to solvency, stability and growth."

However, as noted above, the itself has its own problems, with a more than $2 billion budget gap estimated for next year. It is unclear whether there is support in the General Assembly for bailing out Hartford.

* * *

Clarke said that if the city proceeds with legal representation, the council will look to hire its own lawyer. A key question members want answered is whether the mayor must get the council's approval to file for bankruptcy, the Courant notes. The state statute covering municipal bankruptcy says that a city or town must receive consent from the governor, and that the governor "shall submit a report to the treasurer and the joint standing committee of the general assembly." It doesn't specify whether a mayor needs the council's approval.

In other words, if Bronin intends to go through with it, Hartfort may be in bankruptcy within weeks, if not days.

Hartford wouldn't be the first city in Connecticut to seek Chapter 9 protection. Bridgeport filed for bankruptcy in 1991, but a federal judge dismissed the petition, saying the city was capable of paying its bills. Other cities that have filed include Detroit, Stockton and San Bernardino, Calif., and nearby Central Falls, R.I.

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Can meets end of the road

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Liberals.... What'd you expect?

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Connecticut state lawmakers expanded in-state tuition and financial aid to undocumented immigrants


GE is moving to Boston.



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How can the city possibly be in bad financial status when they only spend the tax revenues they collect? Something doesn't add up.


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Katey bar the door if Connecticut is going broke.  The other states are poor cousins compared to Richy Rich land.

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Time to legalize pot, like Colorado, and start swimming in cash, like Colorado. Of course, the resulting influx of potheads is another story.

AGuy's picture

"Time to legalize pot, like Colorado, and start swimming in cash, like Colorado. Of course, the resulting influx of potheads is another story."

That wouldn't solve CTs problems. CTs has barely saved a dime for its workers Pensions. Workers are retiring and forcing more revenue to pay for their pensions and the this problem is in its early stage. Its likely that the entire state will need to file for Chapter 9 (or worse) in a few years.

As far as growing Pot, CT is last in Agriculture, even Alaska grows more stuff than CT. There are virtually no working farms left in CT. The few farms left are either Horse farms, or rich people applying for Farm land use to get property tax reductions. CT also has terrible soil. its 90% rock and 10% soil. what once was decent farm land was converted into housing development decades ago. The remaining undeveloped land is hillsides and swamp/wetlands.

Everything in CT is expensive, High gas taxes, High Property taxes, High cost of living (food, electricity, NatGas). No one with a sound mind would remotely consider setting up a company in CT.

FWIW: CT is likely going to legalize Pot this year, but its not going to solve its problems.

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Well, the Government can just go down the list....

Loan Sharking
Protection Rackets
Amway ( sign up all the kids, schools,cops and firefighters)

There are plenty of ways to earn a buck, when you have the authority to make it illegal for everyone else.

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Does Colorado have a Bridgeport,  a Waterbury,  a Hartford or lovely No Haven?

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Not to worry.  The Yard Goats' gate receipts will cover the deficit this summer.

Seriously,  who named that baseball team

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Isn't Elizabeth Warren from Connecticut?


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If you are rich you can get into a lot deeper financial hole than any poor guy could.


Case in point - could any government other than the USA borrow $20 trillion?


The reason you can borrow is because you are rich - until your not.


My guess is Connecticut assumed the good times / cash flow they had would continue forever and they spent every dime they collected - so when the revenue slows down they are fucked.





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The Shithead Governor of CT, one Dannel Malloy, was destined to be a member of the Hildebeast Cabinet when she won the election.  Remember the last State of the Union address given by the Brown Clown?  Who sat in the box with the Wookie?  Dannel Malloy.  The Magic Negro promised him the world after orchestrating "Sandy Hoax", the greatest tragedy that never was.  He ran Connecticut into the ground with state employee pensions and didn't have a care in the world, because "Mr. Smith was going to Washington".  Since the subsequent defeat of "Satan the Anointed" in the presidential election, Malloy is now stuck in the bed he has made for the State of Connecticut.  I hope they put aside some money for a large Gibbet on the front lawn of the Connecticut State House.  The line of inductees into this Hall of Fame is long and somewhat distinguished (at least in their own mind).  I'd even buy the rope out of my own pocket.

Freddie's picture

Indeed.  there was something seriously demonic at Sandy Hoax - supposedly it was a local area for witches and people involved in the occult. I am not joking.  The school had been closed, "teachers" cars in the parking lot were impound cars parked in one direction with expired tags.

Too bad Connecticut could not get much of China hooked on opium like much of the "old wealth" in Connecticut had done.  Some of them were also involved in the salve trade.


StychoKiller's picture

Yeah, Neosporin™ kinda ruined the salve trade! :>D

syzygysus's picture

Some things about Sandy Hook are quite odd, but cars parked in one direction in a lot are not. Go to any large lot where cars drive in one direction and people drive in the slots in the same direction.

I haven't heard of expired tags, care to show them?

SenselessPanic's picture

expired tags are really old as CT stopped using tags ... i'd be interested in seeing that evidence as well ... that's news to me ... sandy hoax all the way in any case

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They pass bonds. Here in Texas, the municipalities, and the sheeple, have been passing multi-million dollar bonds to build new schools, etc. The idiot McKinney residents voted to build a $50 MILLION DOLLAR HIGH SCHOOL STADIUM. It has gotten ridiculous. No one is operating on a budget based on income. They are operating on a budget based on projections. My household budget does not work that way.

divingengineer's picture

How can wealth be evaporating everywhere when the stock market is at record highs?

You are right, it doesn't add up.

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Every major city in CT is a DemoRAT run criminal-sanctuary shit hole. The RATs tax and regulate everything.

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I dont unerstand why CT has so many problems.. After all they sponsered SANDY HOAX!  Many in that town, school system, state and local police, goverenor all got paid hansomly.. Just run a few more scams on the nation for the gun grab agenda...

Plus the fake families made milliions on their go fund be websites setup and running the day before the Hoax occured. NO ONE DIED!

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Imbecilic fuck is a genetic pre-disposition

Imbecilic fuck is a lifestyle choice

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GE already moved and is in thier new temporay HQ building.

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Progs, combined with wogs and nogs (Mexicans and blacks) will ALWAYS ruin a city, a state or a country. The US will have a cleansing civil war or will be destroyed. Your choice.

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It must be a Sanctuary state.
Get the shit cannons out.

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TWO DAYS After Governor Declares CT Sanctuary State – Illegal Alien Murders Mother and Kidnaps 6 Yr-Old Girl


"Yes we can!"

Keyser's picture

It will be priceless to watch this once great bastion of liberalism burn to the ground, much like the hedge fund profits that supported it in the first place... 

BeanusCountus's picture

Priceless is right. Hartford going Chap 9? Thought that was reserved for Detroit!! Connecticut with budget problems because hedge funds making less and rich folks moving to Florida? Who would have thought!!! Oh well. Pay no attention everyone, things are great. Hey, how did the stock market do today?

Coming to a state near you. Very soon.

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I don't know about most stawks but RGR (Ruger) is now over 64 and heading back up to 78 given the strong sales numbers last quarter and "discontent" nationwide.

If the military contract for sidearms with that foreign company is nixed, and instead the military "Buys American," like Ruger or S&W, these stawks can easily double.

One can only hope.

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So I'm driving home and listening to "Marketplace" with Kai "Lefty" Ryssdal and they are playing the fiddle about Erie, PA City not being able to support the school district.

They go on to say that the district is the #1 area for Refugees who speak 14 different languages.

Of course the connection is never made, nor dots connected; it is about "more taxes".

More "support" from surrounding Counties.  Sure Kai, you punk, more taxes.

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"Can meets end of road" or "DemoRATs meet new taxes'

This message was brought to you by . . .

The morally bankrupt DemoRAT party. Creating hate, misery and poverty for over 100 years!

Press 1 to hear this in Spanish

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Strange.  One would think that the Sandy Hoax GoFraudMe funds should have been enough to fill the budget gap.

zzzz88's picture

not enough,

when big banks started to lose money, they will beg fed stop rigging the market, 

then the real show begins

LetThemEatRand's picture

It is telling that a capital in a state with some of the wealthiest enclaves in America is going bankrupt.  

Truther's picture

When a governor is a liberal toad, expect hell to pay.

LetThemEatRand's picture

This is kind of like the Baltimore video on an earlier thread.

Banking, investment, and insurance "industry" at work.

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I don't know if hell will pick up the tab, but the left wing are always looking for SOMEONE ELSE to pay. The joys of Other People's Money.

LetThemEatRand's picture

Someone else and other peoples' money is you and me, and we're mostly paying for foreign wars funded by bankers at interest, and bank bailouts.  But keep supporting the left/right paradigm and it will continue foreover.

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Does this Right/ Left paradigm thing have a Go Fund Me page?

How can I contribute?

shovelhead's picture

Great Community Theatre acting though.

Ok. Maybe Dead Daughter Laughing Daddy wasn't all that great but the Mag Holding FBI/ Dead Kid Daddy was a hoot.

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When OH WHEN is California's turn going to come!?


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When Jerry Brown is termed out. He and senate sanctuary state Mexican DeLeon are cooking the books while raising fees and taxes like madmen. I am long Coleman tents, donated blankets, marijuana and government paid probation workers. They are the only growth industries left in the state.  

Florida and Texas are going to get crowded before this is over.

DEMIZEN's picture

No worries, they will find another le cuck majeur, a necrophillac, or whatever creep in chief to replace the senile hippie and  pre-serve the world order

Thr critical mass in california is long and far above treshold and ripe for a pure neofeudal idiocracy. an easy job for sorosz. imo, california has an easy way out of its trouble, just get the prop 13 back on ballot and default on calpers. it will tank couple of big banks banks and make some former employees taste a real kind of life. small price to pay.


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The new cow fart gasoline & diesel taxes may start it, but undo Prop13 and watch housing prices crash overnight as the last of the boomers with money sell and run. They will be left with jack nothing dollars coming in within 24 months. 

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Spin up the fans, line up the turdcannons, ready fuses.