McCain Leads Senate Mutiny As Three Republicans Join Dems To Reject Obama Drilling Rule Repeal

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In a mini "mutiny" inside the Senate, moments ago three republicans joined with Senate Democrats to reject overturning an Obama administration rule limiting methane emissions from oil and natural gas drilling, also known as H.J. Res. 36. Only 49 senators voted to move forward with debate on legislation to undo the Bureau of Land Management rule, short of the 51 majority needed to advance the measure.

The vote was the Senate GOP’s last chance to overturn an Obama rule through the CRA, which provides a streamlined method for blocking regulations, but sets a time limit on when Congress can vote.

Senators Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), Susan Collins (R-Maine) and John McCain (R-Ariz.) joined all 48 members of the Democratic caucus in rejecting the resolution under the Congressional Review Act. It is unclear if this was an ideological objection or - especially in the case of McCain - one seeking to hobble Trump's agenda. Indeed, Graham and Collins had previously publicized their plans to vote against the legislation. But McCain’s vote came as a surprise, and prevented the need for a tiebreaker from the Vice President.

While final passage of the vote on the Congressional Review Act resolution may happen later today according to Bloomberg, the vote is a major loss for congressional Republicans, who had targeted the methane rule as a prime Obama regulation to undo. They argue that it unnecessarily adds costs to oil and natural gas drilling on federal land.

Some more details From The Hill:

Republicans went into a side room off of the Senate floor after the final vote was submitted, and held the vote open, but no senator changed his or her vote. Vice President Mike Pence also came to the Capitol in case his vote was needed to break a tie.  


The methane rule sets standards for what oil and natural gas drillers on federal land must do to stop the waste of methane, the key component of natural gas, through venting or burning it at the well site.


It is primarily designed to prevent the waste of a valuable resource that belongs to taxpayers. But since methane is a greenhouse gas as much as 80 times more potent than carbon dioxide, the rule also has climate change benefits. It was part of a wide-ranging strategy by Obama to tackle methane emissions in the final years of his presidency.

While the congressional effort has failed, Trump’s Interior Department nonetheless could repeal the rule itself though an extensive rulemaking process. A Trump executive order in March instructed Interior and other agencies to roll back Obama’s climate agenda and other regulations that impede the production and use of domestic energy resources. Under that order, Interior is considering whether to repeal the BLM methane rule, but has not committed or proposed to do so yet.

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McCain Leads Senate Mutiny As Three Republicans Join Dems To Reject Repeal Of Obama Drilling Rule


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sure, as long it's not your property it's OK by you

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That's not what he said there, triple-R. What he said was: "Global Warming/Climate Change is a SCAM." Do you have an argument against that?

Reading comprehension is lacking in the comments section these days.

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drilling pollution is not about global warming

people usually don't care about industry pollution when they are not affected by it directly

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McCain is plugging up the drain in the swamp.

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McCain, ever the globalist company man isn't he?

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The Dems we know they can't read, cause they burn the books but looks like these three losers didn't get the memo: 

Global Warming Dismissed: Scientists Found a “Totally Unexpected” Source of Climate Cooling


I declar open season on poaching RINOs.

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Will some put  plastic handcuffs on the prisoner of war. He won't be able to escape.

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McShitstain is a closet Liberal who can't get past the fact that Trump crushed his shit.  McShitstain is like a little whiner crying because he can't have his way.  How the fuck did he ever get re-elected?

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will take more than that to get the nyc.opec cartel back in control of oil production suppression.  keep working boys

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McCain, yup still a shit bag.
_RRR_ lives in his moms basement, he owns no property but wants to tell you what you can do with yours. Just so you know if someone damages your property from polluting you can sue them in civil court, you don't need laws that just keep the little guy from entering into business.

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... the treasonous Hanoi Songbird leads senate mutiny with Ms Lindsey ... that's staying on script ...


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Speaking of Treason, there has to be evidence of McCain committing acts of treason acting outside of the US constitution with his dealings with ISIS.

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The sun in AZ beats down on the populous most oppressively. Same in FL and other states. Northerner's who are not generationally "genetically modified" to deal with the brutal climate do not even realize that they are losing their minds. But low and behold, they do. And no, air conditioning does not help. In fact, it makes the disposition to insanity worse.

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thats always the problem, how the fuck do the republicans reelect this guy every time. Also, big fucking suprise, Mcshtstain and Linda voted against the something trump wanted, 

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Yeah.  The people in Arizona better get their head in the game.

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Globalist party line every time.

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***   SPAM ALERT   ***

Do no click on AltRight Girl's link.

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Its the dailyer westerner douchebag with a new user account.

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Offshore drilling =

American energy independence =

no need for the middle east =

no more fighting for Israel's agenda =

no more need for McCain's MIC owners.


Democrats looking for wedge issues to bring 3 or 4 RINOS to their side.

These RINOS are straight out traitors.

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As long as its with his corpse.

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No worries. The pedo investigation will capture McCain and his boyfriend.

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RRR (how long did it take for you to come up with that name? Dimwitted piece of....) Just an FYI, Methane is produced by anything that is rotting. It comes out of your butt every time you fart, it is being emmitted into the air from your local land fill, from the cows, horses, and any place leaves lay on the ground under trees.  Yes one of the biggest emitters of methane is the south American tropical rain forest that the left loves to claim to protect.

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There are also big methane emissions from the oceans.

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But why would we waste it at a drill site when the drillers are already there trying to monetize what's coming out of the ground?

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The balance between sources and sinks of methane is not yet fully understood. The IPCC Working Group I stated in chapter 2 of the Fourth Assessment Report that there are "large uncertainties in the current bottom-up estimates of components of the global source", and the balance between sources and sinks is not yet well known. The most important sink in the methane cycle is reaction with the hydroxyl radical, which is produced photochemically in the atmosphere. Production of this radical is not fully understood and has a large effect on atmospheric concentrations. This uncertainty is exemplified by observations that have shown between the year 2000 and 2006 increases in atmospheric concentration of methane ceased, for reasons still being investigated.

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I am on the fencepost with the climate change shit. Can anyone here tell me why the high tide this year here on the Gulf is the highest I can remember? There have been a lot of fat chicks swimming out here lately but I am sure there must be another factor. 

ejmoosa's picture

Did you know that the land masses(all of them) are actually moving?

And that they also rise and fall?

Or that the prevailing winds affect the push of the waters against the shores?

Here's a link to an earth wind map.  The next time you have those "unusual" tides, look and see which way the winds are pushing the water.

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most people dont live long enough to appreciate or comprehend the fact that nature works in epochs, not minutes or days, nature can also learn to repair itself; the earth also moves in an elliptical orbit which affects tides, weather etc that can last many years; apparently just enough years for wack jobs like gore to ermerge and make multi-millions selling snake oil climate change and die before anyone can prove him wrong.

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Nah, it's just fat chicks swimming.

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live on the water tx gulf coast 21 years.  level hasnt changed at all in that time span

Winston Churchill's picture

Tidelines are not static.Hence leaps and neap tides.

The major influence is the moon, but alignment with the sun also affects them.

Get an almanac to see how much that can vary, and how predictable those variances are.

Back in my teens, I was sailing the Scottish Islands,tied our boat up and went to the pub.When we came back the boat was literally hanging

from the mooring lines.Ours was the only one, all the other masters knew an unusual neap tide was happening that night,so left plenty

of slack in their lines..

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Philo Beddoe: "I am on the fencepost with the climate change shit... "

while I do not think that you are truly on that fencepost... it's nevertheless you, me and half of the world

the most common rant I hear about "climate change" in europe is this: "what happened to do something about pollution, period?"

my goodness, even the British House of Rothschild's favourite publication, "The Economist", is actually skeptical

and even the arch-enemy of so many here, the IMF is actually skeptical

it's US Politics that is preventing this matter to be ever discussed as it should

Left/Right/Black/White "you are either with us or against us" "only two sides"

and the two baddies I mentioned give the two numbers that really count and say everything that matters:

- 5'000 billions of subsidies for fossil fuels worldwide, per year

- 70 billions of subsidies for "green energy" worldwide, per year

the first number is not declining, the second number is growing, and fast

who pays for subsidies, at the end? you and me and the rest of the world

jmack's picture

tax "breaks" from some arbritrarily high tax rate say a 20% discount of a 47% tax rate on oil is not a subsidy,   giving a rebate, meaning giving actual tax payer money in the form of a carbon credit or just a rebate, for the use of "green" technology, is a subsidy, as it is not a tax cut on an actual tax rate. but a tax rebate over and beyond any actual taxes ever paid.


       No oil company in the US,  makes money from subsidies, they reduce their tax burden. Whereas Musk's Tesla actually makes a significant amount of its gross profits from tax REBATES from various states and federal governments.


  So I would check your "5000 billions" number.

A. Boaty's picture annual subsidies for fossil fuel = $444 billion annual subsidies for fossil fuel = $20 billion


A. Boaty's picture

The oil depletion allowance has been subject of interest, because of the relationship of big oil with the US government, and because one method (percentage depletion) of claiming the allowance makes it possible to write off more than the whole capital cost of the asset.

Who else gets a deal like that?

jmack's picture

well, timber interests for one, gold and silver mines, and as its a mineral depletion allowance, any miner or extractor of minerals or timber.


   Try the source instead of politically motivated links. :


   The allowance is only available for assets with net profits, and limited to 65% of those profits, so if someone is deducting  vendor costs to show a net loss on the asset, they cannot claim the allowance.  Therefore it is irrelevant if the allowance is in excess of the capital costs of the asset, as long as it is not in excess of the taxes paid in, my point still stands.

Zorba's idea's picture

They want to shove a "Carbon Tax" up our asses. Jim Baker earlier this year visited Trump's WH to promote more deep state fuckery.

blentus's picture

So, because you say it's a scam, it is a fact and needs no argumentation, but he needs to argument his position?

What has ZH turned into, sigh...

thatthingcanfly's picture

That's not what I said, dumass.

Reading comprehension, for fuck's sake.

deer_flasher's picture

Easy to deny global warming from an office with A/C, is like flat earth losers, global warming denial is pretty much in line with it. Burning fossil fuels, throwing crap chemicals into the atmosphere and overpopulation will OBVIOUSLY have an impact, althought not as fast as some alarmist will want us to believe, is a steady process that is happening whether you believe on it or not.

Countries up north (like the US) will not feel the effects as fast as countries closer to the ecuator, and before you guys jump into the mexico sucks and all that nonsense you were tricked into believing by the big boys to keep you busy, we have had much warmer winters in the past 20 years that are rather unusual, like this 2016 winter, we only had about 10 days of "winter" (0-10C) which, to tell the truth, is just plain ass weird.

thatthingcanfly's picture

Oh no, I've been called a "global warming denier." I'm so ashamed.

What you state as fact, with words like "obviously," highlighted in All Caps, of course, and with phrases like "happening whether you believe it or not," is actually conjecture. Language such as this typifies the Global Warmists/Climate Scaremongers' rhetoric.

Claiming that epochal trends can be identified by looking at a few years of unusually warm summers and winters, whether "plain ass weird" or not, is unscientific.

deer_flasher's picture

And the epochal trends you mention work both ways as well. A global warming denier, the same as I'm typified as a global/warmists/climate scaremonger perhaps work both ways as well.

The weather could get colder/warmer, whatever happens, it would most likely be caused by us, unlike the year without summer (1816), which was most likely caused by mount tambora. The use of pretentious sentences adds nothing to the matter of global warming, or global cooling for all we know, but sure thing the weather is being affected by human interaction, and going back to All Caps, WHETHER WE BELIEVE IT OR NOT, lowering emissions into the atmosphere doesn't hurt anybody.

shovelhead's picture

It IS my property.

It's everyone's property. Venting or burning it off it is just plain dumb if it can be reasonably be recovered and sold.

Maybe some oilpatch kids can weigh in here on this.

jmack's picture

      Do you think oil companies flare that gas because they hate making money?      Perhaps if democrats did not protest every pipeline in the nation, they would have some way to get that gas to markets...

jimmy12345's picture

the crazy alt-right can't understand science or probability.   The guys with PhD in hard sciences who have devoted their lives to studying the climate are wrong about the climate and the lame keyboard, social security warriors are right

jmack's picture

  yea, because phd's that devoted thier lives to studying something have never been wrong before.... ever.   

Ghost of PartysOver's picture

All together now ..  "Thank You Arizona"

Once again John McCain offers up an excellent argument for Term Limits.

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McStain, the Robert Byrd of the GOP.