Obama Takes Private Jet, 14-Car Convoy To His $3.2MM Climate Change Speech

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Just yesterday we noted that President Obama pocketed $3.2 million for a 1.5-hour speaking gig at a climate change conference in Milan...an exorbitant fee, by anyone's measure, which Dilbert creator Scott Adams most accurately described as a "pre-bribe."

And while we're certain that Obama's motivation to appear in Milan had absolutely nothing to do with the money, but rather was born out of a pure concern for Mother Earth, we do find his travel arrangements, in light of that genuine environmental concern, somewhat ironic. 

Apparently, according to the Independent Journal Review, it takes a private jet, 14-car motorcade, 300 police and multiple helicopters patrolling overhead just to get one man to a conference...quite the carbon footprint.

And here is a fun video of Obama's entourage:


Of course, this follows the Obamas' multi-week vacation in French Polynesia aboard David Geffen's 450 foot superyacht last month...probably also 'not great' for the planet.




Kind of reminds us of that time that one of the other famous Democratic protectors of the planet took a private jet just 20 miles to attend a Rothschild fundraiser.




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Man of the people!




(rich people)

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Michael is the man.  This flamer, not so much.


FrozenGoodz's picture

Who cares?

This bit landed on whose lap ... Tyler III? Tyler IV?

AltRight Girl's picture

Don't worry plebs, Trump Administration will find a better use for those Carbon Tax $.

More of the SAME:

Trump Admin Officials Want to Increase Geoengineering Efforts and Continue Spraying Chemtrails

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Soweeto and chewbakka and Hillary are (obviously) all for "the Everyday Peeples."

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We neva shoulda gave you niggas money!

Beam Me Up Scotty's picture

This is the kind of shit that has gone on since the days of Al "the Earth has a fevor" Gore.  I'll worry about global warming, or climate change or whatever they want to call it, when I see the Gores and the Obamas of the world living in cardboard boxes.  Until then, climate change is a bunch of bullshit.

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He's a one man climate change army.

Creative_Destruct's picture

+100. These hypocritical assholes NEVER put their actions and money where their big-bucks-for-little-effort mouths are (3.2 Mil for 1.5 hour!!!).  They always have  ZERO "skin in the game", and are NEVER  subject to the consequences of the stupid policies they preach. To further reference N.N. Taleb: IYI Elitist SCUM. 

FUCK EM' !!!!


JRobby's picture

Fuckwid of unprecedented magnitude 

Troll sandwich 

giorgioorwell's picture

So you're a Bernie supporter?  

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

What?! Heck is no, not on Boris' salary! He is support by government dole, no?

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The illegal Indonesian kenyan alien muslim fudgepacker imbecile needs its skin sand papered off, buried in salt then thrown out in the middle of a Syrian desert with a can of Pennzoil. 

Oberst-Gruppenfuhrer's picture

Man of the jews.  FJBJ.  For jews by jews. 

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Let's March.

Cause that's how shit gets done.

Giant Meteor's picture

Lot's of marching, every day, in circles, left, right, left right, left right, forward ho .. left right

Chupacabra-322's picture

Pure Evil War Criminal Treasonous Seditious Psychopath at


BigFatUglyBubble's picture

It's like the neo-priesthood.  Society has reverted backwards into believing in magic.  LIBTARDS!

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Does IPCC pay a $3.2 million speakers fee? No wonder everybody wants to be a "climate scientist" - that's where the money are.

Al Gore can confirm...

FoggyWorld's picture

Al Gore who majored in Theology at Vanderbilt!

hooligan2009's picture

who pays for this shit?

hooligan2009's picture

i'm one of those deplorables that doesn't pay taxes.. well not for the next few years anyways

Giant Meteor's picture

Favors rendered, or favors to BE rendered ...

Seems to me, these folks doing the paying, get their money's worth ..

francis scott falseflag's picture

Oh, the Deep State pays for all of it.  When one of their tools goes out of office,

sometimes he misses the trappings so much, the Deep State has to provide

private jets and motorcades until the prozac goes to work.


George W Bush didn't need any of that and is happy to stay home and paint

and drink beer.


SmittyinLA's picture

Puny ugly boat, owner must have small penis

Bay of Pigs's picture

It's just sickening to see this crap being peddled by these two faced, lying, pathetic hypocrites telling us what to believe about the fucking weather.

jimmy12345's picture

crazy scientists and their facts.  We should trust the good people at Exxon and BP.

Got The Wrong No's picture

Who's funding the Scientist and why????? 

giorgioorwell's picture

Who's funding the deniers and why???  I'll give you a hint starts with E ends with N, has a couple of XX's in the middle

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The current solutions being pushed by the Climate Change Davos crowd such as Carbon Caps will benefit the .01% and be paid for by the 99%.  

I never hear any of these "do-gooders" advocating smaller families, so we have less humans on earth making a "man made" impact and putting less strain on our limited resources.  Instead, our government pays people to breed and encourages spawning with large tax credits.  All this is, is a money grab by the extremely wealthy. 


Blankenstein's picture

So why is Obma the featured speaker?  He isn't a scientist, far from one.  He failed miserably when trying to give an example of how the costs (math) would work with Obamacare    - no teleprompter and he's a bumbling idiot.  And on top of that, this was HIS legislation and he didn't even understand a simple example.  Wow.  



And it's highly unlikely that this event was mainly attended by scientists, instead the .01% who are looking for favors in the future.  

"The event, which attracted 3500 people paying €850 a ticket, raised nearly €3 million, all of which will go to the Obama Foundation dedicated to “renewal and global progress.”"  



giorgioorwell's picture

The point is I don't care if Obama is getting paid or not to speak at some BS event, none of that has anything to do with discrediting climate change.  The two have nothing do with each other. Only on planet Brietbart does the fact that Al Gore flies private jets, or DeCaprio rents out islands, or Obama traveling in a motorcade does that mean global warming isn't happening.  That's all a very lame attempt at distraction. Do you have to listen to those three? Heck no. Should you perhaps listen to 3,000 scientists, yes.

Celebrities and politicians are always the paid speakers over scientists, genius, because scientists are virtually never good public speakers and are boring as hell to listen to.

That's how all public speaking events go...Trump is virtually retarded and can't speak in complete sentences but he can rile up a crowd with his "skills" as a public speaker.

I've been to enough biotech conferences to tell you that you will see no one more boring than a scientist

LOL, yeah, let's link to a breitbart article as a source.  

Bay of Pigs's picture

Global Warming and Climate Change advocates have already been discredited on many issues.

Who the fuck are you kidding blathering on about this crap?

Blankenstein's picture

You don't care that there is active pay-for-play going on when the "Obama Foundation" gets paid?  He just earned $400,000 from Cantor Fitzgerald last week.   This is how the deep state and elite control everything, but you don't care?  That's why Washington is a crime-ridden den of thieves, because the sheep don't give a shit that politicians and the like are involved in wrong doing if they are on "their team".


It means those people you named aren't serious about climate change or they wouldn't do things that have a much greater impact than the average Joe.  They are hypocrites.


And Obama sounds like an imbecile without the teleprompter, but he riled up all you Democrat Kool-Aid drinkers with his mad skillz 


PoBoySammich's picture

3k. Fuck that's a lot. I usually wait till 4K. Then it really sways me. I thought it was 98% of scientist? Damn I guess we won't get to 4K. Why did they change it from global warming to climate change? You are a fucking idiot who has no business on Zerohedge. You've been a member for 6 years??? Critical thinking does obviously not work by exposure.

PoBoySammich's picture

Here's some reading: https://www.iceagenow.info/termites-produce-co2-year-living-combined/


Fuckin termites killing our atmosphere. I ain't no rock scientist but how the fuck your going to kill all the termites?

SmittyinLA's picture

Who is that dude in a wig posing with Obama?

turkey george palmer's picture

That's ole wokibacca he is a transgender pot smoker who hates McDonald's and schoolchildren

cherry picker's picture

We need a Warrant for his Arrest!.

Which country will do it?  I'll make the complaint.  War crimes including torture are still punishible somewhere on this planet.

giggs's picture

Who gives a flying fuck?  The man is out of office now.  If people want to give him obscene amounts of money let them.  

OCnStiggs's picture

Obviously, you missed the staggering irony...