Paul Craig Roberts Warns "The French Election Is A Catastrophe For World Peace"

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Authored by Paul Craig Roberts,

Marine Le Pen’s defeat, if the vote count was honest, indicates that the French are even more insouciant than Americans.

The week before the election the Russian high command announced that Washington had convinced the Russian military that Washington intended a preemptive nuclear first strike against Russia. No European leader saw danger in this annoucement except Le Pen.

No European leader, and no one in Washington, has stepped forward to reassure the Russians. In the US apparently only my readers even know of the Russian conclusion. Simply nothing is said in the Western media about the extraordinary risk of convincing Russia that the US is preparing a first strike against Russia.

Nothing in the 20th century Cold War comes close to this.

Le Pen, as Trump did prior to his castration by the military/security complex, understands that military conflict with Russia means death for humanity.

Why were the French voters unconcerned with what may be their impending deaths?

The answer is that the French have been brainwashed into believing that to stand for France, as Marine Le Pen does, is to place patriotism and nationalism above diversity and is fascist.

All of Europe, except for the majority of the British, has been brainwashed into the belief that it is Hitler-like or fascist to stand up for your country. For a French man or woman to escape the fascist designation, he or she must be Europeans, not French, German, Dutch, Italian, Greek, Spanish, Portuguese.

Brainwashed as the French are that it is fascist to stand up for France, the French voted for the international bankers and for the EU.

The French election was a disaster for Europeans, but it was a huge victory for the American neoconservatives who will now be able to push Russia to war without European opposition.

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Giant Meteor's picture

You insouciant bastard ...

OverTheHedge's picture

I just looked up the nice Mr Roberts, and discovered that he was born in 1938, which makes him just a little shy of 80. Oddly, this has changed my perspective on what he has to say. Is that wrong?

malcolmevans's picture

Depends on what your new perspective is and if you were born before 2004.

eekastar's picture

Hahaha, a good laugh is worth a couple of casualties

bluez's picture

The ultra-rich and powerful will retreat to their decadent lavish underground bunkers while everything on the "surface world" dies.

That is the only possible narrative.

What you gonna do when the lights go out and the blinding white flash appears?

give me liberty or....'s picture

If I have a conscious thought at that moment, I will once again reaffirm my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and thank Him for the incredibly blessed life I have lived. 

What will you do?

WTFUD's picture

Depends on what your new found perspective is? The fact that he served under Reagan, IMO, the birth of the Neocon Global Initiative, lends me to believe he's better placed than most in providing an insight into the minds of the demented souls who govern and strive to limit our freedoms and thus chaining us to the plantation.

His arch-nemesis in my opinion is Soros.

That Trumpelstiltskin's closest advisers average 70 and are men of great wealth and experience, one would expect that their remaining goals would be to depart this mortal soil with a positive contribution to society as a whole . . . won't hold my breath there.

On another note you have O'Barry, who'll spend the next 30 years pursuing, building his own legacy. For the greater good, i doubt it! However, in his own sociopathic state of mind he'll believe he is travelling a righteous path. Same goes for the Shit-bag Tony Blair.

PCR's the Real Deal, once a part of this jerk-fest, he's providing us an opportunity to peer inside the Establishment's Plan to return us to a feudalistic society. An early warning for us to do something the fuck about it before they begin firing.

Itinerant's picture

Well said. PCR is one of the few realists with a background in the halls of power.

And don't forget, it's not men & women voting for left-wing globohomo no borders fantasy land, but especially and foremost the (young) women.

Strangely enough, the comments reflect that fact that nobody seems to fear nuclear exchange at the moment it has become more likely than ever...

logicalman's picture

Must admit I have some doubts about PCR, but given his history and what he's been writing of late, IMHO he is, at minimum, one of the better guys.

I'd suggest dropping the word 'insouciant' for a while though, it's getting over used.


Sanity Bear's picture

PCR is clearly in the throes of hysterical dementia - when every article he publishes is a "turn it to 11" on the fear meter, it becomes impossible not to conclude - even in the face of genuine fondness for him - that he's nuttier than a squirrel.

X- x3's picture

As for the frenchies, and you -SwaziRed Bais-toi si vous plâit.

That's *F U Please* en francais, singularis. 

In NJ-slang, "Eat It Clown"(Soupy Sales WPIX Ch11).

For the kiddies & the ignorant Soupy Sales


SolidAssets's picture

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X- x3's picture



As for the a__hole ^^ÂBOVE^^....

U R a fuckin' SPAM-BS-bullshit artist.

Tylers, please revoke this 'things' account.


;)  X-


Mr 9x19's picture

can someone unplug him to.

Zero Point's picture

Or maybe just plug him.

LetThemEatRand's picture

"Le Pen, as Trump did prior to his castration by the military/security complex, understands that military conflict with Russia means death for humanity."

All due respect for PCR, but why do we assume Trump was castrated?  He is playing the role of the giant tool very well.  

Ms No's picture

Those assumptions are always around when politicians show their hand.  It's the same with the incompetence assumptions that somehow let systematic crime and betrayal off the hook.  There isn't any reason to give any of these guys the benefit of the doubt anymore.  People lose jobs, freedom, they suffer and some die.  We don't get to let them off the hook for any of that.  There is no excuse.



LetThemEatRand's picture

There are the Teams to excuse all of it.   The brilliance of the system is that there is always someone else to blame.   PCR gets that to a point, but not entirely.

He's certainly right about the general population's indifference, even if he uses a different term.

Mr 9x19's picture

let em go to war, they don't have a cent to give to their army, it's a joke, standard infantery  do no have modern urban formation, they make parade in big cities but it is theater... they can shoot only the crazy muzzy running like chicken run on them with a knife, take a group of 5 people with ak47 they go decimated. djibouti desert formation is so 1980... they still think the moudjaidin act from the rocks, they should wake up and consider the enemy have a french passport and live just next door...

dumbass country. the music is the reflect of a society, look at french music, only monkeys with vocoders.

it is so sad. used to be nice place.

SubjectivObject's picture

They can print cash quickly enough, execute fast enough, before the cannon fodder proles figure out what the scam is; when finally wounding or near death will change one's perspective real quick.

Is-Be's picture

He is playing the role of the giant tool very well. 

Whether he plays the fool or not is not important.

Whether we go to nuclear war is.

new game's picture

the threat is the card being played. a game of fools to think they are superior when the enemy has the same ability. hubris. we all know someone of this type. put them together is a place called the pentegram and give them unlimited budgets and what else does one expect. a very powerfull sect of the deep state.

whatever happened to the peace on earth movement? are all these people in church praying for peace on earth on sunday, only to go to work monday and plot the destruction of another human species? going back to the european struggles of the age of the sword the same shit was propogandized to the masses. god be with us in victory. yup, i am attacking religion, beliefs that are bullshit. all pure nationalistic bullshit founded on the basis of belief systems of brainwashing the masses. evidence beyond obvious.

now it is hard to imagine god saving us from our self desruction as god leads us to victory. see any conflict in that statement? please all you god fearing idiots go kill each other so i can enjoy peace on earth. once the christians have killed off the lesser, than go get the mussies too. i certainly don't want them to telling me how to live...

hypocracy beyond the pale. thou shall not kill. does that mean anything to anybody anymore?

obviously, this construct is not founded in religious beliefs.

comments please, as any challenge to above statments will be an obvious admission of stupidity, so best to get off to the alter of hypocracy and denounce your sins to other brainwashed idiots like yourself...


Ms No's picture

I doubt the French really voted for Ted Bundy.  We are all in the same boat now.  I am starting to think that Roberts uses to term insoucient just to annoy people.  He is trolling you Bitchez.  If so, it would be rather funny.


Pliskin's picture

You're just showing a casual lack of concern and being indifferent about it.

Silversides's picture

Still this shit??

neptunium's picture

Whoever wrote this completely pointless puff piece needs some some R&R I should think... 

It reads like the confused, delirious ranting of someone who hasn't slept in several days.

Is-Be's picture

He writes well you insouciant bastard.

Grandad Grumps's picture

I do believe that the power behind the deep state wants humanity constantly at war with itself. A nuclear exchange could solve the bankers' problem and the globalist eugenicists' problem but it creates other problems and risks for the useless parasitic corrupt elitists. However, I do not think a nuclear war is the first choice of the power behind the deep state. I think they want us to kill ourselves off without revealing themselves. They want to keep ignorant slaves and humans seemingly have helped them greatly in recent years to recover their technology.

Centerist's picture

PCR: "I had a burger at McDonalds, today, and it tasted good, but the grease gave me gas.  So now it looks like Russia is being pushed to war with the US."

Grow up.  Your articles are gloriously repetative and unoriginal.  They have become a bad schtick.

Is-Be's picture

become a bad schtick.

 schtick.? Is that Turkish?

The timbre and tone of your missive allow us to identify your ethnic group..

Giant Meteor's picture

Walk softly but carry a big schtick.

Centerist's picture

I am not from Israel, you bafoon.  I have a vocabulary that goes beyond the 5th-grade level of education, unlike certain people around here.

Using a Yidish/German-derived term has nothing to do with national origin.

Internet-is-Beast's picture

But the issue is, did the US convince the Russians that the US is preparing a first strike, and if so, in what manner? Secondly, is he wrong that the election of Macron means that the US can count on pushing Russia to nuclear war without European opposition?

Aside from that, are the Russians making preparations for an American first strike? There should be evidence for this beyond their usual state of preparedness. One would also expect the Chinese to have a role in this.

Considering the stakes incolved, it might be worthwhile to consider his claims on their merits. After all, PCR isn't just anybody. He probably has some of trusted insiders feeding him informaTion

I'm beginning to hAve simiLar Pretty creepy feelings I had as a child durIng the cOncerning The Cuban missle crisis. Too bad I'm not rich enough to have a bunker in NZ.

Those neocons, who are clearly in charge, regard someone like me as not worth one of their fingernails, or even a fingernail clipping.

dark_star's picture

Seriously, fuck the Brits.

Authour claims it's OK to be nationalistic and patriotic, stand up for your country and all that crap but then would call Scots Nats dangerous seperatists.

Grow the f*!? up morons. The Brit establishment and their ilk are the serious and present danger to the vast majority of people across the EU. It's ridiculous when you have real, actual ministry of truths a-la BBC spewing forth crap, moaning about 'fake news' as a problem, participating in generating fake news and pushing the right wing agenda of the Conservative Party to convince people 'everyone else' is the problem and only WE can save you.

Airstrip One is no joke and it's closer than the vast majority (present company excluded of course) realise.

Is-Be's picture



The Brit establishment and their ilk are the serious and present danger to the vast majority of people across the EU

I would certainly hope so.

Brits ( closely related to the Basques) are formidable when led by the Normans. (Northmen, closely related to the Kievian Russ.)

The vast majority of Europe have lost their mojo and are prostrating themselves before the false alien god of monotheism.

Ghordius's picture

dark_star, +1, I agree with you, with exception of that "fuck the Brits", which I find quite unnecessary

there is too much "Fuck <insert Nation Here>" going on. nationalism is fine, for me... if done with moderation

what I hate is that corrupted version, half brawl, half Jingoistic of having to raise two fingers in every direction of the firmament first thing in the morning

DEMIZEN's picture

I agree, United Kingdom is a forced fiscal union in no way different from EU. National states in europe are a pretty new, post 1848 concept, and are a forced form of coexistance just as is the eu, but then again is not about coexistance as much as is about the synergies of common pool of capital and labor, and international trade leverage. 


the national differences are a two centuries old romantic fiction, to support somewhat local and transparent laissez faire

Ghordius's picture

and this is the 8th time I post about the last G7 meeting

there, the US and UK foreign secretaries were asking for more EU sanctions against Russia

there, the French, Italian and German foreign ministers replied "non, no, nein"

now, this article: "All of Europe, except for the majority of the British, has been brainwashed into the belief that it is Hitler-like or fascist to stand up for your country. For a French man or woman to escape the fascist designation, he or she must be Europeans, not French, German, Dutch, Italian, Greek, Spanish, Portuguese.

Brainwashed as the French are that it is fascist to stand up for France, the French voted for the international bankers and for the EU. "

how do you reconcile this kind of talk about us europeans to the results of the last G7 meeting? I can't

he rants about us, continentals, who experienced fascism, had fascist dictatorships in every and each country he mentions:

France: Vichy Regime & occupation. Germany: Nazi regime. Dutch: occupation; Italy: fascist regime; Greece: occupation and military dictatorship; Spain: Franco regime; Portugal: fascist regime

yes, we have a historic relation to fascism. and sorry, we sometimes wonder how Brits and Americans talk about those times. no, we are not poking the Bear. no, there is little we can do about neocons in the US (and in the UK)

give us a break, will you? it's not our politics that looks whacky, at the moment, at least to in our eyes

Vageling's picture

it's not our politics that looks whacky, at the moment, at least to in our eyes

First let me bring the famous Ghordious line of "Who's we/us/our Kemosabe?

EU politics don't look whacky? I disagree. How's legalizing human trafficking not an whacky EU policy, for starters? Now Italy has to give libya patrol boats because your precious EU has no intent fixing anything. Empty words don't count. To name one. Let alone the silly shit Draghi's been doing. There is no easy way out of that one either anymore. 

If we're not poking the bear then what are European troops doing at the borders with drills and all? It's not just US soldiers you know. 

But hey... Heil the EU! And let's hammer about the fact that you have to go past full retard to even consider more sanctions. It hurts EU members more than Russia. So I don't see that really as not poking the bear but common sense. Guess that's a matter of perception. 

Ghordius's picture

and again, the great "blenderization" of all issues around the EU

yes, the EU has actually little to say about immigration. yes, Italy is trying to do something. what are you actually asking for? a EU Navy to fix what the Italian Navy is trying to fix?

Draghi and the EUR are an affair among 19 sovereign countries. the EU is an affair among 27 sovereign countries. ding, ding, note the difference? of course not

"If we're not poking the Bear" ah, the usual either this, fully or that, fully. The sketch goes like this:


"Let's Poke that Bear"-"Are you silly? Leave that, don't Poke the Bear"

"Oh, OK, then let's cuddle the Bear" - "Are you daft? It's a Bear!"

"Aha! It's a dangerous Bear! Let's Poke It!" - "Ehm... please, Respect the Bear"

"Oh, it's worth respect? Ok, then let's cuddle the Bear" - <facepalm>


it's the US (and in part the UK) political system that allows only MORE, FULL Poking or MORE, FULL Cuddling

to that, a recent quote from Sergei Lavrov, the Russian Foreign Minister: "I believe that it is politicians who are damaging the political system of the US"

GreatUncle's picture

Think if a war was to occur against Russia the whole of Europe will go up.

luanorte's picture

????????????? and if the French electorate had chosen Le Pen (a Fascist!), the world would find peace? Paul Craig Roberts has been a fraud for years and this is another scaremongering article that has no basis in the truth. The European Union has to reform; however, it will survive and thrive in the future. Trump wants to break the EU because we are a commercial threat to his protectionist policies. I am anti-globalisation, but that train is now unstoppable unless we have WW3. However, the elites know that WW3 cannot happen and IMO, will not happen!