Lavrov Scoffs At America's "Humiliating Situation"

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Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov is holding a press conference following his discussions in The Oval Office with President Trump, who described it as a "very, very good" meeting.

President Trump “clearly stated his desire for businesslike” relations with Russia, according to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, who met with President Trump Wednesday.


Lavrov began...

"First of all, we have discussed our cooperation on the international stage. It’s been confirmed that despite all the difficulties, our countries can and must act together to help solve key problems on today’s international agenda."

Additionally Lavrov took a swing at Obama...

"our talks now are free of ideology, as they were in Obama's era, but we talk business now. How to solve world issues together."

Lavrov jabbed Democrats and the media's constant questioning, stating that:

"it is humiliating for the American people to realize that the Russian federation is controlling the situation in America"

His theory on Russian meddling allegations:

"I believe that politicians are damaging the political system of the U.S. trying to pretend that someone is controlling America from the outside."


"He didn't raise the issue of Russia's involvement into America's elections last year."

Lavrov seemed fed up with questions about Russian meddling in the presidential election:

"I've already answered it...just give me one fact that would prove that."


"I never thought that I will have to answer such questions — particularly being in the U.S. — [with] your highly developed democratic system. And President Trump publicly stated on a number of occasions regarding Russia's meddling into domestic affairs."

Lavrov says Russian President Vladimir Putin “doesn’t want to follow lead of those who poison our relations to the point of no return”

Putin and Trump “will see each other in July” at the G20 in Germany, says Lavrov.

Lavrov Press Conference Live Feed...

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This proves Trump is a Putin surrogate! [/CNN]

froze25's picture

Good Mr. President, meet with Putin, work out a good trade deal. Get some tourism going so that the demonetization effort fails long term.

tmosley's picture

This is the pivot Trump was assuring us he was going to make on Twitter a while ago.

Where's the faux Russian kike D&C shill with the number for a name? Mysteriously missing!

FrozenGoodz's picture

Where's the cake?



07564111's picture

What's up pindoboi,? ;D

You're not reading the Russian humor in this glass of vodka ;) There's not going to be any form of 'alliance' such as you think because....

"I believe that politicians are damaging the political system of the U.S. trying to pretend that someone is controlling America from the outside."

Russia is well aware of whom holds the knife behind their back. ;)

Troll Magnet's picture

Russia: Let's destroy ISIS together.

USA: Errrrrrrrrrrrrrr....Jared! 

AldousHuxley's picture

Russia: Let's destroy ISIS together.

USA Oligarchs: Let's destroy America together...

Russia: deal.

China: me 2. Kushner 1.

mike_king's picture

I hope the US and Russia team up to rid the world of progressives and Muslims. Progs, wogs and nogs have to go!

WTFUD's picture

A 4 week cunt who gets 10 up-votes on a message of hate. Fuck me, up the ringer with a shovel, has it come to this?

business as stusual's picture

Do I detect a note of jealousy? I feel ya, I only had one imaginary friend when I was growing up.

WTFUD's picture

Not quite jealousy but i'd love to stand on his face and ask him to guess my weight.

HRClinton's picture

It will prove that Trump is an Obama surrogate, if he says to Putin at the G20 meeting in July (during an open mike), that he'll "have more flexibility after the next Election". 


Bill of Rights's picture

And this proves your a fucken retard...

LightTrumpsDark's picture

Doubtful.  More likely working together to solve population issues, resource depletion, and environmental degradation, followed thereafter by world peace for an intelligent minority (who by that stage are the majority).  Let them eat cake.

veritas semper vinces's picture

I wonder if they realize how stupid they look and sound for an intelligent ,informed man/woman

Thoresen's picture

Do I have to subscribe to Facebook to watch????
Edit. Tyler changed to a proper link. Putting in a live video via Facebook was just about the worst thing ZH could have done.

Gohigher's picture


FuckFarcebook. < facepalm >

ZH was the anti-media, one of the benchmarks.

Now .... clickity click caveat emptor.

Even now I can feel a dark force entering the galaxy.

Soon they will grow close, and become more powerful. Once the ads, algos and cookieless fingerprinting combine, our alternative media will sell us out for sheckles of silver.

Not even Ublock and Umatrix will save our news experience.

Scanderbeg's picture

Agreed, the Tyler's have been concern trolling too much. Trump isn't perfect but the left is literally trying to destroy western civilzation. Need to keep things in perspective.

spastic_colon's picture

that popping noise is liberal heads exploding everywhere...............

Ghost of PartysOver's picture

I think the medical term is "Progressive Cranial Flatulence".  But I could be wrong.

Sky flyer's picture

The pic he just released shaking hands with the Russian ambassador is the icing on the cake.

Giant Meteor's picture

It's like a mystery theater who done it ...

Dun, Dun Daaaaaaa, It wasssssss

The butler all along ..

Gohigher's picture

More like mystery science theater 3000.

La, la la ......

CrimsonAvenger's picture

In the not too distant future, next Sunday AD

There was a guy named Putin, not too different from you or me

Consuelo's picture


Oh my, the Khazarian consternation must be epic right about now...

mike_king's picture

(((They))) hate Trump and the goyim, but Trump is confused because of his idiot daughter and the (((Kushners))).

Totin's picture

Yeah, it the joos fault. Gotta be them scary Jews.

MEFOBILLS's picture

Yeah, it the joos fault. Gotta be them scary Jews


Don't be a retard. One cannot undestand western history without understanding the Jewish role.  For example, Kissinger is a CFR agent. Kissinger the CFR agent, created the 73 Saudi agreement, which in turn codified the petrodollar.

Money makes the world go round.  And the world's money is the dollar as reserve/petrodollar. 

There clearly a modus vivendi between American industrialists and CFR.  This group has decided to re-nationalize the U.S. rather than have U.S. fall apart.  

The deep state schism can also be seen in this, with one group lining up behind neo-cons and Zionism, and another group lining up behind "America first."

Our Jewish friends also fight amongst themselves; many orthodox want nothing to do with Zionists.  Reform Judaism is yet another offshoot. There is a growing rift between American Jews and Israel as evidenced in reform Judaism 

TeethVillage88s's picture

Because of the 2007 - 2011 Depression and the outcomes that enriched so many... many citizens don't trust Washington DC, Wall Street, US Markets & Equities, and the Monopoly Press/MSM.

So that now even if we hear the truth, we may not believe it.

Trump seems to only have his 1) Voters 2) His strategies & his strategists 3) the Truth and the power to find the Truth and make it part of the Narrative

I'd like to believe people with money would like to make america great again. But I'm too slow to find the evidence. Politics Sucks. But USA is all about Politics from K-12 to places we work.

Giant Meteor's picture

Pssssst, Trump is meeting with the Russians!

Finally, I've been hearing a lot about this !

Sky flyer's picture

And met with nixons sec Kissinger too. Kudos Trump. Blow their liberal heads off.

Giant Meteor's picture

Meeting with that old fraud? Now that IS pushing it ...

beijing expat's picture

What's not to like. Libtards will be having a mass die off at this rate.

The base is pleased.

Personally, I'm thinking of following Trump on Twitter again.

roadhazard's picture

They didn't discuss the sanctions or the election... bullshit. Trump is going down.

beijing expat's picture

Where the fuck does it say sanctions in this article.

Learn to read faggot. And do something about your annoying pencil neck.

roadhazard's picture

The russian ambassador said so, fucktard. But you just keep listing to Trump only.

Bill of Rights's picture

Ya but your still a fucken retard so you got that going for ya.

roadhazard's picture

heh, Trump/Pootin tards are realizing the shit is hitting the fan of their hero's. I'm loving it myself, I told you all a year ago the kind of thug he is. He has no choice but to try and derail the legal train.

DollarMenu's picture

Even iif you are correct, so what - there isn't a damn thing you or anyone can do about any of this shit.

It's all a show to watch.

Turn thie thing off once in a while and go outside to grow something, or pick up litter.

That, anyone can do.

roadhazard's picture

Thank you for your participation.

Bill of Rights's picture

So aren't you on Soro's cock... Dumb ass brain washed moron.

Volkodav's picture


        is thrill to interupt intelligent conversation for you?



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Russiaphobia is all a HOAX.

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Tranny bathroom preferences , that's where the real story is !

Giant Meteor's picture

A lady in the men's restroom filled me in.

She was stunning, beautiful, top busty rack, legs up to her ass,  but frankly I began to have my doubts after she suggested we share an adjoining stall. Then again, she asked me if I ever saw a chick with a dick. Another thing, I hadn't heard a voice that deep since Barry White was making the rounds, and ok the the day old  facial stubble was a bit off putting too, other than that she was perfect 10 .. Giant Meteor I said to myself, feets get a movin, you really don't need to take a shite that bad ..

So I returned to my car, kissed the little woman, still gassed up, and white knuckled it down the road for three hours lookin for the next rest stop, pondering my recent chance meeting with Mrs. Barry White, fate and the issue, ahem, at hand, had convinced me of one thing beyond any and all reasonable doubt   ..

I say, give em all the bathrooms they want, hell, a bathroom for everybody, bathrooms are now on the house! A chicken in every pot, and bathrooms aplenty, everybody gets their own bathroom  ...