Venezuelan Protesters Unleash 'Poop Bombs' As Currency Collapses 99.5%

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President Nicolas Maduro has overseen an unprecedented depreciation in his country’s currency since taking office, with the bolivar now down 99.5 percent to 5,100 per dollar in the black market that everyday Venezuelans use.

As Bloomberg reports, the sharp decline has wiped out savings and made buying imported goods all but impossible, helping fuel the anger directed at the government in street protests that have turned deadly in recent weeks.

While Maduro has raised the minimum wage almost 20 times during his tenure, it’s still the equivalent of just $40 a month.

So, with the Bolivar having lost 99.5% of its value in the last few years, a shortage of resources and the ferocity displayed by security forces tasked with breaking up increasingly desperate demonstrations have forced protesters to come up with creative new forms of self-defense...

As El Pais reports, the devices have been dubbed “Puputov cocktails” on social media, and they are becoming the trending weapon at anti-government protests in Venezuela. That is pronounced  “poo-poo-tov,” and as the name indicates, they are nothing more and nothing less than bombs made with feces.

Opposition supporters use a giant sling shot 'Crapapult' to throw 'Poopootovs', a bottle filled with feces, during a rally against President Nicolas Maduro in Caracas.

This low-tech weapon is now being used by protesters facing riot officers from the National Guard and the Bolivarian National Police on the streets of a country in the grip of social, political and economic upheaval. The next protest is scheduled for Wednesday, and posters are calling it “La Marcha de la Mierda,” literally the Shit March.

The first recorded use of excrement bombs was last weekend at a skirmish in Los Teques, the capital of Miranda state, just a few kilometers out of Caracas. According to an account that soon went viral, around a dozen National Guard officers were pelted with excrement. Before moving out again, several members of this militarized police force were allegedly so disgusted that they vomited.

Whether accurate or not, the story served to fuel interest in Puputov cocktails, with many online users exchanging “recipes” for preparing them. Although it takes little more than water, human waste and a glass container, messages containing precise, step-by-step instructions are available on WhatsApp.

"These kids live in a dictatorship, they have no other option but to protest however they see fit," said Maria Montilla, 49, behind lines of youths with masks, slingshots and makeshift wooden shields.


"There's nothing explosive here. It's our way of saying, 'Get lost Maduro, you're useless!'" said one young protester, who asked not to be named, between tossing bottles of feces.

As Reuters reports, the protests so far have failed to garner massive support from poorer, traditionally pro-Chavez sectors of Venezuela's 30 million people. But a bigger cross-section of society has been apparent at recent marches, some of which drew hundreds of thousands.

Looting has been breaking out in some cities, especially at night.

Chavez's former spy-master, Miguel Torres, has broken with Maduro's government, despite having served as interior minister and fighting against protests in 2014. He warned on Wednesday that the violence in Venezuela may be getting out of control.

"What is happening may be the starting point for a huge armed confrontation between Venezuelans," he told Reuters. "Nobody wants that."

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Looney's picture


Venezuela and France are very similar - they are as Socialist as they come.

The only reason France is not engulfed in Hunger Riots, like Venezuela, is that the French Ruling Classes haven’t forgotten Robespierre – when the peasants have no bread, the guillotines are rolled out.

Nowadays, there are very few people in France who can actually build a guillotine. There’s no one in France who can grow and make a wooden pitchfork. Yes, they were grown – an iron/steel pitchfork back then would’ve been as expensive as a golden one.

Today’s France has one of the strictest gun laws in the world, but the Ruling Socialist Elite still remembers the lesson of the Reign of Terror – Keep’em Croissants Coming! – and THAT is the lesson that neither Maduro nor Chavez ever learned.

So, for as long as the French peasants have their croissants, baguettes, and brioches, their Rulers are safe. I think?  ;-)


Panic Mode's picture

I have no sympathy what so ever to any lefties and Macron voters. I'll use popcorns to protest socialism.

Zero Point's picture

The problem with Venezualan protestors, is that they have no idea whatsoever what they actually want. Sounds to me that most of them think they want the government to do more. They'll topple Maduro and replace him with something worse.

VWAndy's picture

 Yep. They should be trying to barter with friends and family. Make shit happen like grown ups do.

SolidAssets's picture

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Richard Chesler's picture

This is what happens when you let mulatos run a country.


Theosebes Goodfellow's picture

So the shit's really going to fly now, eh? /s

fx's picture

Yeah it really can hit the fan now.

omniversling's picture

The brown under 'For Soros'

EddieLomax's picture

The root of their problem, just like France, they have multiple socialists fighting over who can get a "working" version of socialism going,  The irony is that only after they effectively go back to capitalism because the state collapses do things start to improve.

But once they have improved enough the resources will be put back into implementing socialism...

Ms No's picture

There is no capitalism though. That's the problem. They are stuck between the implanted Marxist timebomb and Halliburton, the IMF and Monsanto. Either way they go they are screwed.  The second they went into crazy debt they were screwed.  That's one of the primary purposes of Marxism to begin with.  The long ago swallowed the hook.  So did the US.  Crony capitalism and Marxism is what is ruining our lives right now.  How will that make things better for them? 

ali-ali-al-qomfri's picture

are you suggesting that this is a fecal news story?

Guderian's picture

Another ignorant!
Lefties did NOT vote for Macron, but are rioting against him since the election!
There were 3 leftist parties in the recent election. Macron is a Rothschild banxter. More US style capitalist, which is of course the recipe for infinite success...

Paul Kersey's picture

Venezuela is becoming a coprophiliac's dream country. Money worth nothing, and the shits are free. Dire Straits, indeed.

new game's picture

awesome comment. even bitches cant charge for their wares. money worth nothing.

lets see now, got something worth something? food, water and a smoke? is this the template ultimately the achilles heal of humanity?

Guderian's picture

Good god! Are you only ignorant of the economies and political systems of France and Venezuela?
You USAmericans are so paranoid of socialism all around and you have no fucking clue, what socialism really is, means and looks like.

Go read a book! 

Al Gophilia's picture

Paranoia? Really? I reackon that history of socialism based on outcomes is rather telling. Rather than reading "the theory" of social domination over the free will of citizens, socialism in this instance, why don't you pull your head out of your books and look around. I don't have to understand the theory of sociopathy (enforcement of socialist politics to advance your position over others, in your case) to experience the outcomes associated with psychopaths. You are one of the pushy asswipes like those antifa masked fuckwads,who are the danger to open government. Look at their approach to open and accountable government..... masked faces and assault of their fellow citizens. Maduro is your poster boy and here you are, promoting that shit. A big cup of fuck you, you insane pig.

Guderian's picture

differing from you loud mouths, I have actually vistited socialist countries. more than one and more than once.
I studied their theories and checked the results in real life. I at least took the effort to understand what it's all about.

I am a staunch opponent of socialism and communism. I believe in tiny govt and real market economy. Not your USA system of fraudulant finance, total govt control and EBT.
You guys don't even realise, that the USA is more socialist than Venezuela, leave alone France: More shit is free in the USA than anywhere else! The last resort to contain downright poverty and popular uprising.

The main difference between US and Venezuelan socialism is the Petro Dollar. You are just as fucked and broke. You just don't feel it yet, cause the entire world is your lender. Whenever we refuse to finance your inifinte debt and endless bubbles, you'll go down worse than Venezuela, because there is ZERO coherence left in your society. 

You guys are like Arabs discussing life in Lapland; big mouth and no clue. So as to these Arabs, to you everything below 90 degrees is cold and everywhere north of Texas is the Arctic.

Anteater's picture

Only the most retarded Republicans still flak the 'failed socialism' crap. Socialism is a Corporate:State, not communism.

USA is the largest socialist Corporate:State in human history, and the most bankrupt. You live in the bowels of socialism.

Venezuela is just another victim of USA creeping socialism, like Panama and Grenada before it. Remember Grenada!?

Buck Johnson's picture

Your definitely on point.


Freddie's picture

I would like to throw my shit on Lois Lerner, Nudelman, Kagin, Kissenger, Jared,  Schumer, McCain and other NeoCons and dual shitizens.

Oh and Gene Rosen - Crisis actor and tribesman.


trumpala's picture

No problem. The right-wing gangs are taking lots of money from Washington to destabilize Venezuela, a long time ago.

Ms No's picture

They didn't have to do much.  In this case they screwed themselves.  They actually believed the Marxist dogma.  Now TPTB are sitting and waiting to swoop it all up.  They probably already have their gold.  As soon as Marxism takes it's just a matter of time.  As long as nobody puts a stop to that it will self destruct.  Even with straight hole gusher oil wells they are going down.

Scanderbeg's picture

What an astonishingly retarded statement.

Every problem in Venezuela is result of self inflicted Communist garbage from price controls, confiscation, corruption, tyranny to using high oil prices to subsidize handouts they could never afford and malinvestment in the petroleum sector.

Ironically the Chavismo "revolutionaries" have still been making payments on foreign debt. Probably so the criminal ruling class can still siphon of hard currency overseas until the shit pile keels over.

And this used to be a relatively prosperous country by Latin American standards.

This is what happens to your nation on socialism. Any questions?

Somebody should catapult that jigaboo Danny Glover in there with the Boutique fag Sean Penn so they can have them for dinner instead of a giraffe, shit them out and then throw that at the pinkos.

Orémus's picture

no, he's right, this is too similar with what happened in Ukraine

very organized mob's and Washington very happy about that

Scanderbeg's picture

If that's true and I dont think it is I hope thay cut Maduros throat then or a Right wing general emerges and gives all the marxists helicopter rides anyway.

Probably worth the investment. Better than a fucking bus driver starving his country to death and sending waves of refugees.

This is in the US sphere of influence. Ukraine has nothing to do with this issue by the way unless you're trying to tie this into some "every country is only shitty because of the US nonsense" which is typical on ZH.

Sometimes true, but in this case no. The Venezuelan pinko Government is retarded and that's why their people are starving just like they always do when radical left fucktard regimes get into power.

Ms No's picture

You obviously never listened to any of the Yuri Bezmenov material either. He was an ex-KGB subversion expert.  Marxism is instituted as a weapon and the same people are responsible for the Ukraine.  The people behind it don't have to cause these riots.  Without being propped up the Marxist system will implode in it's own.  That's what it was designed for.  In one of his videos he lets you know who is behind all of this also.  In a very calculated and subtle way, as only an intelligence asset would.  He knows the smart will catch it and the rest wont.

fattail's picture

I don't believe people are starving in the ukraine.  And the shit bomb is a new invention.  Soros actors have a script to follow and are not paid to innovate.  I believe the anger is organic in venezuela.

Guderian's picture

Venezuela's problem arose from the influence of your great Chicago Boys, a lack of diversity in the economy, the crash of oil price AND Bolivar pseudo-socialism.

new game's picture

add the whole of mid east, norway, most all of europe, america, ah shit the world for the most part.

simple shit maynard. give free shit aawy and the lap dogs come in droves for moar. bird feeder syndrome.

pigs in a fence comes to mind.

thank you mom and dad for not allowing this mentality to be who i am. i see it everywhere- something for nothing, FREE, the ultimate red flag...

totally off subject-i got this large ringneck roster strutting its' stuff on my mound system in my backyard looking for a mate. very cool!!!!!!!

EddieLomax's picture

There is no one I've seen who is remotely right wing, everyone out there protesting thinks that another version of socialism will somehow work.

Ms No's picture

They should hit the banks while their at it.  Wouldn't it be amazing o see Soros take an aged liquid shit bomb to the face?  Oh dear God I would be so happy.  It would be my screen saver on everything for the rest of my life.

VWAndy's picture

 Whats in the banks? More worth less paper? What little stuff there is is under government control. Look there.

Ms No's picture

It would never happen because the masters of the universe have too much security but I was thinking more along the lines of a Jackson hole meeting or something.  If we could only get so lucky to see something like that.  It would be nice if Kissinger, the Clintons, Merkel and Soros could get some too.  Just big nasty Latin American burning spicy nasty shit all over them.  They would be so freaked out at the disease risk alone.  Talk about getting to know the commoners.  They would probably get hepatitis in their eyeballs.  They would breathe it.  That would be so amazing.



VWAndy's picture

 Na they are just hiding behind a pile of fiats. Fire would burn right on thru.

VWAndy's picture

Barter is better then what they are wasting their time and effort doing. Lots of people are working to keep it all running. Its to bad they are not going to really be getting paid well. They must like it. They keep right on going to work.

shining one's picture

Glass bottles filled with bees would be much more effective. I've seen the toughest men run and scream like a girl when a bee is around.

foodstampbarry's picture

Even better, dogs with bees in their mouth and when they bark they shoot bees at you.

Freddie's picture

I would love to shove a huge hornets nest up Soros arse. 

Ms No's picture

AZ has lots of killer bees ready for export.  They look just like regular bees but are 20X more aggressive.  They swarm and go for the face and eyes.


peippe's picture

Poop in the streets.

Did not see that coming.

Maybe Piss Bombs. sure. 

Not PoopTovs.

VWAndy's picture

  So much for them being out of toilet paper. Might as well use the Bulivars for something.

  1000 sheets for a $?  Thats a deal.

  Do we need TP down in Marfa?  It would be fitting?

VWAndy's picture

 Anyone know how to go about getting a pallet of bulivars delivered to Marfa?

Sid Davis's picture

What should the people of Venezuela expect when they are living on one big government run plantation and they are the slaves? The whole purpose of slavery is for the ruling masters to have all the wealth and the slaves to have nothing, and that is exactly what has happened.

Take note of what has been happening to the distribution of wealth in the US and prepare for the lifestyle that you see the people of Venezuela suffering, because that is our future under the plunder and control of these thugs we call politicians, who rule the US plantation. Government is the primary cause of poverty.

Ms No's picture

How are they coming up with recipies for shit bombs when they have no food?  If they did have more food I would suggest a Marxist shit sling recipe of: refried beans, cruciferous vegetables, hot peppers, Indian spices and bad tequila.  Let us know how it works out.  Water should be added and it should be left in the sun for no less than 3 days.  Only the best for Marxists who destroy your country, starve you and then threaten to kill you.  You don't want to use this on cops but politicians and bankers. 

Be sure to save some for the next group of vultures that will be coming after the country collapses.  You should come up with traps for them and feed them to exotic insects or sharks.     

Scuba Steve's picture

I'll send a pallet of sauerkraut and Old Milwaukee and/or Old Style if it will help the cause ...

Jimmy Twinkle's picture

The irony of Venezuela is that the country has a year round growing season.
In the time that this has been going on the Venezuelans could have started growing their own food.
The shit would be valuable as compost.
Interesting to see how socialism creates this violent helplessness.

Guderian's picture


Chicago Boys advised Venezuela in the 70s to rather import large parts of its agro products from the US, than modernise its own agroculture.

I was there in the 80s and couldn't believe how they almost exclusively produced meat on their vast and super fertile lands.