Senate Hearing Summary: Everything You Thought You Knew About Russia/Comey Just Got Destroyed

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Pretty much no one emerged a 'winner' from today's Senate Intelligence Committee hearing other than perhaps Andrew McCabe.  From the mainstream media to Trump to Congressional Democrats, pretty much all of the narratives surrounding the FBI's Russia investigation and Comey's sudden dismissal were succinctly obliterated by McCabe's testimony.

First, the mainstream media and Democrat narratives which suggest that Trump's firing of Comey was nothing more than an intentional obstruction of an ongoing FBI investigation was laid to bed pretty early when McCabe said "There has been no effort to impede our investigation to date."

Rubio:  "Has the dismissal of Mr. Comey in any way impeded, interrupted, stopped, or negatively impacted any of the work, any of the investigations or any ongoing projects at the Federal Bureau of Investigation?"


McCabe:  "There has been no effort to impede our investigation to date."


Meanwhile, McCabe also succinctly destroyed Democrats' demands for the appointment of an "independent investigator."

Senator Lankford:  "Is it your impression at this point that the FBI is unable to complete the investigation in a fair and expeditious way because of the removal of Jim Comey?"


McCabe:  "Is is my opinion and belief that the FBI will continue to pursue this investigation vigorously and completely."


Senator Lankford:  "Do you need someone to take this away from you and somebody else to do it?"


McCabe:  "No, sir."


Going one step further, McCabe also destroyed another New York Times narrative that emerged yesterday (which we covered here) which implied that Comey was fired as a direct result of his request for a "significant increase" in funding for his 'Russia probe'. 

Senator:  "Can you confirm that that request [funding request for Russia probe] was, in fact, made?"


McCabe"I can not confirm that request was made.


As you know, when we need resources, we make those requests here.  So, I'm not aware of that request and it's not consistent with my understanding of how we request additional resources. 


That said, we don't typically request resources for an individual case.  And, as I mentioned, I strongly believe that the Russia investigation is adequately resourced."


All that said, the narratives emanating from Trump and the White House also took a beating.

First, on Trump's assertion that Comey confirmed on three separate occasions that he was not the subject of an ongoing FBI investigation, McCabe implied that such a confirmation would be highly unusual.


Then on whether the Russia investigation was "one of the smallest things on the plate of the FBI", as suggested by the White House, McCabe said the FBI considers the Russia probe to be a "highly significant investigation."


And then on whether Comey had lost the confidence of the "rank and file" within the FBI...


That said, McCabe did confirm for the first time publicly that Comey's decision to not pursue charges against Hillary Clinton did result in some "frustration" among certain agents who were "very vocal about their concerns."

"I think morale's always been good, but there were folks within our agency that were frustrated with the outcome of the Hillary Clinton case and some of those folks were very vocal about those concerns."


But perhaps nothing from the hearing today was more damaging to the White House's narrative than Trump's own words.  As we noted earlier, after repeatedly saying the Comey was fired based solely on the recommendation of AG Sessions and Deputy AG Rosenstein, Trump today told Lester Holt that he planned to fire Comey all along.


So, does that clear everything up?

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Stan Smith's picture

"Everything is Awesome?"

NidStyles's picture

Israel openly runs the largest lobbying organization on the planet to influence US elections and policies, and the whole left is fanatical about rumors of Russia doing similar, without any evidence whatsoever....

Gee, what is really going on here, Rabbi?

barndoor's picture

I know who's getting fired next...

NidStyles's picture

I can only hope it's Kushner...

barndoor's picture

Nope - it will be McCabe, for failing to parrot Trump's lies.

barndoor's picture

The Russia investigation is the "smallest thing on the FBI's plate"?  Who is stupid enough to say something like this?

NidStyles's picture

Hey I found the self voting shill!

Why doesn't the Israeli interference in US elections bother you?

barndoor's picture

Zero votes on all but one of my posts right now.

froze25's picture

COLLINS: Is it standard practice to inform someone that they're NOT the subject of a probe?
McCABE: "It is not."

Seriously? How often is it the President of the United States asking the question? Of course it isn't standard.

NidStyles's picture

Oh look two shills here to craft a narrative for us goyim to follow.

Now we can all relax while they tell us what our opinions should be.

Like how no one should pay attention to Israel doing exactly what the Jews are so upset with Russians supposedly doing. Israel does it openly and on a hundred billion a year lobbying fund. Russia runs a TV channel, to the Jewish total domination of US media.

froze25's picture

I totally agree with you. Israel has way too much influence in our Gov't and the Media (mind poison). Kushner needs to go.

Chupacabra-322's picture

Comey's a Criminal accessory.

Much satisfaction knowing that Comey probably won't sleep tonight or ever again for that matter.

Not long now before the Clinton "Wet Work" Minions get to him.

Honerable mention "Wet Work" Susan Rice. As Comey can no longer protect her much less himself.


Where's Anthony's Lap Tap?

What was in it James?


Why aren't you investigating the Awan brothers?

Where are the Awan brothers Andrew?

Andrew, Why aren't you investigating Criminal at large Debbie Wasserman Shultz & the IT Awan brothers working for her?


Because your a Criminal Accessory too.

Absolute, complete, open in your Face Criminal

Tyrannical Lawlessness.

MarsInScorpio's picture

Notice who is wearing "The Resistance Colors" of America's Color Revolution?

Purple on Rubio, McCabe, the Black sitting behind McCabe (as I noted from the stills of the videos- there may be more than that . . .) the other guy (White) sitting behind McCabe - looks like Gang Colors to me!

To the members of the Purple Revolution Gang: E S & D.

Chupacabra-322's picture

@ Marsln,

These Pure Evil Criminal Psychopaths don't even hide it anymore.

Absolutely NO Safe Quarter.

Giant Meteor's picture

 Mccabe, You cannot stop 'The FBI From Doing The Right Thing'

For those who enjoy time capsules ..

AltRight Girl's picture

The Democratic party is about to be destroyed. 

Take away their voter base and they will NEVER win a majority.

Trump Sets Up Commission to Investigate Voter Fraud

nmewn's picture

And thats a wrap...

"Shortly after Director Comey briefed us, I tweeted that he should be transparent. I said he should tell the public what he told Senator Feinstein and me about whether the FBI is or is not investigating the President," Grassley said.'ve got a sitting senator  (Charles Grassley) saying that Comey told them (Feinstein and him) in a private closed door meeting that Trump is NOT under investigation.

The same thing Trump said Comey told him.

Done with this bullshit.

Keyser's picture

So where are the questions to McCabe regarding the campaign donations for his wife from Terry McAuliffe to the tune of $650k and the leaked meetings in the FBI where McCabe openly stated that he hate Trump and wants to take him down? Yeah, I thought so...


jeff montanye's picture

you want to find out the real voter fraud that controls u.s. elections? investigate aipac, etc. with jeff gates' guilt by association as your roadmap.  as nidstyles noted earlier, the absurd hooha raised over russia, when the thrust of whatever contacts were made was to reduce tensions, is as nothing, compared with the multigenerational, funded with billions of dollars, run by hundreds of people with dual nationalities, zionist conspiracy to control the u.s. government that has, to date, produced a solid five u.s. sponsored wars with millions dead and millions more driven from their homes, wounded, etc.

it would be hilarious if not so tragic.

wake the fuck up america.  stop lying to yourself and everyone else.


SoDamnMad's picture

I post this every time I see an opportunity so I apologize if ZHs get sick of seeing it again and again. For newbies, use this if you feel the Vote should be the choice of Americans who are citizens.

"And forget about them fixing this bullshit.  Verifiable paper ballots with ID and proof of citizenship would be RACIST, therefore we will never get them as long as Democrats have any power.  Never mind that Guyana requires ID + proof of citizenship + an address check.  Guyanans can't be racist because they aren't white."

AVmaster's picture

You know what the funny part is?


McCabe is a obama bootlicker too...



Chupacabra-322's picture

@ AV,

It's those Select Highly Compartmentalized Criminal Pure Evil Rogue Elements at the Deep State Top that have had control since the JFK Execution that have entrenched themselves for decades & refuse to relinquish Control.

It's The Black Hats Versus The White Hats. Pure Evil War / Economic Oligarch Criminal Dynasties which must fall but refuse.

Interesting Times.

AVmaster's picture

Nah man, you have to go back even farther: FDR was version 1.0 of everything we are dealing with right now and the enabler of the same guys that created the fed reserve.

AldousHuxley's picture

Glassdoor's FBI review say:


82% recommend to a friend

90% approve of CEO (Comey)

4 stars out of 5 rating


Mar 24, 2017

Helpful (1)

"Best Job for Lazy People"   Star Star Star Star Star Current Employee - Anonymous Employee in Santa Ana, CA Neutral Outlook Approves of CEO


Write Reports and Free Food while watching Suspects. Great Healthcare as a result of doing minimal work. I Love Mr Gerson!


The Major Con is the Justice Department. The biggest con is the amount of Money which is spent with Few "Big" Results!

Advice to Management

Back pay needs to be included!


funding request sounds like it was bonus pay for agents....

It's by Design's picture

Then go back to Woodrow Wilson

jeff montanye's picture

true enough and knowledge of history is important but it can also be a distraction from what needs to be done now.  in retrospect a real housecleaning of the fbi, cia, etc. would perhaps have been the first order of business for the trump administration but if the story cited above is true (mccabe said he hated trump to his agents) make that the fucking story and fire his ass as well.  

if this is war fucking win it.

the more i study it, the more i think the zionists got nixon as well as jfk.

Bendromeda Strain's picture

the zionists got nixon as well as jfk.

I didn't get the link between the Dulles/Harriman/Bush block and the Rothschild's. Care to elaborate? If you are talking about the Masonic links then I am all over that (Dealey Plaza - site of the first Texas lodge, at the Triple Overpass next to the Trinity River right off the 33rd Parallel).

Bendromeda Strain's picture

Ding ding ding! If Glen Beck was good for anything, it was his epic rants about Wilson before he lost his Moroni lovin' mind.

acetinker's picture

Well hell, as long as we're rolling back the clock, why don't we go back to the Crucifixion?

You know about that dude Jesus?  He pissed off the pharisees so bad that they and their roman minions nailed Him to a cross, and stuck a sword in His belly.

Is that story true?  I have no fkn idea, but based on that which I observe around me, I'd say yeah, it probably is.

Is-Be's picture

why don't we go back to the Crucifixion?

Why don't we just turn our backs on the whole ball of wax monotheism angle? Its obviously some sort of mind control death cult from the Middle east.

It's got no purchase on the Arian mind at all, and was thrown like a cloth over our ancient race memories and world view.

  • We have many Gods, many ways of being in the world..They have only one and are intolerant of any difference. ( all women must wear black?)
  • Freya and Kali are our feminine goddesses. Even Thor approaches Freya with good manners.
  • We do not prescribe, we advise. There are 9 guiding virtues as opposed to 10 commandments.
  • We do not guilt trip. Your conscience is your own. But the Law is the law.

The answer is to go back before this insanity was unleased upon our people.

Is-Be's picture

Sheesh. Zukerberg of Facebook didn't like my piece. It got taken down.

acetinker's picture

I hold no particular aversion or affinity toward any man, woman or child.  I will take each and all as I find them.

Is there One True God, or many?  I don't know.  Maybe my whole idea of God is simply a construct of wishful thinking.

I, as you, am limited in my ability to perceive such things- so I treat this life as a journey to be experienced and enjoyed- to the extent that is offered me.

That's all I can do.

Is-Be's picture

I treat this life as a journey to be experienced and enjoyed- to the extent that is offered

That is correct and natural. Your life journey is yours, but the monotheists lust after it. You are the Great Prize.

Monotheism reduces your divine self to an object to be fought over by giving you a false choice. Which branch of monotheism do you prostrate before; Christian, Islam or Judaism?

acetinker's picture

Sorry @ the late reply, but I've been pre-occupied by an individual who seems intent on exerting control over me.  That ain't gonna happen, btw, even if it kills me.

Later this year, I will have completed 60 laps around the sun and there's a thousand things inside my head I wished I ain't seen.

I don't imagine you were addressing me directly in your final query, but maybe we should take what we can from each faction?

From my perspective, each has valuable lessons interspersed with absolutely ridiculous presumptions.

I wish George Carlin had established The Church of The Big Electron.

AncientAviator's picture

Of course you are assuming that their wives aren't picking their ties.

Yog Soggoth's picture

Rubio works for big pharma and the coke smugglers just like Rick Scott.

AldousHuxley's picture

This guy's wife acepted bribes from Clinton donor.


Not just politicians but also top leaders in agencies do this....Comey made $5M as exec of Lockheed.....This guy got $500k....he wants to look good and keep things going......SWAMP CREATURES....



Victory_Garden's picture

"To the members of the Purple Revolution Gang: E S & D."

Are you kidding?

Every Hippie in the world loves this color of is so farrrrrrr out!

This color of purple represents everything Hippie.

Music, lots of other heads, good love ins, peace, no woar, beads, lots of marijauna smoking, fringes on your jacket, headbands, flower power, Love!

God is Love...Love is purple and very very groovy.

It's a colorful revolution alright and the acid is outta sight!

Wowwwww....color revolution is sooooo farrrrrrr out, man.

Crush the cube's picture

When you connect the arc, red pillar and blue, you get an explosion and new creation out of the chaos.  Purple represents the ones controlling the new creation, you got the god part right, but I prefer calling them what they really are, losers.

Is-Be's picture

Is purple back in fashion?


Everyone should dress in purple.

Then we can all be purple power people. And look like a bunch of grapes.

TruthHunter's picture

McCabe, will you be reopening the money laundering probe of HSBC and Comey's connection? 

BaBaBouy's picture

WHY Don't they send him over to Chicago or Baltimore to solve some Murders ???

Giant Meteor's picture

Jesus man, cut em some slack on this one. It would be a tall order for Efrem Zimbalist Jr. even ..

Besides, it ain't about crime fightin, it's about narrative buildin ..

edit; Not to mention they're out gunned, be a bloodbath ..

jjtech's picture

Because then he'd actually have to do some real work, and I don't think he's capable of solving anything.

aliens is here's picture

I wonder how much longer are we going to be slaves for the JOOS because bad things Krauts did to them back in WW 2.

adr's picture

Krauts didn't do anything. Other Jews like Soros who worked for the Rothschilds did it to the "unworthy" eastern European Jews. The Rothschilds wanted the wealth the Russian and Polish Jews held. Germany wasn't supposed to lose to the Russians, but Hitler was greedy and decided to decimate Stalingrad instead of taking Moscow. 

The Rothschilds couldn't have Russia take over Europe because the Bolshevics would have taken over the European banking system and expelled the Roths. 

So the Rothschilds got America to enter the war to counter the Russians. Since the Roths successfully took over America with the creation of the Federal Reserve, the banker patsy FDR had no choice. 

The Holocaust was the work of the Jews along with the fables told during the Nuremberg trials. The 20th Century was the war of the Jews. Nobody can really say otherwise. By 2000 they took over the global economy and now control everything. The Rothschilds won and got everything the Baron set his mind to in 1885.

Is-Be's picture

Good piece and a fresh perspective thanks.

May I add a little correction please? It is not substantive. 

Hitler was greedy and decided to decimate Stalingrad 

Hitler's plan was to isolate Stalin from his power base and render him impotent.

Unfortunately he got dysentery during the week when they were planning the attack and the Generals planned a full frontal.

So Hitler didn't blunder. His Generals did. Group think did Germany in. Annoying iconoclasts were not well tolerated in Prussia, I believe.

Which is probably why my great grandfather made a run for it. And why I am in your face.

Isn't evolution wonderful?

jjtech's picture

for as long as we keep paying them taxes