New Ebola Epidemic Declared After Three People Die In DR Congo

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Back when markets still responded to exogenous "risks" by occasionally "selling off", the S&P nearly suffered a correction in late 2014 when a major Ebola epidemic broke out in west Africa, with isolated incidents in Europe and the US suggesting it may have jumped continents, sending airline stocks crashing and Ebola vaccine makers soaring. Luckily, fears blew over quickly, the dip was bought - especially after  James Bullard infamously hinted that QE4 could be invoked to halt the market drop - and the S&P proceeded to reach new all time highs on short notice.

Perhaps the time to Buy The Ebola Dip is back, because according to Reuters, at least one person has tested positive for the Ebola virus in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the health ministry said in a statement on Friday.

The case was confirmed from tests on nine people who came down with a hemorrhagic fever in Bas-Uele province in the northeast of the country on or after April 22, the statement said, adding that two of the sufferers had died.

Separately, SkyNews reports that the World Health Organization declared an Ebola epidemic in the northeast region of the Democratic Republic of Congo as a result of three deaths linked to the virus, and it is taking the situation "very seriously". Referring to the outbreak noted above, the WHO explained that one of those killed had tested positive for Ebola after coming down with a haemorrhagic fever last month in Bas-Uele, a province which borders the Central African Republic.

Spokesman Eric Kabambi said: "The case is in a very remote zone, very forested, so we are a little lucky." The DRC suffered a three-month outbreak of Ebola in 2014. Although it was quickly contained, 49 people were killed. Ebola occasionally jumps from animals including bats and monkeys to humans - and without preventative measures, the virus can spread quickly between people.


The virus is fatal in up to 90% of cases, and the WHO recently developed an experimental vaccine for use in emergencies. In a statement, the DRC's health ministry said: "Our country must confront an outbreak of the Ebola virus that constitutes a public health crisis of international significance."


Ebola caused alarm around the world in 2013 when the world's worst outbreak began in West Africa - killing more than 11,300 people and infecting an estimated 28,600 as it swept through Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone.

For now stocks are not even bother to consider dipping on the news.

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spastic_colon's picture

yes 3 out of 7 billion is an epidemic!! another arm waiving liberal headline............and why are all socialist countries call "The Democratic Republic of _____________ " ?

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Let’s hurry up and import those migrants here and give them scholarships to UC Berkeley, Duke and Harvard.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Someone ate another monkey, huh? 

kliguy38's picture I have to cancel my vacation there in a week......

snr-moment's picture

"we can control this, so calm down"

- cleveland

AltRight Girl's picture

Don't worry guys, Soros will have them in Europe in no time. Plenty of boats waiting to bus them. 

Better cancel vacation plans to Italy and other shitholes in Europe, even though they don't lack entertainment

Double Explosions Rock Central Rome

Got The Wrong No's picture

The stock "LAKE" spiked from $11.00 to $12.40 on the news. It sells protective clothing. Last Ebola scare it went to $18.60 with inter day spikes  into the high $20 range. 

techpriest's picture

My wife worked in Presbyterian when the Ebola patient rolled in. One of her colleagues worked on "Patient 0." There was no shortage of people telling us to leave, but truth be told they worked out a good solution and stopped the spread of the disease very quickly. With Trump in office I am also convinced that we would have sane immigration policies for the next outbreak, also.

Something easy to forget is that the virus spreads mainly through contaminated water. The water system in the US will kill the virus very easily - you should be more worried about the chemicals they put in the water, which kills the disease.

Troy Ounce's picture


"Bill Gates (& Rockefeller Foundation) wants to decrease the world population through vaccinations"


Why vaccinations? There are faster ways to get rid of the weakest. Ebola, Zika, Cholera...success guaranteed.

dilligaff's picture

or fucked a monkey...  No, wait, that's how to get aids.  It's all so confusing...

Government needs you to pay taxes's picture

What's the difference?  Lawless monkeys fucking/eating lawless monkeys.  Congo, ChiCongo.  SSDD.

August's picture

>>>Someone ate another monkey, huh?

Do you see what happens when you fuck a strange macaque in the ass?

Big Twinkie's picture

There must have been another round of "special" vaccines.  Where has Bill Gates been lately?

Laddie's picture

There was a female CBS reporter who really looked into the Ebola situation, I think she got the gate after this, but she said the CDC HID the figures for Ebola on their website.
It was several thousand and that was some years ago.

The government is the ENEMY or rather the TOOL the (((ENEMY))) uses to wipe out Whitey.

For those who enjoy the Televitz too much to do anything then the following is not for you:

Boston 5/13: Antifa Groups Planning to Attack Free Speech Demonstrators

What happens when you call someone a “racist” and they don’t care? What happens when you try to use force to silence someone and they respond by breaking your nose? What happens when the non-Jewish white males you gradually prime society to displace and murder stop identifying as atomized “individuals” and take up collective self-defense?

We’ll see on May 13th in Boston Common.

Laddie's picture

Our President is way ahead of you:

Tucker on MS-13 Gang Murders in Long Island

Trump Administration Vows to ‘Devastate’ MS-13 Gang

Meanwhile....Here's the government solution:
Trump Admin comes in at just short of 900 refugees in past week...
206 Refugees from DR Congo came in this past week
Trump said he was lowering the ceiling to 50,000 refugees for 2017, but so far we are on track to take in 60,000 3rd world scum in 2017.

Obama began processing Central Americans to the US as ‘refugees’ directly from El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala last year. The practice continues under Trump. We have admitted (directly over a thousand (1,106 as of today) mostly fake ‘refugees’ from El Salvador to the US in FY2016 and 2017.

Tenshin Headache's picture

For the same reason the Democrat party is named as it is.

Bill of Rights's picture

Ya cause Retard Party was taken.

Got The Wrong No's picture

Have you ever been to a Retard Party?  They are a BLAST. 

Arnold's picture

It is 'Peanut butter and Bacon Will Kill You' season after all.

Joe Davola's picture

Don't forget HFCS.

Funny thing is, that big article about how to fix the healthcare system that focused on (cue Wilford Brimley) diabetes, and how people just need to eat broccoli and cut back on sugars.  The wisdom of Scalia shows through again, it's only a matter of time until your 'smart' refrigerator reports that you don't have enough broccoli and too much Mountain Dew - expect your fine to be automatically deducted from your accounts.  Enough fines, and the police who aren't tasked with enforcing immigration laws, show up and force you to eat your broccoli.  It's for the good of the children, so they aren't saddled with an unsustainable health care debt.

Big Twinkie's picture

Cancer cells love sugar -- that's why they use it for PET scans.  Cancer cells eat it up.  Yeah -- the government will use any means to control you -- but smoking and sugar ARE bad for you.

HRClinton's picture

This is sad, but why does it make me think of modifying the lyrics to the Knack song "My Sharona" to "My Ebola"?

Dark humor day, I guess.

chiquita's picture

Dammit!  I just got that out of my head from the last epidemic...

E.F. Mutton's picture

Aw c'mon - Ebola is old hat

How about "Nigerian Exploding Dick Disease?"  That'll get some clicks from the fear porn addicts.

Implied Violins's picture

Fuck, is that shit real?? I'll never go black again...

Bemused Observer's picture

Tell them that breeding colonies of Candiru have been found north of the Rio Grande...and that cooler temps appear to make them grow larger.

August's picture

Just nuke the DRC from orbit....

NoDebt's picture

It's the only way to be sure.


NoDebt's picture

This time around, can we maybe keep it toned down with the crazy projections of 100 million dead in 6 months?


medium giraffe's picture

I almost tore my fucking hair out last time around trying to get people to just look at the improbability of the kabuki bullshit we were being presented with.  Fear is the great control mechanism. 

The positive I took from it was in the form of a personal kneejerk reaction to the fear mongering control mechanism.  I found strength in the robust philosophy of Stoicism, and I won't play their fucking stupid fear games any longer.  I am mortal, of course I'm going to die.  When it happens, the manner in which it occurs is not exactly going to make a big difference.

3 people is an epedemic?  Fuck these fear mongering bastards.  Walk beyond fear, only then can you really understand the meaning of 'the only thing you have to fear is fear itself'.  Don't let the bastards win.

medium giraffe's picture

Lol, sounds like you need to seek out the exclusive services of Madam Whiplash this weekend.  But, yeah, that's exactly it.

no ice's picture

The mainstream media puppets keep spewing this crap about ebola, zika, west nile and whatever other disease they can come up with to scare the masses into getting vaccinated with a vaccine the cabal/big pharma/ Bill Gates makes loaded with heavy metals, aborted fetus and whatever the hell else in order to "protect" them from a fake disease.  In reality, those vaccines are what cause disease.  

Anyone looking to the government, doctors, pharmaceutical industry, mainstream medicine, "save" them from anything is doomed, absolutely doomed.



Rusty Shorts's picture

I've been to Africa many times and I can tell you that the place is intoxicating, I didn't want to come back to the States on many occasions, Why you ask? Well for me it was the absence of strip malls and CNN, the fantastic food and the feeling of absolute freedom. ..oh and the beautiful chicks!!


Now, there's tons of NGO's running around feeling the same way, and they will latch on to anything that they believe, either real or not, to secure funding for there little pet projects, Ebola is one of their favorites, along with malaria which BTW is easily treated. 

techpriest's picture

Yes, with non-profits you always need to follow the money. Too many of them spend 90% of the money internally, and at that point they aren't "non profit" so much as "the profits stay with the executives, because we dno't need to share profits with any shareholders!"

Urban Redneck's picture

This time around it's a close relative and not me that is literally on the front line of the outbreak.   Small world.

Last time was more fun from my perspective.

Perhaps me and my family and friends all need to just lead more boring lives.  

Those projections are just numbers, made by PhDs who should of ALL flunked statistics and reason during the last outbreak, because they couldn't calculate basic reproduction values because of their false BASIC assumptions that were supposed to eradicated at the undergraduate level.

What should scare people in their safe (non tropical) homes, is that Ebola doesn't thrive in hot tropical climates, and if it ever makes it to the permafrost, it will never be controlled/eradicated because the virus can survive without a host.

Bemused Observer's picture

I think they made those predictions assuming the worst-case scenario, where it goes global. But unless it becomes a respiratory illness, or spread that way, it can't. They did discover the virus could become airborne, but it has so far shown no affinity for lung tissue. It remains a contact illness, and if it hasn't already chosen to nest in lungs, it probably won't now.

You can only get a global pandemic with a respiratory agent. Like the 1918 flu. No contact agent gets close to that kind of infection rate.

cheech_wizard's picture

So they weren't vaccinated?

Standard Disclaimer: Proving once again, the United Nations is an abject failure.


mrjig27's picture

Quick, Look,  a distraction. 

Tenshin Headache's picture

It's not an epidemic, it's an outbreak in a remote area.

Jayda1850's picture

It's also a different strain than the one that ravaged West Africa.

Urban Redneck's picture

It is an outbreak, not an epidemic.  

But the scuttlebutt on the front line is a little different.

So we'll know when we know, after some test results come back,

or other events overtake render those results moot. 

Albertarocks's picture

More fear mongering.  I read an article right on the US Dept. of Defense website saying that colloidal silver killed Ebola almost on contact.  But do you think they'd tell the public that?  NO, OF COURSE NOT.  When I went back a month later to find that article again it seems to have vanished.  But for all the bashers out there, those who believe the colloidal silver debunkers... where can you buy colloidal silver?  At your local health food store.

HungryPorkChop's picture

I did some web surfing during the last outbreak reading these types of articles.  Collodial Silver is primarily geared towards bacteria and possibly parasites.  Its not known to be very effective on a virus and Ebola is a virus!

When patients die of Ebola they tend to hemmorage or bleed out.  While not exact, its a similar death to Scurvy where the body is depleted of Vitamin C. Its believed that Ebola rapidly depletes the body of vitamin C before the real damage begins. While all of this is ad-hoc Monday Morning Quarterback speculation its believed that massive doses of a Liposomal or Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C would be a better route. 

Here's a 48 Hour episode where they used this type of Vitamin C on a Swine Flu victim that was on life support and ready to pull the plug: