Real-Time Malware Attack Map

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As the massive ransomware attacks spreads across the globe, Intel's interactive map below tracks every malware event worldwide in real-time...

(click image for link to interactive real-time map)


And below (click image for real-time updates) is the WCRYPT exploit specific events... Over 76,000 now...

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Croesus's picture

Which alphabet agency caused this one?

Thank God the Gubmint is protecting us all.

Raffie's picture

BTC dropping and into the 1600's. BTFD.... after this should rocket past 2k.

BaBaBouy's picture

FED will outlaw BitCoinz ???

ghengis86's picture

Hacker/terrorist money, doncha know? Maybe they'll just limit the size of the transaction so that anything over $0.25 digital sense requires a fingerprint and a detailed drawing of your colon.

JamesBond's picture

Thank god Okinawa seems safe.  Meet 'cha there.  



Creepy_Azz_Crackaah's picture

Not much happening in Africa. Their two sticks that they rub together to start a fire are hack proof. The stone age wins!

AldousHuxley's picture

IN Africa you have REAL virus which hacks your body. EBOLA > WCRYPT



Mr 9x19's picture

awful joke but i've laught hard. funny still.

twh99's picture

It is impossible to outlaw it.  The best they could do is ban the traders ($ to bitcoin and bitcoin to $).  And there would always be someone in the world who would trade them.

sleigher's picture

Everything else in the black/gray market goes up in value.  So go ahead,,,

Tallest Skil's picture

>It is impossible to outlaw it.

Are you fucking retarded? They outlawed REAL MONEY as being money. They can do whatever the fuck they want.

A Nanny Moose's picture

Meh. Real money being outlawed is nothing. That which cannot continue, will not.

Wait till there is an inverse BTC ETF. Then is the time to BTC.

A Nanny Moose's picture

Good. Regulation ONLY produces shortages.

Fed Outlawed Pot? What is the price?

Fed Outlaws Cocaine. What is the price?

Fed Outlaws Opium? what is the price?

What else has the fed outlawed and what is the price? What would the price be w/o the prohibition? Extrapolate to any regulation.


Happy Hunting,



swif_siqol's picture

Nope, you cited goods which value comes from consumption. Their higher prices are specifically monopoly prices + market prices, which comes from a consumption demand.

Bitcoin, on the other hand, have it's price almost entirely dependent on it's "monetary use" (to contrast with the "consumption use"). If it's ability to be used as money is impaired - this is another discussion - it's price falling follows.

jcaz's picture

Looks like it all started from Hillary's bathroom.....

ghengis86's picture

Why aren't there any dots on the continent of Africa? That bastion of intelligence and technology? That monument to civilization and a testament to the triumph of man over nature?

What's that? They're busy with another round of Ebola after fucking monkeys and goats? Got it. I'll just wait for the inverse of this map on the next fear-mongering post of the "edipemic".

Lore's picture

Um, there are dots over Africa. And the Ebola comment is ignorant.

How the Ebola Virus Got Its Name and How We Caught It From Animals (Independent.UK)

Suggested reading (scary, but well researched):

The Hot Zone: The Terrifying True Story of the Origins of the Ebola Virus (

. . . _ _ _ . . .'s picture

Africans are too smart to use Windows. The top operating system in Africa and Asia is Android. In Africa, it's almost 50%. In Asia, it's more, with Windows at less than 30%. In NA and EU, Windows dominates.

"That bastion of intelligence and technology" Indeed!


UselessEater's picture

Your first sentence is correct, windows are always being broken by the peaceful ones expressing themselves and cost money to replace again...and again...the bastion of civilization indeed!

Creepy_Azz_Crackaah's picture

Commodore 64 rules! NO viruses. NEVER hacked.

300 baud is awesome...

A Nanny Moose's picture

@300 bps my grandma would know she had a virus before it caused any problems...

...because she could interpret the code by hand before it was ever transferred.

. . . _ _ _ . . .'s picture

Commodore Kernal or Commodore Basic 2.0 ?

Did you get the option?

haha Those were the days.

Johangroza's picture

Ahem, Im in S Africa, and it has about as many dots as the whole of Aus...

The rest of Africa... well.... bananas

AVmaster's picture

Wait a minute, according to microsoft, windows 10 was the "most secure" bullshit ever!

Thank you microsoft for giving the keys to the nsa/cia/fbi/abc gov'ment agency...

Also, here's a former microsoft employee spilling the beans about win 10:


There's more than what one of his videos can cover so make sure u browse...

ACP's picture

"Most secure" does seem like a fraudulent claim. Time for a trillion dollar class action lawsuit.

beemasters's picture

Don't forget NSA/CIA too for their malware which the hackers use.

giovanni_f's picture

...and which gets hardly any mentioning in the MSM.

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***   SPAM ALERT   ***

Do not click on AltRight Girl's link.

Anteater's picture

Bitcoin is ransomware. Wait until the Big Reset.

"We will be able to transact your order in....4 hours and 53 minutes."




"And how would you like your bitcoin redemption?"

"Wait, what? I need Dollares. Dinero. Mullah. Long Green."

"I'm sorry, we only redeem in bitcoin. Will there be anything else I can help you with today?"

Raffie's picture

Maybe here is a clue -

They VERY concerned about the privacy of Bitcoin.


hoos bin pharteen's picture

The real big boys aren't worried about Bitcoin.  If they can compromise the very devices and networks used to trade Bitcoin, how anonymous can you really be?  I would suggest the non-tax agencies (defense, etc.) have no problem with it being out there at all.  Most people are too lazy to use smoke signals and dinner napkins to exchange their bitcoin.  

Darktarra's picture

I was there when there was no public internet, just mil net.  I worked for SGI in Mountain View CA, on Mountain View blvd, and two of the co-founders of SGI started netscape down the street from SGI. 

The early internet was fun.   You could let a 5 year old 'surf' the web and didn't have to worry about, 'Daddy, what is that thing that woman in sticking in between her legs?' shit!   

You could open a site and not worry about malware getting your checking account log-in credentials ... the internet was honest.  

Now roll the internet 25 years later and the internet is mainly shit.   I try to convince people to go back to writing letters, visiting their friends and family in person and turning off farcebook and their cell phones ... God I hate technology and the manner it has fucked up society.  Just my opinion folks, just my opinion... 

Consuelo's picture



A man after my own heart...


Octane dual 600 mhz. running Irix 6.5    Best operating system I ever laid hands on.   And yes - rec.politics and alt.conspiracy were fun times...

Urban Redneck's picture

I actually preferred NextStep to Irix.  

Why did that megalomaniac go from actually making good shit back to Crapple manufacturing... $$$

Quantrix is technically more powerful than Lotus Improv, but it's no where near as good for penetrating the thick skulls of troglodytes with data visualization. 

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Bryan's picture

I'm with you 100%.  Drop the technorobovirtual life and experience the actual, physical world around you.

HRClinton's picture

Real sex on a remote tropical island beats fantasy sex via the Internet. 

Unless the former is being recorded and used to blackmail people.

A Nanny Moose's picture

What if the world is run by the lowest moral common denominator?

A Nanny Moose's picture

Real-Time with Bill Malware.

Ba da bam...psh

Consuelo's picture



1985 and a friend of mine was checking out this 'cool' thing ported through a WYSE-30 terminal - usenet...   

If i'd only known...

Stan522's picture

Facebook is where you and your kids go every morning to see what your friends didn't invite you to the night before.....

GoinFawr's picture

'so-called' friends, you mean.