Stocks Sink Despite VIX Records As Economic Data Collapse Continues

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Overheard in China this week...

"I was inverted..."


US Macro Data has collapsed for 8 straight weeks to its weakest and most negative in 12 months...


The last time US Macro and stocks decoupled like this was in mid 2015 and did not end well for stocks...


Finally to put a nail in this utter idiocy - here is 'soft' and 'hard' data... equities have even decoupled from the hype in 'soft' data...


So after all that stocks actually ended the week red (aside from Nasdaq of course which is awesome)...



VIX has now closed below 11 for 15 consecutive days...


Smashing the previous record...


Financials were the worst hit on the week, Tech outperformed...


It was a retailer massacre this week, but FAANGs soared...


Despite 2 very weak auctions (10Y and 30Y), Treasury yields ended the week lower...


30Y Yields dropped back below 3.00%...


After this morning's CPI data missed expectations sending breakevens tumbling (after rising on yesterday's inflation data)...


The USD Index tumbled on the day (3rd day down in a row) after weak CPI data but remains higher on the week...


All the majors compressed today to end the week marginally changed but note that Yuan was the only one stronger on the week against the dollar...


Despite USD strength, crude had a good week (driven mostly by an inventoiry driven squeeze. Gold, silver, and copper were close to unch (rallying as the dolar index slipped the last 3 days)...


Gold managed to get back above its 100-day moving average and Silver's streak of losses stalled...


Finally Bitcoin was battered today after the global ransomware attacks struck... (still up 10% on week, and up 6 of the last 7 weeks for a 75% gain)


Bonus Chart: WTF!!

Source: WolfStreet

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Raffie's picture

Once the market endorphins wear off the VIX cardiac arrest will set in I think.


Proably nothing.

If VIX this low it means we are in the eye of the cat 6 shit storm. Eerily calm before the eye wall to the main storm hits.

BlueHorseShoeLovesDT's picture

It was a hang it up a 2 and start the weekend day!

Have a good one!

debtor of last resort's picture

VIX got infected by the new to be believed threat, fucking years ago

adr's picture

Every day goes further down the rabbit hole to everyone laughing at farts in the bathtub. 

By the way, Dick's is bankrupt. They don't sell enough to keep the lights on and are forcing any vendor that doesn't start them at 65 points out the door. After you factor in their other fees and charge backs, you're at 70 points minimum. 

If your cost is 18% of retail, you've got 12% gross. Try making a business run off 12% gross, isn't going to happen. 

All commerce is dead. Only fraud like Elon Musk showing off a piece of glass with no idea how it attaches to a roof and transmits power remains. 

Also, supposedly Musk is banging Amber Heard. She's hot, but a lot of weird dicks have been in that pot. Would you honestly stick it where Johnny Depp has been? Of course I'd have to burn whatever Musk stuck his in as well. Maybe we'll get lucky and he'll die of a raging case of syphilis. 

serotonindumptruck's picture

"Also, supposedly Musk is banging Amber Heard. She's hot, but a lot of weird dicks have been in that pot."

A road less traveled is preferable to a well-traversed highway.

Juggernaut x2's picture

Don't you just stick the solar shingles on with Liquid Nails?

Erwin643's picture


I hope all the warehouse-sized sporting goods stores go bankrupt.

Then maybe the gun shows will be better. Although they're dying too, at the moment.

Traderone's picture

Stocks sink?  easy on the hyperbole there Tyler.

Traderone's picture

Thanks Blue and same to you. let's kill it again next week.

BlueHorseShoeLovesDT's picture

The Titanic sunk, stawks just went for a nice swim.

peepsterC's picture

Glad you guys had a good week. I like your posts.

vegas's picture

Two minutes after the open in New York today, it was time to go home.

Erwin643's picture

Just more doomer bullshit "God I wish the markets would drop" porn from Tyler.

After shorting silver, now long two days into three-day rally off of the bottom. Should go higher, though probably won't break its 50 MMA any time soon.

Still making money on SVXY / shorting UVXY. When SVXY closes below its 10 DMA, then I'll get out and watch what happens.

Lore's picture

Agreed. There was a disturbance in the Farce around mid-week, and it shows. 

GestaltNine's picture

that's what happens when all people have is debt they can't repay

time for the Grand Jubilee!!! 

1952angus's picture

Is hyperinflation next or asset liquidation? shit or bust.

I think the former rsther than the latter.

south40_dreams's picture

It will come down to dueling printer apps at 20 paces

Blankfuck's picture

Oh my god! Bad real bad

We need more FED Fucker ponzi relief for the fucker bankers, Jeff Bozo of Amazon, and dont forget the other CEOs and other elites in the white house!

U4 eee aaa's picture

So my guess is the FAANGs will soon become self reinforcing momo that becomes the market like it has become the Nasdaq. 75% of the 200 billion the CBs print will flood into them until retail starts getting their animal spirits animated by the trade. With irrational greed fuelling this, it is going to be very hard to argue a case against the FAANGs, so this trade could go on for quite some time. People will argue that these stocks have tons of cyberspace and commerce to fill out. What happens if Amazon starts swallowing bricks and mortar operations?

I'm calling the FAANGs almost bullet proof in the eyes of retail.

Blankfuck's picture

The FED RESERVE FUCKERS WILL PRINT be sure Goldman Bankers will suck it up along with other elites like a Vaccum cleaner. The USA peple got fucked with the trillion dollar ponzi tab!

Yet the rigged stock market goes up! How fucked up are things?

kidbroge's picture

Sooner or later the retort to BFTD will be GTFOH.

peepsterC's picture

Thanks for those of you who turned me on to Shepwave.  Had another good week. some nice trades in gold and crude too.

Babs.St.Louis's picture

Made some really good calls over the past few months that is for sure.  Just not a whole lot of actual traders on here anymore. 

SumTingWongJr's picture

I lost my ass on Shepware. It's a piece of shit.