"There's No Evidence, Stupid!"

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Authored by Howard Kunstler via Kunstler.com,

What you’re seeing in the political miasma of “RussiaGate” is an exercise in nostalgia. Apart from the symbolic feat of getting a “black” president freely elected in 2008 (remember, Mr. Obama is also half-white), the Democratic Party hasn’t enjoyed a political triumph in half a century to match the Watergate extravaganza of 1972-74, which ended in the departure of Mr. Nixon, the designated Prince of Darkness of those dear dead days. Watergate had had a more satisfying finale than The Brides of Dracula.

So, in its current sad state, devoid of useful political ideas, mired in the mostly manufactured conflicts of race and gender, psychologically crippled by the election loss of a miserable candidate to the Golden Golem of Greatness, the Democratic Party is returning full steam to a gambit that worked so well years ago: beating the devil by congressional inquiry.

In President Trump (uccchhh, the concept!), they’ve got a target much juicier even than Old Nixie. It wasn’t for nothing that they called him “Tricky Dick.” He came back from political near-death twice in his career.

The first time, running as Dwight Eisenhower’s veep, he was accused of accepting the gift of a vicuna coat for his wife, Pat, and other secret cash emoluments. He overcame that with one of the first epic performances of the TV age, the “Checkers Speech” — Checkers being the family’s cocker spaniel, who Nixon invoked as a proxy for his own guileless innocence. It worked bigly.


The second near-death was his defeat in the California governor’s race of 1962, following his 1960 squeaker presidential election loss to John F. Kennedy. “You won’t have Nixon to kick around anymore…” he told the press. But he rose from the grave in 1968 — after fortifying his bank account in a Wall Street law practice — when the Vietnam War was tearing the country apart (and wrecking the Democratic Party of Lyndon Johnson and Hubert Humphrey).

It is not unrecognized that in his first term Nixon functioned as a very capable executive, presiding over social and environmental legislation that would be considered progressive today — though he remained mired in the tarbaby of Vietnam. But then, in the reelection campaign of ’72, he got a little too cute — or, at least, his campaign show-runners did, hiring a klatch of bumbling ex-CIA errand boys to burgle the DNC offices, who were then caught red-handed at the scene, which was the basement of the Watergate apartment complex… and the rest is history.

What a fabulous inquisition Watergate was! What a colorful cast characters: the wily old “country lawyer” Senator Sam Ervin, the dashing chief staff inquisitor Professor Sam Dash, the fallen Republican knights, Elliot Richardson and Archibald Cox, the lonely and heroic bean-spiller, John Dean! And many more. The Watergate hearings on TV were more thrilling than Downtown Abby. Once Old Nixie went down the path of stonewalling and evasion — covering up an escapade he might not have even known about at the time — he was dead meat.

I remember that sweaty August day that he threw in the towel. (I was a young newspaper reporter when newspapers still mattered.) It was pretty much a national orgasm. “NIXON RESIGNS!” the headlines screamed. A moment later he was on the gangway into the helicopter for the last time. Enter, stage right, the genial Gerald Ford….

Forgive me for getting caught up in the very nostalgia I castigate. And now here we are in the mere early months of Trumptopia about to hit the replay button on a televised inquisition. In my humble opinion, Donald Trump is a far more troubling personality than Tricky Dick ever was, infantile, narcissistic, at times verging on psychotic, but the RussiaGate story looks pretty flimsy. At this point, after about ten months of NSA-FBI investigation, nothing conclusive has turned up about Trump’s people “colluding” with Russia to gain unfair advantage in the election against You-Know-Who. Former NSA chief James Clapper has publicly stated twice in no uncertain terms that there’s no evidence to support the allegations (so far).

And there remains the specter of the actual content of the “collusion” - conveniently ignored by the so-called “Resistance” and its water-carriers at The New York Times - the hacked emails that evince all kinds of actual misbehavior by Secretary of State HRC and the DNC. The General Mike Flynn episode seems especially squishy, since it is the routine duty of incoming foreign affairs officials to check in with the ambassador corps in Washington. Why do you think nations send ambassadors to other countries?

The upshot of all this will be a political circus for the rest of the year and the abandonment of any real business in government, at a moment in history when some very weighty black swans circle above the clouds waiting to crash land. Enjoy the histrionics if you dare, and pay no attention to collapsing economy as it all plays out.

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"Sure, there's no evidence, but considering all the "other evidence" of collusion, it looks pretty bad.
And when you ask me about that "other evidence", don't worry about it, because in my back pocket I've got "yet still other evidence" of total treason on behalf of Trump...

Trust me, he's going to be impeached....just trust me..."

---Sincerely, the MSM

knukles's picture

It's Gonna Be Epic.

Like meeting up with Marla at the weekly Lolita Island Anonymous meetings.
He better have that pedo list

nmewn's picture

"The best thing about Trumps first 100 days is that its not Hillarys first 100 days." - anonymous ;-)

falak pema's picture

Pax Americana hits the Bermuda triangle...

Like in the film Scarface its the chickens coming home to roost.

Nekoti's picture

If all we had to deal with today was vicuña coats...one can dream.

south40_dreams's picture

At least the Kardashians and the fed aren't at top of every headline.

Nekoti's picture

Butt don't you miss that ass? /s

KenShabby's picture

The cigar goes in the other side.

cheech_wizard's picture

Actually no...

Standard Disclaimer: I've seen better looking cottage cheese.


apberusdisvet's picture

The irony is that there is proof that Clinton colluded with Russian interests for big money speeches and contributions, but crickets............

sheikurbootie's picture

Let's not forget the unsecure illegal offsite server with classified documents AND it's subsequent illegal destruction.

jeff montanye's picture

oh and while we are at it, the seventy year, multibillion dollar funded and hundreds if not thousands of dual nationality staffed aipac organized vetting process that seeks to control the u.s. government for the perceived benefit of israel.

so far we have a false flag attack, thousands dead, five wars started and lost, upwards of a million dead, millions more homeless, exiled, wounded, orphaned, whatever.  no one knows for sure because no one cared enough to count them.

and just why are we worried about conversations trying to reduce tensions with russia?

further, speaking of nixon, imo the zios got him as well as kennedy.



cheech_wizard's picture

Or this particular Podesta group disclosure?


Standard Disclaimer: Money laundering at it's finest...

Kyanite's picture

Or the trail of pizza crumbs leading to these two assholes.


The reason for the fake news witchhunt.

Bendromeda Strain's picture

Clintons and foreigners you say? Charlie Trie and John Huang were unavailable for comment...

Catullus's picture

The system of government is called farcism. This is their legislative process.

swmnguy's picture

Ooh, I like that one.  "Farcism."

swmnguy's picture


That's how much I liked it.

Cycle's picture

Farcism meets Trump flippism.

Sid Davis's picture

The deepest sin against the human mind is to believe things without evidence.
- Aldous Huxley

Although the above thought was originally expressed in a different context, it seems quite appropriate to apply it to the mindless libtards and their unfounded belief that Trump and Russia conspired to defeat Hillary.

Just think of the leftists as suffering sub-clinical cretinism, and it makes sense. Maybe they need more iodine in their diets, or less kool-aid.

Forbes's picture

I'm still trying to figure out how the Russians figured out the Electoral College--but Hillary didn't.

I'm still trying to figure out how the Russians convinced Hillary not to campaign in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

I'm still tryng to figure out how the Russians hacked the DNC's server, but not Hillary's server.

I'm still trying to figure out how the Russians got 403 counties to flip to Trump (from voting Obama once or twice), while Hillary only flipped 6 counties that never voted for Obama.

Those Russians are really good...

mkhs's picture

"Liberals" always accuse their opponent of the crimes they commit.  Standard operating procedure.

itstippy's picture

That Goddamn Putin gave Wikileaks the secret code the NSA wrote to break into computers, and now the frikken Russian hackers have discombobulated the ECM on my '97 Camry.  The CEL keeps coming on and it's always a different trouble code.  It's driving me crazy.  


swmnguy's picture

Nixon was a career politician.  Trump is a career executive, and an unorthodox one at that.  Nixon got caught up in the game that brought him down, thinking he could outwit all his opponents in their mutual field of endeavor.  Trump isn't used to this game, and doesn't seem to either have observed it all that closely, or hasn't surrounded himself with people whose advice he trusts.  Or he knows about himself that he has only one way of doing things, and that's how he's going to do things, context be damned.  I can respect that.  I really only have one way of going about things, and I've decided I'm not very functional when I try other methods.

This gag about Russia hacking the election has been frivolous bullshit from the start.  Umm, evidence please?  Just the one tiny morsel, if you have it?

I wouldn't be too surprised if there are business connections, and maybe even some shady ones.  Maybe not involving Trump himself personally.  But what are Rex Tillerson's qualifications for his current job?  Why did Trump take on Flynn, who was so obviously damaged goods and a bit of a loose cannon?  If nothing else, it's sloppy--in the political game.

Trump's style is sloppy, all over the place, talking first and thinking about it later if he bothers.  I don't think he could have gotten to the level he is through a normal corporate progression.  He's too undisciplined at the game to succeed in climbing the corporate ladder.  But that's irrelevant, since Trump inherited the structure of an Empire, and developed it into one.  Second-generation wealth has its own characteristics, and Trump has a lot of them.

The question is whether he can withstand the withering attacks.  He's never had to deal with anything like this before.  In his past, everybody he's dealt with, and he himself, could just walk away from a deal or project, with some or other consequences to be sure, but nothing like this.

If he were experienced in the political game, I'd say his behavior makes him out to be guilty as hell...of something.  Since he's not, however, and he's built his brand on being a loose cannon in the first place, I'm not sure what to believe.  But I've seen enough media campaigns to see all the signs that whatever is up, it isn't Russian interference in the election.  All the marks are there of the typical US media put-up job; the unnamed sources, the weasel wording, the "seems to be," etc.

atomp's picture

Downtown Abby?! Is that a porno, or something?

Stormtrooper's picture

This is working out perfectly!  Exactly why I finally decided to vote for Trump vs not voting at all.  I believed that he would bring government to a stalemate and do minimal damage while giving the states time to continue to move toward a Convention of States.  Texas is now number 11 to call and hopefully my state will join soon.  Still a long way from 34 but momentum is gathering.  Lawmakers in my state seem to understand that this is a truly opportune way to strip the federal government of massive usurpations of Constitutional power.  I am also leading the charge to convince them that the proper way to start a Convention is to debate whether a federal government is needed any longer or if they should make it short Convention by proposing a single amendment to abolish the feds.  Article V does give them that power.  Fortunately, the feds do not have similar powers to abolish the sovereign states.

worbsid's picture

I hope the Article V get together redefines "Interstate Commerce" which is an entry point for the .gov to control us..  

ZIRPY's picture

It HAD to be the Russians, right? I mean it couldnt have been a young Bernie supporter working inside the DNC, upset at the screwing his guy was getting, could it? I mean, seriously, where wuld a young perso work where they could get a hold of the DNC's emails???

Everyone knows that important jobs like IT are usually done by older people /sarc x1000

And a young DNC IT guy DID make the news during the election cycle. Coincnidently it was right around the time of the leaks! How about that! His name was Seth Rich and he made the papers by being murdered in a gunpoint robbery in Wash DC where nothing was stolen? Weird, right?

But the MSM never talks about that. I wonder why?

mkhs's picture

Don't forget Tulsi was number two and in the Burn-camp before she resigned (in disgust?).

Crusader75's picture

What there is an enormous amount of evidence of is that Trump is a moral toilet bowl.

AE911Truth's picture


Everything on the media is so obviously trivial that you know it is all a distraction. So, you have to ask yourself; a distraction from what? What important news is going unreported? Once you think about it, what is more important to humanity than this or this?


DirtySanchez's picture

No matter how shitty things appear, think how much worse they'd be if the maniacal, booze soaked tyrant, Hillary had won.

I'm so proud of Trump for shitting on the Republican primary stooges, then wiping his ass with Hillary, and now grabbing countless pussies throughout the jew run media.

One street smart NYC bad ass!

beijing expat's picture

Evidence is a social construct of the white male patriarchy designed to oppress women and minorities by denying them their right to base their thinking on their feelings at any given moment.

News editors understand that evidence is oppressive and that's why they never present evidence.

roadhazard's picture

So why does Trump keep firing his people with ties to russia and firing those investigating. I mean he does have a certified letter and stuff.

Last of the Middle Class's picture

I undestand the MSM running endless loop the "Russian influence" for the sake of indoctrinating the terminally stupid in order to reference it in the next election. It's just that it's gotten to the point where it has the same effect as waterboarding to someone with a functioning brain when they hear that mindless propaganda loop again and again. Hell, it's worse than those Burger King commercials with the idiot wearing the face-mask and honestly, it's about as creepy.