United Airlines Forced Woman To Pee In Cup In Front Of Other Passengers

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Via TheAntiMedia.org,

A month after video footage of a man being dragged off a United Airlines airplane went viral, the airline is facing heat yet again, this time for forcing a female passenger to urinate in a cup in front of other passengers.

Nicole Harper, an emergency room nurse in Kansas City, says flight attendants wouldn’t let her get up to use the restroom until the captain turned off the seatbelt belt sign. Harper says she explained she has an overactive bladder and was then handed the cup to relieve herself — while she sat in her seat.

“You would think peeing in a cup on an airplane in front of my family and strangers would be the worst part of this story,” Harper recounted on Facebook. “But the way I was treated by flight attendants afterwards was worse.”

The nurse says the flight crew “shamed her,” saying they would be filing a report on the incident and claiming a hazmat team would have to be called in for cleanup. Harper says she made no mess.

She also says her experience with United following the incident on the plane was just as frustrating. Claiming her efforts to contact United’s customer service department went ignored, she wrote on Facebook that this type of behavior wouldn’t fly in her profession:

“As an emergency room nurse I completely understand having a bad day on the job and having to deal with undesirable bodily fluids. What I don’t understand is ZERO customer service. If I treated a patient this poorly I would surely have consequences.

United is really on a roll as of late.

Back in March, the airline made headlines for barring teenage girls from boarding a flight because of the leggings they were wearing. In early May, the company allowed a passenger to board the wrong plane, and the woman found herself in San Francisco instead of Paris. As recently as Tuesday, it was reported that passengers whose prized rabbit died on a United flight are now seeking a monetary settlement.

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Can't make this shit up

Love it

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Now we're just getting kinky.

Did UA play funky porn music as she stripped and pewd?

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Seems like United's staff training has been outsourced to the Military? Whatever happened to good ol "common sense" in "enforcing" Regulations? This is either a lack of empowerment to United's staff (which comes from the top) or United's staff, like Government employees, enjoying their little piece of "authority". Either way, it is totally inappropriate and United WILL suffer. Not that the "competition" is any better, except on International flights where there IS competition and the US carriers have to pretend to provide service but still fail miserably because of their "take it or leave it" attitude, which permeates everything they do.

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Has the media blamed Trump yet?

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Fly United...We provide the best ex-pee-rience.

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Never use'em, they always smell like piss.

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Fly The Friendly Sky's Of United Airlines...WHAT HAPPENED!?

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United Airlines: the first airline to offer Golden Showers.

If you're German, you'll feel right at home.

We provide the cup and let YOU have all the fun.


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"She can pee on me any time"- Donald Trump.

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1- I think the title of this piece is misleading; she was not forced to pee into a cup, she was offered a cup to pee in, perhaps rudely, but nevertheless...

2- Was she charged for the cup, and if so, how much?

3- Does she have a record of public urination? This could be relevant.

4- There must be video of this. A relatively attractive (debatable) woman does not pee in a cup on board a plane in the USA, surrounded by cell/smart phones, without being filmed doing it.

5- Russia just brokered a partial peace settlement in Syria which the US might not respect, the USA is planning to force ISIS into Syria from Jordan, Russia is also moving in to save Libya, China is taking care of the North Korean issue, Turkey is threatening the USA, Al-Jazeera is filming the next chemical attacks in advance, a landlord is fined due to Sharia law in Canada (8:26), Russia controls the fate of the US space program, and THIS minor airline issue gets almost 200 comments while the rest goes unmentioned!?!


Your thoughts?


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Thoughts? Ehhhhhh..... Yeah, I'd fuck her.

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"This is Mass Madness, you Maniacs!" (4:43)

"...while the rest goes unmentioned!?!" I don't necessarily just mean ZH, they have lots to do, they do a lot, and they do it well; I mean most everybody else.

What has this site come to? Society, the economy... it all ends up in the same place.

For most, the message boards have become a place to display one's feathers, to posture, to save face. The true nature of man is political, yet we blame those who represent us for taking part. We should rather, then, represent ourselves, stand up, let our voices be heard, and our numbers be counted. We should sit idle no more. We are looking for that spark, that impetus that tells us it's ok, go ahead, stand up for yourself and correct what is wrong. Unite, stand up together and stand together for the betterment of us all. This rising tide can only raise all boats if we are not anchored to its depths. This world needs a spark; not a Trump, nor a LePen, a Farage, or a Wilders, this world needs a Rambo, and a Rambo it shall have.

Fight, mend your wounds, and stand up again. Fight always. Whether with a sword, a pen, or a thought, fight like your life depends on it, for it surely does. The spark is made, it is not Messiah nor is it Superman. It lives; it lives in us all. Use it to ignite the world, now. There is a time for reflection... and this ain't it.

Love always, fear not, trust never, for never does not lie, and forever does not forgive.

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"Seems like United's staff training has been outsourced to the Military?"

Yeah, how about that?

Most Americans do not come face to face with the Patriot Act every day, but you do when you fly.

9/11 "happened", folks.

The laws got changed.

The constitution was eviscerated.

And until the laws change, United's policies will remain the same.

And when you fly you will literally  be treated like a federal prisoner.

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When are people finally going to understand that United should be called “The Airline Formerly Known as Continental”.

The real United was killed off after the “merger”.

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This didn't have anything to do with 9/11.  It has to do with the tort system.  Can't have passengers unbuckled during slightly bumpy weather or they might fall down and go boom THEN SUE THE AIRLINE, because they were clumsy.  

The paranoia about seatbelts on an airplane is silly when you are wedged in to your seat and need a pry bar to get out.  But the dizzy flight attendants are afraid of getting fired if they don't badger the passengers.  Its for your SAFETY and they'll beat you to a pulp if you don't comply. 

MalteseFalcon's picture

"It has to do with the tort system."

Oh, really?

Is that why United dragged that guy off the plane and invited a massive lawsuit?

Patriot Act bro.

Back to the CATO institute with your ass.

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Couldn't the flight attendand simply escort the distressed passenger to the restroom? 

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This story is too weird.

Let's hear the flight attendant's version.

If this outbreak of Hollyweird-ish performance art is not addressed properly and soon, the hysteria will turn into a witch hunt.

Back during the neurotic Salem witch craze many innocent people were executed because Salem's obnoxious town brats knew how to put on a show, knew very well what their parents and elders believed, and that the superstitious townsfolk were conditioned to believe their wild acting.

Their acting took effect and the hunt was on.

Among those burned were a few Gaelic speaking Irish girls who were indentured servants thanks to Cromwell and the slave raids all over Ireland.

( Looking at you, Federal Parasite Reserve -- those raiders and their paymasters were your filthy ancestors and their criminal employees. )

The young prisoners spoke English poorly and when accused and sentenced, the terrified girls screamed out in Gaelic from the moment they were dragged to the place of execution and tied to the stake, and continued crying out in their mother tongue through all the pain until the flames claimed their lives.

Of course the town morons did not understand the unfamiliar language and concluded that the strange words were proof of witchcraft. 

It went on until the Governor's wife showed up and straightened them all out. 








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Her problem is asking permission to get up. I've gotten up with the seat belt sign on numerous times. Act like you own the place and don't allow anyone to stop you from what you were doing. I didn't even have to pee, just wanted to get up and stretch my legs walking down the aisle.

Seriously, serfs, apologize later and don't ask for permission. Especially if you are able to feign ignorance of the local language and speak well in a different one.

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Halfway down the page and no 2 girls and a cup jokes yet.  

Paul Kersey's picture

I did that once, and the stewardesses accused me of smuggling an anaconda on board.

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Way I heard it, it was an earthworm.

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Snaaaaaaaaaaaakes on a plaaaaaaaaaaaayaaynnnee.

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what, and nobody captured it on video? what is our society coming to?

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It wasn't Trump's fault; it was the f*cking Russians !

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I provide a helping hand. "Trump´s election forced United Airlines to change its passenger friendly policies towards rude misogynist guidelines, which the President himself represents." How about that.

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He has a certified letter saying he wasn't involved.

East Indian's picture

The other day an Indian guy asked the United employee why he had to pay $300 for a luggage he paid for $120 in the first leg; the lady in the counter was fumbling; so he started recording it on his mobile; she asked him to stop; when he did not stop, another United employee started recording him. This is ok; but then the lady cancelled his reservation!



Get used to it, serfs. The customer is no longer the king; the king is the king.

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A good customer experience and rent extraction are not compatible.

Is-Be's picture

"take it or leave it" attitude, 

If you pay peanuts you get monkeys.

shovelhead's picture

A lack of "empowerment"?

I guess you don't realize how stupid that makes you sound.

Like your in college or something.

philipat's picture

Sorry, it's a common word in business circles and the meaning is perfectly clear. I was forgetting that not everyone on ZH has reached a certain level of achievemnet.

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Common sense left the building years ago.  The government and management have taken all authority and decision-making capabilities away from the employees with threats and punishment for violations.  

It also doesn't help that the flying public has become more of the Walmart class.  Glamor days of air travel are long gone. 

dogismycopilot's picture

actually, the military is more forgiving when it comes to pissing.

i had a drill seargent who let the kid in our platoon - who couldn't hold his bladder in formation - run out when he started tapping his foot. "Run, private ENTER CHINESE SURNAME! Run!"

Private ENTER CHINESE SURNAME was a chinese national seeking US citizenship by serving and he completed his basic training speaking no english and having pissed his pants no less than 5 times. Though by the end of BT he was learning and everyone covered for him when he pissed the bed. 

Fuck United. Fly Emirates. Hello Tomorrow.

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United needs to re-name itself Continental, close down the Chicago HQ and let the old Continental employees take over.  The jerks in Chiraq are driving the carrier into the ground. 

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...hey! The Captain of the PLane LOVES Golden Showers!

Really---this is Obanma's Transgender Bathroom plan at its finest!



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> Can't make this shit up

They make this shit up all day long. All these airline 'situations' are hoaxes. These people are all just actors. I'm not sure what the meme is all about, but I just lump it in with 'control'.

The NDAA of 2013 makes legal the creation and dissemination of propaganda for use on the domestic population.


"It's propaganda. It softens your brain while you read."

"Mmmm ... sounds sublime."

"You're soaking in it!"

Is-Be's picture

Good fresh angle.

If it jerks your emotions around it is highly suspect.

Jim in MN's picture

Training us to comply, be humiliated, fight each other or poorly paid customer service and/or security flacks.


zhandax's picture

It trained me to refuse to fly commercial anymore.

mavenson's picture

Someone hates United? Or just a sort of predictive-programming warming us up to really shitty flying experiences? Or... control hmm, part of a larger plan to condition for stricter herding in general. Or there is just jackshit going on and United has been in a nazi mood? The beginning was the seat shrinking,  and then the charging for water, and asking you if you want peanuts but when you say yes they tell you 5 dollars. Well. Remember 'Meet the Parents'? This same shit was in there way back. It's all AGENDA 747 read up on it, lengthy paper by Kalergi and Brzezinski on the 'Plane Question.'

1033eruth's picture

lil dirtball gets 16 thumbs up from the moron side of ZH.  Who doesn't have a PERSONAL nightmare story about TSA?  But here we have a jackass that says all the stories we read are made up.  

ZH where the dregs of society and those that approve of them dwell.   

Again I say, who hasn't been personally in or personally seen others involved in the tyrannical side of TSA?  Those rules and regs (tyrannical) follow you ONTO the plane.  

However, the dingbat cited in the article above should know that she might get caught in that situation with her personal medical issue and NOT FLY or even smarter, STOP DRINKING FLUIDS while on the plane OR PEE before she gets on the plane.  

Lil dirtball, you are your approval squad are a bunch of jackasses.  I stopped flying years ago, thanks to TSA and it wasn't due to "propaganda and NDAA of 2013".  Stupid fucktwit. 

lil dirtball's picture

You sure told me.

Now fuck off.