What Happens In An Internet Minute?

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Here is what plays out every 60 seconds online in 2017...

Source: AllAccess.com

As Lori Lewis concludes, "It's a serious traffic jam out there."

The question - as we noted last night - is, how much of it is 'real'?

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Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Where is the statisitc for hours of porn watched?

38BWD22's picture



BEAT ME by a second or two!  Smile,,,

Art Van Delay's picture

How many faps can you do in a minute?

That's the correct answer.

Saddam Miser's picture

This pie chart isn't weighted. Please show the wedges as a weighted total.

Edit: This isn't even a real pie chart. The comparisons are apples to oranges. You cannot equate equal portions to 'money spent' to 'youtube videos watched'. Please post a real article without misleading visual depictions.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

You'll eat your pie chart the way it is and you'll like it dammit.

Saddam Miser's picture

If it were chocolate pie decorated with 59 cruise missiles.. I would eat it. And like it.

kananga's picture

It's a vanilla creampie with BBC cream toppings.

But you already knew that didn't you.

Sanity Bear's picture

And who among us cannot appreciate the longstanding and well-known - some might even say legendary - absurdist sublimity of ZH infographics?

prymythirdeye's picture

At this point, what difference does it make?

StackShinyStuff's picture

It is not a pie chart.  It is a round graphic.  They could have made it a square or a triangle.  Calm down Pythagoras.

smacker's picture

Well I see you've edited to correct your first comment.

The point is that a pie chart was probably the wrong presentation of this information for the reasons you state that it isn't proportionalised or weighted which pie-charts almost always are.

It was just a convenient display format to present the information as nice eye candy. Nothing more.

J. Peasemold Gruntfuttock's picture

Oh CD,

Not only am I a deviated prevert, but I'm first deviated prevert. :-)


Does this mean that you have accidentally revealed your real name?

May I address you sir as Colonel 'Bat' Guano?


J. Peasemold Gruntfuttock


takeaction's picture

Ah...AH....it is not a big truck...it is a SERIES OF TUBES.

Poor Ted Stevens...




38BWD22's picture



How many porn videos?  !!

Bill of Rights's picture

Edit ok to many sick minds thinking alike lol

max2205's picture

And that's just congress 

VWAndy's picture

I been thinking about setting up a youtube channel myself. Why not. I could get paid for making fun of stupid people. I think there might be a market for it.

DeathingerStar's picture

2,587,452 men "jerkin their gherkin" per minute. Seems you forgot this stat. 

simjojim's picture

100,000 tons of sperm ejaculated.

DeathingerStar's picture

wow... that's like a bajillion tons of semen.

Saddam Miser's picture

They forgot this slice:  102,961,549 trades front-runned every minute

J Pancreas's picture

156 million emails sent? 155 million have got to be spam.

fangulos's picture

Once you shop on Amazon and alike, they kept cramming my mailbox with junk mails, FU Bezos 4 selling customer privacy for 2cent

EternalAnusocracy's picture

The entire fucking internet is all spam.  Spam for you mind!

DelusionalGrandeur's picture

Aside from coming  to ZeroHedge to try to learn a little something here and there, it's the absurdly Fucking hilarious and witty remarks that keep me coming back over the years. I Fucking Love y'all.

Oh and "take action" thank you for that Stevens remix...that was side splitting!

Delusional Grandeur


Joe A's picture

And a lot of that is monitored and stored. Can you imagine the capacity to do that? I can't.

Dude-dude's picture

At least have a representative pie chart!  Looks like its mostly email.

mavenson's picture

Who gives a fuck about 'amazon echo'??? 50 what, what does it even do besides lock the pod bay doors?

Smerf's picture

Does not include porn? Fake news.

moorewasthebestbond's picture

Overly commericalized pie chart.

DaBard51's picture

Saddam, 'front-run' is the correct pluperfect past tense.

Grammar-nazi, I be, hmmmm....



When nine hundred years old you become, look this good you will not; and participles you shall hang not.

Vageling's picture

Wait! BTFD...

How does one watch 70017 hours of video in 60 seconds

Maybe I need coffee... 


70,017 HOURS of Netflix per MINUTE?  Can the internet bend the time-space continum now?

1.21 jigawatts's picture

Um hundreds of millions of dollars going through crypto currency exchanges that bypass the Jew banks. 

Oh BTW- bitcoin, bitches!

Squid Viscous's picture

$4,367,542,981 made off insider trading

new SEC cases... maybe next minute?

blindfaith's picture



Wait...WHAT?  No online banking?

toocrazy2yoo's picture

Porn, telecom, Amazon, Hulu and the rest. add in retail and inventory and VPNs, plus all the academic traffic, there's no end to the stuff they left off, but the stuff they left off dwarfs the stuff they depicted. Half my XFinity TV traffic comes right off the web. No mention of that.

SweetDoug's picture

"Serious traffic jam out there."


Gut-check time.

I'm sitting here ripping along at 5-7mgs/s, downloading torrents, reading the net, and I haven't had any problems, for more than a few minutes, sporadically, ever.

And neither have you.

The net is just fine.

What is the goal of people who tell us it's not?