The Final Straw: President Trump Had Two Scoops of Iced Cream, While Everyone Else Had One

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Correspondents from Time Magazine recently dined at the White House in the famed 'blue room' and were treated like savage animals. All went well with the enemies of America until dessert was prepared and served. As unbelievable as it might seem, the President made sure he was served not one, but TWO, scoops of iced cream, while everyone else got just 1.

These revelations have led to new outrage on the left, with the people demanding swift resignation from the President.

Others on the right point out that President Obama was once seen with two scoops inside of a waffled cone.

Personally, I think the President was being generous, as I'd ensure the bastards from Time would've received nothing at all.

CNN provides coverage on this important topic.

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Cant people make a point without resorting to using pictures of that sissy Kenyan Teflon Faggot ™ ?

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Would you really want a president who settled for just one?

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Bill ate two slices of pizza when he raped children! Oh the humanity!!!!

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I see that there are no comments on the summit in Beijing One Belt ,One Road-the whole world participating ,except the exceptionally stupid Muricans

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Two scoops?  LOL


Well if we're goin there....funny TROLLING re: two scoops



I love the street signs...




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If a second scoop of ice cream is all he wants, then give it to him!

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Keep driving the insane even more insane. Please go after their "Scared Cows". Anything that will drive Schumer, Waters and their lap dog media the Fake Indian nuts. A good Executive Order would be. Colleges must obey Federal Law if the collect Federal Funds. Burn Baby Burn?  

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Time warner spent 175m on the film  #faknews CNN HBO  just keep winning LOL  - 153m  take out of Bill Maher HBO obscene gesture and use it to go after the Awan servers and jail for McCabe Podesta and the rest of the ring.


Donate money to change police to drug rehab and CIA importer, banker, politician prosecutors.


King Arthur, placing No. 3 domestically, needs to do major business overseas, but early returns weren't promising. It earned $6.8 million on Friday from 51 markets for an early three-day foreign total of $11.6 million. In China, it opened to a mere $1.8 million to place No. 3. Full weekend numbers weren't immediately available.

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He got 2 balls everyone else just one

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This is a world starving for content.  Not knocking Fly for reporting on the "reporters", but the point is everyone is looking for content........that someone might care about.

But when we have seen ISIS chop off heads (right), mortgage companies raid pension funds, realize your government orchestrated or at least lied about 9/11,  negative interest rates,  $1.2 trillion college debt, the US Army guard the opium trade in Afghanistan....for 17 years,  Lavoy Finicum shot down like a dog, people strip searched and analy probed on the side of the highway, the Federal Reserve openly admit they are killing the middle class, the biggest personal welfare recipient being Elon Musk, Trump turn into another George Bush within the first 100 days, European leaders invade their own countries with African rejects and militants, the Russian President become a statesman in a world filled with evil globalist, Wells Fargo steal millions right out of their customer account and no one was jailed,  a massive pedophile ring known to the authorities and still in operation, the Secretary of State obviously guilty of treason with no consequences (hell, she almost became President), people allowed to self determine their gender, massive opium epidemic....prescribed by doctors, soda vice taxed, Marijuana legalized, illegal immigrants get preferred treatment,  health insurance required by law, an Arizona senator help overthrow an elected government in Ukraine, a sitting Secretary of State tell in an interview that the 500,000 civilians we killed in Iraq was worth it, the Russian President scold the West for leaving it's Christian values, Detroit go bankrupt, watch Dallas on the verge of bankruptcy,  know that the fortune 500 are the biggest welfare recipients in America, know that we spend more on "defense" than the next 11 countries combined, watch a federal Reserve chairman call gold an "ancient relic", hear about golden showers in regards to a President, hear a recording of a presidential candidate bragging about grabbing pussies, realize the debt ceiling is all political gaming for the masses, debt is money, the government pays over a half a trillion in interest, the Olympics held in a third world shit hole where swimmers were afraid to get in the pool water, see the world rushing to nuclear war....and your country is the lead dog in the effort,  see Greece forced to borrow money to make its current debt payments, understand wages are at 1987 levels, realize the whole financial world is a giant ponzi scheme about to go down..................AND ITS GOING TO GET A LOT WORSE BEFORE IT EVER HOPES TO GET BETTER....

 You come to realize that at this moment there is no shock value left in the media world.  That we have seen so much bullshit and wickedness that nothing surprises us or shocks us anymore.  That list isn't even one tenth of what I could the top of my head.....if I wanted to go on, and there are others on here that know way more than I do.  About all that is left.....with any shock a full blown depression or open war involving nukes.  So saddle up boys and girls things are probably about to escalate. Somebody somewhere is needing some bigger and better content, right?  The reality TV, marketing President is probably about to insist we take this road show to the next level.

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Once you realize it's all a false construct, it's all a game, entertainment for you then it becomes a lot easier.  Don't confront it.  Let it collapse.  Entrophy.

It's all an illusion created by "man" (plenty of nut-case wimmenz created it too)...  You'll have a much better time in life once you learn to slip between the cracks and hide in plain sight.

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Can we fight Time, Wapo, NYT, and MSM by repeating the meme that they want to castrate many men for acting like they are independent, or leaders?

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Noticed long ago that many women want to turn men into Eunuchs.

But had to expand the theory to include MSM wanting to castrate white men, conservatives, and successful businessmen... and add Liberals, Progressives, and many Latinos that also want to castrate men or white men.

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"citing sources" == #fakenews

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It was a slap at Barack's wookiee.

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the wookie had a gallon cartoon of ice cream by the looks of her.

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Yes she likes the penis ice cream with ass swirls.

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When one of those glamour magazines came out with Chewbakka on the cover claiming she was the most beautiful woman in the world I knew:

1) they were on crack; or,

2) they are blind; or,

3) infected political hacks.

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Hey Fly, thanks for doing the work this week.  You know, every week, ONE PERSON has to read Time magazine.  This week was your turn in the barrel.  You're off the roster for at least 54 weeks.

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That means Warren, Waters and Clinton can have a menage a trois before they get hysterical about this.


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What these people need to have served to them is a strong laxative lol...................

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One word: PRICELESS.

Way to go Mr. President!!!! ROFL!!!!

Personally, I would have been very happy with one scope because that would have been jsut enough sugar to keep me healthy.

Now that is creativity in action.

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Back in the mid 70's, from what other people tell me, I was a real bastard...14yrs old, was making good money delivering papers, trapping muskrats, mowing yards. shovelling snow...You know, the basics....Anyway, for a young man, I had money coming out the wazoo, I drove a Big Schwinn Typhoon all around Detroit, making money and getting in fights...One Summer, I came up an unusual hobby.


I would ride down to the Dairy Queen, and buy myself TWO single dip cones....I would stand there and casually lick on one, and carefully choose my victim..then, I would walk up to some total stranger, and take the other cone, invert it over their head, and firmly mash it down on top of their noggin all the while looking them straight in the eye!  Oh Damn!  I would just stand there looking at their face, as they puzzled WTH?  That cone mashed down on top of their head like some little clown cap!


I dont know why I did it even??  My cousin remembers these kind of things I used to do...back when I had all sorts of money and was a real bastard...In the 70's...It was funny as hell though...To this day, as old men, He cant hardly tell the story without pissing his pants...

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That behavior was entirely excusable ... you were suffering from "sugar induced psychosis."

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If you had done that to me, you would not be laughing about it now. I'm sure you did it to people who were smaller, weaker or handicapped. What a fucking Ass Hole. 

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Firing 59 cruise missiles that killed a load of innocent Syrians - fine and dandy.
Two scoops of ice-cream - impeach the evil dictator.

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A load? Like 5 lackies got wacked stopbeing a fucking idiot.