'Holier-Than-Thou' - How America's Mainstream Media Rebuke Foreign Leaders

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Authored by Brian Cloughley via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

In the week of World Press Freedom Day the New York Times carried one of its holier-than-thou and unintentionally ironical editorials, this time titled «Donald Trump Embraces Another Despot». Seeing the headline, the world could be forgiven for asking which one it might be, this time, and eventually the Editorial Board revealed the target of their displeasure to be President Duterte of the Philippines, an unpleasant morsel of filth who had just been invited to visit the United States by President Donald Trump, who is also an unpleasant morsel of filth.

In the run-up to identifying Mr Duterte as the object of its disapproval, the Times observed that «for the most part American presidents, Republican and Democratic, have believed that the United States should provide a moral compass to the world».

A moral compass? That rang a bell, because one person who used this phrase recently was the US Ambassador to the United Nations, the egregious Nikki Haley, who declared at her confirmation hearing that she will «speak up against anything that goes against American values», because «we have always been the moral compass of the world». What nonsense.

Many Americans have been horrified at the way in which their leaders have spun America’s moral compass over the years, and it is barely credible that anyone could utter such a phrase with sincerity.

Past presidents may have paid lip-service to such ideals, but few have pursued policies that would in any way indicate that the United States of America was providing a global moral compass. Post World War II, Washington’s ethics were blasted into pieces by the Pentagon’s evil fandangos in Vietnam and surrounding countries, where the effects of its massacres, bombings of cities and towns, and use of the chemical Agent Orange are still being suffered.

Ironically, the New York Times carried a piece in 2014 titled Agent Orange’s Long Legacy, for Vietnam and Veterans, which stated that «the war has not ended for many of the 2.8 million [US] servicemen and women who went to Vietnam. These ailing veterans are convinced that their cancers and nervous disorders and skin diseases — not to mention congenital maladies afflicting some of their children — are a result of their contact with Agent Orange». The writer claimed that «Often enough, that linkage has not been established incontrovertibly», which is a contemptible get-out, but the swinging moral compass went off the wall when he averred that the «Vietnamese accept almost as an article of faith that America’s aerial and ground spraying poisoned their environment, perhaps for decades to come, and is to blame for severe birth defects that afflict hundreds of thousands of their children. Whether that is indeed a reality has not been definitively established».

The poison of Agent Orange has indeed continued, as evidenced by many reports, one of the latest being on 4 April 2017 that «on a hill above his home, former soldier Do Duc Diu showed me the cemetery he built for his twelve children, who all died soon after being born disabled. There are a few extra plots next to the existing graves for where his daughters, who are still alive but very sick, will be buried». And it was Presidents Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon who bore responsibility for the vile despoliation of a region and the deaths of so many of its innocent citizens.

Moral compass? You’ve got to be joking.

Then the Editorial Board excelled itself by pronouncing that the Presidents of the United States have been «encouraging people to pursue their right to self-government and human dignity and rebuking foreign leaders who fall short».

The list of countries whose people have been actively discouraged by US Administrations from «pursuing their right to self-government» is long and depressing, and when there was movement to support people who want democracy the usual result was catastrophe. That this statement was made during Press Freedom Week was indeed ironic, because it was also reported that «Washington is working to push through contracts for tens of billions of dollars in arms sales to Saudi Arabia, some new, others in the pipeline, ahead of President Donald Trump's trip to the kingdom this month». He is visiting a dictatorship where, as his own State Department acknowledges, «civil law does not protect human rights, including freedoms of speech and of the press». Moral compass, anyone?

President Duterte is a gross violator of human rights and entirely without any moral sense. As noted on CNN, he is «the thug President of the Philippines — our ally. Here’s a man who has bragged about committing murder . . . and who just happens to be presiding over an anti-drug operation that by some estimates has involved the extrajudicial killing of some 7,000 people».

But there have been and continue to be many similar despots around the world whom the United States and the New York Times have supported for years. Take the truly evil Park Chung-Hee of South Korea with whom President Kennedy «reaffirmed the strong bonds of friendship traditionally existing between the two countries» and who lasted through Presidents Johnson, Nixon, Ford and even the faintly morally-conscious Carter, until Park’s assassination in 1979. Where was the moral compass in these hideous years in which Park was a valued ally of the United States?

Then there was the brutal Suharto of Indonesia (1967 to 1998; Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush the First, Clinton) about whom in 2015, fifty years after Suharto’s most appalling massacres, the New York Times carried a piece acknowledging that «with American support, more than 500,000 people were murdered by the Indonesian Army and its civilian death squads. At least 750,000 more were tortured and sent to concentration camps, many for decades». Reagan liked Suharto and in a speech went so far as to spin his moral compass back-to-front and say that «tonight we welcome good friends back to the White House» because he considered his dictator guest to have «clear-sighted recognition of where the interests of both our nations lie».

Of course Suharto recognised American interests — just as present-day dictators recognise them and know that although Nikki Haley and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and the Tweeter-in Chief, Donald Trump, should, as Haley proudly announced, «speak up against anything that goes against American values», they’ll do that selectively. They adopt this approach because although US values are Constitutionally and morally at variance with those of all the Gulf dictatorships, for example, they are subject to modification in interpretation as they go up the gently-sloped moral ladders of the Congress and the Administration.

There are never any public rebukes for the Gulf dictators, in spite of the State Department recording that they are intolerant bigots with no regard for human rights.

Washington declares Saudi Arabia to be «a strong partner» in spite of it being noted in the report on human rights that its citizens have no «ability and legal means to choose their government» while there are «restrictions on universal rights, such as freedom of expression, including on the internet, and the freedoms of assembly, association, movement, and religion; and pervasive gender discrimination and lack of equal rights that affected most aspects of women’s lives».

It would be refreshing if the New York Times Editorial Board were to get hold of America’s moral compass and encourage the President to rebuke the monarchy of Saudi Arabia for its long-standing, embedded and comprehensive contempt for the rights of Saudi citizens.

By all means criticize Trump for cosying up to the savage Duterte - but spare us the claptrap about moral compasses.

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peddling-fiction's picture

Do as we say. Not as we do.

Manthong's picture

I am more concerned about the war crimes and genocide being conducted in Yemen by the Saudis.

But Trump will never rebuke them until he gets his own moral compass act together first and rebukes the military/security/industrial complex in the seat of the empire here.

We do not need for the offence establishment to be rich and powerful anymore.


lasvegaspersona's picture

Parking ticket in NY NY now get jail time??!

jimmy12345's picture

No, but laundering money for the Russia oligarchs does get you jail time.  A Russian billion bought a house from Trump during the housing crash for $95 million that Trump paid $40 million 4 years earlier.  

land_of_the_few's picture

Let's not pretend you give a flying fuck about Russia (or Ukraine) losing capital to expat crims / "dissidents" that the West supports and nurtures. And takes political donations from.

You know, the ones that are genetically incapable of paying company taxes or filing annual company reports, as required by State law. They can go back home any time with their capital if they agree to do so.

Why aren't you on the streets of NY protesting outside the residences of the oligarchs on behalf of the Russian people?

Strange, we *never* see any people who supposedly care, doing so. And Bush, Bama and the Brits like Blair and Cameron never did a goddam thing about it either.

Aren't the US govt and banks supposed to check when people bring in capital? Or is it like the "I am not a Nazi" airport customs form that people have to sign?


gespiri's picture

I guess a lot of celebrities, bankers, and politicians (including the Chicago properties by your beloved useless negro and his sidekick Rahm) is guilty of doing the same damn thing.

Laughing.Man's picture

Cankles need to swing from a lamp post.

Scanderbeg's picture

Another dumb fuck Muh Russia troll.

Go strap on a vagina helmet and get the fuck out of here cock muncher.

gespiri's picture

Over your dead body.....not before we get rid of like minded people like you.

Scanderbeg's picture

The US has no moral authority and never really did.

The MSM will rubber stamp any war the globalists and zionists concoct. Look at all the agit prop at the NYT before Gulf War Part Deux.

This is the left wing opposition and heir to the 1960's antiwar movement? Laughable.

Brian Williams sounded like he wanted to pleasure himself after Trump lobbed missiles into Syria.

Amazingly Russia is portrayed as the reincarnation of Nazi Germany by a country that's overthrowing world leaders and having them killed by a knife shoved up their ass for petro dollars. 

Moral Authority. Haha.

Most Americans are retards and have no concept of how all this looks abroad. 

But any truly objective view reveals what a grotesque, immoral, fraud it is and always was.

Cordeezy's picture

Adopt the American morals so America can't exploit your for profit! If you resist..... Regime change


KweeBohNoh's picture

"Donald Trump Embraces Another Despot"
Was there a reference to Benjamin Netanyahoo I missed?

joego1's picture

Yep, Moral Chumpass

Stinkworx's picture

I think the Republic is collapsing from inside. The reason? A complete removal of the magnet that once directed that Republics' moral compass.

Juggernaut x2's picture

I just sense a general malaise in the US- people are weary of the status quo but don't know what to do about it. Trump was a ray of hope for middle and working class whites  but most now realize he is just a NYC shyster.

flyonmywall's picture

Why do we care what the New York slime thinks?


personal109's picture

I'll show you despot, line up everyone who works for the New York Times and shoot them. All of which are servants of the deep state.

besnook's picture

the fish rots from the head to the tail.you're average american is closer to a disgusting piece of shit than the lotus flower.

besnook's picture

of course the nyt would completely ignore our special friend, the warden of the world's largest prison, nutandyahoo's israel..

iamerican4's picture

Of Vietnam, where the writer (who pretends of authority on "moral compasses," things military, policy, historic, and "holy") served in the Australian Army killing or helping to kill God only knows how many innocents on behalf of the five percent colonial Roman Catholic ruling false-elite which owned 95% of Vietnam's wealth, he says: "President Lyndon Johnson inherited the Vietnam War from his predecessor and committed his country to an eventual disastrous defeat.

"Curious" how he failed to realize or mention LBJ is proven to have been a principal in the Roman Catholic CIA's adjudicated assassination of our president on behalf of Vatican FedScammers Rothschilds and Rockfeller, led by Bush and Nixon six weeks after our military withdrawal was ordered by JFK's NSAM263 with 120 dead.

Units transferred out to Guam were ordered back "in country" immediately after Dallas, just as the FRNs JFK had removed from circulation - ending Rome's money scheme - were also put back in circulation and the debt-free U.S. Notes he had issued, removed.

Cloughley is a papist/monarchist globalist whore hypocrite POS lying and shilling for Satan, and his affiliation with the child-trafficking "U.N." suggests he is a Pizzagater fully threatened by President Trump's Election by the sovereign American People.

Thankfully the Beast Cloughley rides shall soon be cast down. Praise God.

philipat's picture

Does that make the point he makes in this particular piece any less valid? Even if it is not exactly a revelation?

iamerican4's picture

The writer is FOS: A satanic enemy of the American People and of our president.

philipat's picture

That didn't answer my question....

iamerican4's picture

Obedience to God, America's named Sovereign, ruled by Truth, Justice, Reason, and Honor, is the only "moral compass."

Cloughley, with no moral compass and established proximity to the Pizzagate/"U.N.", is either a conformed moron hypocritically trying to wash innocent blood off his own hands, or actively working as a disinfo agent for Satan's NWO/king/pope, is FOS, having failed to point out that Islam is satanic...as is the NYTimes.

Watching our president deliver the address at Lynchburg yesterday informs any woke soul why the writer gratuitously disparaged him: Mr. Trump is God's Harbinger of the Apocalypse and the Anti-Christ Cloughley serves shall soon fall after its Fifth Column Beast now feeding upon America is cast down with Donald Trump's help, praise God.

. . . _ _ _ . . .'s picture

The entire MSM establishment has about the same moral compass as the Washington establishment. Naturally they would point the same way.

Kudos to Manthong, the war in Yemen is a war apart from the rest. Not enough people are talking about it.

MSM have used images of the victims of war to indict the 'dictators' they choose to fight. Those pictures of the drowned Syrian boy on that Turkish beach, or the boy who was covered in dust and blood (his big sister wasn't shown because she looked in better health) were used to decry Assad and his war. That was a load of crap, but the horrible thing about Yemen is that there are no images of injured innocents coming across the MSM channels. The reason is simple. The west is doing the damage, they support the tyrannical government, and the MSM is covering it up. The MSM is conspicuously absent from the entire conflict in Yemen.

Their compasses are indeed in lockstep.

I've written a short article illustrating this point here, for those of you who are interested. (This link does not go directly to the article because some of the content is very graphic, instead it goes to the home page. Scroll down a very short ways until you see the Saudi jet [purchased from America and piloted by an Israeli] bombing Sana'a - 3rd story down.) From there you can choose to click on the article, but there is no new information aside from two disturbing images and their captions. The images are very disturbing. Please do not post or share direct links to the article. Thanks for looking and talking about Yemen. They have nobody there to tell their story... and the bombs keep dropping.

Prince Charles is one of the world's leading arms dealers (47:16) and should be brought to answer for his deeds. Unfortunately, there exists no legal mechanism in England to accuse any member of the royal family of having broken the law. The UK, USA, Turkey, and Canada, amongst others, have sold the Saudis all the weapons which are now being used against the innocent people of Yemen including illegal cluster bombs and white phosphorus munitions.

Proctologist's picture

What else should we expect but more double speak from the whores that run our corporate media.

I wonder aloud how much additional coal & sulfur will be added to the fire upon their arrival in Hades.

Schmuck Raker's picture

ROFLMAO... no Russkies in the pic 8D

East Indian's picture

No moral compass will work near a huge mountain of money, even if that money is conjured out of thin air.

jimmy12345's picture

The alt-right has sided with authoritarianism and are treading over all over the ideals of the constitution and the founding fathers. 

. . . _ _ _ . . .'s picture

I've always wondered who these alt-righters are. Do they have a membership list? Are they all in a club together? Have they formed a political party, or is the term just a label used to smear those with whom you do not agree, kinda' like 'conspiracy theorist'?

I'm genuinely curious about your definition of this fringe group.

hooligan2009's picture

alt righters = anyone that does not believe in positive discrimination or is not a demonRat, or a libtard socialist snowflake, or who has a family they are struggling to pay for or who does not believe that increasing the national debt is a path to national wealth or that global fund managers and global corporations have american interests at heart.

you are right, the term "alt-right" is a libturd socialist snowflake construct that even libturd socialist snowflakes do not know how to define!

FreedomWriter's picture



"People who do not rely on artificial, inaccurate and outdated constructs such as "left" and "right" and use facts to form an opinion, as opposed to dogma. Alt-righters also recognize that the antiquated left-right dichotomy used by today's dwindling elites is a form of brainwashing. Like a shock- collar, it controls what people say, do, think and (more importantly) buy, hence its overwhelming rejection by many "alt-righters". A more useful description of such people would be the "undivided, awakened, pissed-off and soon-to-be overwhelming majority". 

Consequently, perceived alt-righters avoid using terms such as "alt-right" to describe themselves. They prefer proper labels such as "critical-thinker", "stacker", "self-sufficient", "polite", "well-armed", "libertarian", "patriotic" and "ready to take their Republic back". This much broader, mainstream definition reduces the intended marginalization effect of the "alt-right" brush.

It also creates a higher barrier to entry for most liberals whose arguments cannot usually survive the first 5 minutes of rational debate with a so-called "alt-righter". As the awakening process continues and more truth is unveiled, this trend towards enlightment will continue, exponentially."

I hope this helps. 

veeger's picture

the new york times along with nikki haley would know   moral    if it bit them on the ass.

mkhs's picture

But wouldn't you want Nikki to bite you on your ass?

essence's picture

Citing the NY Times, like I give a fuck.

OK, The ZH Tylers are (apparently) ex-wall street & east coast based.  I get it. Still a residual reverence. 
Get over it you ZH Tyler's. The world of information does not revolve around Wall St. propaganda organs.
Time for Zero Hedge to feel it's own oats and relevance and ignore them.

 I havn't owned a TV for over a decade. No cable. I NEVER, EVER  visit NYT or WApost websites. They are irrelevant.
I NEVER watch MSM or read Wa Post or NYT print.


Why Tylers do you keep referring to these hoary ol has beens?


. . . _ _ _ . . .'s picture

Most Americans trust these sources you decry. ZH shows them for what they are. I don't see the problem. New users sign up every day. They can't write stories based on your level of knowledge on a certain situation. These articles help the blind to see, and are shared such that others can wake up, as well. People need to be reminded. Maybe you or I don't, but that is the exception to the rule. I like that they don't always preach to the choir; that helps spread the word.

essence's picture

The beauty of someone like you responding to my comment is that it gives me a space to reply.
And my hellfire response ...summed up in just a few words:


. . . _ _ _ . . .'s picture

I agree. I think ZH is all about that. But my take on this article is that that is what it is doing.

"But there have been and continue to be many similar despots around the world whom the United States and the New York Times have supported for years."

essence's picture

Nevertheless, there comes a time when enough is enough.

ZH keeps referencing east coast propaganda organs , be it NTY,Wapost,Bloomberg as if they are pillars of relevancy.
Sure, I realize these are well monied, oligarch mouthpieces. Their very well funded backing gives them a certain momentum.

Only, there comes a time to cast off the shackles and take the lead ...... or be left behind.

LA_Goldbug's picture

"People need to be reminded."
Very True !!!

LA_Goldbug's picture

NYT = Information = Moral Compass

You have to be brainwashed to believe this. And many are.

GracchusBrothers's picture


Just as Rome grew from Republic to Empire, so too did the USA grow from Republic to Empire.

No Empire in history has EVER had a moral compass or it wouldn't have grown to be an Empire.

To be an Empire a nation has to be ruthlessly aggressive in its hegemonic ambitions; its jingoistic patriotism has to appeal to its citizens already lulled by "bread and circuses" for the Romans and "welfare and television" for the Americans.

The ruling elites of an Empire's client states are complicit in the Imperial lack of a "moral compass".

Just as the Roman Empire had good and moral people of all classes, so too does the American Empire.

Unfortunately, those in charge are generally egotistical sociopaths.


iamerican4's picture

God's America has been hijacked by the Christ-killers of "the real Anti-Christ," who put their logo, the Fasces, on the front wall of the U.S. House after parishioners of St. Paul's RC church on Capitol Hill, their quasi-military outpost, assassinated Lincoln following the victory of the cannon-fodder/faithful they pushed here from Ireland, Italy, and Germany for that purpose.

Now the Anti-Christ's agents seek to gaslight we Goyim into forgetting Mr. Jefferson's warning of their "engine for enslaving mankind" and take their guilt of "Empire" on ourselves, the invaded sovereign "nation of priests" here in Isaiah's actual true and prophesied "Zion," under attack - "a nation of unwalled villages" - as Hebrew prophecy foretells, by (((Gog))) and Babylon, the same pedo homos we escaped to explicitly receive America in covenant, who two-thousand years ago crucified "tens of thousands" of Christs and Christ Immanuel for only one, single, unique "crime": twice denying Caesar was God. 

Yen Cross's picture

 Let's focus on facts, not false flags?

esum's picture

Media is a bottom line BUSINESS....
thus the product (schlock) is geared to the audience (consumer) at the Gerry Springer level...
There is probably 15 minutes of global "news" / factual events.... the rest is a mixture of raisins and horseshit.... care for some...???

rejected's picture

The author is somewhat correct in most of his assertions. What he fails to grasp is that most Americans themselves have no moral compass.

"and the freedoms of assembly, association, movement, and religion" 

Where are these freedoms in the US? Freedom of Assembly? Remember New York cops spraying mace on women???  Movement? The TSA and no fly lists?  Religion? Go to school with a bible,,, a Koran is fine but no bibles. Post religious comments on ZH, get hammered by the religious haters.  Association?  Your watched day and night by an army of Americans monitoring the websites you go to and whom you confer with.

Moral Compass?: "used in reference to a person's ability to judge what is right and wrong and act accordingly"  The author is challenging only the leadership of America when in fact 99 pct of the country lacks any moral compass as it is defined. Americans have a Relative Compass in that it's their 'choice' what is right and wrong. Demented life styles... a choice. Killing babies in a womb... a choice.

Democracy?  America's elections are obviously rigged. They get two choices, both chosen by the PTB and how much money they can acquire usually illegally. In my almost 70 years I have never witnessed Democracy in the US. And just what the hell makes it supreme to all other forms of government?  The US is now a dictatorship comprising of corporations, the military and the intelligence groups.

"...target of their displeasure to be President Duterte of the Philippines, an unpleasant morsel of filth who had just been invited to visit the United States by President Donald Trump, who is also an unpleasant morsel of filth?  

Duterte is a thug but a minor one when the US is considered. It is noted he has killed 7000 people. How many men, women and children has the US killed, and is still killing. in its senseless empire wars which many Americans not only participate but advocate?  It's in the hundreds of thousands to millions.

Moral Compass,,, Cut me some slack. You cannot have leaders of a nation with a true moral compass unless the nation itself has a moral compass.

opport.knocks's picture

Identifying and writing about American political and complict media hypocrisy is almost too easy.

Even current villain-du-jour Assad's secret service was their buddy while doing extra-judicial torture on the CIA's behalf after 9-11. But then Israel and the global central banking cartel decided he had to go for not playing by their rules.

south40_dreams's picture

Only a significant non-linear event can fix this picture.  War is what everyone expects, but I think it will be something else