Paul Craig Roberts Rages "Are You Ready To Die?"

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Authored by Paul Criag Roberts,

“Fifty years ago, the streets of Leningrad taught me one thing: If a fight is inevitable, you must strike first.” Vladimir Putin

In George Orwell’s 1949 dystopian novel, 1984, information that no longer is consistent with Big Brother’s explanations is chucked down the Memory Hole. In the real American dystopia in which we currently live, the information is never reported at all.

On April 26 - 16 days ago - Lt. Gen. Viktor Poznihir, Deputy Chief of the Main Operations Directorate of the Russian Armed Forces, stated at the Moscow International Security Conference that the Operations Command of the Russian General Staff has concluded that Washington is preparing a nuclear first strike on Russia.


The Times-Gazett in Ashland, Ohio, was the only US print media that a Google search could turn up that reported this most alarming of all announcements. A Google search turned up no reports on US TV, and none on Canadian, Australian, European, or any other media except RT and Internet sites.

I have been unable to find any report that any US Senator or Representative or any European, Canadian, or Australian politician has raised a voice of concern.

No one in Washington got on the telephone to tell Putin that this was all a mistake, that the US was not preparing a nuclear first strike on Russia, or ask Putin how this serious situation could be defused.

Americans do not even know about it, except for our readers.

I would have expected at least that the CIA would have planted the story in the Washington Post, the New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, and NPR that General Poznihir was expressing his personal opinion, nothing to be taken seriously. But apparently Americans and their European vassals are not to even know that such an accussation was made.

As I reported some time ago and more recently in my column about North Korea, the Chinese leadership has also concluded that the US intends a nuclear first strike against China.

Alone either Russia or China can destroy the US. If they act together, the destruction of the US would be redundant. What is the intelligence, if any, and morality, clearly none, of the US leadership that recklessly and irresponsibly invites Russia and China to preempt Washington’s attack on them with an attack on the US?

Surely not even insouciant Americans are so stupid as to think that Russia and China will just sit there and wait for Washington’s nuclear attack.

I lived through every stage of the Cold War. I participated in it. Never in my life have I experienced the situation where two nuclear powers were convinced that the third was going to surprise them with a nuclear attack.

I supported Trump because he, unlike Hillary, said he would normalize relations with Russia. Instead he has raised the tensions between the nuclear powers. Nothing is more irresponsible or dangerous.

We currently are in the most dangerous situation of my lifetime, and there is ZERO AWARENESS AND NO DISCUSSION!

How can this be? Putin has been issuing warnings for years. He has told the Western presstitute media on more than one occasion that they, in their dishonesty, are pushing the world to nuclear war. Putin has said over and over, “I issue warnings and no one hears.” “How do I get through to you?”

Maybe the morons will hear when mushroom clouds appear over Washington and New York, and Europe ceases to exist, as it will if Europe continues the confrontation with Russia as is required from Washington’s well-paid vassals.

Within the last several years I reported the Chinese government’s reaction to US war plans for a nuclear strike on China. The Chinese showed how their submarines would destroy the West Coast of the US and their ICBMs would finish off the rest of the country.

I reported all of this, and it produced no response. The Memory Hole wasn’t needed, as neither Washington nor the presstitutes nor the Internet noticed. This is insouciance to the thousandth degree.

In America and its subservient, crawling on their knees vassal states, the information never gets reported, so it never has to be put down the Memory Hole.

If you convince someone that you are going to kill them, they are going to kill you first. A government, such as what exists in Washington, that convinces powerful countries that they are targeted, is a government that has no respect whatsoever for the lives of its own people or the peoples of the world or for any life on planet Earth.

Such a government as Washington is evil beyond all measure, as are the media whores and European, Canadian, Australian, and Japanese vassal states that serve Washington at the expense of their own citizens.

Despite all their efforts to believe otherwise, the Russian and Chinese leaderships have finally arrived, belatedly, at the realization that Washington is evil to the core and is the agent of Satan.

For Russia and China, the Satanic Evil that rules in the West has reduced the choice for Russia and China to them or us.

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winged's picture

Trump won't attack N Korea and China. He's too busy figuring out who in the Arab world he can destroy to please IsraHell.

Manthong's picture

I need to pick up the dry cleaning first.

djealas's picture

I think you have time. P.C.R. has been spinning the same bullshit doom yarns since forever, while he flogs his books and newsletters. He's gotten downright comical to read. If and when the end times come, I'll be on the balcony with a case of beer, watching it all happen. What the fuck else can you do?

Jimbeau's picture

PCR didn't write those articles listed.
Here is where you also blow those articles off.

HRClinton's picture

"Insouciant". Signature word for PCR.

I won a bet.

OverTheHedge's picture

I'll give you much better odds on the next article NOT containing "insoucant", as it is guaranteed to be there.

Internet-is-Beast's picture

Finding the word 'insouciant' in a PCR article is a bit like finding Atta's passport in the rubble, or the identity papers of the Charlie Hebdo assasins in the driver's seat of their get away car. It kinda screams "Psyop!" Of course he could be right, but since it is always "Washington" who is the guilty party, you have to wonder.

I think part of the NWO strategy is just that us peons slated for slavery or destruction are supposed to always have an undercurrent of anxiety that stops us from being able to think for ourselves. Is PCR controlled opposition?

junction's picture

The ransomware attack yesterday has all the earmarks of a false flag attack by the dark directorate of the NSA.  First the NSA creates a proxy group to release the CIA/NSA/USA hacking codes, then we get an attack on computers worldwide starting outside the United States.  Sure, the computers were vulnerable because they still used Windows XP, which is no longer supported by Microsoft.  A computer nerd in the UK was the first to find the domain where the shut-off switch was, so the story goes.  Not the GCHQ nor the NSA.  This hack attack could have left more than ransomware in the infected computers, but no one is talking at the NSA so far.  

Microsoft just installed a new security update in my computer this morning, an update that is highly effective at disabling my Hotmail account.  My suggestion: get ESET antivirus software and don't get vaccinated.    

Internet-is-Beast's picture

Sure, and it was "Washington" who did it. Throw 100 darts aT A world map and you wiLl still not hit those Parties responsIble fOr thaT. /sarc

FlowerofLife's picture

Malware Premium prevented infection too.

Anteater's picture

ESET is pretty good.

Government contractors use Windows free virus scan, prolly why they can't account for the missing $8,000,000,000,000.

Don Trump's big $1,100,000,000,000  budget-shortfall bridge-funding bill is stalled in the Senate. MIC can't wait. They have grift to pay, and stock markets to roil. NSA is prolly $1,000,000,000s in ransom money richer today, than it was last week.

These are the final Stage 5 metastasizing black AIDS cancers. Our national HIV is too far gone to cure now.

I've taken my laptop offline, and use a tablet to browse. I set up buys or sells, then call the broker from a shoebox full of old Nokia phones with grocery store minutes, and wire the money from or to overseas accounts.

Then one day Don's Orange Face will announce a yuuuge bank holiday. Redemptions will be frozen.

It's a'comin'. They can't make their numbers anymore.

Youri Carma's picture

I think Trump's main problem will be the Syrian wasp nest as he gets from an covert war to an overt confrontation with the Russian army. If one stirs a wasp nest one might get stung.

Drone Images Expose Major US, Jordan Military Build-up On Syrian Border
Turkey Warns US Decision To Arm Kurd "Terrorists" Is A "Crisis", Gives Trump Chance To "Reconsider"

j0nx's picture

Negro (PCR) please. A single one of our SSBNs could destroy one of these countries if they sneak attack us and we have at least 18 of these things lurking around the oceans of the world. Nobody is sneak attacking anyone and thinking they are getting away with it without MAD. Same as it ever was since the early 60s. This piece is fear mongering at its finest.

Jimbeau's picture

He didn't say that the Russians think they can WIN... he said that they are getting messages that they will be attacked. THEN he said: what would YOU do if you thought you were going to be attacked?
The survivors won't miss you.

Quantum Bunk's picture

PCR is an old fucknut.


I reccomend a new geopol guy for Zerohedge. Mark Sleboda, Alex Macurius. Someone like that

nmewn's picture

PCR definitely hits a lot of dry holes for the "investment"...

"I supported Trump because he, unlike Hillary, said he would normalize relations with Russia. Instead he has raised the tensions between the nuclear powers. Nothing is more irresponsible or dangerous."

...he better be careful or Schumer or McCain will be demanding he appear before the House or Senate investigation committees to explain himself ;-)

LN's picture

McInsane is still somewhat lucent, who knew?


Davidduke2000's picture

I guess you are a loser in life and would not care because your life is worthless. 

pine_marten's picture

I would like to catch a few more walleyes before thermo nuclear war breaks out.

besnook's picture

i'm thinking the radiated trout will be godzilla huge after the war. i just have to live through it.

LN's picture

We're all going to die PCR, the how and when we still have some control over.


aldousd's picture


“The presence of US missile defense bases in Europe, missile defense vessels in seas and oceans close to Russia creates a powerful covert strike component for conducting a sudden nuclear missile strike against the Russian Federation,” Poznikhir explained.


That's not exctly an accusation. It's the statement that "If the US were planning a strike, this would be how they'd lay the groundwork, probably."  And that word "Nuclear" just thrown in there for good measure... What?  Why on earth would anyone assume the strike would be nuclear? This is bullshit.

veeger's picture

yeah , the u.s. don't need no stinkin missles , just send in the 1st bulldyke brigade......something that napolean and hitler did not have.

EmeraldWI's picture

The military industrial complex has had a first strike planned (and continually prepares) for every nation everyday since WWII. That's not news.

Davidduke2000's picture

what are you doing to stop them other than nothing??? you are awiting your doom with " it's going to happen soon or late".

InTylerWeTrust's picture

"Shall we play a game?"

me or you's picture

I hope that day comes...the day when the evil Empire of Chaos will not longer exists. 

* Sorry for the American people but you will deserve it for doing nothing to take your country from the traitors and Jewish parasites who have taken over your government. 

Xena fobe's picture

When the nuke hits, my last thought will be joy that you and yours will also be wiped out.  I don't mind dyin for a great cause. 

Lost in translation's picture

Been ready since July of '92. Romans 10:9 and 10:13, KJV

"What a Friend we have in Jesus,
All our sins and griefs to bear..."

Is-Be's picture

What insouciant nonsense.

The ultimate aim , the very Ideal of monotheists , is Armageddon and the return of the Messiah (trumpets blaring).

What you will get is a flash and then a million year silence.

Is a tree not known by its fruit?

peddling-fiction's picture

Thor = Lightning = Lucifer = Marduk = Jupiter = Zeus

Fruits of this Chameleon?

Is-Be's picture

Thor = Lightning = Lucifer = Marduk = Jupiter = Zeus

Fruits of these folks?

40 000 years of survival.

Lucifer is your god, not ours. And who the fuck is "Murduk".

Is there no lie too big for your mouths?


peddling-fiction's picture

Is Thor not part of your pagan pantheon? Or do you worship trees?

Does he not throw lightning and thunder?

So do all these fellows. The same god, but different names for different cultures.

Look into it.

Is-Be's picture

Look into it.

What I am looking into is a fireball of you monotheists making.

As an aside you monotheists dribble shit about our Gods.

How would cardboard cutout god whose only deed was to hurl lightning bolts have survived 40 000 years of campfire retelling?

" Tell us about Thor, grandfather."

" He hurled thunderbolts".

" Wow grandfather, that is so riveting. I can't wait to tell my grandchildren".

peddling-fiction's picture

Care to beg and grovel, as your biography exposes?

Illuminate us...

Is-Be's picture

Care to beg and grovel

I bend my knee before my people to save them. This is noble and worthy.

Bending and grovelling before a murderous Idol is neither noble nor becoming.

It is however a common monotheistic trait.

Pity our Arab brothers who have to offer up their sphincters for their God's inspection 5 times a day.

jimmy12345's picture

It's sad when religous people want the end of the world.

peddling-fiction's picture

Religious people are mostly sheep.

Their leaders are the wolves. They worship the occult.

They hold the finger on the button. Not the sheep.

The sheep are sent into battle, as an offering and blood sacrifice to the gods that the elite worship.

peddling-fiction's picture

I am aware that other deities exist. But they are not God, unbegotten, timeless and Creator of creators.

Below you mentioned Ashera(h) yet did not know who Marduk was.

Asherah is considered the Queen of Heaven with Anu (JHVH) in the Sumerian pantheon <--JHVH is Monotheist's god.

Marduk is part of the Sumerian pantheon of gods.

However Jesus the Christ came to say that these JHVH worshippers (among other gods) did not know who My Father was. Meaning that neither JHVH nor Anu are Jesus' father.

The Holy Spirit is female, and you will confirm that in Hebrew and Aramaic writing, and in the Bible, when mentioning Wisdom and Her works. She is also known as Sophia.

unsafe-space-time's picture

The Holy Spirit is not female. A bitch is female. The feminine is the cause of mental illness. Don't apply a gender to what's Holy. Especially an inferior one.

peddling-fiction's picture

Early Christianity believed it so.

All I see is lots of evil oozing from the patriarchs.

TradingTroll's picture

Thor is a 'pagan pantheon'??

Funny, because most of us are not pagans but we do honour Thor's day.


Thor is part of our present world, like it or not.

peddling-fiction's picture

Yes, Thor is part of the Viking pantheon of gods.

Troll, but you are right about Thursday. Here is more:

Monday is Moon Day

Tuesday is Tiu, Tyr's Day, Mars, Ares

Wednesday is Woden's Day (Odin) Mercury, Hermes

Thursday is Thors Day, Jupiter, Zeus (Lucifer)

Friday is Freya's Day, Venus, Aphrodite

Saturday is Saturn's Day, Chronos

Sunday is Ra's (Sun) Day, Apollo

Christmas is a combo of Yule and Roman feasts. Easter = Astarte

Jesus was born on 9.11.-3 and died on 4.7.30

mc888's picture

Don't like lightning much, eh?

Neither does a dog that hides under the bed during every thunderstorm.

peddling-fiction's picture

Does bearing the shield of Transylvania mean you like blood and piking humans?

mc888's picture

Actually it refers to Transylvania being the most important country in Europe, circa 500 years ago.

You prefer my old Klingon cruiser? My other car is a C7.

peddling-fiction's picture

500 years ago. When they were piking lots of people?

Seven fortresses, D7 and C7.

777, Do what you wilt?