Politicians (Summed Up In 1 Cartoon)

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Presented with no comment...


Source: Townhall.com

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Obama was incompetent. Comey was just proof.

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Comey should have been fired just for the fact that he got famous. These guys should just stfu and disappear into the beige carpet.

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Ah the Comey Comedy..was needed as distraction

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And we love flipper, flipper!  Lives in a world full of wonder... flying their under ... under the sea! 

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Will Hitlery finish 2017 behind bars? Please someone say yes. 

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She will end up visting Trump in prison.

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No, She will be swinging from a Tree.

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Or burnt at the stake with Hubby Willy.

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Depends! She will finish the year in Depends. Who knew incontinence could be this funny?

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Trumpstein is done, up to bat: pence, millenialist, dominionist, the Family

short history of pence shows he came in with the class of 2000 in congress, jim demint(just got fired from heritage, which in itself is a deep story), denny hastert faction remember those guys? deep aipac and turkish lobby boys. see seibel edmunds


some questions:

  1. who is felix Sater?
  2. who is Semion Mogilevich?
  3. is trumpstein the target of the fbi? or
  4. is trumpstein a mole in a long-running fbi counter-intelligence op against italian, israeli, and russian mob, up to and including respective governments?
  5. are the doj and fbi infiltrated and compromised?


the big question is: who is behind Mike Pence? Mike Pence would NEVER EVER get on a potus ticket as veep or presidential candidate had he run by himself.  NEVER. That's how toxic mike pence is to the rest of the country.  It always blew my min why Trumpstein went with pence in a tight election.  Why not a woman or black or latino? 

are the people behind trumpstein the people behind pence? either way we need to look past trump, he is done, need to find out about pence and what the people behind him want.







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Your anti-Semitic slip is showing!

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your lack of a critically thinking mind is showing

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New 3 day bogey in town. Watch, he could be a player for the Pedo team.

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"Why not a woman or black or latino?"

I guess you missed DT's campaign rallies?

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Here's my cartoon on the last week, if we're sharing


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So, is it rabbit season or duck season?

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Don't you mean wabbit?  It is some Bugs Bunny shit going on!

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Of Asses and Elephants. 

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Vote them all out, every level, every time.

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Politicians are horrible.

Till you realize that the alternative is oligarchs and feudalism and banksters and serfdom

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"Till you realize that the alternative is oligarchs and feudalism and banksters and serfdom"


Yes, that is exactly how the United States of America is controlled today.  The oligarchs, banking gangsters, CON Street Swindlers and the Criminal Crony Capitalist CONporations own the political parasites lock, stock and barrel.  

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Comey needs to be fixed with

a 10" Cunting spanner!

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tRump just fucked himself. comey was probably the only one in Washington who was going to save his arse. Such a prudish, but pedantic prick, the guy with less grey hair.

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The entire government is dysfunctional. Or haven't you noticed. By the way, it's still costing 3 trillion dollars a year to run.

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double talk, lies and slander..and that's just the jewnews..hollyjewwood, can't wait to make movies about the hero's in the .gov fighting Trumpism..we hardly knew ye senator mccarthy.

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Why don't you just show them taking donor money and asking what the state sponsored propaganda lie of the week is so they can regurgitate it.

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Heckuva government we got here, for the bargain basement price of $3 trillion per year.