Trump-Appointed Manufacturing Tzar Backfires - Supports NAFTA, Backs Mexico

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In an apparent snub to the administration's trade policy plans, GE CEO Jeff Immelt - who sits on the Trump-appointed manufacturing council - said he "very supportive" of NAFTA adding that he was "optimistic about Mexico."

Just a day after we showed Mexico's Manufacturing industrial production surge 8.5% year-over-year - the greatest surge since August 2010...


And expectations for employment in US manufacturers are tumbling...


Reuters reports that GE Chief Executive Officer Jeff Immelt said on a visit that Mexico had great potential and was not properly understood. He touted the conglomerate's Mexican operations and the trade deal binding Mexico, Canada and the United States.

"GE as a company, we're very supportive of NAFTA," Immelt told employees at an event to mark the expansion of operations in the northern city of Monterrey. He said the trade accord could be modernized, as Mexico has argued.


The GE boss said trade meant "win-win" opportunities across North America.


"We will continue to work constructively in the context of wanting to see a close relationship between the U.S. and Mexico," he said, noting that GE's exports to the rest of the world from Mexico were worth $3 billion.


"We're optimistic about Mexico, we're optimistic about what we can do here," Immelt added, saying Latin America's no. 2 economy would be a "big part" of GE's future.

As a reminder, Immelt sits on a Trump-appointed manufacturing council (that Mexico has targeted for lobbying as Mexico and Canada push U.S. business leaders to defend NAFTA).

While Trump touts a "Buy American" policy and has railed against U.S. companies moving operations to Mexico (threatening to ditch NAFTA, a lynchpin of the Mexican economy, if he cannot rework it to secure better terms for the United States), unlike some U.S. companies, GE has not backed off plans in Mexico, risking broadsides from Trump on Twitter.

How long before Mr. Immelt gets a tap on the shoulder?

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ronaldwilsonreagan's picture

The joke just doesn't end.LOL Hillary is that you?

WTFRLY's picture

Too much Joominati money in GE, wtf did he think might happen?

NoDecaf's picture

MAGA the movie (aka)"How I learned to stop worrying and love the collapse one bizarre turn after another"

froze25's picture

GGood for the Zar , not what I voted for. Fire his ass.

bamawatson's picture

ALL, the umpteen, czars were created by Executive Orders

Trump, the trump, i believed in should have already abolished Every Damn One of em

knukles's picture

Gob Export
They bring great shit to life.  Whatever

Manthong's picture

It’s hard to find good help nowadays.

NidStyles's picture

Jeff is just an average shabbot traitor.


Who would hire this fucker in the first place?

ebworthen's picture

"You're fired!"

Say it with me...

peddling-fiction's picture

Mexico is pivoting towards Asia, Latin America and the EU.

Why, because the writing is on the wall (enjoy the pun), and because they can now.

Mexico was not really allowed to get too creative and choose exotic trade partners.

knukles's picture

We're worried about Imelt while some of my neighbors still have Hillary signs in their front yards.

Conversation with a Progressive;
He's not my president
Well, neither's Hillary, pal.

peddling-fiction's picture

LOL.  Rude awakenings coming up.

All over the World.

Trump will probably move the US Embassy to Jerusalem, and Israel will probably name Jerusalem its capital very soon.

Muslims will go ballistic. <-- Ramadan present

Trump wants peace. LOL

Oldwood's picture

There sure as hell is no peace in supporting decades of unresolved conflicts. We still have peace with Japan and Germany after five years of bloody war, whereas since, every conflict we have been a part of is STILL ongoing and looks to be so in perpetuity.


But let us pretend, right?

SilverBird's picture

Try to learn something about the parasite called islam. Your reception is skewed.

Citizen_x's picture


"Trump wants peace"  or The art of the deal wants a piece...of the action.  Great article link below.  Those of us from the east coast knew what Trump was...and is.  You don't own casino pro bono.  Some of us have been on the other side of his chronic short-pay habit.  "Making America Great Again" is nothing more than "Yes We Can for white people.

SilverBird's picture

You simple asshole, he's even on tape talking pressing to get money into Harlem, went to court to get minorities in segregated clubs. You're another globalist libtard who wants to hand our ass to islam. Get behind our POTUS or STFU.

Bubba Rum Das's picture

"Trump will probably move the US Embassy to Jerusalem, and Israel will probably name Jerusalem its capital very soon."

MIGA... Make Israel Great Again!

Sez Vice President Kushner...

nmewn's picture

Again..."The best thing about Trumps first 100 days is they were not Hillarys first 100 days!" - anonymous

Kinda says it all ;-)

RiverRoad's picture

I can settle for Trump, both Houses of Congress, Gorsuch, Comey fired, gridlock, and knowing the disgusting Clintons are not sipping martinis in the White House.

nmewn's picture

I hear ya...and the deadwood cleaned off the top floor of the State Department and the EPA and Department of Education and the spectacle of Jill Stein confirming with dim donors the electoral count (lmao!) and wimpy Antifa missing targets @ 30ft practicing "marksmanship"...or

Its actually been unbelievably enjoyable for me...oh yeah...because "this Tyler" didn't deem it newsworthy for some reason to point out just who is on this "council"...surprise!...two high ranking AFL-CIO members...

...and...whatevahs ;-)

peddling-fiction's picture

I still agree with that nmewn.

But Trump is screwing up quickly.

At least we don't have public witchcraft ceremonies on the Whitehouse lawn and hear "Timmy, would you sacrifice the Easter bunny to Moloch now".

nmewn's picture

The "legacy media narrative" is he's screwing up quickly. I'm not so sure, he's doing a bunch of shit that's not getting reported on by them and they are falling woefully behind on their retractions & "updates" of what they said even yesterday ;-)

peddling-fiction's picture

In the end all the World wants are results.

Outside the US it means don't throw us Tomahawks or put boots on the ground.

In the US the Tax Reform will be crucial as well as healthcare.

He (Damien Kushner) might be stirring a hornet's nest in Turkey, Syria and Israel/Palestine.

nmewn's picture

In the end, all we want in America are results and we want them here. 

I personally don't give a shit about "the world" and their problems and I don't give a flying fuck about the media meme of "healthcare". Is everyone having fun frantically looking for their "healthcare" every fucking year? Everyone taking that extra vacation they were promised would be "affordable" by saving $2,500 a year (on now after ObaMaoCare? 

Well good then, "healthcare" is fixed.

SilverBird's picture

You have NO CONCEPT of how badly obummercare fucked over Americans. Must be nice to be a spoiled, privieleged prick.

SilverRhino's picture

Trump really needs to pick a couple of non-corporate farmers and maybe a tradesman or two to be the 'czars'.   Not these asshole executives that don't seem to understand the concept of betrayal.  

El Oregonian's picture

Immelt was doing lap dances on Obama since 2008, what'd ya think this progressive would do? You can not change the spots on a leopard.

Troll Magnet's picture

I hope DJT leanrns fast that the Chosen Ones are the biggest liars and traitors on earth. He better realize it yesterday.

Goldilocks's picture

DJT *(before yesterday)...

BREAKING: President Trump Announces Syria Attacks (FNN) (2:59)
FOX 10 Phoenix - Apr 6, 2017

Handful of Dust's picture

One week after Obama appointed Immelt as Czar, he sent 25,000 GE jobs to China.

Trump was nuts to appoint this guy to anything.

tmosley's picture

In this thread, all the peanutz, including Tyler, who has apparently jumped the shark with almost every other analyst, commiserate over how Trump did exactly what he said he was going to do if Mexico cooperated instead of what he said he would do if Mexico didn't cooperate.

In the peanut gallery, fulfilling campaign promises is flip-flopping.

Edit: An article covering his pledge from last June:

Chuck Walla's picture

Ol' Jeffy was expert in blowing Obama. Maybe Don don't swing that way?

SilverBird's picture

Better there than jizzlam.

Scanderbeg's picture

This is a misleading article. Immelt had a prominent role under Obama and has always been known as a globalist, open borders technocrat.

He is not running Trumps trade policy and likely has little or only moderate influence.

If this guy is really in charge than Eli Musk must be as well.

Bad day for ZH. First that horrible blue GDP piechart and now a bullshit Trump hitpiece.

HRClinton's picture

No, not me. But I'd fire his butt on the spot, for blatant and embarrassing Subordination. 

Blankone's picture

Why do you call it subordination? It appears to me that Trump had this plan all along. As has been pointed out by some other blogs who took notice - Trump loaded up his appointees with people who support amnesty for illegals.

Stop focusing on what Trump says so much and focus on what he does. IF he fires this guy next week THEN you can have little confidence that this was not Trump original plan. IF he does not fire him next week, then it was planned.


tmosley's picture

If this peanut wrote a book, it would be called "The Peanut Mindset--How to Hallucinate Positions for Your Politicians in Direct Opposition to their Public Statements and then Blame Them For Betrayal".

The pages will all be blank. When you open the book it will be like one of those voice cards you get, just an autist screeching.

Sorry, peanut, but renegotiating NAFTA was ALWAYS the plan, and he was VERY public about it and it is a perfectly fine thing.

SilverBird's picture

Oh horseshit. He's got lots of YOU'RE FIRED to go around. Turn off CNN, dry out for a few hours and check into reality.

Blankone's picture

No, it's YOU'RE HIRED! These are the people he has and is hiring, and for a reason. It is not a mistake. He has hire a group of proamnesty traitors and even lost the support of a organization against illegals who had helped get him elected (was reported by ZH).

AtATrESICI's picture

FUCKING SHOCKED I AM!?!?!?!/NOT..."The System" is designed to sustain itself and those who are its benefactors. It is quite childish to think that one person can change a culture of corruption. By culture I mean EVERYTHING corrupt....too much to list...

Tallest Skil's picture

Hang the traitor, get someone else. Simple.

Bigly's picture

It is apparent that Trump suffers from naiveté. 

JLee2027's picture

You underestimate that Trump has total control over the final deal. He could appoint Mickey Mouse and still win hands down.

barndoor's picture

Sick of the winning already...

LeftandRightareWrong's picture

A handful of US big cap corps that want to sell and service stuff globally.

Free AND Fair Trade ... and Press while they are at it.

johnwburns's picture

Translation, has a piece of ass in Mexico on the side.