WaNa Decrypt HeR?

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I'm making over $7k a month working part time. I kept hearing other people tell me how much money they can make online so I decided to look into it. Well, it was all true and has totally changed my life. This is what I do... https://flic.kr/p/TxpAK4

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lol. epic WB! thx

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 I love Mazzy Star.  When the wind is rushing past you ears...  The bike becomes part of you.  You feel everything.  Life flies by you so fast yet it is in slow motion.  You become aware of your mortality again.  All you hear is wind.  You let your hands off the handlebars because why not? 

Cost was $4.03 for premium gas.  People think I am nuts.  I have been riding bikes since I was little kid.  It is just that now I ride some that will do 100 mph+.   

Fade Into You

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We put guys like you in the front to clear out the stray cows.

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Saturday Evening with Manipuflation and John Meynard Keynes

Per Keynes Page 119:

i)  The method of financing the policy and the increased working cash, required by the increased employment and the associated rise of price, may have the effect of increasing the rate of interest and so retarding investment in other directions, unless montery authority takes steps to the contrary; whilst, at the same time, the increased cost of capital goods will reduce their marginal efficiency to the private investor, and this will require an actaul fall in the rate of interest to offset it.

I finally took the Harley on a long ride today.  I think about the "General Theory" a lot when riding.  The general theory of staying alive.  How fast can I go and get away with it?  Above 80 MPH on less traveled country roads life comes into focus for me.

I love that some you Iowa kids moved in witha 3/4 tom Chevy and an American flag flying out of it.  I like that my neighbors took out their grill today and started grilling.  This is all a violation of the rules.  No one gives a fuck.  My wife and I then fire up the Harleys.  I full on leather and I was flashing the peace sign.

It only takes a little effort.  I will get blamed for all of it of course.  There are good people in the world.  They just need leaders.  People who take no shit.  That I am.  All men should lead.  All I do is inspire some people.  I infuriate others.  I am not perfect.  It is not for me to you how to live your lives just as it is not for you to tell me have to live mine.

Honestly, I study and read a great deal.  There is no way that I can know it all.  I am not that good.  Pretty much everyone hates me.



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Insert link to DEVO "beautiful world" here

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What would be your top 3 books you would most want to have if you were marooned on the proverbial island?


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The most conclusive book I could find on surviving on a deserted island.

A book on natural medicines.

a book on Boat building

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That is an interesting question and very hard to answer. What if you had to throw away all your books except three.

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also an interesting question, perhaps penrose's road to reality, the yellow emperor's classic of medicine, and...

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I'm not 100% sure of the other two, but The Education of Henry Adams would be one.

Everyone has a dozen or two seminal moments in life that shape. This book was one of mine.

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Does the 'Razzle Annual Edition' count as a book?

What about my chequebook, does that count?

Hmm, this is a hard question!!

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i'm  back!! not really, never fuckin left...... great work as usual my friend. an artist/anarchist/patriot/thinker.  i'm still addicted to the canvass............FUCK YOU NSA! YEAH YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Hey William, what a treat. A good laugh at Hillary and then a stroll thru Hong Kong. It made me miss the lights and sounds and great smells of food. I could hear the street crossing signals clicking and feel the sensory overload from all the signs lit up at night. Are you still using the Ricoh camera? Mrs. Stengel and I have got to get back to our favorite city soon. All the best to you.  

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WB7 You are my man...everytime you have a creative aND visual graphic perspective of what many of TRUE PATRIOTS like you are thinking about the "POLTICAL HACKS", They need to be encrypted and put in the permanent storage facility of ages. Keep up the Great Work in exposing these basturds for they real are,specifically the HitLIARry and her Cabal, why are you so silent about Slick "Dick" Wiley, you know WE THE PEOPLE would like to know what happened to him after the Bitzen lost...he is in hiding or she must have done "Vince Foster" on him?

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That witch belongs in a crypt.

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You have to have decryptinite to get her in the crypt.

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LOL!  Well done WB7.  Nice way to troll the trollers on ZH, Hitlary, and a wry benign trolling of your fans.  ;-)

Such irony that the the N.S.A. created the hack but got hacked.  "To Protect and Serve" (*cough*).

Keep up the good work.

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might want to try a website that works if you want your picture to be seen.


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I make 420 million a year not working at all.  I am a banker and I make loans, good or bad, with other people's money and get paid.  Sorry, you can't sign up for this job. 

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Banzai! Wm., you've done it again!

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sudo rm -rf / fixed it.

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I tried but I couldn't get past the STINK!...

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The password is...password...lol.

And here's another way to make fast cash...


...just create a "foundation" based on influence peddling & corruption!

Of course, one has to remain in an appointed or elected government position for the scheme to work ;-)

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Our 'leaders' are indistinguishable from a professional crminal class. If Pres Trump wants to be immortal, he would find a way to effectively enforce the law and get Billary a lifetime room at Sing Sing. Their enterprise was nothing but selling access to the US govt or protection from it. 

What an unaccountability con game turned loose in DC and WS 

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Yeah, I've pretty much looked at government that way all my life, as a criminal organization. Sure, there are some good ones in there but by & large thats what it is, just the largest criminal gang on the block. The judges son/daughter rarely gets convicted on the DUI, Joe Sixpack who repeatedly steals can get 15 to life while others can steal billions or even trillions and laugh all the way to K Street.

All elections usually turn on which candidate promises to provide moar Faaarrreee! shit that he or she...admits before even being "hired" for the job...intends to steal directly from someone else in order to give to them for that vote. I'm sorry, the way I was raised that is the very definition of bribery, theft & extortion, yet there they are, repeatedly promising thats exactly what they intend to do by force & coercion of government if granted the job. Give me the pol who says..."I promise you absolutely nothing but my undying devotion to this republic and you. I would be humbled by the trust you would place in me after having your trust tortured like a depraved sadistic child tortures small animals. In furtherance of this trust you would honor me with, I want to state clearly that it is my intention to untangle the gangtsa government from your everyday lives as the best government is that which governs the least."...and I would vote for them every time. 

It is unfortunate and shows where we really are that he would probably lose in a landslide. 

It is also unfortunate that there are not enough people there with the honor, integrity, character and forthrightness to be the good stewards of a republic we deserve, so we are left playing the gangland game ourselves, of hiring our own "out-of-town hitmen" to exact the retribution and get the satisfaction we are owed. When the law is lawless and simply used as a "justification" for the acts of plunder & murder, we all know what the looks like instinctively...its not rocket science.

So be it then, at least we all know the rulez of the game now ;-)

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Excellent Great One!

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Holy Crap, I clicked on the link and that screen came up and my heart went numb. Then I saw the Witch Of Benghazi and I knew I was OK.


Good One William.  That's heart attack material.

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I'm making over 60 billion dollars a month out of thin air working part time as a private central bank!!!!

I kept hearing other people tell me how much money they can print at central banks so I decided to look into it. Well, it was all true and has totally changed my life. This is what I do..

-Print government mandated legal tender notes to buy interest bearing bonds from soveriegn governments!

-Wait until the interest on those loans can not be paid off by governments unless they incur more debt, which I happily issue to increase my cumulative interest rates!

-Wait until there is blood in the streets and print more so I can lend them at NIRP to my proxy holding companies and buy real assets such as water rights, minerals, precious metals and real estate for pennies on the dollar!

In short, I can turn paper into real assets because I am the only one mandated by government to do so!

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So, you're the guy causing all the problems!