Which US Region Contributes The Most To GDP?

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The U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) has published gross domestic product (GDP) figures for the fourth quarter of 2016 by state. According to the BEA data released on Thursday, real GDP increased in every state and the District of Columbia for that time period.

GDP by state growth ranged from 3.4 percent in Texas to 0.1 percent in Kansas and Mississippi. Finance and insurance; retail trade; and professional, scientific, and technical services were the leading contributors to U.S. economic growth in the fourth quarter.

Overall, growth was pretty even when states are combined to regions. The GDP share of those regions didn't change much, comparing year-over-year fourth quarter figures.

Infographic: United States Gross Domestic Product by Region 2016 | Statista

You will find more statistics at Statista

As shown in the Statista chart above, the GDP has a strong correlation with how many people live in those areas. It doesn’t come as much of a surprise that the Southeast, which has the combined population of 12 states, amounting to approximately 83 million (or a quarter of U.S. citizens), also has the biggest GDP share, standing at 21.4 percent of total GDP. The thinly populated Rocky Mountain area (12 million inhabitants) has a share of 3.4 percent of the GDP.

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Dixie! Dixie! Dixieland!

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Rocky Mountain people just smarter - working under the table or bartering.  We don't need to pay the government for our freedom and sustenance.   

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Now I know why I've been working so hard (it's definitely not to get ahead)- I'm contributing more towards the GDP then the rest of you slackers- Pick Up the Pace!

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GDP measures spending, including government (defence, etc) spending and those receiving government funds (medicaid, SS, state subsidies) to spend. The north east provides more government revenues than the SE which then get spent in the SE. Call it regional socialism with the NE subsidizing the SE.

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And which states add the most to the national debt ??

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Meaningless, except to show it takes a bunch of crackers to make as much as a single yankee.

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Next time around when you are a occupied country  you will experience first hand  what happens to your wage structure. 

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Finance and insurance shouldn't count toward growth. False economy. 

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Stupid bullshit....adding 12 states in the SE is totally arbitrary and frankly, shouldn't include Arkansas, which is home to Wal Mart. No other region was given 12 states, and if you jiggered the map just a little bit in each direction, you'd have totally different results. Mississippi and Louisiana don't produce jack shit other than some sugar cane, oil (offshore) and seafood. 

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BEA is a tool for deep state propaganda ... why they divided as they did?  Their site does not say.  May be relateted fo Federal Reserve districts (which hanve changed since 1913)



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This article does not show anything or prove anything.

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now adjust it for household, municipal and state debt - plus do a pro rata share of national debt?

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Fat and stupid and GDP. Same same.

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If the desert regions are putting out the least, then thats where I want to be. You can have your money and so called "wealth," just give me some clean air and a little peace and quiet...

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PS.... AZ and NM should have been with UT, CO, ID, etc... the only reason they're so high ranking is because they're attached to Texas, which it practically its own country. I mean, does NM really produce anything other than cheap undocumented labor?

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If you would like some water to drink with your order, then you might want to reconsider desert living.

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Fake News. GDP includes productivity drags such as parasites in the govs, the shuffling of fiat, and the production and dropping of munitions. Why, it even includes the production of medicines that make us sick and then counts the incompetents killing us when we visit their Certificates of Needs. How about the replacements of built-in obsolescence?

GDP, my ass. Fake News, REAL Fake News!

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How would foreign manufacting of American products and Mexico / China fit into this data ?

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Strip out defense and foreign based corporations be very interesting map.


This is as clear as the FED dot plot.....   Krugman we have the guns sell out on American ingenuity, stock based comp, capx disaster, unproductive service and banking middle men..   Drugs guns and debt... 



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That is a map indicating the region which contributes the most to deaths of innocent civilians.

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 Please-- just let me sell off the rest of my Commifornia property, before you nuke it from orbit.

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The problem is there isn't a buyer for half of what you got in it.

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You can't EAT GDP, I'll stick to the bread basket states.

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What regions suck the most GDP??



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Which US Region Contributes The Most To GDP*

* (not including debt and unfunded liabilities)

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Say what you want about the South.  But, no one ever retires and moves North.