"He's Angry At Everyone": Trump Said To Plan "Huge Reboot" - Priebus, Bannon, Spicer Could May Be Fired

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In a report by Axios this morning, citing White House sources, President Trump is reportedly considering a "huge reboot" of his core staff and cabinet members that could lead to the termination of everyone from Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and chief strategist Steve Bannon, to counsel Don McGahn and press secretary Sean Spicer: "He's frustrated, and angry at everyone."

According to Axios, the conversations intensified this week as the fallout from the Comey firing "pushed the White House from chaos into crisis" and notes that Trump's friends are telling him that many of his top aides don't know how to work with him, pointing out that "his approval ratings aren't rising, but the leaks are." As a result the advice he's getting is to "go big — that he has nothing to lose," the confidant said. "The question now is how big and how bold. I'm not sure he knows the answer to that yet."

Additionally, Trump reportedly feels he has been "ill-served" by several of his Cabinet officials.

Trump has two complaints about Cabinet members: Either they're tooting their own horns too much, or they're insufficiently effusive in praising him as a brilliant diplomat, etc. Among the cross-currents:

Under threat are some of his key economic and domestic policy advisors, including:

  • Wilbur Ross took what was perceived as a victory lap on a China trade announcement that does little new in actuality.
  • Attorney General Jeff Sessions made a big announcement about increasing prison sentences, at the same time that Jared is working on criminal-justice reform.
  • HHS Secretary Tom Price shares the blame for the glacial pace of health-care legislation.

Axios notes three caveats:

  • i) no Cabinet member is expected to "go this soon", even though a West Wing shuffle looks likely. "One obstacle to recruiting new top aides is finding people who would have real clout with a president not prone to enforced order";
  • ii) it could be just Trump venting: "Trump often talks about firing people when things go south and does not follow through on it. So it's possible these conversations are his way of venting, and seeking reassurance"
  • iii) any internal moves could take a while: "Trump heads out on his first international trip at the end of the week. Also, there's an internal argument for minimizing drama by cutting people out of the information flow rather than firing them."

In all, it appears that virtually everyone is in danger of losing their jobs, except for the core cadre of ex-Goldman advisors who have now effectively taken over Trump's "circle of trust." One other official winning Trump's approval is SecState Rex Tillerson, who will be on "Meet The Press" this morning defending his boss.

While a major cabinet shakeup is possible, another major problem emerges, however: if Trump does purge Priebus and Bannon, gutting the core of his inner circle, what would be left is "a straight line of mid-30s family members with scant governing experience: Jared and Ivanka. So while the fighting and leaking might ease, the problems may not because it's the president, not the staff, calling the shots."

In other words, Trump may unleash a firing spree, and shift the blame for the fallout from last week's turbulent events to his top advisors, but once the internal purge is complete, it will be only Trump - and his immedite family members - left to take the blame... and there are still 3 years and 8 months left.

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Good - get em all out of there - get that swamp DRAINED!!!

Get GS and all of their nocon-neolib slaves the fuck out of there!!!!!!!!!

Looney's picture


I haven’t heard the word “folks” for a while.

"We’re gonna fire some folks, so we can flip-flop a ‘lil more on whatever we promised to other folks."  ;-)


LetThemEatRand's picture

"In all, it appears that virtually everyone is in danger of losing their jobs, except for the core cadre of ex-Goldman advisors who have now effectively taken over Trump's 'circle of trust.'"

Apparently ex-Goldman bankers are not "folks." 

Dame Ednas Possum's picture

'Squids' or 'vamps' perhaps. 

Iago Kushner has been whispering in Othello Trump's ear to ensure the tribe get their cabinet. 



Manthong's picture

It went off the rails when he went off message, discounted his campaign promises and thought that he could make deals with the devil.

DingleBarryObummer's picture

Wilbur Ross is not going anywhere unless he feels like retiring, you can (Rothschild and Son Inc.) bank on that.

strannick's picture

Cross Bannon off the list and add Kushner and the Goldman Gang

BaBaBouy's picture

Tyler... "" Could May Be Fired "" ?

Butt He's maddest at his rogue Oranger' Hair...

johngaltfla's picture

IF this pans out and Axios is right, look for nothing to get done. No Obamacare repeal, no withdrawal from the Paris accords, no corporate tax reform, and no personal income tax reform/reduction.

S&P 1700, here we come.

Xibalba's picture

That's optimistic.  You know what they say when the whole team sucks....?  Fire the fucking coach. 

tmosley's picture

>White House sources

The peanutz rejoice, only to have their hopes and dreams shattered again. Par for the course.

idahobandito's picture

    Agree....Doesn't "sources" have a name??? fake, until verified.

AltRight Girl's picture

Trump needs to reboot all DC. And drain half of it.

Especially the Ponzi agencies like NASA that jus gobble $ for no apparent reason other than propaganda.

NASA Blocks Trump’s Plan to Return Astronauts to Moon in 2019

john doeberg's picture

Good luck with that.

He's angry at ALL the wrong people, instead of being angry at the kikes in his family.


macholatte's picture


Who or what is Axios?
Politico, NBC, Koch Industries


AXIOS Media or Axios is a news and information company started in 2016 by Politico co-founder Jim VandeHei, Politico's former Chief White House correspondent Mike Allen, and former Politico Chief Revenue Officer Roy Schwartz. Axios launched in 2017.[1] In the summer of 2016, it secured $10 million in a round of financing led by Lerer Hippeau Ventures. Backers include NBC News, Emerson Collective, Greycroft Partners, and David and Katherine Bradley, owners of Atlantic Media.[1]

Axios' initial launch partners are JP Morgan & Chase Co., PhRma, Boeing, BP, Bank of America, Koch Industries, S&P Global, United Health Group, Walmart, Pepsico and Cooley LLP. [2]

The company has a mission statement that consists of, “Media is broken—and too often a scam.” It plans to focus on "business, technology, politics, and media trends."[1] Furthermore they disavow the use of banner ads, pop-ups and clickbait titles, using native advertising instead. The article style is focused on brevity, clear structure and often features bullet points.[3]

Scanderbeg's picture

The MSM has been claiming infighting and chaos 24/7 since innaguration. Their goal is to sabotage Trump and destroy his presidency. Even Drudge has been concern trolling. 

So it's probably not true and even if it is why should we care?

Bannon is the only decent person there anyway.

Despite the goldman cabinet, Syria strikes and all the other issues I still support him. If he fires Bannon that would be the last straw though.

Lore's picture

The corruption is too big. President Trump is being hobbled deliberately by psychopaths who don't WANT the kind of changes that might be introduced if he was to succeed in assembling a cohesive team of people with smarts and conscience, which seems nigh-impossible in the Beltway, where practically everyone serving in any kind of political leadership capacity is scum or compromised and controlled by scum, each with their own little nest and empire.  It seems trivially silly.  One might as well try to reform the mafia, which is essentially what naive optimists are expecting. Given present economic and political conditions, it's like squeezing champagne from a rock.

No. The system is exhausted and totally corrupt, dominated by hacks and psychopaths whose aims and interests are incompatible with traditional ideals. Turnaround is impossible and has been so for some time.  There's no way for this to end well for a good POTUS.  All the forces of pathology will be out to sabotage and undermine at every opportunity.  In his place, I'd get the hell out. The longer you remain in a toxic environment, the more it affects your health and soul. 

The only way I could see this work is if the President assembled a kind of shadow government outside of real government and attempt a kind of takeover, but such a thing would be extremely dangerous and there are many, many things that could go wrong.  Bottom line: Who can he trust?  Nobody.  Even his own son-in-law is stabbling him in the back.

GET OUT, Mr. Trump. You're better than this.

Shlomo Scheckelstein's picture

Shalom John, how is your madoff scheme going? See u in the synagogue..

Arrow4Truth's picture

Screw a reboot. Flash the BIOS.

Warthog777's picture

This is not news. I have known about Trumps anger with the "crew" for over a week now.  It looks like there is truly a shakeup in the wind.  I think this "story" has some elements of truth, but then devolves into baseless speculation and sensationalism.

Let's not get all shook up and run around with our hair on fire.  Let's all take a deep breath and let this play out a bit more.  It is not in our best interest to get jerked around by speculation, inuendo, and propoganda.

"Sources": I like the way Kellyanne put it when discussing "Sources near the white house". "What does that even mean, somebody sitting across the street in a coffee shop"?

Scanderbeg's picture

Exactly this is good news. There have been many positive developments recently including McMaster on the outs.

We have to be patient. Swamp Draining is perilous work and I doubt getting the leverage to 86 Comey was easy.

Ballin D's picture

"Agree....Doesn't "sources" have a name??? fake, until verified."


Agreed, Tyler keeps falling for this.  this would be the second fake story Tyler has submitted from politico in under a week (Axios was created by a politico cofounder) 

Warthog777's picture

stirring the pot = clicks


Noticing the pattern?

Ballin D's picture

yeah, still disappointing.  same with the age baiting stuff.  the problem isnt millennials or babyboomers, its socialist millennials and socialist babyboomers.

Blano's picture

ZH is becoming another anti-Trump fake news site. 

Sad to see. 

Ident 7777 economy's picture

Quote: "Doesn't "sources" have a name??? fake, until verified."


You're catching on.


Very few others have, by the looks of it. 

idahobandito's picture

    Agree....Doesn't "sources" have a name??? fake, until verified.

johngaltfla's picture

LOL, S&P 1700 WAS my optimistic call....

yogibear's picture

He needs to fire the Squids. So many in his cabinet now.

Also fire his son-in-law.

J S Bach's picture

Trump is like Caligula... the spoiled child who got everything he ever wanted, became emperor and then became homicidally sucpicious of all those around him.  Even Melania and the beloved Ivanka may find their heads on the chopping block eventually.  But, God forbid!... NEVER fire those (((self-chosen))) who have wormed their way into his presence.  One couldn't write fiction this disgusting.

tmosley's picture

>Trump is like $SNAMEBADTHING because $MADEUPCRAP

Trump was sent to military school for being a brat, and had to work his way up after that. He has been universally regarded as a nice guy and a great boss, but a tough negotiator.

Here's a hint: afactual comparisons to political leaders of the past is NOT AN ARGUMENT.

Kotzbomber747's picture

Trump is a complete fucking idiot, but of course the ZH folks (!) here love him!

What a fantastic call that was: elect a complete clown and watch him burn the place to the ground in the gamble/hope that one day those gold coins and put options might actually be worth something...

Kotzbomber747's picture

By the way, just to be clear to all the Trump fanboys here, I'm NOT for Hillary.

What if they perhaps BOTH completely suck? Has that thought ever occurred to the geniuses here?

But nooooo, everybody here (supposedly "highly educated") wanted to believe the "this-time-it's-different-make America-great-again" fairy tale, just like the average BTFD buyers believes all the bullshit that their portfolio managers throw at them.

Just admit it to yourselves guys, you've elected a clueless, waffling, dangerous, flip-flopping psychopath into the White House, surrounded by GS bankers.

Draining the swamp ey?

GUS100CORRINA's picture

"He's Angry At Everyone": Trump Said To Plan "Huge Reboot" - Priebus, Bannon, Spicer Could May Be Fired

My response: The depth and level of corruption and ongoing personal attacks would test anyone's resolve and moral foundation. Obama left a cesspool in Washington for others to clean up. We are probably NOT being told the true scope of the mess because it would violate national security!!!

I also believe that the TRUMP administration is dealing with a level of evil never before seen in American government. Just listen to the crap coming from the DEMOCRATIC PARTY leaders.

President TRUMP is America's Nineveh moment and no one seems to fully comprehend the consequences if America doesn't get it right.

Thomas Jefferson once said: 'I tremble for my nation when I know that GOD is JUST and His JUSTICE cannot sleept forever."

Bigly's picture

Nineveh moment.  THIS^^^^

tmosley's picture

>but of course the ZH folks (!) here love him!

Is this some sort of meta joke, or are you legitimately that retarded?

LibertarianMenace's picture

"Is this some sort of meta joke, or are you legitimately that retarded?"

I notice the ones making it invariably preface their arguments with

"I'm NOT for Hillary(TM)".

macholatte's picture


elect a complete clown and watch him burn the place to the ground

See: Obama, Bush 2, Clinton, Gore, Bush 1, Carter

Bra ha ha ha


Kotzbomber747's picture

"See: Obama, Bush 2, Clinton, Gore, Bush 1, Carter

Bra ha ha ha"

Exactly my point: same shit, different name!

Oh but "this time it's different," right? /sarc

Kotzbomber747's picture

"Is this some sort of meta joke, or are you legitimately that retarded?"

So what happened to the "WW3-is-imminent" scenario? Did the generals finally reign in Trump? Or is this yet another one of Trump's flip-flops? Where's the Carl Vinson? Where are the Tomahawks and the "beautiful pieces of chocolate cake?"

The Orange Jesus in the White House is simply nuts. He'll just tweet, blurt out some bullshit or fire some Tomahawk missiles, and then his 'parents' (diplomats, generals, staffers) can clean up the mess again.

Trump is too dumb and too busy raging like a bull(shit) through a China store in order to drain any swamp, but I guess tmosley is a true Believer.

tmosley's picture


Trump Derangement Syndrome, or TDS, is a degenerative disease related to Alzhemier's and Mad Cow Disease. Without treatment, the victim will become increasingly delusional, eventually attacking anyone perceived to be a Trump supporter with increasing violence until he is eventually put down by police or a CCW license holder.

Scanderbeg's picture

Top kek, you should post this on the donald.

Zero_Ledge's picture

Incorrect.  Trump Derangement Syndrome is the disease of blind Trump worshipers who think that a narcissist billionaire actually gives a shit about his supporters chanting for him at a rally.


Anarchy 99's picture


TheGardener's picture

Julius Caesar comes to mind. Made Empereor by the help of his desperate creditors...

Ident 7777 economy's picture

J S Bach bleeding on the keyboard writes: "Trump is like Caligula... the spoiled child who got everything he ever wanted,"




He worked for it. 


Silly ...

Mr. Universe's picture

It's like The Two towers, except instead of Ivanka being the shield maiden of Rohan protecting the king, she married Gríma Wormtongue. Then they called in all their other serpants and they effectively run the whole show while Donald chases the shadows of demons planted in his mind. What could go wrong?

SerfsUp's picture

I doubt there's anything to the story, there's been fake news bandied about regarding a Trump White House "shake up" since Day 1.  All with "unnamed sources", which is the usual indication that its fake news and the whole story is BS.  Axios itself is also supported and funded by all the usual establishment suspects as well.