Major Developments Strongly Suggest The End Of Unipolar World Order

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Authored by Federico Pieraccini via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

With Moon Jae-In’s victory in South Korea, the period of tension on the Korean Peninsula is likely to end. With the rise to power of the new president, South Korea can expect a sharp decline in hostilities with North Korea as well as a resumption of dialogue with China.

An expected and highly anticipated victory was confirmed in South Korea on May 9, with candidate Moon winning South Korea's presidential race over his rivals Hong Joon-pyo (Liberty Korea Party) and Ahn Cheol-soo (People's Party). After the resignation and arrest of former President Park Geun-hye over an immense corruption scandal, public opinion turned away from her party in favour of the main opposition representative, a center-left lawyer specializing in humanitarian issues.

Moon spent several years in the opposition party advocating for greater cooperation in the region and dialogue with Pyongyang as well as with Beijing, representing quite a contrast to Guen-Hye's pro-Americanism. Along the lines of Duterte in the Philippines, Moon intends to resume dialogue with all partners in order not to limit his options in the international arena. Such an approach reflects the essence of the multipolar world order: cooperation and dialogue with all partners in order to achieve a win-win outcome.

Looking at the situation in the region, the victory of a politician who seems to have every intention of negotiating an agreement rather than supporting military escalation seems to provide for a hopeful future for China and her neighbors. The level of cooperation and trade between South Korea and China is fundamental to the economy of both countries, so a return to the negotiating table over the issues surrounding the deployment of THAAD are a hopeful sign that the business communities of China and South Korea value deeply.

Duterte Strategy

The United States is again faced with a Filipino-like scenario. Historically, South Korea and the Philippines have always been two fundamental US allies, more concerned with Washington's interests than their own national political agendas. Over the last few decades, both countries have been governed by politicians careful not to upset the sensibilities of US policy makers. South Korea and the Philippines are at the heart of the political strategy Obama called the Asian Pivot, more explicitly, a policy aimed at containing China and its expansion as a regional hegemon in Asia.

Following the Trump administration's focus and threats against North Korea in recent weeks, war has seemed more likely on the peninsula. But with Moon’s victory, it has probably been permanently excluded as a possibility. In several interviews weeks prior to the election, Moon stated that a war between the US and the North Korea would constitute an impossible burden for South Korea to sustain. Moon is very realistic about the conventional deterrence that North Korea possesses, maybe even more so than the nuclear development.

Even though Trump has said he is willing to meet with Kim Jong-un, most of his decisions seem to depend on the hawks surrounding him. Looking at the first hundred days of the Trump administration shows a remarkable departure from electoral promises, with the influence of generals he nominated, leading to various escalations in the hot regions of the world. Bottom line is, Trump’s intentions and words matter to a certain extent as US posture in the region seems to be guided by military generals and inner circle family members. Fortunately for the world, the tentative moves in Syria and Afghanistan have not amounted to much, such as with the bombing of the Shayrat airbase or the show in Afghanistan involving the MOAB.

THAAD to Divide

The deployment of the THAAD system continues as part of a belligerent attitude towards North Korea. The strong and firm rhetoric of Pyongyang is justified and not surprising given the context and the threats facing the country in wake of US provocations. The deployment of THAAD has had consequences, such as increasing tensions between South Korea and China. Moon’s victory goes contrary to the goal of the US policy-makers in Washington to isolate China. In this light, the hurried deployment of THAAD before the South Korean election obliged the probable winner, Moon, to be faced with an accomplished fact. This first step makes it clear what Washington's attitude towards the new South Korean president will be.

The THAAD has also been deployed to antagonize the most frustrating point between Seoul and Beijing: North Korea. The measure was intentionally taken by Washington to pressure Seoul. THAAD has all the characteristics of a Trojan horse. Placed to reassure an ally (Seoul) against a fake-threat (Pyongyang), it becomes a weapon against China that puts in place a system, only a few hundred miles from its border, potentially able to affect China's strategic nuclear forces. The US military accelerated the deployment of THAAD in the knowledge that this would immediately place the future president in a difficult situation, in that removing THAAD would not be easy in the face of huge American pressure. This may perhaps be Moon's first challenge; to use the dismantling of THAAD as a means of exchange with Beijing to return to a normal relationship of co-operation. If Beijing wants to believe Moon's goodwill in eliminating the THAAD system, it may begin to loosen some of the measures imposed on Seoul as retaliation for the deployment of the US system.

Multipolar world to the rescue

In this scenario, one must not make the mistake of believing that Moon's victory means that a major US ally will cease its support for Washington. As always, in this era of transition from a unipolar to a multipolar world, the pressure that Washington will decide to apply to South Korea will affect the nature of the US-ROK alliance. The United States will have to abandon the warlike posture so dear to Mattis, McMaster and Admiral Harris (the commander of the US Pacific Fleet). In this Tillerson as a realist might be the right man at the right place to negotiate with Moon. Potentially it could be possible to solve the problem in whole by dealing with North Korea, although that seems unlikely given the pressures the deep state will put on the administration to continue using North Korea to create instability in the region.

This is why much of the region's future will remain subordinated to potential negotiations between Beijing, Pyongyang and Seoul on the Korean peninsula, especially after Moon's victory. If these three nations succeed in finding common ground on which to set upon a path of reconciliation, the region will benefit greatly. Of course, in this context, the one most likely to lose influence is the United States. If Washington wants to remain relevant, it should abandon the Chinese containment plan through the Korean peninsula by exploiting North Korean problems. If they instead decide to try to sabotage any peace agreement in the peninsula, this will only push Seoul and Pyongyang even closer together, to Beijing's great pleasure.

Recent years have seen a mounting showdown between the old world order configuration based on chaos and destruction and led by Washington, and the new multipolar order that focuses on win-win opportunities, dialogue and sincere cooperation. If Washington decides not to accept the new rules of the game, where it can no longer dictate the law, it will end up producing more damage against itself than any foreign country could actually do, in actual fact accelerating the formation of the multipolar world and putting to bed the unipolar world order for good.

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nah's picture



Globalism 4.0


Big government


4 Trillion dollar multinational 10 year contract accountability oversight by congress


Energy security


We will continue to run out of money


Its a no-brainer


Donald Trump 2020

Shlomo Scheckelstein's picture

multipolar = unipolar...we control both sides.
So be a good goy and cooperate

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There's as much danger in overestimating your enemy as in underestimating him.

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Blood is thicker than water

We will see family lines/nations realign themselves again. Just as ancient Babylon/Babel was divided and each went their own language. Satan has been working on a NWO for millennium. Nations will join themselves with their bloodlines.

Ecclesiastes 3:15
Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB)

15 Whatever is, has already been, and whatever will be, already is. God repeats what has passed.

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[???????????? ???????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????] More countries should withdraw recognition & suspend or cut relations with this ???????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????? Israel (Rough state)

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Our collective assessment: More countries should withdraw recognition & suspend or cut relations with this terrorist organization Israel (Rough state)

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Take a good point and shoot it in the foot.

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You have to remember, every time there has been an agreement, someone threw a spanner in the works.

If an agreement holds, you will know that the faction of the deep state that seeks to preserve the Republic at the expense of the empire is willing.

Comeys sacking was key to this. According to Consortium news, he was working with Brennan and Clapper to gate keep the Witehouse and to this end, were spying on everyone. Those guys are going down. That's why there is so much hysterical bloviating coming from the establishment. The dam has been breached. This will start the avalanche.

So it's a race against time. Can the Imperial faction of the deep state destroy Trump before he destroys them.

I wish I could read about this in the Press, but they are owned by the Imperial faction.

fleur de lis's picture

The DC Swamp can thank its own misfits, malcontents, narco creeps, neocon paranoid neurotics, etc., for any losses on America.


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Crock o crap!!!!

subversion's picture

Just ask the Rothschilds what is going on since they control it all.

Golden Showers's picture

Make Korea Great Again!

This aggression will not stand.

The US is divided and at war with itself. Or it's simply devouring its line like Kronos eating his children. The US is not sane. The US is toxic to all it touches. Call it an identity crisis. Call it decadence at the end of an empire. Call it whatever. The fucking roof is on fire.

Too bad France and Germany can't get their shit straight, but good for Moon and good for Korea. South, North, whatever. This bullshit, this artificial division of sovereign land after a war that has never ended is simply absurd. What the fuck is so important to dick North Korea down? It acts out like a child. It wants attention. Just get that. Can't fault nations for being purists: shit, there'd be no America, no Israel, and no Iran if not for purists. I guess France and Germany just haven't gotten the memo.

Homogenous societies are just fine and if you can't acculturate then fuck off.

This division in the states, at home for most of us, is our problem. If North Korea, China, Russia, Iran wants to exploit it, well, shit. It's not like the US has ever played fair. Tomorrow won't be different. Tomorrow will suck worse than today in all probability. Except if Korea gets it's shit straight then perhaps tomorrow will be a little more better.

Shlomo Scheckelstein's picture

Some rhetorical question's..who invented communism as antithesis for capitalism? Who feeds capitalism with it's masterfull bogus fiat system and interest?

JRobby's picture

The same group of people.

100 years is enough of them.

tie_boxer's picture

Hmmm, so the plot thickens like a nice Chow Fun noodle dish. That reminds me, was that a pair of chopsticks I saw poking out of Trumps hair the other day or just my imagination?

Nth Degree's picture

What incredible rubbish.

GracchusBrothers's picture


As a long-time avid Risk aficionado, it seems to me the world board players are maneuvering for the end-game scenario.

Perilous times, indeed.

World Cash Day's picture

If Mr. Moon in South Korea (and the Chinese as well, and even the Americans for that matter) want to solve the Korean Pensinsula stand-off once and for all - it's VERY VERY EASY.

Invite some PLA battalions in, kick out all US troops and kick out THAAD.

Do you really think North Korea will try any funny business with SK when they have Chinese troops on two of their borders????

I doubt it.

Problem solved - and no US troops in Korea. BONUS.

onmail1's picture

Thumbs up to Russia
Thumbs Up to N.Korea

All the world's economics in one sentence :
West is only printing money: Dollar , Euro, Pound
and buying(looting) all good goodies from rest
while also threatening & bombing the rest using NATO.

Hey ppl of the rest of the world, understand this and what u can do:
Use Gandhi's principle to boycott west
& get nuclear weapons as deterrence
And if west wants to sanction you ,
u all get together & boycott all economic activity with west
West only buys from u to survive , to become strong
If u stop supplying west, then west would crumble to dust

Centerist's picture

Okay, Commie troll.  Give your thumbs up to oppressive gulag states all you want, and talk about The West's cash printing.

The West us where innovation happens and is where Russia gets the best stuff.  They can make a nice AK-pattern rifle, but the rest of their stuff is for crap.  There's a reason that nothing outside of their military industry gets marketed abroad.

Those green arrows of yours are from a bunch of fellow trolls.  And the red arrows that will hit this post will be from the same bunch of twits.

You seriously think that everyone believes that your strange syntax and over-the-top statement will be taken as a regular person's post?

Diatom's picture

Here in Portugal there´s an half liter Russian Beer called Baltika with an impressive bottle that is bought by 70 euro cents

at Makro stores and the restaurants sell it for 7 euro easily...Just because of the bottle...Its the best designed bottle in the portuguese

market. No heineken, carlsberg, or german brands match it.

Russians are learning fast...

Someone said here that America and Russia are rolling at the highway in diferent directions...

Twee Surgeon's picture

Nobody really gives a fuck about the chinks. What is the worst thing that can happen ? their noodles slip out of the bowl while they are riding behind the White Mans internal combustion engine travel machine ? The Asians would have Jack Fucking Shit if it had not been handed to them by White Men. Sad but fucking true.

The Rosenberg's gave the Russians the Atomic Bomb Blueprints, It is as funny as fuck that Russian and Chinese jets look just like American ones.

Fuck all this Hebrew National Theater bullshit.

August 21st, 2017......

March 23rd 2023......

Massive changes are afoot. Look up.

Déjà view's picture

Chicom holds dirt bag of $2T U.S. debt and yearly $350 trade surpluses with U.S...LENDERS DILEMMA!

Believe POKER FACED creditor Chicom will piss off debtor U.S. holding TRUMP CARD or 'work' for benefit of both?


medium giraffe's picture

Yeah, was gonna say - you need to give a fuck about 'the chinks' because they are UST's best customer.  Wouldn't want them to dump all that debt on the open market now, would ya?

And 1 in 5 people on the planet is Chinese, so maybe you should be asking why they should give a fuck about you?

Twee Surgeon's picture

I do not care if they give a fuck about me and I use the derogatory 'chinks' under 'poetic license' if you like, to make a point or two or three. if that offends a few people, well too fucking bad. Get all of whiteys inventions out of the 3rd world and they go back to the Default setting. No Electricity or Petrochemicals, cars, Compressors, computers or cunnilingus.

As far as the UST's best customer, I think they are a criminal enterprise and anyone that works for an unconstitutional government is in collusion, actively, against the best interests of the American people, operating Ultra-Vires and refusing to decline illegal orders to line their own wallets at the expense of their Industrious neighbors.

The United States could get along without China, quite nicely, but China would be back to the dark ages, lickety split, if not for Western Tech and give a fuck.

A Spade is called a Spade, so call it that.


medium giraffe's picture

This is just too black and white a view though.  Where are all of your electronics made?

It trade stopped tomorrow, who would have the capabilty to continue to produce tech and who would be in the dark ages?

If the US wanted to start pushing out electronics like the Chinese do ASAP, where is the infrastructure and talent? 

Also, who was found to be willingly selling military designs to the Chinese? 

It's not an IP problem, it's a greed problem.

These guys developed guns, cannons, bombs, philosophy of military tactics and huge standing armies when European kings could manage maybe 5000 men with pike.  They no stupid.

Outside of the big cities people live an agrarian lifestyle, totally off grid.  300 million farmers.  What have we got?  Supermarkets and megacow operations?

People who write the Chinese off have been wrong for a longer period of time than any other group of people in history.

Agree with you on USTs though.

techpriest's picture

I think that much of the stereotype that assumes Chinese look like something out of Full Metal Jacket's Vietnam comes from the anticommunist propaganda. We Americans forget that our success comes from 1) An immigration policy that invited smart people from elsewhere to come here, and 2) WW2 bombing everyone but us back into the stone age.

The fact of the matter is, after the ravages of a century of colonialism, civil war, WW2, and communism, the Chinese have finally rebuilt, and are starting to compete again. We've already seen that other Asian nations, like Japan and SK, can be very competitive in the market, and after a few more nations coming fully online, Americans like myself are going to have to re-think our exceptionalism if we are to make the needed changes to survive.

messystateofaffairs's picture

Take it all back Whitey, but please not the cunnilingus.

Twee Surgeon's picture

Chicoms hold Cereal box corn flake / rice crispy coupons, 2 Trillion in Imaginary play money, mostly only existing in Digital form.

They print pretty cornflake / rice crispy coupons, mostly in digital form, with picture of fearless leader, Chairman Mao, pretty picture coupon and get it out of China as fast as possible. Buy a house in Vancouver and send in honorable grandson to drive Lamborghini.

Then Black Swan arrive and no one take Cereal Box coupon anymore. US or China, all folds up in one night, coming soon.

Real lenders Dilemma is....Lender is Liar and thief. Borrower eats shit when lender is found to be broke. Lender is living on an Island with a hot mamma and a private jet.

Call on phone, no talky.

medium giraffe's picture

I guess that's why they bought all that gold...

techpriest's picture

They have an entire army division that does nothing but mine gold, also.

IMO, their two biggest enemies are 1) corruption (Xi busting a couple of heads hasn't really changed enough) and 2) Keynesian economics, aka, blowing billions on ghost cities. If not for those, there would be as many Chinese living an American middle class lifestyle as there are Americans living the same lifestyle, if not many more. Currently it is more like half as many.

Caleb Abell's picture

"It is as funny as fuck that Russian and Chinese jets look just like American ones."

It's even funnier that they outperform the corporate welfare crap that the USAF flys.

Centerist's picture

The author spends a lot of time focusing on THAAD as a source of escalation.  It's strange that he would do that, given the fact that it is a purely defensive system, and the Northern Pudge has been engaged in real hostilities since he took over from his pudgy female-actress-kidnapping father.

Kim Jong Un is the one who sank a ROK corvette and shelled Yeon Byung Island shortly after coming to power.

Have the US or ROKs actually killed in any North Koreans?  

No.  But North Koreans have certainly killed a lot of North Koreans along with the South Koreans they've killed.

Get a clue.

Last of the Middle Class's picture

All of these articles subvert any idea of a strong defense like THAAD out of hand. They are designed to place in your mind the idea the idea of "strategic patience" or some such nonsense. Good luck with that reality/bullshit disconnect.

Centerist's picture

I wouldn't say that these articles push any strategic patience agenda.  They just try to misrepresent the nature of a defensive system in order to whip up the "American Empire" and "provocation" narratives.

The writers of these articles push for an isolationist approach, which is their right to promote if that's how they see things.  But to incredulously claim that improving defenses equals escalation just makes them look dumb.

That's like saying that locking the doors to your home is inviting burglary or that keeping a handgun on the night stand is an attempt to provoke a midnight home invasion.

Gravatomic's picture

So, it would be okay for Russia or China to place S-400 systems in Central America within striking distance of US Minute Men ICBM missiles?

Okay got it.

Centerist's picture

Given the fact that S-400s are not "strike" weapons, we wouldn't care.  They would only be good for defending limited areas--areas that we wouldn't be planning to target with ICBMs, anyway...

Omen IV's picture

you get a clue!    same shit different day - THAAD is the same everywhere for 60 years - Turkey had nuclear missles in early 60's placed by US and the reaction was Cuban Missle Crisis and US retreated - stop the nonsense

Centerist's picture

Placing THAAD in South Korea has nothing to do with placing tactical nukes anywhere.  The first system is defensive, and the latter is offensive.

Your logic doesn't hold water.

Ed Jobb's picture

Call bulllshit on the lot.

We surfs will be the last to know what's going on.

AE911Truth's picture

We know what is going on (despite the intentional distractions) and we know how to end the theft. What remains is for us to organize and execute.


AE911Truth's picture

This is how the Petrodollar ends, connecting the dots . . .


messystateofaffairs's picture

'Murica is chock fulla shit. I wouldn't touch any deal they propose with a ten foot pole.

esum's picture

This fucking idiot thinks that N Korea with a 1.7 million man army cant walk into the south and take it in a week or less.... If i were running n Korea that is exactly what i would do.. tomorrow... the dork just elected in the south is going north to soft shoe a peace overture... Kim ought to physically beat the shit out of this effeminate bitch just for showing up..
The author is another opinionated anti us half a handjob .... supported by whom? Making a living emptying his sphincter in print format..

Gravatomic's picture

This whole 'containment' plan for Russia and China is piece meal anyway, what is NATO going to achieve in Europe? If snatching more countries is the name of the game then that game has surely run it's course, if actually having a confrontation on European soil with the Russians is the end game then a smoking pile of ashes will be their return.

Now we have China and the new silk road and their assertions on The South China Sea, high speed rail lines are connecting the east in a way never seen before. This has the US in a real predicament now with regards to their new century new world order project.

All these old fucks, empire clingers need to step aside, this isn't going to end like WWII.

ft65's picture

The scandle of subsidised mass immigration of people with incompatible / unsuitable / uncivilised cultures aside, I have no simpathy for the rentier class who hold empty property for long periods. They deserve to have their unused dwellings / enpty premisses brought back into use by the low paid.


Government and greedy selfish exploitative capitalists deserve one another in this instance. As for where the policy is headed, human and mother nature will eventually take care of that.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

"If Washington wants to remain relevant, it should abandon the Chinese containment plan through the Korean peninsula by exploiting North Korean problems. If they instead decide to try to sabotage any peace agreement in the peninsula, this will only push Seoul and Pyongyang even closer together, to Beijing's great pleasure."

Shades of Maidan 2014 with the "Khazar American bitch" handing out cookies for "war"!...