Putin Plays Soviet Classics On Badly Tuned Piano During China Silk Road Summit

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Sunday's celebration of China's grand $1 trillion Silk Road infrastructure plan, three years in the making (detailed earlier), had several somewhat bizarre subplots.

  • First, just hours before the summit opened, North Korea launched its latest ballistic missile, provoking Beijing and further testing the patience of China, its chief (former) ally. Ironically, the United States had complained to China on Friday over the inclusion of a North Korean delegation at the event.
  • Second, in a sign that China's rampant, credit-fuelled growth is making some just a tad uneasy, some Western diplomats expressed unease about both the summit and the plan as a whole, seeing it as an attempt to promote Chinese influence globally according to Reuters.
  • Third, and the biggest surprise of the day, was India, the world's fastest growing nation and the second most populous in the world, which did not even bother to send an official delegation to Beijing and instead criticised China's global initiative, warning of an "unsustainable debt burden" for countries involved.

Meanwhile, in a more entertaining interlude, Russian President Vladimir Putin, also present in Beijing for the Silk Road event, decided to show off his softer side when he sat down to play piano on Sunday.

According to AP, after speaking at the summit in the morning, Putin headed to meet Chinese President Xi Jinping at his residence. While waiting at a state guesthouse, Putin sat down at a grand piano and played two tunes: “Evening Song,” by Vasily Solovyov-Sedoi, and “Moscow Windows,” by Tikhon Khrennikov.

Putin is habitually late for meetings, but this time he was the one who was made to wait, Russian news agencies said. So, Putin played some songs on Xi's piano. Russian state television showed excerpts of at least two tunes he played — "Moscow Windows" and "City on the Free Neva" — both Soviet classics.


Putin has demonstrated his music talents before. In 2010, he took the stage at a charity concert with a jazz band to play and sing "Blueberry Hills."

It was a departure for the president who, as the NYT put it, "has ridden shirtless on a horse in Siberia, piloted a hand glider with migratory birds, swum with dolphins, tossed judo opponents, and dived into the depths of Lake Baikal and the Black Sea." More details from the NYT:

"Evening Song,” usually performed with lyrics by Aleksandr Churkin, was written in 1957 and is considered an unofficial anthem of St. Petersburg, Mr. Putin’s hometown, formerly known as Leningrad.


The other tune, “Moscow Windows,” usually performed with lyrics by the poet Mikhail Matusovsky, is a tune about friendship.


Both songs are from the late 1950s, when Putin was a child and the Soviet Union was emerging from the shadow of Stalin, who died in 1953.

While the performance seemed casual, "it was clearly not spontaneous — a cameraman was on hand, and video of the impromptu recital quickly circulated on the Russian state news media." Also, the piano could certainly do with some tuning.

Putin’s spokesman, Dmitri  Peskov, told journalists in Beijing that “while Mr. Putin was waiting for a bilateral meeting with Xi Jinping, the president studied some papers, prepared for the meeting and also played piano,” as quoted by Russia's Gazeta.ru.

However, Chinese propaganda chiefs were not amused that Xi had been upstaged to some extent at his own conference, and the official Chinese news media pointedly made little mention of the piano performance.

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Davidduke2000's picture

The Chinese leader has it as decor, I doubt he knows how to play, Putin plays the piano good, but badly tuned piano is a challenge to any piano player.

Here is a little North Korean toddler playing a great piece.



WTFRLY's picture

As he continues to make a mockery of the entire Western power structure

Freddie's picture

Obama can play the skin flute.

So does the rest of Congress when Bibi or Poroshenko give a speech.

Able Ape's picture

The only tune Barry can play is "Hide the Salami"...

Donald J. Trump's picture

Perhaps a more modern libtarded pc name?  Something that doesn't trigger a micro aggression.  Prepuce Flutist?

yomutti2's picture

Putin sucks at piano, almost as badly as he sucks at governance.

Billy the Poet's picture

He should have played Chopsticks.

rejected's picture

President Putin took a Russia that was on its knees being devoured by western oligarchs and restored its power and most of all its dignity. Russians are very proud.

Completely the opposite of what our 'leaders' in the US have done?  Americans are stil waiting for MAGA....

Son of Loki's picture

Putin is a Man's Man. Meanwhile, Barky was fiddling with that blonde fellow from Virgin Atlantic playing his favorite instrument, the Male Organ.


Barky likes those white fellows. No wonder the wookie has that feeling of "hopelessness."

virgule's picture

I thought Putin had played Microsoft Windows :-)

Quantum Bunk's picture

lol you cunt made me laugh so hard

Bigly's picture

Now he is a real Renaissance man!!!


Anything he cannot do minimally semi-well???

Never One Roach's picture

Putin's piano is nothing compared to Obama ... who can play the Male Organ brilliantly!

Implied Violins's picture

We are ALL being fucking played. Doesn't anyone else see this? There is a full-on push in the media to build Putin up into some kind of fucking demi-god because he's going to be the figurehead for the new money control system that people will beg for after the dollar is destroyed.

He's the shiny new face of the stealth NWO. A Hegelian dialectic is being played on a world-wide scale here, and people just aren't seeing it. What will it take for people to believe what I'm saying? Would a One World Currency system suffice? If so, then I fear we will all see it very soon...and when we do, we ALL will have lost.

/rant off
/Guinness mode engaged

Lore's picture

Well, I've watched and read about Putin, and have a great deal more respect for him as a man, as a statesman and as a leader than any of the progressivist fucktards we're stuck with in the western world. 

If a new money system means less of the kind of shit to which we have been subject for the past 50 years, then by God, bring it on. 

Truther's picture

A true man and it shows.

When a state leader waits for another, without throwing fits about "Hey, I'm fucking important" attitude, shows how classy he is.

Go putin. We have leaders here with pink girly bikes that lick ice cream for a habit. No wonder we're fucked.

veritas semper vinces's picture

Greatest leader in the world today and most likely of the century and of all time

Bigly's picture

I feel inferior.

True someone else is playing another piano, but look at how short her hands are...and she nails it, a complicated piece 


junction's picture

Putin doesn't waste time.  While the U.S. generals in charge of procurement were busy aprroving the spending of tens of billions of dollars on recycled and outdated war goods, Putin used the funds the Russians got from the spike in the price of gold a decade ago to spend rubles on new war technology, from Kalibr cruise missiles to improved GPS satellites to the Armata tanks to the Triumph mobile missile system to advanced versions of the Sukhoi 4th generation fighter jet.  Even some rubles for the best military radio jamming equipment in the world and for a new version of the Satan hydrogen bomb.  Scarey stuff for anyone in Washington, D.C. not brain damaged from excessive drug intake.     

fleur de lis's picture

Does anyone know the name of Putin's piano selection?

nmewn's picture

Evening Song, by Vasily Solovyov-Sedoi, and Moscow Windows, by Tikhon Khrennikov according to the article.

It sounded good even with a badly tuned piano.

fleur de lis's picture

Thanks for the info.

President Putin had a good education.

nmewn's picture

It would seem so, he's certainly not a stupid man by any stretch.  

Unlike some of the other Putin leg humpers around here I can appreciate his entertaining himself and others while he waited for just what it was, an impromptu of the moment. The piano takes patience to learn and he carried on even though it was out of tune, which implies to me he wasn't being a snob about it, a dalliance to overcome the boredom and playfully done in my opinion. 

As to "the other" aspects of it, it doesn't hurt his image at all to let the world know he has this ability to communicate his talent unlike say, a Hillary who couldn't string two sentences of Spanish together if her life depended on it yet claims she could represent their interests because she "understands them" ;-)

HRH Feant2's picture


"Putin sat down at a grand piano and played two tunes: 'Evening Song,' by Vasily Solovyov-Sedoi, and 'Moscow Windows,' by Tikhon Khrennikov."

fleur de lis's picture

Thanks for the info.

Pres. Putin is cultured along with being a solid statesman.

Johnny Caine's picture

President Kushner can play the skin flute, take that you evil Russians! 

Freddie's picture

So can his co-presidents Soros and Ivanka.

. . . _ _ _ . . .'s picture

Almost surprised he didn't pull out his multi-tool and tune it himself.

hutnela's picture

I'm surprised he didnt pull out a piano string and use it KGB style to fight off a dozen ninjas... 

foodstampbarry's picture

He should have done it shirtless.

New_Meat's picture

hanging from a hand glider ;-)

sister tika's picture

Vladimir Putin is a class act.

Savyindallas's picture

The guy is amazing--is there anything he can't do? 

Putin the Great  -greatest Statesman of our time. Also- it appears he is an accomplished pianist. 

Bigly's picture

Oops, said the same before i read your post


idontcare's picture

If only he'd done it shirtless (yes, I am female)!

DrData02's picture

Trump might be able to play the kazoo.

autofixer's picture

But does he need to shit?  

Rock On Roger's picture

His shit smells just as bad as yours or mine.

directaction's picture

Russia is very fortunate to be blessed with Vladimir Putin.
He's a class act, so sharp, a true Renaissance Man.

francis scott falseflag's picture

The cocks**king CIA spend three days and $200,000 getting the piano out of tune.



uhland62's picture

No, I thought that the tuning could have been according to Chinese tonality which is very different when you think of Chinese Opera. Hey - things are different in China. They have good infrstructure people say. 

francis scott falseflag's picture

True. I thought of that later.

rejected's picture

hmmmmm,,, a serious anti Putin Tyler here. LOL.

Well the only thing Trump enjoys is beautiful chocolate cake while he's blowing the shit out of something.

Russia's president has more class than the last 10 American presidents.... combined.

And doesn't have to blow shit up to get 'respect'.

soyungato's picture

Sad isnt it. While Russia has a classy president we had greedy Clinton, WMD Bush, Obama and now Trump. I had avoided voting for the previous three presidents but I fell prey to Trump.