Ann Coulter Turns On Trump: "This Is The Great Negotiator?"

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Ann Coulter was a Trump believer from the beginning.  As far back at June 2015 she predicted a Trump victory on the Bill Maher show and was openly mocked by the audience and other panelists.  But, turns out she was quite right.


Coulter even went on to publish a book entitled "In Trump We Trust" which she hailed as the story of a "one-man wrecking ball against our dysfunctional and corrupt establishment." 

But, after a series of flip-flops on everything from the timing of the border wall to the 'obsolescence' of NATO, Coulter is growing a little weary of waiting on Trump to deliver on campaign promises.

Sitting down for an interview with the Daily Caller, Coulter said she's "not very happy with what has happened so far" and asked "is the great negotiator?"

Uhhhh. I’m not very happy with what has happened so far. I guess we have to try to push him to keep his promises. But this isn’t North Korea, and if he doesn’t keep his promises I’m out. This is why we voted for him. I think everyone who voted for him knew his personality was grotesque, it was the issues.


I hate to say it, but I agree with every line in my friend Frank Bruni’s op-ed in The New York Times today. Where is the great negotiation? Where is the bull in the china shop we wanted? That budget the Republicans pushed through was like a practical joke… Did we win anything? And this is the great negotiator?


We had no choice. Yeah, I mean my fingers are still crossed, it’s not like I’m out yet, but boy things don’t look good. I’ve said to other people, “It’s as if we’re in Chicago and Trump tells us he’s going to get us to LA in six days. But for the first three days we are driving towards New York. Yes it is true he can still turn around and get us to LA in three days, but I’m a little nervous.

Asked why she thought Trump was failing, Coulter blamed a lack of "professional" political experience and a Washington establishment intent upon bringing down his administration.

"...just put it down to him not being a professional politician and having to come into the presidency with no support network, with all of official Washington against him.


I do of course blame Congress most of all. They are swine. They only care about their own careers. Who knows how much of it is corruption and how much of it is pure stupidity. People should start sending Paul Ryan bricks to indicate how much we want the wall.


They are the opposition party to Donald Trump. This is really something we’ve never seen before. The president stands alone, it’s his own political party, he’s Gary Cooper. All we have is millions of Americans behind him, but he doesn’t have anybody in Washington behind him.



Meanwhile, Coulter also took a shot at Trump's new National Security Advisor H. R. McMaster for coming off as a caricature of a "stupid Republican" with his pronunciation of "Murica"...

It’s just that it has been such a disaster so far, and that General Kelly is so preposterous, and McMaster — did you see him at that press conference? I thought he was retarded. You have to link to that video.


I’ve never actually heard anyone other than liberals mocking their idea of a stupid Republican say, “Murica.”

...something we also noted last week...

"But his pronunciation of "Muricah" stole the spotlight..."


And while Coulter said she's still holding out 'hope' for the Trump presidency, a dangerous thing when it comes to Washington D.C. and politicians, she concluded by saying, "I think all of the Trump true believers are petrified."

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Robert Trip's picture

I agree here with Ann.

Drudge still has Trump's balls in his mouth.

BaBaBouy's picture

They're hitting Thump from all sides... He's taking the Bait.
Thats the Demo's Plan.
So far its working.

Raffie's picture

In a way I do see her point.

HOWEVER! I think she is one of the few trying to encourage President Trump to fix America based on what he told us.

If she leaves I think times will be real screwy.

As for me, I did not expect President Trump to keep all his promises, but more them most previous presidents.

tmosley's picture

Another one jumps the shark.

Handful of Dust's picture

Well, I'm glad she didn't endorse Maxine Waters in the same breath.

Silver Swan's picture

The same woman who mocked Ron Paul's presidential campaign likes Trump. Bimbo.

FrozenGoodz's picture

She won't be the last either ... what're we gunna whine about on twitter this week as nothing gets done

metastar's picture

Bitch needs some radiation therapy ...


Ann Coulter Says Radiation Is Good For You

espirit's picture


Could you even imagine what it would be like if Trump had not become POTUS?


.Gov would have never had a light shown on the cockroaches, and you could only guess that there was an infestation.


In doG we trust…


yrad's picture

Time to evoke the nuclear option. Trump has nothing to lose. Fire everyone he has the authority to fire, pass any laws he has the authority to pass, and start burning buildings.


It has afterall, only been 120 days. Did we expect a total miracle? Can we give the guy a full year to build some alliances?


Train jumping fools on here.

AGuy's picture

"Time to evoke the nuclear option. Trump has nothing to lose. Fire everyone he has the authority to fire, pass any laws he has the authority to pass, and start burning buildings."

Once Trump does a mass-firing, who is going to sign up as replacements? Crickets! I don't think anyone that can help is going to accept a role in Trump's Admin.

Trump is use to being the big cheese and barking order at little people that will say "yes sir", and firing people ie (NBC the Apprentice) The people Trump needs aren't those type of people and will refuse to join his team.

Trump is on the fast track for impeachment now that he spilled the beans on his Oval office tapes. Congress is going subpoena him so thet can find some dirt to get get him removed. I think Trump will be out by the end of 2018.

Troll Magnet's picture

Robert Trip,

Drudge still has DJT's balls in his mouth because Drudge is, first and foremost, Pro-Israel. 

Jews be Jews.

Manthong's picture


"If I've lost Coulter, I've lost Middle America."

Manthong's picture

Hi Troll.

It takes a real self-loathing ignorant moron to ding a brilliant paraphrase of LBJ referring to Cronkite.

urhotdogs's picture

We, the people can't let Congress go down that route - it'll be up to us to send Congress a big msg even if it means flooding DC with a million+ and totally shutting the place down.  I've never been a big Trump supporter but I don't want Congress getting away with a bogus lynching

Blankone's picture

How many jews has Trump fired?
Guess who will fill the positions.

lil dirtball's picture

Poor Anne. Always the long face.

MisterMousePotato's picture

"Can we give the guy a full year to build some alliances?"

The only people in Washington with whom one might 'build alliances' are anti-American, pro-homo, anti-white, pro-Muslim taking over the world, anti-family, statist, pro-TSA, pro-Fed Reserve, etc.

Trump was not sent to D.C. to 'build alliances' with those people.

Furthermore, 'build alliances' is code for Give the Bad Guys Everything They Want and More and Get Nothing in Return. That was Ms Coulter's point about the spending bill.

Blankone's picture

The US would have had a much better chance. Trump is just proceeding with the plans he had all along. He simply lied, portrayed himself as the opposite and used his showmanship to sell it.

Trump has filled his admin with cockroaches more vile than other administrations, he has give the keys to the jews/zionists and the speed in which he is doing so tells you how much ground they plan to take in the next 4 yrs. Trump does not plan on a second term, he will serve them greatly in 4 yrs.

But as always the sheep do not want to see they were betrayed. There is no way Hillary could have done more harm is this amount of time. And Hillary serves Hillary first - Trump serves the zionists/jews first and now see's himself as a jew. There is a reason his married offspring all married jews, ALL of them. With jews being what, 3% of the pop.?, all three married jews. ALL of them married jews.

roddcarlson's picture

The converted Turkish hebrews, twice the bastards of hell as Jesus said, own this presidency. They'd like you to think they are the holy people as they seduce people with their printing press and liar media but their future is written on the wall.

Congratulations Kushner and Turkish descendent holy people (aka the evil Japaths) in once again subverting white Christian America. Hope you enjoy your 10 seconds of fame before annihilation. When God has your annihilation already planned don't think it will end like holocaust one. Instead look forward to what happened to your Pharisee bosses in the last Israel. In other words look forward to total annihilation because in the blink of an eye it will be all over for you. MENE, MENE, TEKEL, PARSIN and interprets them for the king: MENE, God has numbered the days of your kingdom. Mystery Babylon will fall. Joominatis get to go down with them.

sheikurbootie's picture

Honestly, do you think Ron Paul would have been able to shut down the Fed and IRS on day one as promised.  The swamp of bureaucrats would find some million blockades to slow and eventually stop any ideas. 

It will be a miracle if Trump is able to build a wall AND remove the illegals.  This is a must.  I think he's waiting until the end of the school year 1-3 weeks to make it a national requirement for proof of citizenship to attend public schools.

The cost of public schools is $12,000/ child per year!

Blankone's picture

Trump has filled his administration with people who are supporting another amnesty for illegals.

I believe ZH touched on that in an article. One of the larger organizations trying to get the illegals out and who had supported Trump came out publicly that they can no longer support him because of this.

The Wizard's picture

On most issues she plays in the neocon playpen

Creative_Destruct's picture

Yes, she is a Neocon playmate. Have mixed feeling about her for that and other reasons. But on this at least she made one remark I can support:

50-50 corruption and stupidity is my opinion. Not sure if there are ANY good motivation


"I do of course blame Congress most of all. They are swine. They only care about their own careers. Who knows how much of it is corruption and how much of it is pure stupidity. People should start sending Paul Ryan bricks to indicate how much we want the wall."

50-50 corruption and stupidity in my opinion. Not sure there are ANY good motives driving this scum.

WillyGroper's picture

she didn't mention blackmail.

get a load of that madam's apple.

idahobandito's picture

That skinny little rail job doesnt realize its the REPUBLICAN CONGRESS that is fucking Trump's agenda. WTF is wrong with people who don't see that Ryan, Mcturtle and 3/4 of the rino establishment are the roadblocks. Trump also has a fucking democrat son in law, a rino chief of staff, a establishment/elitist AG, and the rest of the swamp. Nothing will change without ......

Juggernaut x2's picture

Trump is a functioning retard 

DownWithYogaPants's picture

That you think that only proves YOU are the retard.

FlatEarth's picture

Yea, Sure. Hillary would've been so much better. Isn't Hillary the one that couldn't even even beat a "functional retard" in a presidential election? Calm down, snowflakes. I'm gonna wait until after four years until I give up on President Trump. (Who else is there, really? We just need to start flushing the Dims and RINOs down the toilet starting the Midterms) We got a SCOTUS pick through, border-crossing is down close to 70% and deportations are up, jobs and companies are coming back, trade deals are being re-negotiated, so stop crying, ain't like things haven't gotten done despite all the oppostion Trump was and is facing everyday from all the haters.

TheReplacement's picture

If you took the time to read her quotes you would retract that. She called the Rinos in CONgress the opposition party to Trump.


wren's picture

I'm becoming more perturbed daily. I still hold out hope. But it went from belief that things would unquestionably happen to hope that they might. Starting to feel like Goerge Carlin praying to God on his day off.

Handful of Dust's picture

She's frustrated but should target her frustrations on the Dems and Repugnicanss blocking his reforms.

earleflorida's picture

'WH finalizing $100 Billion Arms deal with Saudis (trump licks saudis sword after beheading)'Over Moar than $100 Billion means what?'

and in other news today other than asshole cloultier: 

sew... we got`cha philippines and all ME Arabian peninsula on the MIC payroll

we love selling WMD's to countries that blow up our own people as on  '911'

gog bless amerika 

MEFOBILLS's picture

She's frustrated but should target her frustrations on the Dems and Repugnicanss blocking his reforms.


The left/right and Dem/Republican categories don't work anymore.  Trump thinks he has Republican's on his side, but many are not.

This triangle structure of Alt-left, Alt-right, and Progressive-Left is a better intellectual construct that describes actual divisions.

For example, Alt-left and Alt-right have things in common, like free speach and individual rights.  Alt-Left doesn't want sharia law, because it will take away their ability to be homosexual and the like, hence they are against islamic invasion.  Alt-Right comes to same conclusions but for different reasons.

The progressive left can include both democrats and republicans.  This group will often include bolsheviks and cultural relativists who want to use state power to get their way.

Trump has instinct, but has not formalized a set of guiding principles.  I would put him somewhere on the line between alt-left and alt-right.  The Progressive left (dems and republicans including neo-cohens) are his enemies.

WallHoo's picture

Ive never thought of it like that!Good thinking!Any depth from some articles?

The Wizard's picture

The One Party is in control and they will do whatever necessary to stop any attempt to remove them from control. This includes control of the Internet.

poeg's picture

Why should she do that? They won't listen to a word nor give a toss about Trump's base getting pissed but President DJT won't be able to tune it out. Where they will ignore, he'll react.

techpriest's picture

IMO, "nothing getting done" means "time to get whatever you need in place, and after that, start fixing things locally."

One president will not change anything, but I have seen local guys actually take on the swamp in their own county and win. Look at the marijuana laws, regardless of your opinion about them - once enough people said "I'm not going along with this," we found out that there weren't enough feds to actually do anything. And IMO once we get to about 20 years after the first victory in that area, the feds will be drug along and ultimately realign with the people.

Let's make the same happen with free speech, firearms, owning a pond on your own property, and everything else.

Md4's picture

We don't have twenty years anymore

I'm not sure we have twenty months.

Trump is pissed because he's frustrated.

I think he really does want to make good on all he promised. He's actually one of the few "honorable" things in DC.

The problem is simply too big and networked...for him ALONE.

The fucking place (AND its distant constabularies) is teeming with crooks and tenticled leaches desperate to continue the swamp.

His cabinet, even those with affiliations in that swamp, aren't the central issue. The swamp IS.

They have shut down the executive order route with the courts. They will continue to do this at every turn.

They have stuffed his legislative campaigns in a sack. And the democrats have been mostly a non factor when he can't even get shit passed by republican majorities in BOTH houses.

They have embroiled him in fake scandals and hearings on non issues that suck the life out of his agenda, and his base.

The prog left riots and threatens violence in the hinterlands at the drop of a hat, leaving much of the country angry, afraid, and paralyzed.

All while the economic morass worsens by the day.

This cannot be fixed with cabinet shuffles.

Trump is going to have to act boldly and FORCE these issues.

For that to work, he's going to need his base in the streets.

Domestic conflict is the only way to move forward.

Draining the swamp will be as bloody as it is necessary.

Anyone thinking otherwise is very, very wrong.

We may not like his idiosyncrasies, BUT he's the ONLY Andrew Jackson we have.

If this guy fails...we truly are fucked.

Jim in MN's picture

Getting both the Supreme Court AND the main elements of the regulatory establishment under control is by itself a huge accomplishment, going in the direction of letting businesses operate and entrepreneurs having more confidence to invest and create.

Trade policy is likely headed in the right direction as well.

Health care, tax and budget issues were never going to be easy.  Budget reform is what cost Jimmy Carter his Congressional Democratic support (he messed with the Army Corps of Engineers water project/boondoggles and they effectively slit his legislative throat).

Foreign policy is kind of careening around, but aside from a few explosions in Syria and Afghanistan nothing of consequence has happened.

I am OK with it.  Better than OK.

I also completely agree with your assessment that a long and possibly bloody period of retrenchment lies ahead.

But blaming Trump for not being an actual Wizard of Oz is fucking idiotic. 

Chupacabra-322's picture

@ Jim & Md4,

Both your posts sound very reasonable in Theory & practice in a functioning Institution. However, the Institution in now absolutely, completely open in your Face

Tyrannically Lawless.

The factions of the Power Elite will continue to battle each other for control, and sometimes they'll unite on certain issues. We are irrelevant. Trump is irrelevant. No one, and least of all Trump, is coming to save the day.

There will be no chance of positive change until this Tyrannical Lawless empire collapses. The Power Elite are deeply embedded and will continue to run the show until they damage the population so much that a reset is put in motion. Perhaps another 20, 30 or 50 years before this happens.

At the current moment we're completely Tyrannically Lawless.

We have been for quite some time. In the past, their Criminality was "Hidden in plain view."

Now it's out in the open, in your face Criminality & Tyrannical Lawlessness. Complete debachary.

The bar & precedent has been set so high among these Criminals I doubt we will ever see another person arrested in our lifetime.

WillyGroper's picture


just gonna thro this out there & see if anyone wants to fish or cut bait.

we know the ussa is a corporation. 

we also know it's managed via maritime law.

we know we have a fictitious identity via the birth certificate & are presumed dead & lost at sea thereby automatically putting our estate in probate.  any financial holdings per DTCC makes you the "beneficiary" of said holdings.

all fraudulent identity theft.

we must "reclaim" our personhood formally...untill then we are not citizens (we haven't arrived/lost at sea) of the USA nor residents of ***state.  this also has to be narrowed down to your county.

just a proposal for those interested in the vein of how George Webb is compiling his info via numerous researchers.

Judge Anna von Reitz's site is chock full of what we need to know & do.  the sheer volume is daunting.

if several folks would each take a few of her posts, boil it down to action items so that the whole shebang could be compiled in a step by step process, it would go a long way in putting an end to this shitshow, especially if it hit critical mass.

perhaps if the view was from the bottom up instead of the top down the view could possibly change.

i'd be glad to collate if folks want to fish.

any takers?

Chupacabra-322's picture

I've put together a couple of "no nonsense" pieces simplistically explaining the concepts just as you've posted.

Heck, I'm copying, pasting & adding your post to my piece / commentary.

In my humble opinion, it's Criminal Contract Fraud based on deceit. It all begins at Birth with CONSENT. Both parties must be informed if such Contract is to be legal and binding.

You can also start here:

The Bankruptcy of The United States
United States Congressional Record, March 17, 1993 Vol. 33, page H-1303

Speaker-Rep. James Traficant, Jr. (Ohio) addressing the House:

"Mr. Speaker, we are here now in chapter 11.. Members of Congress are official trustees presiding over the greatest reorganization of any Bankrupt entity in world history, the U.S. Government. We are setting forth hopefully, a blueprint for our future. There are some who say it is a coroner’s report that will lead to our demise.

It is an established fact that the United States Federal Government has been dissolved by the Emergency Banking Act, March 9, 1933, 48 Stat. 1, Public Law 89-719; declared by President Roosevelt, being bankrupt and insolvent. H.J.R. 192, 73rd Congress m session June 5, 1933 - Joint Resolution To Suspend The Gold Standard and Abrogate The Gold Clause dissolved the Sovereign Authority of the United States and the official capacities of all United States Governmental Offices, Officers, and Departments and is further evidence that the United States Federal Government exists today in name only.

Golden Showers's picture

Thank you Willy Groper and Chupacabra-322,

This has been coming back since I first started reading about it in '05 along with USC 26. Foremost is the concise real US History 101 we never received. The second thing is that to get your head around it, you almost have to hole up and perform the equivalent of an Abramelin ritual where you may or may not come out sane. Then certainly, to those whom you might attempt to educate you will indeed appear completely bat shit.

This is also the garden path to initiation in ritual magick. Crowley defined magick as "the Science and Art of causing Change (to consciousness) to occur in conformity with Will". But he doesn't mention whose consciousness and who's will.

So to anyone I'd recommend first getting your shit straight with your creator because you cannot serve two masters. You cannot be two people living in two places. Every time I go through one of those god forsaken checkpoints and I'm asked if I'm a US CITIZEN I pray to god to forgive my sins and say Yes in order to avoid a lengthy detainment and philosophical / history lesson, not to mention a probable ass kicking. I can't just ask the poor Homeland security dude to give me the lawful definition of "US Citizen" before I can answer honestly, right?

If that's not enough, you will begin to realize why Christians are so passionately hated, especially by socialists, kind of like how Buddhists are hated too. You really can't do shit with a true god fearing Christian who is awake (i.e. political). Same way Buddhists don't make good consumers and don't wanna fight for any regime.

This is Leviathan. Watch out for the fnords.

Md4's picture

"There will be no chance of positive change until this Tyrannical Lawless empire collapses. The Power Elite are deeply embedded and will continue to run the show until they damage the population so much that a reset is put in motion. Perhaps another 20, 30 or 50 years before this happens."

Respectfully, no.

This is the view that got us here. We CANNOT wait for further decay and disintegration.

We have a LONG history of electing skirts and shirts...and then, expecting them to somehow "fix it".

Well...they have.

We demanded BloCare be repealed...even (and preferably) without a substitute.

Did we MEAN that?

We demanded an end to illegal immigration, and a wall be built (even if only symbolic) to help curb that abuse of our country.

Did we MEAN that?

We demanded a swift end to severely-damaging trade and labor practices killing opportunity in this country.

Did we MEAN that?

And so much more...

What, then, are WE willing to DO to accomplish this?

techpriest's picture

Look at it this way: We're almost 30 years after the collapse of the USSR, and the re-organization of China. After the collapse, people are still there, and most likely you will want to do something other than die. What do you want to do?

If you're going to run to a better place, start packing and moving whatever money you legally can.

If you want the country to get better, start with your county. Or better yet your own family.

We "don't have 20 years" but 20 years is going to be here one day, regardless of what we do.

Chupacabra-322's picture

@ tech,

Agreed. It all begins & ends with CONSENT.

Blacks Law Dictionary.

Bay of Pigs's picture

No. She isn't. She is stating some obvious facts, and I don't even like her.

Trump has very little support in the the Swamp of Washington DC and is being ruthlessly attacked by a corrupt and corporate and deep state controlled press. His own party isn't even standing behind him. Nothing meaningful is getting accomplished. In fact, it resembles a shit show.

I wonder what you're looking at?