Baltimore: A Glimpse Of America's Future "Retail Apocalypse"

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In recent months, I’ve toured the worst zip codes America has to offer. The rhyming factor in each zip code is deterioration post ‘American High’ (mid-1960s). This weekend, I’m bringing you a treat from West Baltimore, where the homicide rate is spiraling out of control. In some areas, it’s so bad that mobile police stations in 40 foot RV’s are patrolling the streets. Block after block, it resembles a post-apocalyptic view of America, if industry fails to return. We’ll save this story for later.

On my travels from West Baltimore, I stumbled across a 200 year old mall called ‘Old Town Mall’. Established in 1818, the mall contains 64 stores, the majority of which are abandoned. The decay of  the mall started in the post-world war era as Baltimore’s population peaked, then started to dwindle. The mall was briefly revived after the 1968 Baltimore Riots catering to a new demographic. The revival ended in the 1980s with high unemployment and population decrease wreaking havoc in Baltimore’s community.

As you know, the United States is rapidly descending into the ‘retail apocalypse’ with over 21 retailers closing 3591 stores in 2017. This is due to a combination of consumer trends, first the migration to e-commerce, and second the consumer is flat broke. According to retail anaylst Jan Kniffen, “about one-third of malls in the U.S. will shut their doors in the coming years”. Consumerism in America has been a long standing pillar of our society. Unfortunately, the consumer has stage three cancer with non-productive debt, mix match in skills, and low wages already forcing major cracks in the consumerism pillar. The final blow to the consumerism pillar could be hinted in BOFA’s latest statement, “we’re hitting ‘peak youth’, and a ‘demographic tidal wave’ is coming”. 

What I’m about to show you is a view the mainstream media dares not to share with you, because it doesn’t fit the narrative.

First, many in Baltimore are getting way to ahead of themselves when it comes to the gentrification narrative. There are many uphills battles economically and socially, because the prior generations have let the city rot for over 50 years.


Second, the video below will give you a glimpse of a post-apocalyptic view of the retail brick and mortar industry.

Many who describe the ‘retail apocalypse’ say the storm is coming. I’m here to show you the end result. Watch the video below as we travel through time in a post-apocalyptic view of the retail industry set to unfold in a town near you.

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I am a Man I am Forty's picture

Maybe if it wasn't such a shithole.....

SafelyGraze's picture

"forward" is a good word

so is "onward"

and "upward"

but also "steward"


"together" is a good word

so is "empowerment" .. "enablement" .. "facilitating" 

Enabling Stewardship Facilitation.


to Victory.

the alliance for husbanding our resources, going forward



stacking12321's picture

as peter schiff correctly points out, americans being consumers doesn't make this country wealthy - americans being producers is what creates wealth

turn the mall into a factory, eliminate protectionist regulations that create a barrier to entry, eliminate taxes, elimintate wage and price controls - easy formula to MAGA!


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NO SOUP FOR YOU, altright spammer (xythras)!

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Soup is for poor people.


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I bet the Baltimoreans could use some soup kicthens right about now.

Aaaand no fuck was given.


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she was a waitress in a cocktail bar now she owns a jet...

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Good on this dude with his drone highlighting the urban shithole that democrat rule brings.

He's lucky the bangers in in Baltimore havent shot his drone out of the sky.

Keep it above 100 yards son.


Shocker's picture

Tons of retail has closed in the last 8 years, sad sad to see

Layoff / Closing List:


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Ay yo.  Dat music be like, thoughtful an shi', like, who shot my nigga?

BLOTTO's picture

The snake is staring to eat its tail.
Thats the end result witj dysfunction.

new game's picture

go back to lbj. that is the beginning. go back to the great depression. what is the difference?

in the 30's people got paychecks for make work projects. in mn here we have the some stunning state parks on lake superior and other places with placards saying  the year built and by the prgram created by the gov to keep people from soup lines and feeling good about themselves until the economy came back.

since lbj and the great society story line, we now have third generation of loosers from free shit by the gov for votes. these people are basically lost to living a productive life. filled with hate, envy and can't even help themselves. mentally retarded by society and these programs. the cities are a result of this and keysnsian economics and the fed policies of fiat money/debt gamed by politicians for votes. result is maxin waters type politicians. it is moar complex than this summary, but can be turned around slowly but surely. starting with welfare jobs correcting our infastructure instead of money for doing nothing.

does a real politician have a clue? yep, hopelessness ends this post. no delusion here. fuked as ussual.

as jj kale sang, "we got to run the route, cocaine"...


armada's picture

"the United States is rapidly descending into the ‘retail apocalypse’"

Too many malls. Too few jobs.

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 Man, that is one great reply to your butt-buddy lukyluke. With writing and insight like that you'll soon have no need leech off of the ZH comments section to generate traffic to your website.

Freddie's picture

The only idiots worth than the Baltimore Trayvons are the white ball team fan boys who cheer on the NBA, NFL and and NCCA Trayvon rapists.  Southern whites and Texan whote males are some of the boggest idiots who love their Trayvon ball players.

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Probably the bankers are the cause for most the misery in the U.S. and much more coming. I want the people who rig the money to watch all their decay and entropy and own up to it. We have rubbed the nose of the Germans for 70 years about how bad the Nazis were. But we refuse to hold the Jews accountable for the atrocities of Stalin, Trotsky, and the entire Bolshevist on white Christians in Russia. This one sidedness along with a near idolation and Stockholm Syndrome of the money manipulators who took the name "Jew" amongst themselves, need to stop side stepping their atrocities.

On top of that they continue to debauch the entire financial systems of Christian nations along with introduce foreign and often competitive peoples and cultures into our own. They have not only entropotized weath (by socialism and communism promotion) and by banking money manipulation, they have also been the largest factor of the breakup of homogenous religion and culture and genetics in Christian nations. They follow an EVIL doctrine called the Talmud where they feel enabled to steal, kill, and rape just like the Moslems all those who do not believe in their heresy. And it is heresy that they teach as Antichrists. No they are not of the bloodline of Jesus, but rather of the enemies of Christ as being from Turkey (hellenist convert hebrews). The true Judahite either converted to Christianity or died when Rome destroyed every woman, man an child. DNA tests show these Askenazis are basically Japath with haplogroups of Turkish, which also agrees with biblical prophesy and historical documents that the original Judahite tribe went to either preach the new gospel of Jesus or they were annihilated. That means these Askenazis are actually of Turkish antichrist bloodline. They are evil Japaths. They are the end time Antichrists that bring in the final chapter of antichrists as in Moslems into Christian lands. That leads to many of our children being beheaded and persecuted in our own God given lands.

That said I realize that the Jews have a tendency to push for entropy as in averaging and mixing genetics up like they did wealth in the Bolshevist movement. And many of the Antichrists do not understand the wrong in this, that's because they are strongly under their own deceptions. Quite frankly I do not hate Jews, I do not like their antichrist and false ways. I HATE their Talmud. But I truly pity them as I know their fate is a horrible one unless they repent.

As far as blacks. Who hasn't felt bad for black people? I've loved many blacks in my life. You know I see them as a brother. I don't trust them because they have a tendency to be lawless. I wouldn't want them to mix with my family either as even brothers the tribes of humanity were meant to check and balance each other. Nor would I let them cannibalize my people, or blame them for their own curse. The solution of course to the blacks is that they have to stop being lawless, believe in Jesus enough to follow the 10 commandments, and not be jealous, angry, or covetous to their Japath brothers. Done right they can beat the curse of Canaan (Ham's curse to his black son). But yes the blacks or the tribe of Canaan and the curse are basically exhibited in the Muslims as Mohammad was black. In the middle of his name between Mo and mad we see in fact Ham. And the location of his origin is from the tribe of Canaan.

I think if a man hates his brothers he can't truly be of God. I hate neither the Jew or black man. I don't like many of their ways. And I understand for the Jew it's because they lie of their origin being holy men when in fact they are of evil and Turkish antichrist bloodline. For the black man, if they are of Christ and actually aren't lawless I can love them as they are. We were brothers after all, but still I don't believe in mixing it up as the solution to show brotherly love.

This thing is going to get very mired into ethnic and racial hate thanks to the elite most of them being bankers and Talmud followers. I'm not looking forward to what future generations and possibly these generations are going to have to wade through. My life has been seeing nothing but feel good entropy. I've seen all the jobs leave as the bosses told us not to worry about our fellow manfucturers. I've heard how wonderful a service economy was going to be. I've heard how unbalanced trade was a good thing. Well you know what? I thought it was B.S. then and my convictions have been proven right over the years as I see the agony and pain. Diversity is another one of those lies that I fully expect the torment. I don't know how to convey my concern, not sure I could do much like the other things of self destruction and entropy I've seen happen over my life. All I can do is pray that men can rise up to accept their own parts in these things. Pride sucks. Lies suck. And Hate sucks. We need to work together as Godly people and stop the feel good crap if we want to survive. All people including the false Judahite Jews need to stop the lies and crap if they want to survive.

Rukeysers Ghost's picture

This is way to fucking long for a post. Learn to be witty and concise.

Nothing's picture

At least he can read and write correct English.  What is your problem?  Do you have another native tongue, or is it gibberish?

44magnum's picture

The true meaning of the assertion that Israel "disappeared" is to be found in the later Talmud, which
says: "The ten tribes have no share in the world to come". Thus, "the children of Israel" are banned from
heaven by the ruling sect of Judah because they refused to exclude themselves from mankind on earth.

The Chief Rabbi of the British Empire in 1918, the Very Rev. J.H. Hertz, in answer to an enquiry on
this point said explicitly, "The people known at present as Jews are descendants
of the tribes of Judah and
with a certain number of descendants of the tribe of Levi". This statement makes perfectly clear that
"Israel" had no part in what has become Judaism (no authority, Judaist or other, would support the claim
made to blood-descent from Judah, for the Jews of today, but this is of little account).

Therefore the use of the name "Israel" by the Zionist state which was created in Palestine in this
century is in the nature of a forgery. Some strong reason must have dictated the use of the name of a people
who were not Jews and would have none of the creed which has become Judaism. One tenable theory
suggests itself. The Zionist state was set up with the connivance of the great nations of the West, which is
also the area of Christendom. The calculation may have been that these peoples would be comforted in their
consciences if they could be led to believe that they were fulfilling Biblical prophecy and God's promise to
"Israel", at whatever cost in the "destruction" of innocent peoples

D. REED :: The Controversy of Zion

new game's picture

not disagreeing with overall comment as history is history. If it wasn't a jew it would be __________.

because that is the way it is. another race/culture would game humans for power, wealth and control.

the evil part is when i get excited, as survival kicks in and blood looks ok as long as it's not mine.

hell even, africans sold africans as slaves for profit...

each person has to fight their own battle(s). if it come to my acreage, i'm ready as ever, meaning not prepared as we never really are...

Memedada's picture

Would you mind me using your comment as a case of how well-indoctrinated the US population has become? As an example of how US plebs that believe themselves “awakened” are in fact products of corporate propaganda and misinformation?

PS. The only relevant and true part of your comment was “Probably the bankers are the cause for most the misery in the U.S. and much more coming”…and don’t see why you wrote “probably”. Should be pretty obvious (and disproving the rest of your corporate/right-wing nonsense). 


Wild tree's picture

RC, everyone is entitiled to a well written rant. I found yours to be well spoken; and with truth. Good on ya....

Triple A's picture

That was some 6th grade writing breh, can't hardly read it. 

Semi-employed White Guy's picture

Not really. Who needs all that overpriced, low-quality Chinese made crap they sell? F'em! My wife and I used to go to Target once a week and fill our cart with $150 of god knows what.  Whatever it was I don't have it any more. What a waste. Glad I stopped that kind of stupidity a long time ago.

Abbie Normal's picture

So which high-quality made in USA electronic device did you use to send your comment?

securitized-debt's picture

she was a waitress in a cocktail bar now she owns a jet...

Semi-employed White Guy's picture

Nothing I got at Target. That I can tell you!

yaright's picture

Right brother, we stoped buying "shit" a long time ago

Four chan's picture

maybe endless growth is unnatural and unsustainable. wow what a concept.

GernB's picture

E-commerce is only 8.3% of total retail sales. The model that is unsustainable is individual products delivered to your door with free two day shipping.

Still Losing Money's picture

but wall st has alrewdy said that amzn doesn't have to make a profit to be a multi-billion dollar company and that'spart of the problem too

Cruel Aid's picture

Amzn is about cashless. Just look at it, they should hv been dead years ago with that balance sheet

Bigern's picture

Endless pseudo-currency is unnatural and unsustainable. When the price freezes take place, corporations are seized, and massive population relocations begin, it won't matter any more. The new paradigm will be in effect. Only one "disaster" away from hitting the enable key. Any whiff of biochem, and people will beg to be moved out of entire states. FEAR will paralyze a nation. Especially when the reports of mass deaths begin to emerge

To Hell In A Handbasket's picture

I was saying this in my early twenties, faced mass derision and I'm only a couple of years from 50. People in the City of London do not want to hear logic, the truth, or any narrative contrary to their warped viewed on ever increasing profits, in a world of finite resources. It is mass group-think, forced on the worker bees in the City, while those at the top are engaged in mass pillaging and plunder. Everything is backwards, where the truth is frequently twisted depending on the agenda.

Gideon's picture

He had two terms in office and left even his closest neighbors with guns in their hands instead of opportunity. What a terrible, terrible waste of 8 years.


They are referred to as Baltimorons. I can say that because I live there.

a Smudge by any other name's picture

I saw this in 1986. There was this punk club called Metroplex which served a thin skim of urban sophistication in what was otherwise so clearly a sack of shit town.

For some reason the highways leading out of Baltimore seemed intentionally confusing. And it seemed like this and other barriers formed a trap. And most of the people I met were desperately seeking a way out.

Now what's left is those who can't walk or crawl.

max2205's picture

The only thing 60,000 addicts in Baltimore are shopping for 3 times a day is heroin 

Insomnant's picture

Heroin is mostly a white thing. In Baltimore the addicts want crack.

a Smudge by any other name's picture

Incorrect, really good heroin is brownish. Oh wait you meant the users nevermind.

kochevnik's picture

Or he meant the CIA refiners and wholesalers

Zero Point's picture

Bet you don't mind a big load of ball soup.

38BWD22's picture



Right answer, but it ain't gonna happen in the People's Republic of Maryland.


adampeart's picture

Factory? We've got robots for that. It should be turned into robot repair school.