Confusion Ensues After Berkshire Reveals What Buffett Bought And Sold In Q1

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There were at least two confusing items about Berkshire's just released 13-F filing.

First, as most wire services reported, Warren Buffett "increased" his stake in AAPL from 57.4 million shares as of December 31, to 129.4 million as of March 31 which is technically correct... except, on February 27 CNBC reported that Buffett had boosted his stake in Apple to 133 million shares, making him a top 5 holder.

And since his 13-F revealed a position as of March 31, or more than a month later, it was not clear if Berkshire had boosted his stake by 72 million shares (from Dec. 31), or cut it from 133 million shares (as of February 27). For now there is no conclusive answer.

Even more confusing was a simple human error, when Bloomberg initially reported that Berkshire had taken a stake in distressed rental car company Hertz, which recently crashed on abysmal earnings, sending the stock surging 9%...


... only for Bloomberg to promptly correct its error moments later...


... and send the stock tumbling back to unchanged.

Confusion aside, what did Buffett do in the first quarter? Not that much, as is usually the case for the billionaire investor Buffett: Berkshire exited just one position - his entire holding in Twenty-Century Fox. 

And while there were no new positions, Berkshire added (or cut) its AAPL position (see above),  and also boosted stakes in BK, LUV, SIRI and AAL. On the other hand, as was noted previously, he cut his IBM position by 20% to 64.6 million shares, and also trimmed his positions in DAL and WBC.

In total, Buffett's 42 disclosed long stock positions amounted to $162 billion as of March 31.

The full breakdown is below.

Source: SEC.

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Much ado about nothing.

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Back in the day on AOL (1996+), I used AOLs stock tracking and I would put that I owned millions of shares of various .com's and other perpetual high flyers.

I'd watch the ones that performed and I'd 'buy' more and the ones that underperformed I'd dump.

I was up billions of dollars YoY. 


Buffet gets to do the same thing but with real fiat money. 



Occident Mortal's picture

And yet here you are decades later... with nothing to show for it.

JackT's picture

You can still play that way with Google

securitized-debt's picture

she was a waitress in a cocktail bar now she owns a jet...

hannah's picture

i used to paper trade...was up big then i lost everything...i jumped out the window..on the first floor. paper trading was ruined by HFT. now i have to buy a freaking tower and colo just to beat other paper traders......

bluskyes's picture

Didnt yahoo finance have a cash prize for the winning portfolio each month?

I like to look back at my 90s picks sometimes. My didn:t do too bad, but most of the companies are gone...

hannah's picture

i won$100 in a paper trading contest waaaaay back before the crash. bet all those websites are long gone....

RibbitFreedom's picture

That's some pump n' dump chart in HTZ, I wonder what volume traded.

I used to love trading those mistakes when I was long gamma.

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Diversity diversity diversity

RiverRoad's picture

Who's going first......Buffett or Soros?

r3phl0x's picture

Unless they use the one who dies first to keep the other one alive for 85+ more years.

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8 million shares of Monsanto...

Catahoula's picture

He front ran and back sold

Squid Viscous's picture

Uncle Warren is confused about if he put his depends on this morning,

so no biggie

AlbertthePudding's picture

If Buffet goes then the system collapses

hannah's picture

correction...if buffet RUMORS goes then the syetm collapses

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Why does Zerohedge publish the latest investments Buffett made? He's a criminal kleptocrat who needs to be in prison with ALL of his money given to the 280 MILLION Americans who no longer have a "pot to pee in?"

Try reporting on how many billions more the very wealthy will NOT pay in taxes based on Trump's reconfiguring of the tax system.

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Might be fun to see what stocks Buffet owns, stake in Apple is interesting because he says he doesn't understand tech, you know he has done quite well in the markets as a value investor.

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It's a Prison Planet, We have to know full spectrum of Info/data to make investment/savings decisions.

- You know all of this

- Since 2001, G.W.B Admin... we all have to analyze how to deal with Investing, Growth of Big Corporations, Corporatism, Plutocracy, stratocracy, Timography, Gerontagraphy, Kleptocracy

Investment Foreign Investment Domestic Investment

Money (Up to Date, but looks like Crap, eh?) (M1 seems to increase with Mortgages) (M2 seems to show different bubble perhaps) (MZM seems to show peak in Economy 1981) (Total Debt) (Total Debt as percent of GDP) (corporate profits, 1-1-2014)

Edit1: Added Kleptocracy

I have left out lots of data links... the Mathematical Set is Infinity Set (...-.1 to + infinity)