Report: McMaster Leaked to Washpo Details of the Trump-Russian Meeting to Save His Job

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Being an agent of chaos, I love this timeline. The Trump administration is quickening the path towards civil unrest. In turn, the day of the rope for leftards hastens.

The left's favorite e-celebrity, Alex Jones, is out with a report tonight, citing his sources deep within the White House saying that McMaster himself leaked the details of the Trump-Russian meeting last week, in order to make himself indispensable. Jones claims this machiavellian move by Mcmaster was designed to make it impossible for Trump to fire him -- since it would expose Trump to salacious rumors and only serve to derail his agenda.

Here is Jones doing a Periscope with Roger Stone, gabbing about the latest drama.

One thing is abundantly clear: "they" aren't going to let him do anything. As investors, I think it'd be wise to start discounting in the fact that none of Trump's economic plans are going to get passed. They will not rest until this President...

The only form of western democracy that is acceptable to the marxist media and deep state shills is the overt liberal varietal, which is synonymous with societal and cultural suicide.

Alas, the Luciferians need their sacrificial blood.

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Sorry, Alex Jones isn't exactly the person that I'd want to rely on for accurate reporting.  It's all entertainment.

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Luciferians are gay and take it up the ass

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If the McMaster were a new sandwich at McDonald's, what would be on it? I'm sure there'd be a special sauce.

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Unlike many posters, I'm not an expert in McMasters or privvy to the inside knowledge from the Deep State.

All I can post is my observations.  McMaster immediately dismissed KT McFarland and one other Trump choice who held NSA positions under Flynn.  New brooms sweep clean but KT is a knowlegeable, straight shooting professional who served in other administrations and should have been given a chance.

McMaster also seemed to be undercutting Trump in an interview he gave shortly after taking the job.  It appears someone had a sit down with him since more recent interviews have been supportive but he does seem to be at odds with the Trump agenda.

I'd polygraph them all - including anyone in the NSA, CIA or FBI that had access to the name of the town WaPo alleges Trump gave away (and everyone else denies).

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Fake news horseshit!

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Horseshit! Fake news!

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McMaster a leaked to Petraus works for KKR on the Biden oil and gas crime cabal in Ukraine.  Treason including WAPO

Serious war crimes......  Not by grunts as usual... 

Petraus been doing police state for years. Operation Phoenix coming to a city and town near you..  Dirty wars since Gulf 1 I would take it back even father.










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Partial list of Trump winning and keeping promises in spite of belligerent dimocrites, RINO swamp dwellers and leftwing, politicized  bureaucracy
  • Canceled TPP
  • Massive tax cut and simplification bill underway
  • Established VOICE to help victims of crime by illegals
  • Warned bloated bureaucracy to prepare for cuts of 20% and greater.
  • Returning land seized by Obama to state and rightful owners
  • Removed global warming nonsense from EPA website
  • Solicited designs and bids for wall.
  • Appropriated funds to build winning designs near San Diego to test
  • Appropriated funds to repair border fence and build new sections
  • Deployed border guards and will hire 5,000 more
  • Increased defense spending and BROKE parity rule
  • Stymied dimocrites party of 'no' by changing filibuster rule
  • Enforcing immigration laws.
  • Protecting our borders
  • Illegal immigration down 70%
  • Deported hundreds of MS-13 illegals
  • Deported 2 waves of illegal Somalis
  • Got China working to reign in North Korea
  • Market up $3 trillion in value since his election
  • Commitments from Canada & Mexico to renegotiate NAFTA (although congress hasn't accepted letter allowing negotiations to start)
  • Originalist supreme court justice
  • Forming coalition in mid east to control ISIS and Iran
  • Bringing back 1000s of jobs - each month jobs exceed analyst expectations
  • Reduced deficit by $100 billion (Obama increased by $600 billion in same time)
  • Eliminated Obamacare mandate
  • Passed legislation through the House to repeal/replace Obamacare
  • Ordered IRS to side with taxpayer & against government
  • Gutted Obama regulations
  • Established organization to verify voter rolls - including matching with DHS Alien lists
  • Ended war on coal
  • Negotiated initial trade deal with China favorable to US including export of LNG & coal to China
  • Fighting back against sanctuary cities
  • Drafted plan to defeat ISIS
  • Isolated Russia in UN over Syria vote
  • Signed 2 executive orders to protect us from terrorists (both  halted by left wing judges)
  • Fired Comey
  • 5-Year lobbying ban
  • Established group to examine and ensure US gov't cybersecurity
  • (gov't computers massively hacked under Obama with no consequence)
  • Sanctioned Iran over missile program
  • Responded to Syria’s use of Chemical weapons
  • Created task force to reduce crime
  • Signed executive order to protect police officers
  • Signed executive order to target drug cartels
  • Imposed anti dumping sanctions on Canada
  • Poll – Trump still beats KILLARY if vote was held today, AND won the popular vote!
This is with 91% negative comments from the main stream media and 98% of DC voting for Hillary and dimocrites disgracefully drawing out cabinet confirmations to the longest in history. Imagine how much he'd accomplish if he had patriots serving in DC!
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Trump is smarter than all the self-styled "intelligence community" and we, the people, are stronger than the swamp.

Let them expose themselves one by one and we'll pick them off.

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My source deep within the oval house says that we are now living in a current cycle of evolving matters that affect our daily and nightly lives.  If one is to continue to accept all of the incoming data as face value then we could be in trouble.  However you process, or whomever you lean upon, such as the WAPO, Alex Jones or NYT please check if the news is current to today's life cycle.

For example:  The news in 1962 of the assassination of JFK is just as current now as it was then.  We still are NOT allowed to know who did it.  Our banking problems in 2008 are not current as NO one was named as the UNSUB.

Now you are free to return to, and resume, your local programming stations.  This message was just a test of your understanding of any and all data why-ever you choose to process.  Please take a moment to comment or I will be compelled to have you complete a survey that will help in future posts.

Thank you

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Has it occurred to anyone that maybe everyone in dot gov are criminals and what we are witnessing is a Gang War for turf?

When Charles Manson and Henry Lucas get in a shiv fight out in the prison yard,...who do you root for, Charley or Hen?

Live Hard, Viewed With That Possibility In Mind, Every Time One Of The Pirate Mobsters Gets In Trouble It Is A Point On The Score Board For 'We The People', Die Free

~ DC v5.0

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 "...the fact that none of Trump's economic plans are going to get passed."


Well we seen his budget not get passed in the House instead we got a Ryan-RINO budget. The UniParty are not going to allow Trump to give us a voice. 



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Didn't Alex Jones say Priebus was also leaking to the press?  Thought I heard that

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I think even Trump never imagined how much crap goes on in that place. The National Enquirer has more cred than the WaPo. I do wish he would speak to Rand Paul more and less to his more left leaning son in law, about national matters.

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McMaster is a thug from Philly.

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I'd love to believe this, but since it's from Stone and Jones, I just can't bring myself to do buy it.  

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Why hold Jones to a higher standard than WaPo, NYT or CNN?  Is Hillary still ahead by 12?  Did Comey get fired because he asked for more money for the Russia investigation? Did germophobe Trump hire Russian prostitutes for a golden shower? Was Obama's administration "scandal free"?

Story for story, Jones probably has done more truthful reporting.  He certainly can't be any worse than MSM.

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Trump or pence is going to MAGA by selling 300 billion of military hardware to the saudi scumbags. mcmasturbator is hoping to stay on top of that pile of shit. I think the G stands for Grangene.

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I think I'll wait until some facts shake out.

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There is no honor among neo-cons.

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one party tyranny. above the one party tyranny law. why these fuks are free and operating as such.

think about it, if the seth investigation gathers steam, who all and how far does it reach? hmmm.

so, really are the r's clean on this one? think not...

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I am kind of warming up to the idea that Trump has been supported and conspired with Russian Lubavicher Zionists and not the Russian government. So, it would be two crime syndicates fighting it out. The Clinton-Bush crime family versus the Chabad Zionist crime syndicate.

Where is that popcorn?

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Isn't McMaster a buddy of Petraus?

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Unfortunately, I'm moving to the Country and will miss the Chiraqistan uprising...I will be dealing with the fools who try to head South...avoid my neck of the woods; we have no time for new acquaintances...

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Hold a solid front down there. We will destroy them in a pincer movement.

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It seems that Trump has surrounded himself with traitors, but he has already betrayed his base that elected him, so he deserves no better.

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Repealing TPP, reducing illegals crossing the border by 70%, eliminating the Obama mandate and requiring the IRS to side with taxpayers and not government, approving XL and Dakota pipelines, eliminating billions in Obama regs and requiring 2 old regs be removed for every new one, putting a freeze on government hiring, telling departments to expect 25% cuts (except for military), ushering through the incompetent swamp House a repeal and replacement for Obamacare, increasing funding for the existing border and increasing military spending without "parity" spending on wasteful pararasite protection spending, saving billions in taxpayer money on defense contracts, increasing job creation in excess of optomistic reports, deporting thousands of criminal illegals, putting sanctuary cities on notice, appointing a Constitution loving justice to Supreme Court.

These are just a FEW of the promises Trump has kept while fighting off the lions constantly sent into the arena.

Imagine how much more he could accomplish if he had people in Congress and the bureaucracy as dedicated to the American people and enforcing our laws as he is.

If Obama or Hillary had accomplished 1/10 as much POSTIVE as Trump has the media would be holding parades for them in every city and building monuments.