'Resistance' Builds As Hillary Unveils "Onward Together" Group To Help People Run For Office

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After proclaiming herself "an activist citizen and part of the resistance," and by definition - absolutely not part of the establishment? - Hillary Clinton has unveiled her latest fund-raising vehicle - Onward Together to "champion the vision that earned 66 million votes in the last election."

The group, “Onward Together,” will work “to build a brighter future for generations to come by supporting groups that encourage people to organize and run for office," according to a statement from Hillary Clinton.

As a reminder, in early May, Clinton identified herself as part of “the resistance.”

“I can’t be anything other than who I am,” Clinton said at a Women for Women International event.


“And I spent decades learning about what it would take to move our country forward — including people who clearly didn’t vote for me — to try to make sure we dealt with a lot of these hard issues that are right around the corner like robotics and artificial intelligence and things that are really going to be upending the economy for the vast majority of Americans, to say nothing of the rest of the world.”


“So I’m now back to being an activist citizen and part of the resistance.”

The Mission - as defined by her website - is as follows (emphasis added):

Onward Together is dedicated to advancing the vision that earned nearly 66 million votes in the last election. By encouraging people to organize, get involved, and run for office, Onward Together will advance progressive values and work to build a brighter future for generations to come.


Citizen engagement at every level is central to a strong and vibrant democracy. In recent months, we've seen what's possible when people come together to resist bullying, hate, falsehoods, and divisiveness, and stand up for a fairer, more inclusive America.


From the Women's March to airports where communities are welcoming immigrants and refugees to town hall meetings in every community, Americans are speaking up and speaking out like never before.


The challenges we face as a country are real. But there's no telling what we can achieve if we approach the fights ahead with the passion and determination we feel today, and bring that energy into 2017, 2018, 2020, and beyond.



Onward Together will start by supporting five groups, including Swing Left, Emerge America, Color of Change, Indivisible and Run for Something.

In some cases will provide direct funding to the organizations to help grow their audiences. The funding - it appears - will come from you America and yuour kind donations...

“In recent months, we’ve seen what’s possible when people stand up for a fairer, big-hearted, more inclusive America,”


“Chip in today to help Onward Together support the people and organizations championing the vision that earned 66 million votes in the last election.”

“Resist, insist, persist, enlist.” - Hillary Rodham Clinton

The resistance is building.

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Hikikomori's picture

Hillary leading "The Resistance" is fabulous for President Trump.  If anything can guarantee him a second term (if indeed, he wants one), it has to be Hillary at the helm of the Democratic Party.

gmrpeabody's picture

"champion the vision that earned 66 million votes in the last election. 90% of which were legal"

There.., fixed it for ya...

AltRight Girl's picture

What will they do when they'll lose badly? Blame Russia again?

That ship has sailed and is sinking fast.

Trump’s Enemies Try to Bind His “Hands and Feet” Using Russia as a Pretext

DownWithYogaPants's picture

Chip in! 

as always it's about the mullah

wee-weed up's picture



"Onward Together"...

Hmmm... sounds like the cry of a bunch of dumb lemmings just before they plunge off the cliff!

Creepy_Azz_Crackaah's picture

"The vision:"


Mr. Bones's picture


I'll be the first to say, 'fat chance.'

Nexus789's picture

Onward together to prison one would hope. 

chiquita's picture

Chip in! 

I smell another fraudulant money raising scheme by the Clintons...   Can't this bitch just learn how to shut up and sit down when she loses?  Doea she not know what it means when people explicitly indicate that they do not want her?  Do we have to spell it out any clearer???  

jcaz's picture

Naw, I get it- the people who have "donated" money to her expected serious ROI, and this is her way of dancing around that obligation;

It should keep her alive for another six months, until her overlords figure out she's still not relevent,  then it will be time for Hill to pay the piper.

Got The Wrong No's picture

Obama and Hillary are trying to get the Black, Hispanics, Gender Whatevers, Snowflakes and illegals fired up for the midterms and onward to 2020. With the help of the Media, they will probably regretfully succeed. There are rumors that Opera will run in 2020. She has been brainwashing her audience for many years. She will have the backing of the Globalist Scum.

max_leering's picture

Welcome to Hillarys ACC... The Antique Cunts Club- inward together, with really smelly twats and sweaty feet

drendebe10's picture

The lying cheating corrupt get outta jail free criminal dried up withered syphlitic old twat is fukn stoopud.

drendebe10's picture

The lying cheating corrupt get outta jail free criminal dried up withered syphlitic old twat is fukn stoopud.  Worth saying twice.

Barry's Random Social Security Number Generator's picture

Weekend at Bernie's won't go down...and you can't kill something that's undead.  

Zekeman's picture

It is actually should be: Onward to get her.

Robert Trip's picture

Why don't you all go "Fuck Off Together?"

Lumberjack's picture

She must be broke again. How about starting a circus act with dancing donkeys.

RiverRoad's picture

Paving the path for Chelsea.

Everything is for Chelsea.

Luc X. Ifer's picture

Agree, u took it bfore me :), she's building the launching ramp for her monster offspring

Lumberjack's picture

I know the hubbell telescope can see billions of galaxies... Chelsea can see billions of dollars. Problem is time and distance...

RiverRoad's picture

Someone needs to give Chelsea a plane like the one JFK, Jr. had.  A year after his plane crashed, Hillary became Senator from NY.

True Blue's picture

Except that JFK Jr. appears to have possibly been Arkancided, and Chelsea is clearly an Arkancider.

hound dog vigilante's picture


So they're paving the path for Chelsea?


good luck with that!  CC is even less likeable than HRC.  CC's political career is a non-starter.

RiverRoad's picture

That's why she really needs that airplane.

frank further's picture

God, we all hope you're right.  But, you must remember how stupid voters can be.

Bigly's picture

I was thinking that this is the kiss of death to your campaign unless you are in a commie cucked state, or locale.

AtATrESICI's picture

Before getting involved with this crooked ass woman one should check with Vince Foster to see ones possible future... After you make contact with Vince please let me know.


barysenter's picture

Democratic 2016/2018 Election Coverage, Day 195

onewayticket2's picture

Clinton Foundation Investors, err, "donors" are demanding payback/ROI....since she's realizing she cannot win, she's got to have influence over those who can....so her Investors, err, "donors" are able to get their return via her puppeteering.

Oldwood's picture

She must retain relevance if she is going to sell influence.

But this should also warm the hearts of all those who have disowned Trump given their bigly disappointments. THIS is what you lost with Trump and THIS is what you have to gain with his defeat.

Let's all please TRY to be thankful for what little we have???

RiverRoad's picture

I've got Trump in the presidency, both houses of congress, Gorsuch on the Supreme Court, and Comey canned.  Even if gridlock going forward, it still works for me..

Scanderbeg's picture

Correct, the MSM is just running damage control. The Demonrat party is in chaos.

And if they really want war after they lose again they will get their shit pushed in.

Most police and military in this country despise the left. 


hound dog vigilante's picture


when was HRC ever an "activist citizen"?   she's been a corrupt insider since Day One... she's fooling NOBODY.


but if progs think HRC is part of their future, it's their funeral.

jamesmmu's picture

Is It Time To Turn On Trump? Coulter and Other TrumpTrain Riders Grow Restless


Oldwood's picture

Turn on Trump in lieu of what/whom?

Hillary? (you're shitting me, right?)

Sitting on our hands in protest? (that's always worked out well)

Call Ron Paul?(hahahaha, he has even less congressional (or any other) support.)

css1971's picture

Onward Together! Keep the Red Flag Flying!

Not A Doug's picture

So, with the CF exposed, on to her new fund raising scam. You stupid ass, Comey, you could have ended her.

Sir John Bagot Glubb's picture

Hell, his next job is with the Clinton Foundation.....

Nice Try Lao Che's picture

"“Resist, insist, persist, enlist.”"


I'm PISSED ~ Understand the GIST? Get on my death count LIST

whackedinflorida's picture

If the glove don't fit you must acquit.

Nice Try Lao Che's picture

Called up my homies & I'm AXEin y'all

Which court y'all playin' BASKETball


Wait, what?

eclectic syncretist's picture

Blacklist the unmissed recidivist jihadist!

Dr.Vannostrand's picture

You never fucking go away, and for that; I am grateful. 

Gohigher's picture

An original, well done. Needs to be expanded a little more, then widely circulated om fukbook.

Robert Trip's picture

Maybe those folks who lost $2 Billion on her campaign can "chip in" to get the ball rolling?

Mzhen's picture



(Count me in.)