Seattle Set To Become First City To Offer "Safe Spaces" For Heroin Use

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Modeled after similar programs in Europe, Australia and Canada, Seattle is on track to become the first city in the United States where heroin addicts can legally shoot up at a supervised healthcare facility.  The controversial program is intended to reduce the number of overdose deaths by bringing users out of the alleys and into "safe places" where overdoses can be treated immediately, all at taxpayer expense, of course.  This new concept goes one step beyond needle exchange programs that exist in other cities intended to decrease the spread of disease through dirty needles.



The goal of the program, as Dr. Nora Volkow, director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse points out, is to reduce the occurrence of ancillary diseases such as HIV that result from heroin use and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to treat.  Per The Washington Examiner:

Dr. Nora Volkow, director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, part of the National Institutes of Health, said not taking action to reduce the spread of those diseases would be irresponsible from a public health perspective. Cutting even one HIV infection would save $379,668 in lifetime costs, according to NIDA data.


King County spends $1.2 million annually on its needle exchange program, allowing the program to essentially pay for itself if three infections are prevented per year. Cutting infections by 1 percent in King County would save more than $70 million in HIV-related medical costs, the county's website states.

As CNN noted, "safe injection centers" have been around in Vancouver since at least 2013.  But, despite claims they save hundreds of lives each year, actual data from the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General would suggest that drug overdose deaths have skyrocketed since that time...unpossible.



Of course, such programs are not without their critics as one Washington State Senator says "toleration is not compassionate, it is a signal of defeat."

Republican state Sen. Mark Miloscia proposed a bill to ban secure injection zones in Washington, and the bill is sitting in committee in the Senate.


"Toleration is not compassionate, it is a signal of defeat. We cannot give up on drug users. In the end, these sites will only distract us from getting resources into real, medically proven treatment options," Miloscia said.


John P. Walters, director of drug control policy in George W. Bush's administration, agreed the only safe approach to heroin is not to take it.


"Supporting addicts' heroin use maintains their disease, administering the poison that causes their illness and diminishes their lives. A government-approved place for unlimited heroin injection creates the conditions for never-ending addiction and gives government a drug dealer's power over the addicted," Walters wrote in an op-ed. "We do not protect addicts by reviving them from overdose death only to return them to death's front door, perpetuating the self-destructive cycle of addiction."

Meanwhile, to our complete lack of surprise, the progressive, snowflake haven of San Francisco is also in the midst of implementing their own "safe injection facilities" (SIFs) which they estimate could save taxpayers millions.

Supervised injection facilities (SIFs) have been shown to reduce infection, prevent overdose deaths, and increase treatment uptake. The United States is in the midst of an opioid epidemic, yet no sanctioned SIF currently operates in the United States. We estimate the economic costs and benefits of establishing a potential SIF in San Francisco using mathematical models that combine local public health data with previous research on the effects of existing SIFs. We consider potential savings from five outcomes: averted HIV and hepatitis C virus (HCV) infections, reduced skin and soft tissue infection (SSTI), averted overdose deaths, and increased medication-assisted treatment (MAT) uptake. We find that each dollar spent on a SIF would generate US$2.33 in savings, for total annual net savings of US$3.5 million for a single 13-booth SIF. Our analysis suggests that a SIF in San Francisco would not only be a cost-effective intervention but also a significant boost to the public health system.

So all this time the cure for drug abuse was just offering up more drugs...if only such progressive thought prevailed in the 80's we could have avoided so many deaths in the "war on drugs" and simultaneously enriched drug dealers even more...could have been a win-win really.

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stecha's picture

I fucking hate junkies


TeethVillage88s's picture

Yeah WTF? Go downtown for hookers... end up drawing scum women who want to rip you off.

- Should be a smart quote here, but never applies to hookers or blow
- "Waste Not Want Not" if you pay be sober enough to get what you want

lol... no win kind of comedy


If you have Traveled... been to Europe... normal people are grossed out by Drug Addicts... Even if an Area in Copenhagen is provided for Drug Users there is a weird feeling about it... people in the drug zone don't want outsiders in... people outside don't want to venture near...

Travel in Europe and find out. Drug Users are not wanted in any city, they are tolerated.

Counseling is very important. Use drugs in Chicago, you don't get counseling even if you are 13 years old... but COULD BE that in Oregon kids will get counseling.

Wake up.

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Seattle Set To Become First City To Offer "Safe Spaces" For Heroin Use

My response: I AM SPEECHLESS!!!!!

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I'm not shocked because Seattle is ran by over the top progressive liberal nazi, muzzie loving, Christian hating, fetus killing and eatting SCUM BAGS.

Seattle on one messed up city. Seattle is more like a Mega Cult.

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Japan did this to the opium users in the Phillipines in WWII.  For a few months they stocked the joint with the PRIMO SHIT.  Every junkie in the country flocked to get high.  Then the Japs went in and "cleaned house" one day.  Shot them all dead.


shovelhead's picture

I was thinking something more civilized like a comfy pillow and a nicely padded recliner to nod off in as it slowly moves on the conveyer to the outside woodchipper.

Welcome to Seattle's Elation Station where you get the ride of your life.

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It's a great place to meet your location politician.

Multi's picture

"...Cutting even one HIV infection would save $379,668 in lifetime costs... the program to essentially pay for itself if three infections are prevented per year. Cutting infections by 1 percent in King County would save more than $70 million in HIV-related medical costs"

So you set up a government program to fix another government program and so on. Save time, just go fully collectivist now, the savings will be amazing!

If you really want to save cost just get rid of the "free" healthcare mentality. Free as in "I'll pay 10-times the cost but indirectly, and because I'm not being directly billed for the service and I'm retard I am going to call that ***FREE***"

Healthcare is NOT free, adding layers of bureaucracy and regulations just increases the cost. And no, you won't be able to force the "rich" to pay for that shit. Yes, you may successfully force him to foot that bill, but he will find the way to revert that cost to you 10x.

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she was a waitress in a cocktail bar now she owns a jet...

TeethVillage88s's picture

I guess it was the English that set up the whole Distribution System, Eh?

Sort of up Winston Churchill's alley.

"Gunboat Diplomacy"

Was it just few families in the USA & English Corporations that brought Heroin to San Fransisco & California?

Ah... History! Too bad I was grown in USA.

BeanusCountus's picture

I think Netherlands did this first, some time ago. Anyone got a chart on heroin use in Netherlands for last 20 years? Be interested in what it shows. Not sure its a bad idea. Costs nothing to run (heroin is dirt cheap) and a few more criminal activities are eliminated. Frankly, anyone that wants to be part of the program was probably going there anyway.

And seriously, a "wood chipper"?

SmittyinLA's picture

Wood chippers are energy intensive, I think I'd just slide 'em into the rendering plant with the dead horses and road kill when they OD....better for the environment

TeethVillage88s's picture

top progressive liberal would provide counseling and set up gate or toll booth where the addicts would get counseling. They call it prevention and social work... but strangely the Progressives & Liberals DON'T Want Social Work, Counseling, or Prevention... wow


They are not Progressives... maybe they get a piece of the action... they get Vig... they get part of the concessions like smart shops, record stores, pipe shops, paraphernalia shops, liquor stores, convenience shops...

Yeah, Politicians like to get kick backs and contributions to empower themselves.

Rahm Emanuel...
Barack Obama
who else?

graftvshost's picture

You sound calm and rational...

Death to the Christian-hating fetus-eaters!!!

Omen IV's picture

Stop - It is a great business plan!

all the junkies in the USA will beat a path to their door - no hassle from cops plus help to get your fix - sounds like a way to attract millions of people

Colorado has Marijuana - Seattle has Heroin - the one missing is Maxine Waters home town - she could be the poster boy for Crank -


Hop on it Maxine - Make LA great Again!

Lucky Guesst's picture

Me too!!!! It's so brilliant that I'm jealous it wasn't my idea. Now let's have the same spaces in Chicago and the entire state of California. I will even agree they can use my tax dollars for sex changes. The quicker the idiots die without ever reproducing the better for us all.

Donald J. Trump's picture

When will they realize that they are the enablers of this problem.  Take a junkie, give him all the free benefits he needs and now a safe place to consume his drugs.  WTF do they think is going happen?

Lore's picture

Organized crime of sufficient size is indistinguishable from government. This is Vertical Integration, the same process observed in the banking complex: privatize the gains (expand and consolidate control of international narcotics trafficking by the Military Industrial Complex), maximize demand and cash flow by propping up the market (keep the addicts alive), and socialize the losses and expenses (provide "affordable housing," food, clothing, support staff, social workers, etc.). 

Far as I'm concerned, anybody who knowingly puts this kind of shit in their bodies deserves exactly what they get.  This transcends compassion; it's just Darwin.  That said, I wonder how many people could be helped simply by improving their diet, supplying essential vitamins and minerals, removing them from the inner city, and giving them something productive to do (preferably something outdoors that involves physical activity, like working on a farm). If I had to sit on my ass in a life-draining shoebox, I'd probably "self-medicate" too...

There's a very dark, evil aspect to the marketing of these programs, dressing up Big Brother with lipstick and cheap perfume. 

divingengineer's picture

"The Korova milkbar sold milk-plus, milk plus vellocet or synthemesc or drencrom, which is what we were drinking. This would sharpen you up and make you ready for a bit of the old ultraviolence."
- Alex, your faithful and long suffering narrator.

Ah, the old miloko plus, it's real horror show, one thing's for sure, you won't have to vidi me no more.

RichardParker's picture

I wonder how many of those people could be helped if they had easy, legal access to ibogaine?

divingengineer's picture

Intercranial plumbum injections might be more effective.

logicalman's picture

Strangely enough most people's concept of a drug addict is completely wrong.

Take a look at the approach taken by Portugal.


Donald J. Trump's picture

I don't know all the details about Portugal and their drug issue, but I understand they decriminalized all drugs and created other deterrants and treatment options.  Drugs are still illegal, but instead of going to jailif caught, they offered them treatment, fines if they didn't get treatment, and drug alternatives to help get them off drugs.  They did not offer them safe spaces to consume drugs.

techpriest's picture

This is important to note. The reason for such programs is to remove the pretense for civil asset forfeiture, and all the searches, seizures, and loss of rights associated with the drug war.

However, you cannot enable this behavior. Either let them suffer the fallout of their own decision, or get them into rehab, but don't approve of/enable this shit.

Guess we'll see how it turns out.

logicalman's picture

I guess you've met all of them?

I can't understand how anyone could have a problem with harm reduction, but then I'm not a judgemental idiot.


Pie rre's picture

I think a lot of people that overdose is on purpose. I've known several.


Lucky Guesst's picture

I have never known anyone that overdosed on anything except maybe fries. I say if people want to kill themselves with drugs let's hook them up. Give them an unlimited supply and corral them all together. Free cremations too. That's cheaper than taking care of them. Why prolong the inevitable.

JustPrintMoreDuh's picture

Beyond Full Retard.


Like Maxine Waters type retard.

knukles's picture

Healthcare would send the folks for treatment, not enable their addiction and death
What the fuck is wrong with everybody anymore?

By this logic, we'd arm everybody to get rid of guns.  Like we do in the Middle East.

The CIA's hold on smack, etc., is responsible.  Like USMC in Helmand (poppy ) Province

The Progressives have gone nutz

nmewn's picture

We need to sign them up for ObaMaoCare so we can find out who their "doctors" are and how much income they have! ;-)

TemporarySecurity's picture

From what I can see, the above chart verifies it the war on drugs has either done no good or from the deaths has made things worse.  We started the war on drugs at the federal level around 1970 too bad the graph does not go back to that time frame.

This is why we are a Republic and I don't live there, if it works great, if it doesn't I could care less.

NoDebt's picture

When the government declares a "war" on something they mean that in the permanent sense of the word.  Never ending.  And why should it ever end?  Somebody's making a fucking forture off it for GENERATIONS.

They don't want it fixed.  They want it forever.


nmewn's picture

The War on Poverty comes to mind. 

TemporarySecurity's picture

The war on poverty has worked just as well we went from 14% of the population living under the poverty line to 14.3%.

shimmy's picture

Why not just kill these junkies if they refuse to get clean? That'd save a lot of costs.

TemporarySecurity's picture

When has being stricter on any illegal substance like prohibition actually lowered the number of people using it? With the crack down on opiates the death rate is sky-rocketing. More death more hardship and more welfare for the people left behind.

I hate drugs as much as anybody but why keep doing the same thing that fails every time?

stecha's picture

I think they should all get top dope top fentinil. Givem the good stuff. givem lots. Lets weed out the filth that liberals built.

TeethVillage88s's picture

Well you know... The CIA has provided... and the market has spoken.

Can't really stop CIA Programs, DEA Control, Federal Dollars in South America, Central America, and South West Asia... If South East Asia is not a good investment... then the infrastructure migrates to Afghanistan...

Kind of Simple

Hikikomori's picture

If you REALLY want to save money, kill everyone addicted to tobacco, alcohol, and fattening foods.  If you REALLY want to deal effectively with drugs, and addicts - examine the actions of Portugal.

Budnacho's picture

Well, at least ANTIFA will be able to shop local now...

Catahoula's picture

No hope in dope. Thieves, liars, criminals. That's all

AtATrESICI's picture

Fucking legalize all drugs... Wake up folks this is a revenue stream for the swamp people.

If you are having a moral dilemma don't. People who use drugs are going to kill themselves whether the shit is legal or not.

nmewn's picture

Send me your tired, addicted, wretched masses. Send me your junkies, yearning for clean rigs & a safe place. I hold my clipboard & paperwork in triplicate in my shaking hand beside the open door ;-)

AtATrESICI's picture

We're going to need 5 copies of that paperwork...

boattrash's picture

Fuckitall. Let me know when they offer free heroin.

knukles's picture

Say, I wonder what Federal program Seattle gets money from that require certain federal laws be properly enforced that this will run afoul of.
And don't get me wrong like I don't wanna put words in AG Sessions mouth, but maybe there'll be some curtailment of federal funds?
Ah, but then again, the Establishment never left the House so .... probably nothing.

Ya know, if the Donald's gonna take so much shit, he might as well bring hell down upon the Establishment

Yen Cross's picture

 Well spoken Knuks. I don't do drugs, but this shit is nothing moar than confiscation for the Gorrilas [LEO]