48% Of Americans Want To Impeach Trump

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Update: We can only imagine what the poll says after tonight's debacle from The New York Times.

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According to a new survey by the Democratic polling firm Public Policy Polling (PPP), 48% of Americans want Trump impeached.  Of course, while it makes for a provocative headline, the poll does little more than prove that (i) pollsters are still using generous Democrat "oversamples" and (ii) Trump's favorability is heavily dependent on ones party affiliation with 81% of Hillary voters supporting impeachment and 83% of Trump voters opposing it.

And while 81% of Hillary voters can't wait for impeachment proceedings, we can't help but wonder whether any of them could point to a single "fact", as opposed to an anonymously sourced fake news story from the New York Times and/or Washington Post, that would merit such a punishment. 

As far as we know, the only thing that Democrats have managed to "prove" so far is that a couple of Russian-based media outlets ran some negative articles about Hillary during the 2016 election cycle...which pales in comparison to the amount of negative press that Republicans get from the combination of CNN, NYT, Wapo and the rest during every single election cycle...does this mean that CNN has tried to hack every election for the past 35 years?

And, just as a matter of housekeeping because it's pretty much taken as a given at this point, here is proof of PPP's 9-point Democrat oversample.


That said, all of Trump's latest controversies, starting with Comey's firing last week and culminating with Wapo's latest 'bombshell' that he shared "highly classified intelligence" with the Russian ambassador in the Oval Office, seem to be taking a toll on his overall public perception and increasing the market odds of his impeachment.



And further still since The New York Times reported the Comey Memo..


In other news, the PPP poll found that ~90% of Hillary voters 'disapprove' of Trump...shocking, we know.


Moreover, nearly 90% of Hillary voters do not think the Russian story is 'fake news'.


Anyone else noticing a trend here?  We're almost certain that Trump could announce that he'd found a cure for cancer and 90% of Hillary voters would be opposed to using it.

Finally, the only issue where Hillary voters seemed to be somewhat confused was whether or not they support former FBI director James Comey...on Comey's favorability Hillary voters were roughly equally split between 'favorable', 'unfavorable' and 'we have no freaking clue how to respond because we're not sure which answer means that we hate Trump more.'


But, while Hillary voters have no idea how they should feel about Comey, once again ~90% are certain that Trump shouldn't have fired him....Hillary maybe...but definitely not Trump.

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What's the best popcorn stock?

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Sure, and 48% of Americans are brain dead and want National Socialism and believe in Climate Change.

Imagine if there were not a Propaganda mind-control media throbbing 24 hours/day for it.

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I wonder if Democrats realize that if Trump gets impeached, it won't be Hillary that gets to be President, but Pence, who is not a Democrat either.

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In a new poll released by BiBC Polling Services, 90% of Americans want President Trump to wear a bow tie

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Welcome Globalist Jacktard President Pence!

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I pray for another option. We in Indiana were glad to see him go. Pence is viewed by many voters as one of the most divisive and polarizing politicians in America. When the announcement was made a cheer rang out in the state of Indiana, the cheer did not signal approval but was rather a joyous celebration that Indiana would soon be rid of the unpopular Republican Governor who was running an uphill campaign to be reelected. To many voters outside his camp, Pence is seen as a shallow stuffed shirt and an opportunist with a history of seeking power by working his way up the political food chain.

When Trump chose Pence he vacated the middle ground and lessened his appeal to millions of independent voters. Pence is part of the socially backward agenda that has split Republicans for years. Pence Republicans see a tent that is closed and small, oblivious to the  reality many Americans are fiscally conservative but socially liberal. These Republicans should wake up to the fact today fewer Americans see themselves as unbending bible touting hardliners hell bent on making others adopt their rigid social values.

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Ha, Ha, 48% is still less than half!

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Liberals are never concerned with facts its always about furthering their agenda...

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Not me!  I don't want to impeach him! Don't count me in your "48%"!  I want to see someone put a bullet in his head!  I would do it myself but I'm not a very good shot.  :(

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Well 48% of Americans didn't even fucking vote. So the poll is for shit, and doesn't mean a god dam thing.  Less than 30% voted, and only their opinions matter on the topic, and so lets say maybe half of them hated Trump and voted for Hillary, so that means MAYBE 15% of the population wants Trump impeached.  Most of those a libtards and so their opinion never counts, bc they rant about everything.  


So get off the impeachment thing bc it is so overused and abused, that its actually helping Trump stay in office.  


People are too stupid to even get the psychology of this thing, but the more everyone talks impeachment and throws the word around like a curse word, the less seriously it is taken.   People dont have a clue as to what an impeachable offense is, and the Demoncrats speaking about it like diarhea coming out of their mouth, are even less educated on this topic than MSM, and thats saying a LOT bc MSM is dirt fucking stupid. 

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Precisely. The views of the US public count for nought. Better they reurn to the sofa and change channels. That's what you do in a Fascist state - shut up and drink your Kool-Aid.

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It takes a lot to impeach a president, those 48% believe if trump is impeached hillary would become president, they are stupid to start with by thinking he will be impeached, second, the democrats do not have the majority in the house and senate,  impeachment must start in the house where the republicans have a huge majority, even if there are republicans who would vote with the democrats to get rid of him, the house would not give them the vote and if the house does not impeach the president , the senate cannot on its own. 

But polls do not impeach, a president has to do something more than criminal as obama did a lot of criminal stuff and was not impeached. 

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Comey will drop the bombshell.

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They must losing their touch if a Democrat polling company can only get a figure of 48%. Did they forget how to massage figures?

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48% of Americans think Ronald Reagan started his career as a chiropractor.
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It is Blasphemy to publish this on Zerohedge. Think of Sean Connery.

"48% Of Americans Want To Impeach Trump"

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ZH readers can handle reality, even if that reality is based on the mindless "voters" that I have named as the STUPIDS.

Social Media has been a great set of tools for them to become even more the mindless drones living on the edge of "public opinion."

PitBullsRule's picture

If you want to see why, watch this very carefully;



Free Man's picture


IOW, you voted for Hillary.

2010 Dems lost the House
2012 the Dems lost the Senate
2016 Dems lost the White House
The Democrats lost more than 1,000 seats at the federal and state level during Obama’s presidency, including 9 Senate seats, 62 House seats, 12 governorships, and a startling 958 state legislative seats.

Shut Down the ‘Russia-gate’ Farce
by Justin Raimondo

Trump’s 100 Days a Success

Illegal Immigration Down by Unprecedented 73%

Just getting started.
President Donald Trump to fill 117 vacancies on various federal courts.

U.S. Illegal Immigration Plunges on Trump Crackdown

20 Ways Trump Unraveled the Administrative State

Bit by bit, Trump methodically undoing Obama policies

Illegal Entrance into U.S. Lowest in 17 Years, Mexicans Too Afraid of Trump



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98% of Americans think pollsters lie all the time.

Free Man's picture

Right. And Hillary was going to win in a landslide.

Reactions to Trump Victory, hilarious !!


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Pollsters deliver the result - they are PAID to deliver !

Personally - I think Trump was 'placed' there to 'divide' a nation - already on the brink !

He cannot deliver on anything - because he has NO say in anything !

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All pure bullshit 1000% character assassination the fake news is in overdrive with leftist/socialist/ communist as cheerleaders.  Trump is no saint but on 23 September, we will see if District of Columbia closes down.  The hidden hand will reveal itself to either go along or hit the brakes.  Until then, circus goes on for the world to see how far the deep state and the rest of vipers thrash Trump on daily basis.

1952angus's picture

America has be trans-formed

the invasion of the body snatchers is real  


S Spade's picture

48% of Americans are morons / zombies who stopped thinking for themselves

DeaconPews's picture

Is this like all the poals that said Ovary Clinton would win in a massive landslide. The ones that asked,"Why are we even holding elections?' 

snodgrass's picture

Another fake poll meant to shape public opinion not reflect it.

Thom Paine's picture

The data is obviously complete bullshit.

Just the batshit crazy propaganda media trying to get a movement going.

Thom Paine's picture

If you are going to create a fake poll, at least do it a bit at a time and with credible numbers.



CNN Washington Post, NY Tiime - massive joint poll conducted found that

437% of Americans think that Trump should be impeached.


98% of Americans have no idea what Impeachment even is.

Thom Paine's picture

Unbelievable that the Washington Post has now gone almost 100% propaganda mode.  Hard to find a truthful political story in their pages.


Tells me there a lot of scared pedophiles at the Washington Post and Democrats who know a new FBI director and DOJ are going to put them in an arse raping jail

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Funny that the GOP is not rallying behind A l'Orange. He'll be served up in seven courses.

bluskyes's picture

Trump has inspired both parties to put aside minor differences, and unite against him.

I wouldn't count him out yet.

bluskyes's picture

Is that the best number that a Democratic polling firm can come up with?

Cassandra.Hermes's picture

That number is suspiciously low!!!!

Evil Liberals's picture

97% want HildeBeast in an Orange Pantsuit.

Direct Democracy's picture

52% want Hillary in jail!!

JailBanksters's picture

Wasting your time

You really need to Impeach the Joo's and kick any Joo's out holding a Dual Citizenship Passport.

It's like you keep replacing the flat tires on your car, when the driveway is full tacks.

Replacing the Tire is not going to fix the problem, it will only fix it until it goes flat again.

But this is exactly what America keeps doing, Replacing the Tire.


roadhazard's picture

I really want Trump to stay being El Presidente'. This is the most entertainment since Dubya.

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48%  of Americans can F off. We had an election to decide this question. They can have another chance in 4 years.

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52% of Americans wants Hillary jailed.

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Can Trump sue the liars into oblivion?

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Stupidity and partisanism have a Darwinian solution.