Buchanan On Comey & The Saturday Night Massacre

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Authored by Patrick Buchanan via Buchanan.org,

History repeats itself, first as tragedy, then as farce, said Marx.

On publication day of my memoir of Richard Nixon’s White House, President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey. Instantly, the media cried “Nixonian,” comparing it to the 1973 Saturday Night Massacre.

Yet, the differences are stark.

The resignations of Attorney General Elliot Richardson and Deputy Attorney General Bill Ruckelshaus and the firing of Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox came in the middle of an East-West crisis.

On Oct. 6, 1973, the high holy day of Yom Kippur, in a surprise attack, Egyptian troops crossed the Suez Canal and breached Israel’s Bar Lev Line. Syria attacked on the Golan Heights.

Within days, 1,000 Israeli soldiers were dead, hundreds of tanks destroyed, dozens of planes downed by Soviet surface-to-air missiles. As Egypt’s army broke through in the Sinai, there came reports that Moshe Dayan was arming Israeli F-4s with nuclear weapons.

“This is the end of the Third Temple,” Dayan was quoted.

Nixon ordered every U.S. transport that could fly to deliver tanks and planes to Israel. Gen. Ariel Sharon crossed the Canal to the west and rolled north to cut off and kill the Egyptian 3rd army in Sinai.

The Gulf Arabs declared an oil embargo of the United States.

We got reports that nuclear-capable Russian ships were moving through the Dardanelles and Soviet airborne divisions were moving to airfields. U.S. nuclear forces were put on heightened alert.

On Oct. 10, another blow had befallen Nixon’s White House. Vice President Agnew pleaded nolo contendere to tax evasion and resigned.

Nixon immediately named Gerald Ford to replace him.

It was in this environment, with Henry Kissinger in Moscow trying to negotiate a ceasefire in the Mideast, that Cox refused to accept a compromise deal that would give him verified summaries of Nixon’s tapes, but not actual tapes. Democrat Senators Sam Ervin and John Stennis had accepted this compromise, as had Richardson, or so we believed.

Nixon had no choice. As he told me, he could not, in this Cold War crisis, have Soviet Premier Leonid Brezhnev see him back down in the face of defiance by one of his own Cabinet appointees.

If he had to, Nixon told me, he would reach down to a GS-7 at Justice to fire Cox: “We can’t have that viper sleeping in the bed with us.”

That Saturday night, I told friends, next week will bring resolutions of impeachment in the House. And so it did.

How do Nixon and Trump’s actions differ?

Where Nixon decapitated his Justice Department and shut down the special prosecutor’s office, Trump simply fired an FBI director who agreed that Trump had every right to do so.

By October 1973, with two dozen Nixon White House, Cabinet and campaign officers convicted or facing indictment and trial, we were steeped in the worst political scandal in U.S. history.

Nothing comparable exists today.

But if President Trump is enraged, he has every right to be.

Since July, the FBI has been investigating alleged Trump campaign collusion with Putin’s Russia to hack the DNC and John Podesta’s email accounts — and produced zilch. As of January, ex-CIA Director Mike Morell and ex-DNI James Clapper said no collusion had been found.

Yet every day we hear Democrats and the media bray about a Putin-Trump connection and Russian “control” of the president.

In the early 1950s, they had a term for this. It was called McCarthyism, and its greatest practitioners invariably turned out to be those who had invented the term.

“Justice delayed is justice denied!” applies to presidents, too.

Trump has been under a cloud of a “Russian connection” to him and his campaign for nearly a year. Yet no hard evidence of Trump-Russia collusion in the election has been produced.

Is not the endless airing of unproven allegations inherently un-American?

In 1973, NBC’s John Chancellor suggested the ouster of Richardson, Ruckelshaus and Cox was the “most serious constitutional crisis” in U.S. history, passing over the secession of 11 Southern states and a Civil War that cost 620,000 lives. One London reporter said that “the whiff of the Gestapo was in the clear October air.”

We see a similar hysteria rising today.

Yet that was not a constitutional crisis then, and the mandated early retirement of Jim Comey is not a constitutional crisis now.

And that the mainstream media are equating “Russia-gate” and Watergate tells you what is afoot.

Trump is hated by this city, which gave him 4 percent of its votes, as much as Nixon was. And the deep-state determination to bring him down is as great as it was with Nixon.

By 1968, the liberal establishment had lost the mandate it had held since 1933, but not lost its ability to wound and kill presidents.

Though Nixon won 49 states, that establishment took him down. Though Ronald Reagan won 49 states, that establishment almost took him down in the Iran-Contra affair.

And that is the end they have in mind for President Trump.

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spastic_colon's picture

at this point it is a big DUH!

"In the early 1950s, they had a term for this. It was called McCarthyism"

100% yellow journalism that is all.

FrozenGoodz's picture

When you need a ven-diagram for how the admin isn't similar to Nixon's ... things aren't going well

tmosley's picture

Truly a sobering review of history.

Happily, we now have the internet. The crimes on the left will not go unremarked as they have in decades past, despite their now absolute control of print and TV media.

froze25's picture

I have said it once, I will say it again. All the right people hate Trump and that is why I still support him.

MarsInScorpio's picture

Maybe someone hasn't read the Seth Rich article:


The Russia-scam is officially dead. Anyone who repeats it again has oatmeal for brains.

Better yet, anyone who repeats it should be arrested and imprisoned for sedition.

From Wikipedia: "Sedition is overt conduct, such as speech and organization, that tends toward insurrection against the established order. Sedition often includes subversion of a constitution and incitement of discontention (or resistance) to lawful authority. Sedition may include any commotion, though not aimed at direct and open violence against the laws. Seditious words in writing are seditious libel. A seditionist is one who engages in or promotes the interests of sedition.

Dear Hillary, DNC, Congressional Swine, and the Maliciously Skewed Media: E S & D.



SWRichmond's picture

Soon will it be time for a million (armed) man march?

jeff montanye's picture

bust seth rich and 9-11.

save lives and really defeat the deep state.

Mr. Universe's picture

It may come to an all out covert war for the administration vs. the deep state. if they can't take him out, then they will make darn sure he will not get anything done. False Flags, White Swans painted black, lawsuits and complicit judges will grind things down to a snails pace. While that's happening the media will be singing out whatever talking points are given to it about what the latest scandal involving Trump is. This world has not long if it continues along these lines.

froze25's picture

The NDAA does give the President authority to start disappearing the traitors both within and without the Gov't.

jeff montanye's picture

seems like israel actually does what russia keeps being accused of doing.

Thought Processor's picture


"Soon will it be time for a million (armed) man march?"


All wearing "Who killed Seth Rich" shirts.




jeff montanye's picture

your first three paragraphs, at a minimum, seem compelling.  that there is no reporting on legacy media except fox and ny post of this newest wrinkle in the seth rich story is pretty incriminating.























































































otschelnik's picture

And Suzy Rice negotiating for immunity.


The day Trump fired Comey those deep state bureaucrats in Washington were sitting up straighter in their chairs, and that's why we see this impeachment hysteria. 

Mike in GA's picture

True, but "will not go unremarked" leaves the losing side intact.  What we need is some "journalists" to be held to account by more than words.  Until then, they keep the truth from the people, play kingmaker and act as if conservatives are the Gestapo.

froze25's picture

Nothing like being president and having your own party undermine you at every chance. Do you hear me, Graham and McCain and Ryan?

CJgipper's picture

Here's how Trump can beat them all - TAKE THE FIGHT TO THEM.  Tax cuts.  End immigration.  End H1B visas.  PUT CONGRESS ON TEH SPOT FOR NOT GETTING IT DONE!!

Jim in MN's picture

The problem here is that the President is not a fascist.  Quite the opposite.  He wouldn't know how to call a semi-organized rabble into the streets.  He has a hard enough time with rallies in controlled environments. 

He doesn't want to scream at crowds, he wants to make deals and be a showman. 

If only we'd let him. 

Gohigher's picture

Fire Kuschner as the coach.
Bring in Bannon.
Power to the people, you know, the ones with the guns that just want the truth of what has been goin' down.

Only in my dreams does the truth set us free, my nightmare is the Gruberized murican' masses..

Any offensive game to dismantle the DS at this point will rip this nation apart, which I welcome.

Fuck the WAR PIGS

chubbar's picture

We now KNOW that the emails were leaked by a murdered Seth Rich. This needs to get MAXIMUM coverage by FOX (the rest of the MSM won't) and the FBI needs to start actually doing their jobs and conducting REAL investigations into Hillary Emails and Seth's murder!!!!!

Thomas Paine's picture

We now KNOW that the emails were leaked by a murdered Seth Rich. An assasination really...and fake Russian plot all came together in July!

doctor10's picture

Hillary REALLY only received about 35 million votes.  Trump may well really have won many, many more states-something he himself has alluded to several times since the elction.


There is abosulutely NO WAY she legitimately got the popular vote.  she just ain't THAT popular!




EenuschOne's picture

They should replace the call letters of ABC, CBS, NBS, FOX with OCD...Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. That's what the news has become.

steve golf's picture

the media also destroyed McCarthy, with some help from all the commies.

Stan522's picture

Comey firing is not a Nixon-esque incident except in the minds of spaghetti on the wall throwing (to see if it will stick) democrat's and their carrier pigeons in the mainstream media....

Jim in MN's picture

That actually works, you know.  For pasta.

Also for wholesale campaigns of malicious character destruction, but I was thinking of the pasta.

lester1's picture

I wouldn't be surprised if Jim Comey was helping to cover up the murder of Seth Rich on behalf of the Clintons.


Why does the FBI have Seth's laptop? Does the FBI normally get involved in local murders?

syzygysus's picture

Sorry, aforementioned laptop was infected with WannaCry and we didn't pay the BTC ransom.  So we removed the harddrive...and sent it to be shredded.   Ooopsie!



MarsInScorpio's picture

You know the FBI is in way over its head on this. Unlike Nixon, murder is a crime that is forever tracked down.

Deep State: The Death Penalty awaits you .. .

Sandmann's picture

What's on the laptop that isn't on a server somewhere in packets ?

Sandmann's picture

Well somewhere inside the FBI are people happy to see him gone.........time for the FBI to spew up results or face investigation for Counter-Revolutionary Activity and Obstructionism

daveO's picture

Last I heard, they also have the Wiener laptop.

29.5 hours's picture

Buchanan, you know your history but screw you on this one.

Trump is a target because he has shown no trust in the American people.

The people who voted for Trump have a right to feel betrayed.

They expected the Trump administration to make an honest effort to "drain the swamp." Instead, Trump has shown himself just as distant, just as contemptuous of our aspirations, just as reliant on Wall Street wealth skimmers and bottom dwellers as his predecessors. Voters did not expect him to deliver 100% on his promises. Opposition would arise from every dark corner of the New World Order. But the American people did have a right to expect the President to call out to us for active support when powerful factions in Congress and the state machinery openly blocked the way. He has not and will not.

Until we figure out how to move away from the left/right /Republican/Democrat swindle, no significant advance can be made. Changing labels on the elites is not progress. We need to raise our voices. The time has come.

Jim in MN's picture

No, Trump is a target because he threatens the Deep State.


Hillary Clinton, who has shown no trust in the American people, would NEVER EVER be a target in this manner.


So your point is illogical.


Complain about Trump all you like but make no mistakes about who IN POWER is out to get him, and why.  It has nothing to do with you, or with the American people.

Duc888's picture



I don't feel betrayed.  Speak for yourself.  One of two people were going to get into the whore house.  I voted to keep the career polititian out of office.

mofreedom's picture

My wife voted for that mormom, but would vote for Trump today.  And I'm not going anywhere.  It's so nice not having some lazy-ass statemen in office.

scoutshonor's picture

I have been in Sacramento on business--yesterday morning I happened to catch morning Joe.  Mika predicted that in 2018 Nancy Pelosi would be speaker of the house.


I hope that the mid term election will send every current member of the house back to the rocks they crawled out from.  Seems to be the last chance to avoid having to shoot the scumbags from both sides of the aisle.

steve golf's picture

And how are the "people" supposed to support Trump after they have voted and until they vote again?  Rioting in the street?  Calling "my Congressperson?"

roadhazard's picture

Trump is giving the haters all the help he can. I have never seen anything like it. I am highly entertained.

roadhazard's picture

Personal attacks are a dime a dozen, son. But when that's all you got you go girl.

steve golf's picture

Driving the liberals into hysteria might not be a bad tactic.  And it seems to be done on purpose.

Felix da Kat's picture

"...and that is the end they have in mind for President Trump"

And if the left succeeds in ruining Trump's presidency on clearly "Trumped-up" charges, that act will give license to Trump's base to come-out swinging in ways that will destroy the left. The left will fall victim to the theory of unintended consequences when it all back-fires and caves-in on themselves. I honestly think the left is too stupid to see past immediate consequences. I suppose that is a good thing; it will keep them out of power. 

Arkadin's picture

Trouble is, Felix, what does the "left" really mean?  Nixon gave us withdrawal from Vietnam, detente with the USSR, the opening to China, wage-price controls, the severing of the link between the dollar and gold, affirmative action, guaranteed incomes, the Burger Court, which gave us Roe vs. Wade, and yet for some reason is considered a right-of-center politician.  

By the same token, Trump has appointed Goldman Sachs types to a slew of key positions, and has put his foreign policy in the hands of neo-cons -- exactly what Hillary would have done.  

Both parties, the power ministries and our official, regime media are all still in the thrall of Wilson and F. D. Roosevelt, as they have been for decades.  you say Trump's base will "come-out swinging" and destroy the left, but why doesn't his base rise up against this sell out to Goldman Sachs and the neo-cons?  

If the media and the power ministries remain determined to bring down Trump (and I think Buchanan is right in saying they are), it is because he dared, during the campaign, to question the very foundations of the empire -- open borders, fast track trade deals and regime change.  That was unacceptable.  I think their beef with Trump is that even though the Blob appears to have gotten the better of him, they fear he might yet wake up one morning and say something unacceptable like -- we're pulling out of NATO.  




daveO's picture

Nixon created the EPA, Trump is trying to gut it. The oil biz. doesn't want competition.

steve golf's picture

I am hoping that some of the goldman sacks of money types are more interested in making money than they are in taking over the world and destroying western civilization.

Deep Snorkeler's picture

How I Became a Zombie by Pat Buchanan

They grabbed and grasped - I hit the ground,

I felt the zombies chowing down.

Now oft when in the woods I spy

A meat-bag creeping through the lanes,

I signal the horde; we try

To capture them and eat their brains.

Our victims rise as if entranced,

And join us in our Zombie Dance.


Pat Buchanan actually ran for president.

Can you imagine the absurdity?

steve golf's picture

nice poem.  better stick to poetry.