European Officials Threaten To End Intel-Sharing With US: "Could Be Risk For Our Sources"

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With the US mainstream media in manic finger-pointing speculation mode over President Trump's discussions with Russian foreign minister Lavrov, a senior European intelligence official tells AP that his country might stop sharing information with the United States if it confirms President Donald Trump shared classified details with Russian officials.


As AP reported earlier, a senior German lawmaker has expressed concern about reports that President Donald Trump revealed highly classified information about the Islamic State group to Russian officials.

Burkhard Lischka said in a statement to The Associated Press that "if it proves to be true that the American president passed on internal intelligence matters that would be highly worrying."


Lischka, who sits on the German parliament's intelligence oversight committee, noted that Trump has access to "exclusive and highly sensitive information including in the area of combating terrorism."


The Social Democratic Party lawmaker said that if the U.S. president "passes this information to other governments at will, then Trump becomes a security risk for the entire western world."

Germany is heavily dependent on U.S. intelligence, and now, a senior European intelligence official tells The Associated Press that his country might stop sharing information with the United States if it confirms President Donald Trump shared classified details with Russian officials.

The official said Tuesday that doing so "could be a risk for our sources."


The official spoke only on condition that neither he nor his country be identified, because he was not authorized to discuss the matter publicly.

And all of this over an anonymously-sourced report that has been denied on the record?

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AP fake news is attempting to ride on the coattails of WAPO with their own fabricated story.

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Impeachment sure does take awhile

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Yeah, especially when the party of the guy you want to impeach for no reason other than you don't like him has close to a supermajority.

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Time is getting short for the flyover patriots to get their preps completed.


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Great excuse for getting the F out of NATO.

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Could not agree more.  NATO has decomposed into tar pit where the Islamic Radicals will start shit and being part of NATO the USA is obliged to jump in head first.   Damn, the world is spinning out of control.  I think Trump has it right when he thinks a friendly relationship with Russia is better than an adversarial one.

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This will be the MSM "News Cycle" 24/7 for the next several months right up to the impeachment vote, which will fail.

It will fail because polls will show that over 50% will oppose impeachment and those wanting to "keep their jobs" will flip flop. Holding on to one's job in the House or Senate is the road to riches so they will be unwilling to give that up even if perhaps, it is a conflict with their various "donors" who actively seek impeachment.

Of course the next "plan" that will fail is the one to get the Cabinet and VP to vote that Trump is mentally incompetant in order to remove him from office under the 25th amendment. That too, will fail.

If one can not see what is happening, why they want Trump out so badly, one should "retire to the home" and pack it in. Our "Government" is a pack of filthy, corrupt animals that will not understand "the will of the people" until they are standing on the gallows or in front of a firing squad. They are playing with dynamite.

We are witnessing the fight for control right now. The Deep State vs Trump. It is a coup using both elected and unelected operatives in concert with the MSM. The problem for this strategy is the diminished trust in the MSM after the 2016 election cycle. Oh yes, and it's Treason. That's a problem.

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WaPo and the leakers should be held responsible for risking american lifes

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the global trump bashing goes unabated!! someone must be over the target; the msm knows that 80% of the global population believes their complete BS so they will continue to deflect, deflect, deflect and try to beat the world into submission.

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they will impeach him based on unamed anonymous sources. But Schumer will be in charge to make sure it's all legit--you know

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The Euro-pedos are terrified.
Their Trump fairy tales make them feel better.

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No moar verified as impeccably sourced tales of Moscow prostitutes peeing on Trump...why, whatever will WaPo write about now?  ;-)

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Trump released the Kraken?


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Tillerson needs to empanel a grand jury and start with the Clinton emails, Clinton Foundation, Seth Rich and go right on down the line. The FBI needs to get a boot up their collective asses, find someone with the balls to go after these assholes and put the full resources of the US gov't behind investigating and prosecuting these motherfuckers.

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Sessions has to do those things.

FoggyWorld's picture

Sessions has to do those things.

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Hard to decide what's real and what is totally fake when Amazon is at a 181 P/E. 

It's going to be a hard rain when that mother blows.

11b40's picture

Not going to blow.  They are sponsored by the Federal Reserve.  Red ink forevah!

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Note the German member of parliament (Bundestag) is a leftist!

This is more fake news.

Germany needs us far more than we need them. I know, I have lived and worked there.

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It's the lead story in every Globalist controlled (most) media outlet... unsourced and full denial from participants! 

This will only get worse if they have trouble shutting down the Seth Rich bombshell... how in hell has it come to this?

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"Poland invades Germany- leaves Germany no choice but to defend itself."

Nothing new here.

Fabricate your own reality. Repeat it often enough- especially in the MSM echo chamber.

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Fake News and Their "National Security Disasters"

So the most momentous national security breach is supposed to have just occurred --- according to the Fake News crowd!

They trot out Mikey Morrell, former CIA douchetard who presided over the greatest breaches of US intelligence in history --- to preach nonsense about national security, as if Morrell were capable of locating his own vagina?

This weekend, Gen. James Clapper, made the Fake News talk show circuit --- that would be the very same Gen. Clapper who promoted the privatization of the US intelligence establishment, so even more sensitive jobs and technology could be offshored to China, then after Chinese military hackers penetrated the OPM and stole over 25 million personnel records (last official count), the very same Gen. Clapper professed admiration for their hack!?!?!

Excuse me, Gen. Clapper, but if you offshore the coding on the firewall/IDS software to China (Einstein IDS, Version 2.0), then it is relatively easy for them to hack into government agencies which us said software.

Got that, Gen. S**t-for-brains???????

To any sane and reasonable American, the primary reason why any foreign government or intelligence agency would refrain from sharing intel with the American government should be those Chinese military hackers who penetrated the Pentagon and those defense industry private contractors, stealing plans to ALL the major US weapons systems (this was around or before 2012, if you'll recall) and the massive intelligence breaches at the NSA and CIA by the Shadow Brokers, et al.:  the time when Gen. Clapper and Mikey Morrell and Gen. Hayden and Leon Panetta and Robert Gates were running the show --- those national security disasters --- referred to by the Fake Newsies as the "national security elites" (ROTFL)!!!   Un-frigging-believable!!!

And for the record --- I have never voted for anyone named Bush or Clinton or Trump!

But I have been concerned about the constant barrage of Fake News from Nov. 22, 1963 to the present --- and so should you!

Negative further transmission --- over and out!

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Roger that, Sarge.  We must be on a very similar life trajectory.  11th grade when JFK went down.  Was a Military Brat, and later in High School read a little book called 'None Dare Call It Treason'....  It altered the way I think about government and politics from then forward, and I soon was busy campaigning for Goldwater.  

The Gulf Of Tonkin incident(s)... '64 was the excuse for the run up to war in Vietnam.  58,000 Americans died, and I was almost one of them.

So, I learned the signs early, and have been watching with sadness and dismay as this country has been sold out time and again by our so-called leadership building false narratives around things that never happened.  Once you know the pattern, it is easy to see, and I have no doubt we are barreling toward another false flag war.  Our dear leaders have a few problems getting it going, however.  They screwed the pooch in the ME, and drug this thing out far too long.  Americans have lost their appetite for war, and the Internet is leading a major awakening among the plebes.  In the 60's, the term false flag was virtually unknown, but now it is common.  Almost everyone agrees we were lied into war in Iraq.  So far, all attempts to get the public riled up for a new holy crusade have failed badly, and the Internet keeps biting them in the ass.  There really is no defense against leaker's who are true patriots, or who have a conscience, and information travels faster then they can control it.  They keep getting caught in contradictions and falsehoods.  

The Deep State wants war.  They will not stop trying to manufacture it, but we who are aware must collectively fight them every step of the way.  I am no pacifist.  Far, far from it, but unfortunately, the main enemies I see happen to reside right here in America.  As has been said many times, America will not fall from an enemy from outside.  America will fall from enemies within.

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The intel / deep state must really be feeling it right now.


Something is going on under the surface here.  And it has nothing to do with the Russians.


Who killed Seth Rich?

cossack55's picture

And what about that middle-aged former intel cat they found in a dumpster a couple years ago?

FoggyWorld's picture

John Wheeler, employed by Warren Buffet.

GreatCaesar'sGhost's picture

Who killed Vince Foster, Ron Brown, JohnKenedy Jr, Jiohn Ashe, Susan Coleman, Jahn Parnell Walker, Jerry Luther Parks, Ed Willey, and on and on and on. You don't mess with the Hillbilly Mafia.

SRV's picture

Bingo... and you can add Blackberry's to Hillary's problems.

The fight will be ruthless though

FoggyWorld's picture

And add the Weiners' computer.

FrozenGoodz's picture

Jeoperdizing Americans to brag to Russians ... what world do we live in today

barndoor's picture

Best post all day.  Thanks FGz.

11b40's picture

I see morons of a feather, still flock together.

Forever Seeking's picture

Who? Why is Zero Hedge posting bull shit like this too?

nuubee's picture

Right, because the Obama administration spying on their leaders wasn't shocking enough for them, now that Trump "may have" revealed something, now they don't want to cooperate


Doubleguns's picture

Dont be stupid, we could quit sharing and that would crush them. 

youngman's picture

and we could pull all of our troops out too...that would bankrupt them....

syzygysus's picture

Never happen.  If it did the US intelligence agencies would no longer get their free intel on American citizens from the British and vice versa, getting around the 'laws' and 'rights' we used to have.

logicalman's picture

I don't think 5 Eyes is included here.


CPL's picture

There is no law there and no oaths are honoured.  Everyone knows that.

They all spy on each other anyways, keeps the more paranoid dumbshits busy chained to a 3x3 cubical being sucked dry by a terminal in front of them.  Remember you have to keep them busy with pointless garbage that doesn't actually accomplish something.  Just throw a little jew confetti at them and give them a meaningless title.  They'll beg, roll over and play fetch for quite literally nothing.  Some people actually do that for decades and consider recycling oxygen in an office an honourable career.  Even though their entire career is watching tempests in teapots that don't actually amount to anything.


peddling-fiction's picture

Most leaders, maybe all, share the secret handshake.

So all of this is BS.

CPL's picture

Welcome to the Truman show and the entire goal is to keep them all running around like assholes providing zero return on their labour while throwing around worthless jew confetti and cardboard houses.  The big Temple Grandin livestock feeder called 'NATO modern equivalence' keeps all these dumb goats and sheep fed for shearing and slaughter later. 

See why jews and all their central bank friends all laugh at them all now? They are very stupid.  Everyone knows that they are suckers.

peddling-fiction's picture

Collectively, our Earth and inhabitants ARE literally the cast and props of a large scale Truman Show, for those in the know.

(((THEY))) know that I know. <wink>

Heck, even if I told folks, they would not believe me.

It is too cruel a reality to contemplate. LOL

But there is true beauty and Light beyond this Hollyweird set.

CPL's picture

They feed you news to get your permission.  Your attention to the news, hobbies or anything while in the 'Truman show' dictates what the system does.  They can't touch you btw.  They can try scaring you or doing the stalker shit or enable complex scripts with multiple actors.  But if you turn around and beat them to death with an axe.  Nothing will happen to you.  They are just livestock, not human, nothing is protecting them.  They are slavesTreat them like slaves until the obey, they are programmed to do nothing else.  They are not your friends, they are meat.

They are completely dependent on you for their decision making to manage your truman show.  Don't give them an inch of slack and just don't accept their garbage.  If they want to pay you to play ball...then do so to keep your culls to a minimum.  But don't take any of their bullshit.  You wouldn't accept the opinion of some dumb goat, you don't respect the opinon of any of those ones in the 'truman show'.  Learn to be a beast of a leader and don't give them anything until they pay you back in full for their right to breath air and drink water in your house.

peddling-fiction's picture

I know they are not allowed to hurt me. However their noise and DEW campaigns are not nice.

They started to harass me covertly ever since I started to get disconnected from the Matrix, and overtly many years later.

I want my cabin in a peaceful area, good water well, a bank on a clean river with healthy fishes, no stalkers/DEW and the equivalent of 2 ounces of gold, spot price at the beginning of every month to stay mostly a hermit and keep away and out of their freak show.

I am starting to understand their deepest, best kept secrets thanks to discernment. They would not want my words written in short documentaries about the real Matrix and its gatekeepers, our Earth and heavens above.

Also all my debts are to be expunged as payment for crimes comitted on true humanity (me), and a new 4WD Toyota or Nissan with lifetime insurance handed to me as severance payment.

I will never serve them though.

How did you find out?


logicalman's picture

All well and good, but you and I get to pay the fuckers being kept busy with pointless garbage.

FoggyWorld's picture

The UK is on its way out of the EU so our exchanges of information will continue.  Five Eyes.