Mapping Europe's Secessionist Movements

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Despite the elites' desperate hope that recent 'losses' in Holland France 'prove' the anti-establishment movement is fading (although they all saw soaring popularity), with Europeans ready to protest, there are still numerous regions urging secession...

There have been 486 military conlicts in Europe in the last 2000 years and while the last decade or two has been 'peaceful', we suspect that will not last.

As BofAML's Transforming World Atlas details, many areas in Europe have strong secessionist movements (e.g. Scotland, Catalonia, Basque, Flanders, Veneto) or have political parties agitating for greater ruling autonomy.

European political union remains elusive, so does fiscal union, and monetary union is tarred by the fact that nine EU countries - soon to be eight - (Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Sweden, and The UK) do not use the Euro.

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Looks like Europe pre-Roman empire.

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Many Bessarabians favor reunion with Romania...

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I know the Prussian movement for independence from Russia is an interesting back story. 

Its basically the handful of Russians who predate the war want the "good ol' times back". 

It has little practical chance of success on its own as 95% of the Königsberg population were more or less air-dropped there by Stalin in 48. 

I am surprised this map doesn't highlight the Poland A/B divide.

EDIT - Apart from the Muzzies, Königsberg going back to Germany is the single best thing that could happen to that population.  While I know many of the German readers and former "Wessies" (auf Sächsisch) cringe at the idea of "... another Berlin" regaining Königsberg and restablishing ferry service between Rostock, Lübeck and Königsberg has lots of strategic advantages. 

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It's a typical map drawn by an American, because it's full of errors.

In my native country (The Netherlands), Frisia is definitely not rooting for any for of independence of secession. The same for France's Occitania or the Alsace region. Brittany yes, and also Corsica, but Normandy?

Someone has just downloaded a map with different dialects and cultures, and automatically assumed that they all must want to separate.

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she was a waitress in a cocktail bar now she owns a jet...

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Wè gij.

En Braobanders?

Troy Ounce's picture


There will be no secession as long at the printing press runs overtime.

Kotzbomber747's picture

"Wè gij.

En Braobanders?"

Exactly, and what about Limburgers in The Netherlands? Of Texans? Or people in Washington State? Or NYC? Or Maine?  The list goes on and on if someone wants to split hairs where there are regional differences/accents/traditions etc.

But of course a topic like this fits in perfectly with the "WW3 is imminent" ZH scaremongering bullshit that we read here all the time.

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I am Spanish and even though there are very strong seccesionist tensions in 2 regions (Catalunya and Vasque Coutry), most of what it is depicted in that maps is absolut bulshit. Aragon? Leon? Cantabria?... C'mon!

Tyler, you need to check your sources.

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You could be right.  I saw another version of this map, presumably from the same source, that had secessionist movements in Svalbard and Jan Mayen.  Hilarious.

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Your point is taken.

However if you look closely, Frisia is an italicized name, not a bold faced name.

If you read the key, the italicized names are clearly listed as NOT desiring independence or secession, but merely inhanced autonomy.

And of course, reasonable people may debate the extent to which these labels apply.

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looks like some amerexxikkan idiot of unibrow y000ish descent discovered something on european language ancestry somewhere....

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Shockingly, Frau Merkel's will no doubt be elected to serve her fourth term as Chancellor of Germany, so I do not believe that the secessionist movements of Europe really need to worry too much as in the not too distant future, decisions will be made for them. I know the Germans are a very pragmatic bunch but another 4 years of her policies will surely wreak irrevocable damage on Europe. 

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All the fault of that peace-loving warmonger Woodrow Wilson and his "self-determination" flim-flam.

He went mad in the end, I believe.

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Wow bofa found a map of Europe dated 1250 and claims as their study. This is so much crap it's astonishingly low quality

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europa universalis 2017

Squid-puppets a-go-go's picture

no macedonia? map incomplete

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Macedonia? Just mentioning the name in any non-Zionist-devised context can get you on a HellAss entry ban list...

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Macedonia is going to break up, the local Albanian population is in a very heated dispute with the central government regarding getting autonomy.

Just like the US favored the breakup of the old Yugoslavia, the US is interested in breaking up Macedonia or at least forcing it into a kind of  situation like in Lebanon where one religious group would always have either the Prime Minister or President of the country.

Could be the major reason according to some sources is to prevent the Russians from getting a new pipeline up to Central Europe.

Soros foundations are very active in Macedonian

ThirdWorldDude's picture

Yes, South Stream and China's One Belt-One Road project are the main reasons for the battle of Macedonia's future.

The US still have their old Analbanian pals (and the largest military base in SE Europe) who are the Empire's regional henchmen and a tool to keep under control the rebellious Slavic nations. That is why Analbanian politicians are all over the news with their ridiculous tribal claims of a "Greater Analbania" without even a word of condemnation coming from the fascist EU and USA.

Nevertheless, one should not underestimate the descendants of one of the most notorious revolutionary organizations in modern European history. It might be a good time to recall Bismarck's words...

Edit: I felt compelled to point to a succinctly written article: The Communists Are Still Lying To You

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Marxists like Ghordius have lead Europe to the brink of complete balkanization, and yet their only answer is more of what got Europe where it is today.

The truth is that the EU couldn't force the various European peoples to live in harmony no matter how much they lied and cheated, so instead the have let in the muslim hoardes with the promise that the Eurocrats will be able to rule as the gauleiters for greater Israel.

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Occitania and Provence are secessionists areas of France? LOL. In that case, anyone who is not from Paris is also a secessionist of France.

There is a big difference between living in the country side and looking down on "Les Parisiens", and being a secessionist area. Complete non-sense map.

Teja's picture

Valid for most parts of that beautifully coloured map. There are Secessionists who do mean it, like Scotland, Catalonia, Basque countries, maybe Corsica and Flanders, but most of the regions on the map are regions where max a sub 10% minority would think about secession. Most want more autonomy and some are mostly historic, like Southern Slesvig - the Danish minority party there is around 2-3% in elections. Actually, the map maker states that clearly under the map, including regions which have parties (of whatever size) striving for more autonomy.

Those regions bordering Russia, on both sides, are better described as "Irredentist", with parts of the population striving for reunion with their motherland on the other side of the border. Same for the regions around Hungary. Unluckily, different parts of the population of those regions would want to go in the other direction as soon as that is accomplished, just ask the Crimea Tatars. That is why irredentism (please look it up...) tends to be a bad idea.

Anyway, autonomism and separatism is not necessarily a bad thing - most of those regions within the EU would like to remain so, either as new EU country (Catalonia, also Scotland) or as region with more autonomy. If the EU would find a solution to support such processes, and would work more with the regions (maybe a Regions parliament), it would strengthen the EU as a whole, not weaken it. EU instability is mostly caused by a certain economically strong 80 million nation in its center - if all larger EU nations put stronger focus on their regions and allow them to have a formalized role in the EU, this could be very advantageous for the EU.

Fireman's picture

Just get the damn civil war going already,  blow up USSA and the rest of the planet will be perfectly OK!

You know it makes sense when there is obvioulsy no other cure for the total corruption of Trump's Washing town sewer.

Sometimes fake swamp pumping just won't cut it, Bilge Pump Don.


Trump and Kushner's zio mobster financiers make Kazakstan Great Again.


newworldorder's picture

The Truth of Europe is that a union like the EU is only possilble with shared identities, cultural traits a common concept of Law and Religion and a degree of sameness in the hearts of the European peoples.

Islam is the the elephant tin the room and the antipathy to everything I have stated above.

There will never be a Europe for Europeans. There is howsever more than a fair chance that there will be an Islamic Europe. Inslam conquers, - it does not denounce itself and does not assimilate into any other culture or legal system.

Fireman's picture

Just like the zionazi MO that started the entire ISlam insanity rolling.


Blaming the ignorant, prejudiced, ISlamofascists for destroying Europe and
the USA is akin to blaming GMO's for poisoning humanity and not the Monsantos
and evil chemists that spawn such filth. We are the ones that tolerate our evil
governments and the arms industries of our respective aristocracies in
destroying these backward Muslim countries in order to steal their resources
from which we supposedly "benefit". However, the real source of the
cancer is to be found in the liberal leftist politically "correct"
scum that has thrived like a fungus in our own midst, the shills that opened
the floodgates to the perversion of globalism and IS lam. Vote the garbage out
and send the free loaders and "religious" mutants back to where they
came from...perhaps with all our treacherous political hacks in tow.
The real question is who weaponized the ignorant hordes of Muslims and the
libtard, socialist, self-hating, filth we call "our leaders" and why?
The answer is the same folks who are destroying North Africa and the entire
Middle East for the agenda of the chosen.

"In his book «Praktischer Idealismus», (1920) Austrian Count Richard
Von Coudenhove Kalergi indicates that the residents of the future "United
States of Europe" will not be the People of the Old Continent, but a kind
of sub-humans, products of miscegenation. He clearly states that the peoples of
Europe should interbreed with Asians and colored races, thus creating a
multinational flock with no quality and easily controlled by the ruling elite.
Kalergi proclaims the abolition of the right of self-determination and
then the elimination of nations with the use of ethnic separatist movements
and mass migration. In order for Europe to be controlled by an elite, he wants
to turn people into one homogeneous mixed breed of Blacks, Whites and Asians.
Who is is this elite however? Kalergi is particularly illuminating on this:
The man of the future will be of mixed race. The races
and classes of today will gradually disappear due to the elimination of space,
time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-negroid race of the future, similar
in appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of
peoples and the diversity of individuals. Instead of destroying European
Judaism, Europe, against her will, refined and educated this people, driving
them to their future status as a leading nation through this artificial
evolutionary process. It's not surprising that the people that escaped from the
Ghetto-Prison, became the spiritual nobility of Europe. Thus, the compassionate care given by Europe created a new breed of aristocrats. This happened when the European feudal aristocracy crashed because of the emancipation of the Jews [due to the actions taken by the French Revolution]

"Count" Richard Coudenhove Kalergi’s Plan outlined by Gerd Honsik

“Kalergi proclaims the abolition of the right of self-determination, ... the
elimination of nations by means of ethnic separatist movements or mass
allogeneic (genetically dissimilar) immigration to create a multiethnic flock
without quality, easily controllable by the ruling class. Kalergi characterized
the multiethnic flock as cruel and unfaithful but maintained the elite must
deliberately create them in order to achieve their own superiority: ‘Then the
elite will first eliminate democracy – the rule of the people. Next, the elite
will eliminate the people via miscegenation, thereby replacing the ruling white race
with an easily controllable mestizo race. By abolishing the principle of
equality of all before the law, avoiding and punishing any criticism of
minorities, and protecting minorities with special laws, the masses will be suppressed.’'

5 wise members of the sect help us understand "the plan" of our elite masters.

And concerning the rape of her own words supremacist USSAN

Israeli Barbara Lerner Spectre explains clearly what their plan is.







-Charlemagne Prize BEARERS list 

Jubal Early's picture

Isn't one of the pig headed Euro fan posters on this blog named Ghordius Von Coudenhove Kalergi? 

Old Europe's picture

The Brussels EU is turning Europe into the radical islamist northern tip of Africa. Europeans will be expelled or killed, once they become the minority.

The EU is a walking hate crime against humanity bringing nothing but permanent civil war to a Europe that finally had found peace after two world wars.

Teja's picture

By Allah, why do you prefer one mid east monotheist messianic religion over another?

BritBob's picture

The right to self-determination is given to ALL non-self-governing territories.  Anthing else is an internatl affair.

For relevant international law on self-determination :

Also, the Helsinki Accord reaffirmed borders in Europe : Gibraltar – Helsinki Accord 1975

jerry1800's picture

99% of the Bayern want to stay in Germany

Teja's picture

You misinterpreted the map. 80% of Germany wants independence from Bavaria.

TeraByte's picture

Isn´t it funny. Everyone welcomed new nations emerging from the disintegration of the Soviet. Now the doctrine is 180 degrees to the opposite. Nation countries have become horrible indigneophiles.

TeaClipper's picture

Dont forget the German pussies, riddled with war guilt, desparate to secede from themselves by morphing into the European Union. If you think Americans are full of self loathing you aint seen nothing until you have seen a German


Von Berger's picture

Scotland will achieve independence followed by the Welsh nationalists.
Cornwall will then demand home rule.
A lot of counties are becoming fearsomely independent I.E. Yorkshire and Lancashire.
I long for the day when one is recognised as being from the Great county of Devon.

TeaClipper's picture

That dream is never going to happen with a population of 65.5 million and rising. It will also require the complete eradication of muslim enclaves. Assimilate, leave or die will need to be the order of the day

runnymede's picture

Hasn't Yorkshire been independent minded as can be and a burr under the saddle of London, and still remain in England, for hundreds of years?

Henry Adams wrote about this in the 1860s

Interesting to see that many EU cultures are re-asserting themselves and understandably bristling under Brussels' collectivism. 

Even a relatively young country as the US is, there are similar sentiments and movements afoot.


East Indian's picture

Much easier to give Independence to Brussels and kick it out...

runnymede's picture

Divide up France Vichy and non-Vichy


Burticus's picture

The idea that was once America is dead.  Only the United State_ remains.

Secession is the only political solution available.  Let us leave in peace without your debt.

rex-lacrymarum's picture

There should be no political territory on the planet larger than Switzerland. If you want peace and liberty, that is one way of getting it. Large nation state territories are poison for the individual citizen. 

onmail1's picture

euroPeons were cannibals before christianity came
killing humans eating them & practicing witchcraft & sorcery

Then they started looting others
became pirates robbing others

Then colonized the rest using gun
(though China invented gunpowder but it did not
do that much evil)
euroPeons made slaves to labor in their farms
to produce sugarcane, indigo dye, tea, spices, opium etc
no food crops so more than 10 million died in many places

and now supporting & terrorists like ISIS, Al nusra, Al shabab etc
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Dracula , demons & vampires
Thriving on human blood