Presumed Guilty?

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Presented with no comment...


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Sometimes fake swamp pumping just won't cut it, Bilge Pump Don.


Trump and Kushner's zio mobster financiers make Kazakstan Great Again and the silence is deafening.

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Thank YOU Fireman for 'pickin' up my *video reference* from a few hrs. ago.

Cheers, X- in Sweden

ps....We WILL Win!!!

;)  &  :)

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....dots....dots.....connecting the dots....

READ >>>

*Jared Kushner: A Suspected Gangster Within the Trump White House*

Posted on by State of the Nation no-repeat scroll 4px 0px; padding: 0 0 0 25px; display: inline-block; height: 16px; vertical-align: middle;" href="">Share

Strategic Culture Foundation

Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner has emerged as a significant influence within the policy-making apparatus of the White House. After a rather public imbroglio with Trump’s strategic policy adviser Stephen Bannon over the U.S. cruise missile attack on the Shayrat airbase in Syria, Kushner is «in», as they often say in Washington, and Bannon is «out». In any case, the anti-globalist faction, which is led by Bannon, has received verbal «thumbs down» on several fronts from Trump...".


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Thank God! Yes I  said God!! We have Kushner in the Whitehouse helping Trump Keep it up Trump! !God bless him. A lot better than the corrupt Muslims we had for 8 years. I love it! Trump is driving the wacky left crazy. I am having so much fun watching the liberals crying and peeing themselfs everyday. 

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Zion. Ha. HRC wanted to make Israel policy of overthrowing Assad into the #1 priority for your tax money. WW3 flirting. 

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Zion. Ha. HRC wanted to make Israel policy of overthrowing Assad into the #1 priority for your tax money. WW3 flirting. 

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Zion. Ha. HRC wanted to make Israel policy of overthrowing Assad into the #1 priority for your tax money. WW3 flirting. 

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Impeachment on the horizon for Trump. GOP guys to play 22. 

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be careful what you wish for.  perhaps under threat of impeachment trump will empanel the seth rich, hillary clinton, john podesta and 9-11 grand juries.

you never know.  the guy is unpredictable.

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That should be done anyway.  That is why the Dems are so scared, Comey is no longer there to hinder the investigation but many still are.

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The MSM is ablaze w/this latest dust up.  So what's being ignored while we focus on this piffle?  Look, over there!!!  Bright, shiny object...

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looks like the libtards are first comment...truth hurts huh girls

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They are, indeed, losing it.  Just because they repeat that they think he is guilty doesn't make it so.  Even their message board posts end up being like group chants.  The only difference is that they can't vandalize private property, here.

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Why doesn't the FBI investigate Obama. Obama never moved off the fence from 'recognizing the de facto UK administration of the Falklands' to realizing that Argentina's Falklands' claim is spurious and that they have been duped into believing propaganda. Time to recognize that only the Falkland Islanders can determine how and by whom they are governed and dismiss that mythical Malvinas fairy tale.

How can Argentina claim the Falklands when she has never legally owned them?

Falklands- Never Belonged to Argentina:

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obama deserves investigation and prosecution for too big to jail, wars in libya, ukraine and syria and, probably, that gun running holder was doing.

and maybe much much more.

but please, not the falklands.  (shakes head).

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I lose sleep over those oppressed sheep

Who live in fear of becoming Argentinian stew.

The lead-in song for my musical about the Falklands. It may not be Gershwin but it's still in progress.

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If this keeps on get ready for civil war.  If Trump gets impeached over this then expect civil total war.

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No one is going to go to battle over Drumpf. Are you going to take up arms for him and his jooish cabal? Not me. I've got more than enough popcorn to watch that orange head get lopped off.

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It is not Trump.

It is the idea that he represented. 

If Trump just flouders around for 4 years then more people will turn on him and he will be gone.

If they remove him from office for made up bulshit  then lot of his former supporters will come back to defend him.

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Yep. It's pretty clear he cloaked himself in the idea to get elected, but the idea stands nonetheless. I won't fight for Trump, those not of your family or tribe are rarely worth fighting for (and he's making it pretty clear which Tribe has his allegiance), but I'll fight for an idea. If the idea wins, it's first casualty in victory will be...Trump.

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Not for Trump, but the deep state Hillary like idiots that will come after him are guaranteed to piss of every single conservative American to breaking point.  My guess is they will try some gun grab move and that will set the wheels of revolution in motion.

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Will you keep eating popcorn if they burn your house down?

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Not for Trump, you cum gargling, boot licking idiot. To keep the progressive communists from transforming our Nation into another Liberia. To keep the treasonous elites from starting WWIII. To throw out the illegal aliens and to rid ourselves of the problems that plague this country. I think that includes you.

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I and my family have been impoverished and robbed blind as a middle class worker by the filthy globalist vultures waiting to feed on the corpse of America.

i have little hope for the future and am slowly dying from major depression.

there are millions of my ilk.

I will gladly man the barricades as it will give me purpose again, and sweet vengeance against the infestation of traitors that afflict my nation.

To the lantern - with all of them.



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If there is anything really sticky about Trump, the deep state would have advertised it all over the world by now.


Heck, a headline in our local newspaper today:

"Trump revealed top secrets about IS to Russia!"

In a two-cent rag, half-way across the world. The ass who wrote the story would not know anything about IS even if they cut his head off, and he is faithfully copying some online MSM into an Indian language!

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The smoking gun. Grab her by the who-ha...

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that's hoo-ha and you go first.

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Its the deplorables, the Americans, that the bastards really hate

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Your point is key. I am a democrat that has wanted less immigration for years. Every time I voted I never had a choice in either party that would reduce immigration even though the majority of the country wanted less immigration. Trump was or last hope. They know it. We live in an occupied country. Both parties, academia, the media, corporations, the judiciary, most law enforcement, and even the leadership of organized religion are all on the side of the globalists. they have all the power on their side, we just have the people.The sad thing is when the ballot will not work the bullets often come next. But you are right, they hate Trump but they want us dead and replaced.

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Being "impeached" means only that you are being accused of something. It does NOT mean you're guilty of anything.

The Comey Diaries: a Democrat and Zionists wet dream. Comey is Deep-State dirty and has been for years.

What's happening to Trump is TREASON and SEDITION. So, The Donald is legally powerless to defend himself? Read the PATRIOT ACT that has been extended at least twice since 9/11 (by both Democrats and Republicans).

We're at war and the PATRIOT ACT is still in effect. Remember? You might be surprised as to what the sitting President can do as stated in the PA.

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imo there is a whole lot the "other side" (likud zionist bankster version) is guilty of.  seth rich, too big to jail, probably john podesta on pedophilia, near certainly 9-11.  get on it mr. president.  before you aren't.

they know they are vulnerable.  that's why they want their guy mike pence in your chair.

get cracking.

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Yes, they would need a smoking gun to impeach Trump. If they had hard evidence it would have been released already considering the leaks.

This is all agitprop and distraction. The voters deliberately ignored the MSM during the election so this will likely backfire. 

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Comey = Lockheed-Martin (ticker:  LMT) = MIC.   Say no more.

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I vote return to AOC. Shut down the entire crap show. I'd rather deal with 50 corrupt gangster networks than 50 corrupt gangster networks plus a huge centralized syndicate.

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AOC - Articles of Confederation - the founding never repealed document that preceded  the constitution.

Essentially recognized the states as independent nations.

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Trump is much smarter than the dems..the deep state is another matter..

"somebody has to go to jail"..the evil truth is Trump has no choice..

the wheel of justice, turns slow but grinds very fine..

it's a close call, but my money is on Trump..tic tock..jailing lois lerner will be the sign Trump has won.

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According to this (anonymous) FBI Agent, about 70% of congress, and many others are in danger of exposure. Many interesting insights about what's going on behind the scenes. Read and judge for yourself.

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What would be helpful would be if Sessions would GET OFF HIS ASS and empanel some grand juries to start hearing evidence in Clinton emails, Clinton Foundation, Seth Rich and the multitude of other big cases that have been sitting around for months! This shit needs to happen RIGHT NOW!

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So they tried and failed to impeach Obama's friend (lol) Duterte and failed. 'bout time DJT got on the blower for advice; you gotta come down hard on these treasonous bastards. Do it Don, press the purple button and release all holy fuckery on these sociopaths.

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Those that have been through firestorms know that the mind goes numb from the constant accusations. If this numbness is not overcome it makes it impossible to sort out what is really happening beneath the surface. In addition the obfuscation makes it impossible to act on any single item. Thus Trump will emerge unscathed and his oppressors out of breath...

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What Trump did was soooo bad and soooo illegal that Comey resigned immediately and went pubic. No,.....wait.....

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The swamp drained Drumpf. LOL. So predictable.

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There is no photo evidence of Trump ever using Russian dressing on his salads! WHY? he is trying to cover his trail!! trump is guilty. Both trump and guilty have the letter U in them!!! Hillary has an I in her name as does the word innocent. how much more plainer should we make the case for trump being a Russian space alien traitor? The sooner we put Maxine waters in charge the better the planet will be. unless trump can be made to increase immigration and start invading Syria real soon now he is useless to us and needs to go. his racist,misogynistic,anti immigrant,anti semitic,nativist,xenophobic bigot white supremacist nazi fascist supporters need to get a shovel dig a hole and jump in. This is the current year and they are all standing in the way of progress and are on the wrong side of history and are only useful when we need them to rally around their stupid flag and go fight more wars for us. they just need to all go take their opioids and go die in a trailer somewhere. The play has ended.

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Hey delmar,  great to see another Maxine fan.

Based on yesterday's story  ( ) why not make her May-whore of Baltimore first?

When she quickly fixes that it will be a straight shot to the White House in 2020 (with Sharpton as VP and HilLIARy as Sec of State again to finish what she started). A shame Obongo will be running the UN but I'm sure he'll still find ways to continue "helping" the USA. 

Maxine 2020 - MALBA!

(Make America Like Baltimore Again)






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That was beautiful.

So beautiful that it brought a tear to my eye.