A Random Walk Down Baltimore's Triangle Of Death

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Via StockBoardAsset.com,

As of Tuesday, 129 citizens in Baltimore City, Maryland have been murdered, including nine in the recent week. Baltimore City’s homicide rate is now ranked number one in the United States surpassing cities, such as New Orleans, St. Louis, and Detroit. The city has deteriorated so quickly this year that the Mayor of Baltimore has called on Federal Government agencies to restore order. According to WaPo, Baltimore’s homicide rate “is more than triple Washington’s rate and higher than the homicide rates in New Orleans and Chicago, two places that have become national symbols of gun violence”. 

Michael Snyder from ‘The Economic Collapse’ blog has summed up Baltimore in his latest article titled “Baltimore Has Become A Rotting, Decaying War Zone As A Raging Opioid Epidemic Eats Away At The City Like Cancer”. Referred to as the ‘Triangle of Death’, West Baltimore City  is a stark reminder if America doesn’t get her industry back, this is coming to a town near you.

Over the weekend, I conducted a random walk down Baltimore’s ‘Triangle of Death’. Armed with a drone and an I-phone, I was able to establish that the walk was not so random after-all. Actually, there was rhythm and you could feel the dark vibrations of a community forgotten since the peak of the American High (mid-1960s). Simply, Baltimore is part of a much larger national issue of economic devastation fueled by decades of globalism. It’s hard to imagine but with Baltimore’s industry, she was once the greatest economic powerhouse in the world. Not so much anymore.

What I’m about to you is a glimpse of economic reality and the end result of globalism. The mainstream media dares not to share with you, because once more it doesn’t fit the narrative. I’ve done the heavy lifting to provide you this unique view.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say this again. If America does not get her industry back, this economic and social devastation is coming to a town near you.

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Isn't that guy Canadian?

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Soon to be a dead Canadian.

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Unpossible. Baltimore is a gun-free zone.

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I'm having a problem with my new dog and call the vet.  I explained that he was brown, stupid, aggressive and liable to bite anybody for any reason.
The vet replied; "Muzzle 'im"
"No", I said, "I think he's an athiest."




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That joke is retarded.

I loved it.

Hyuk hyuk hyuk

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If Baltimore secedes from the union then we can grant it foreign aid.

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it's already full of aid.  the working class left town.  leaving only the welfare offices and the negroes they serve

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she was a waitress in a cocktail bar now she owns a jet... http://bit.ly/2jdTzrM

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Here's another joke.

Q: What do 5 dancing Israelis say when watching the WTC collapse?
A: We are not your problem. The Palestinians are.

Israeli humor, I guess.

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the right word is DEMOCRATS - what job is the black guy supposed to get when the liberal schools don't teach him to read and liberal policies run businesses out of town

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How about a travel ban on Dindus from Baltimore.

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Build a wall around Bulletmore and don't let anyone come out. They derserve each other.

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If the racial demographic of those being killed isn't White people, then what's the problem?

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Well White people ARE being killed in Baltimore and all across America. The Media Bosses just decide you don't need to know about it.

Whites are IN a race war...it is just that the Media Bosses don't want you to know that...
The Race War of Black Against White
by Paul Sheehan 20 May 1995 The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)

Also see: http://newnation.org/ http://www.illegalaliencrimereport.com/

Draw Your Own Conclusions Broadcast Date: 01-13-2001 William Pierce PhD (Physics) former-physics professor at Oregon State University, he gave it all up to fight for the survival of Whites.

serotonindumptruck's picture

His name was Dr. William Pierce.

KweeBohNoh's picture

In a typical war two sides fight easch other.  Don't see it here.
Whitey continues to be assaulted and killed AND THEN apologizes for being racist. 

shocktherapy's picture

Yea whites are in a race war. Race to the bottom. 

3,167 whites were murdered in 2015.  

2,574 by other whites .


Mr. Universe's picture

Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics. It seems you left out some important info here.

3167 Whites murdered, 2574 by other whites. Not exactly.

In the race column it mentions 500 blacks as murderers (~15%)

However in the ethnicity column it includes 633 Latinos or hispanics as "white" and that 1,086 were not hispanic or latino. The ethnicity of the remaining 1448 was unknown.


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never been to baltimore, must be fucked up. i stayed in new haven once, it has completely satisfied my idea of fucked up. who put the yale in that urban trashcan?

roddy6667's picture

I lived 65 years in CT. Most people don't realize that where the Yale campus ends, the hood begins. Dormitories on one side of the street, gangbangers on the other side shooting it out.

DEMIZEN's picture

i actually got lost and continued past yale garage around noon time. what a sight. like I  got sucked into a space warp and ended up in zimbabwe. must be quite a neighborhood at night.

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

Yale is like UC Berkeley, but in the Congo.

JustPastPeacefield's picture

I've taken Amtrak thru New Haven. Never had the urge to get off the train. Ever!

slwsnowman40's picture

My senior prom was held in that triangle.  The people that went said they didn't stop at the lights or stop signs as they didn't feel safe.

Glas I wasn't able to go since I had a scheduling conflict.  Got 2 goals in that ice hockey game.

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Don't be such a giant pussy.

Strut through that hood without the cops and firemen around.

Your last video would be so more interesting.


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America will not get its industry back. It is too expensive to live and work and work there. For a fraction of what you would have to pay an American,  workers in many other countries can enjoy a blue collar lifestyle. How can the cost of living in America be changed?

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Tariffs instead. I'd much rather pay $30 for a domestically-made Salad Shooter than $15 for one made in China

roddy6667's picture

Over 60% of Americans don't have $1000 for an emergency. They get paid on Friday, but are broke on Wednesday. They don't have the luxury of paying double for everything.

jenniewadeguy's picture

Americans "are broke on Wednesday" due precisely to the lack of tariffs these past 25 years.


Tarjan's picture

"How can the cost of living in America be changed?"

To change the US cost of living to where they can be internationally competitive is going to take a major reset and a lot of financial pain.


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The cost of living has gone steadily down in the last few centuries. It's only that the value of the fiat that has gone down even faster. Fuck the Fed and fuck Yellen.

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Niggers killing Niggers...who cares?

shocktherapy's picture

The Elites screwing whites, who cares ?

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'...this is coming to a town near you.'

If you happen to live in a Dindu Nuffin metropolis.

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it is comng Every Where not just black neighborhoods, once the elites kill off all the blacks, they will be coming for you next,moron.  you know the old story didnt care when they cme fro the jews because I wasn't a jew......some of you low IQ ZHers need to learn a thing or two besides racism

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Baltimore has something they are proud of. They should build on it.

BinB no longer means Bed n Breakfast it is now Black on Black.

CoonT's picture

Why call it gun violence, when there are so many other ways to describe it?


-black violence

-democrat violence

-urban violence

-gang violence

-black violence

-poverty violence

-drug violence

-...did I say black yet? check!


idk. Call it whatever you want (I like 'urban violence' myself). I watched that whole video, and I didn't see a single firearm, running around and 'offing people' all by itself.

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The African denizens seem to know better than to venture into White neighborhoods with their violent simian behavior.

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A Brief Economic History of Modern Baltimore

"... Exacerbating conditions was the subsequent flight from the City of middle-class African-Americans. Increasingly, Baltimore’s black middle class followed white Baltimoreans who had fled to the suburbs before them. Between 1990 and 2000, the number of African-Americans living in the City declined for the first time, while the most recent census [2004] report shows a decline in Baltimore’s black population roughly equal to that of its white population. ... after decades of population drain, the characteristic that defines the City’s polarization from the suburbs is not race, but economic class."

serotonindumptruck's picture

Yeah, okay.

As long as it's not White people killing White people, then we're in agreement.

By the way, it's NOT White people killing White people.

shovelhead's picture

Well thats a shocker.

Black people don't like living around ghetto apes any more than white people do.

serotonindumptruck's picture

That's good to know.

Now let's talk about genetic predisposition to violence, based upon a specific racial genotype.

Still Losing Money's picture

the characteristic that defines the City’s polarization from the suburbs is not race, but economic class."  EXACTLY but idiot alt right ZHers only spout stupid racist idioms

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The face of heroin is changing. While it used to primarily be used by low-income, inner-city men, over the past 50 years heroin is increasingly the drug of choice among affluent, suburban whites, and is significantly more popular among women, anew study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) shows.

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Well, if you'd married a work-obsessed, philandering, arrogant bastard for his money, what other outlet is there other than shopping, and bitching about him (and life in general) to your girlfriends?

KweeBohNoh's picture

Diversity is our greatest strength!
Say it again.  This time with feeling.

CRM114's picture

The ability and willingness to adapt is our greatest strength. Diversity is not the same thing at all.

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"America get its industry back?"

First you would have to teach snowflakes some "Work ethic"