Retired Green Beret Warns A Successful Derailment Of Trump's Efforts Is Well Under Way; War Is Inevitable

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Authored by Jeremiah Johnson, nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces, via,

In previous articles, I mentioned the importance of the midterm elections, and how (to run the country effectively and to be reelected) the President needs success within his first six months in office.  Although he is more than willing to make changes and has demonstrated his good intentions, the battle with the ensconced Marxists labeling themselves as either “progressives” or “centrists” is being lost.  Why is it being lost?  It is because these prior Obama appointees in the Circuit courts and the Supreme Court, along with the innumerable holdovers within the administration’s machinery effectively amount to a “fifth column,” bent on sabotaging the President’s efforts.

The successful derailment is well under way.  As I wrote in other articles, all that is needed for the Democrats to take the Senate and the House of Representatives in the upcoming Midterm elections is for the President to not make visible and productive changes within the first six months of his term.  The stultified public will perceive it as a failure, and with the RINO (Republicans In Name Only) Republican party to help with a “shove” here and there, the President will fall right into the pool.

The planned border fence will not be built, the repeal of Obamacare will not take place, the flood of illegals will neither be stopped or reversed, and financial measures to stimulate the domestic economy are being implemented at glacial speed.  All the President’s executive orders are being struck down by the Obama-appointed judges in the courts.  There is not much time remaining before the Midterm congressional elections. We are a year out, and even before the campaigning has begun, it appears it will be up for grabs.

Obamacare is the best example of what has been outlined.  Aetna recently bowed out and pulled out of the machinery as far as private insurance companies run.  They stated that the arena was “untenable” and that the firm could no longer underwrite with the budgetary shortfalls and the nebulosity that lacked a demarcation of where government responsibility was to pick up what the company did not underwrite.  From an economic perspective, everyone with a brain knew that Obamacare would not function properly and would be a financial and administrative disaster.

That is why Obamacare is a success: it was meant to collapse the system and the insurance companies, forcing into existence a single-payer system and a government “exchange” that intruded on the lives of every citizen…pure “Cloward and Piven” at its finest.

The Republican Party is responsible for the continuance of Obamacare.  Nobody is focusing upon this fact.  Right now, everyone is focused upon Comey and a potential tie-in with Flynn and any connection to Russia regarding pre-election campaign communiques between then-candidate Donald Trump and the Russian leadership.  Obamacare is all but forgotten.

With the Republicans in control of both the Senate and the House of Representatives, at this point, the bill to repeal Obamacare should have already passed both houses of Congress and been on the President’s desk to sign: this was not done, and the Republican Party is to blame.

If the President is unable to make a change while he has both houses of Congress under Republican control, what will happen after the Midterm election changes the complexion of Congress and makes it Democrat?  How will he be reelected, and if so, to what end?  He waited too long to fire Comey…a name that will torment us in the news even more than that of Natalie Holloway…and now it is turning around to bite him.  What is the solution?

War.  War is the means an administration uses to sway public opinion and garner the Congress and the other nabobs into lockstep under the guise/choice of “you’re either patriotic or unpatriotic,” forced upon all of them in the court of public opinion and on the media’s stage.  War is supported by the Congress, who is bought by the MIC (Military Industrial Complex) and the oligarchy and their army of lobbyists.

The administration is not accomplishing anything effectively, but a war can “rescue” it from its difficulties and divert the public’s attention.  There are several theaters that can easily metastasize into a full-blown conflict and then draw in other nations for an all-out war.  To catalyze such actions would be a simple feat for any administration with the resources of the United States backing it.  The question remains to be answered whether the administration will take such a step to save itself.

History proves out a high probability that an administration will do such

Carter with Desert One (the failed Iranian hostage rescue attempt),


Reagan with Grenada,


Margaret Thatcher of Great Britain with the Falkland Islands,


Bush Sr. with Iraq (I),


Clinton with the bombing of Serbia and the war in Bosnia,


and Bush Jr. with Iraq (II). 

Will this administration take similar measures in any of the “powder keg” theaters of Ukraine, North Korea, or Syria?  The question remains to be answered, and the probability is high that the answer will be “yes.”

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Trump is abt divide and distract. He is playing role of conservative but has all globalists in his admin.

DownWithYogaPants's picture

Whenever I see "retired green beret" I always think "what would a grunt level soldier know about anything?".  Sure he'd know low level tactics but how does this qualify him for big picture political / deep state commentary???

It seems a nome de plume designed to get internet eyeballs but it does not impress in regards deep state.

BaBaBouy's picture

Yes, Again It seems Woar is the ultimate Goal ...
Other Issues are just noise.

MIC Cabale Is Joyous $$$

cheka's picture

green beret label deducts legit points.  like they teach skype classes in the military...


WTFRLY's picture

If you still hold out hope for Trump as your anti-NWO "White Knight", you are fooling yourself, or actually stupid. Orange is the new Black, as in Black Jesus to Orange Jesus now. Please downvote me because this post is rayciss n shit.

Mr 9x19's picture

green beret so... nope, war is ok for conquer, not for a all in,  to be 100% lose, because after, you HAVE to rebuild.

in this paradygm shift time, usa cannot afford loosing a WW and then loose the reserve currency status. it would end 70 years of reign.



OpTwoMistic's picture

No war.  The dollar fails this year and brings down all fiat.  Empire building and bribes stop.

Protection for the bankster also stops.

Bring the troops home while you have the fuel.

NidStyles's picture

Green Beret's are not grunt level soldiers.

They pretty much write and create the defense and operational doctrine of the US. All of the training for the US military comes from the Green Berets and AWG.This includes the Secret Service, CIA field agents, Rangers, and so on. The Green Beret's are basically the top tier of the US Army, and are involved in just about everything the US government has it's hand's in.



If they say something is happening internally, then it's happening internally. As far as I know, the Special Operations community has been in constant conflict with the CIA an it's operations that are being ran within the US. The military and CIA have never got along.  


meta-trader's picture

she was a waitress in a cocktail bar now she owns a jet...

GOSPLAN HERO's picture

Well said.  The SOF community is not stupid.

38BWD22's picture



What I don't understand is why Trump is not fighting back.  He apparently can wield an awesome variety of tools at the Dems who are pestering him (and have many, many skeletons = felonies to hide).

Get on it Donald!  If you don't get them, they will get YOU.  

The Swamp Things are on the warpath, and YOU are their target!


Librarian's picture

So you think that the revelations about Seth Rich now are just coincidental?

Troy Ounce's picture


Silence about the Awan brothers, though. Total silence.

Mr.BlingBling's picture

4Chan Anon FBI Agent gives his only "no comment" on the Awan brothers. Rest of the Q&A is exceptionally interesting

espirit's picture


Clean and sharpen the steel oh patriot, as thy time comes.


Oldwood's picture

Trump is drowning in the swamp. He has been herded into the deep end through continual efforts to compromise.....but you can't compromise with the devil, nor democrats as every prior republican president can attest.

Trump can do nothing without attack and without being blamed for the attack. Listening to Fox tonight and ALL are claiming that Trump did this to himself. I'm not sure HOW the Comey leak was his fault...but there you go. His republican backstabbers are busy at work taking advantage of each new attack. No one in the Russian meeting claims ANYTHING improper was discussed, yet an anonymous leaker holds the floor. Same for this Comey thing. Anonymous leakers are given more credibility that the president or any of his people....people who testify in public...on the record.

This is a coup not unlike the Ukraine. Funding opposition while pretending to be working in good faith, and at the first opportunity they will take him down. Regardless of many of the republicans true feelings, they know from a long history how it plays to go up against the hard left and their press (they ALL have been called racist at some time or another) and they will not back Trump if he looks wounded in any way. Progressives understand this which is why they have kept the heat on for months. I honestly never thought he would be allowed to take office but I think they are simply waiting for their moment, something they can only manufacture so far and then are left to circumstances as the present themselves.

I don't believe even Nixon faced this much resistance and threat from his own party. Trump is universally hated by the swamp and they will eat him if they can.

Khan Bucklin's picture

Yeah there's that or.... he (like Nixon) did it to himself. He's just doing it a hell of a lot faster.

Yukon Cornholius's picture

#pizzagate was only in its infant stages when Nixon was in office. Trump has damn near fifty years worth of these assholes to work through. Kissinger wasn't visiting trump for any other reason than to tell him who is currently off limits. Comey will be exposed shortly. Podesta soon enough. Then it's on like Donkey Kong in Vietnam.

Syrin's picture

This has been my point for the last 4 months.   Can he not see what they are doing?   Obamadoesntcare doesn't matter, the wall doesn't matter.   Draining the swamp should have been priority 1 trhrough ten.   Get rid of the swamp critters, and everything else falls into place.

Uncle Sugar's picture

Let's start with Paul Ryan.  Until that pierce of shit is out,  Donald is fucked

Mineshaft Gap's picture

"What I don't understand is why Trump is not fighting back. He apparently can wield an awesome variety of tools at the Dems who are pestering him (and have many, many skeletons = felonies to hide)."

The million dollar question.

One answer: he is not a fighter. Dealmakers are schmoozers. They'll do to serve a few nice barbs on the campaign trail, but that's different. (Cf. half a year to fire Comey.)

A deeper reason: he isn't in charge. He'd have to clear any fighting with President Jared and Vice President Ivanka. And they, unlike him, have a future in this town. "So no rough housing, daddy."

Dormouse's picture

The bloodletting is on it's way. The Deep State and the Seditionist Media have brought us to the brink. They have very little time to stand down. The Anderson Cooper type faggots are going to be easy to pick off or string up and use as piñatas. Your deaths will be gruesome, vile, and meaningless you fucking traitors. Who do you think own all the guns? The queers, and trannies, and Social justice warriors? Please bring bike locks to this gun fight.

cheka's picture

NOTHING changes until what you typed is reality

Scuba Steve's picture

Yeah, like Trump couldnt get elected.

1 day at a job, the next day covertly picking off liberals and never blinking an eye or looking back ... its going to happen. Mark it down.

rrrr's picture

I don't mean to be rude, but if you pick off liberals you'll be picking off the very people your real enemy wants you to pick off, people of your own kind, (that is, ethnic white people). Don't you know who your real enemy is? And even if you did know, I don't believe you would actually be able to figure out how to find them, much less pick them off. Tell us, if you can, how you would identify and 'pick off' your real enemy. Most liberals are nothing more than foolish people of your own kind that your real enemy has managed to dupe into being liberals. They are not the people you should be wanting to pick off.

Scanderbeg's picture

America has reached the Rubicon. I say the tribe gets lampshaded long before the white, christian majority ever bows down in America. The military and police will back the nationalist faction. The big cities will be graveyards with no food, electricity, or water in weeks.

We'll see who runs this country then.

rrrr's picture

Okay. You're big and strong and talk brave and all that. But let me ask you this. How are you going to win, praying to a god that loves your enemy more than he loves you? Every Christian worships a deity that loves the tribe more than he loves them. Tell me, please, how that's going to work.

BeanusCountus's picture

Maybe, but he still has better thinking than average voter. Perhaps you prefer the opinion of someone from Harvard? Just an opinion, and good thinking can come from a secretary or janitor. Do I have to ask what your background is in order to evaluate your comment is? No I do not. Might want to think about that.

Sanity Bear's picture

maybe he keeps pointing at the green beret to distract you from noticing how incredibly yellow his belly is

Still Losing Money's picture

well you are making a bonehead ASSumption, the retired green beret could be a colonel who worked on several high level planning staffs and not a low level grunt.

Rusty Shorts's picture

“A country that does not know how to read and write is easy to deceive.” - Che Guevara

Carl Spackler's picture

Down with yoga pants... you nailed it.

The grunts know little about master strategy. Using that green beret title/reference to muster credibility is the easy give away or tell.

Baloney opinion.

Sabibaby's picture

Says the guy who can't even kill a rodent.

vato poco's picture

don't know about ol' Carl's killz skillz, but I *am* pretty sure a green beret is more about 'make friends with the village elders and get him to tell us where the rebels are hiding' than 'expert on the decades-old Deep Bankster State/Conspiracy of the most powerful nation on Earth". Just sayin'

TheReplacement's picture

A green beret might have real motivation to understand why he's chasing rebels and all that shit.

What is your motivation for understanding the decades old cabal? Was your life ever on the line for it?

And yet you cast doubt on others...

Toxicosis's picture

How does it qualify you for political/deep state commentary?  At least he's been in the thick of things, and is perhaps privy to both information and observations you may not be.  To demean someone's intellect by referring to them as grunt is intellectually dishonest on your part as you have never met the man nor understand his reasons for this worldview.  If he's right will you be there to eat your words?

adanata's picture

He's been saying the same thing for years re: the brink of war. If there is a "successful" coup against Trump, I'm pretty sure that'll trigger a determined revolution; I think people have seen enough.

cheech_wizard's picture

I suggest you take up Sologamy. It would be perfect for you...

Standard Disclaimer: Say there is a civil war, this is just another reason your ass is going to be handed to you.



Librarian's picture


Why do we need a new word for chronic masturbator?

Chupacabra-322's picture

“These people are playing with matches… I don’t think they understand the scope and scale of the wildfire they are flirting with. They are fucking around with a civil war that could last a decade and cause millions of deaths… and the sad truth is that 95% of the problems we have in this country could be solved tomorrow, by noon… simply by dragging 100 people out in the street and shooting them in the fucking head.”

And lemme tell ya, he had the list… he rattled off 25 or 30 names of well-known, prominent politicians, mostly Democrats, but a few Republicans, several members of the current Cabinet, a couple of Obama’s “czars”, a couple of figures from the Bush administration and the Republican establishment, several media company executives and on-camera newscasters, reporters, and pundits, a couple of people who are active in leftist politics but not in elected office… he had obviously thought about this to some degree already.

e_goldstein's picture

I don't think there is going to be a civil war.

I think the people who grow the food are going to surround the cities and not let any supplies in or people out.

Shit would be over in 3 months, more likely 6 given the fat reserves on the SJWs these days.

Obadiah's picture

They're backed into a corner no where else to run

Sick Underbelly's picture

Glad I'm not the only fucker who realizes how quick this shit could end.  Or, how long and devastating.

From the post:

"I abhor violence. I don’t want any of this, but it is inevitable, at this point. Our government is utterly lawless. Our representative republic is gone. These people no longer serve the interests of the American people, they serve their own elite interests, and the citizens of the United States have become tax cattle to be managed, milked, and controlled. And the security state they have erected is not designed to protect US, it is designed to protect THEM.

Sharpen your tusks. I simply don’t believe we are going to be able to vote our way out of the pig trap."

Troy Ounce's picture



Puzzles me also. I ANYTHING represents the swamp....

Trump did an Obama. Occupy CNNMNSBCFOXABC

To Hell In A Handbasket's picture

Me and you are on the same page when it comes to the influence of the CFR. The 20 people who down voted you, are ignorant fucks. The greatest non-fiction book ever Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in Our Time, is a work of history written by Carroll Quigley. It is the book that spawned all the conspiracy theory books from the late 60's onwards. The book is almost as big a read as reading the bible, so it will dissuade 80% of the retards on ZH, from reading its contents.

What makes this book the greatest read of all, when it comes to the reality of the world we live, is the fact Quigley's source and material is from the "CFR's OWN ARCHIVE" All the information is from the CFR's own historical records and documentation. TPTB prefer to not talk about the book and thus keep it from public consumption, rather than to debate its contents. The CFR is so powerful, that I said during the Ukraine overthrow, that there was no fucking way, the USSA, UK, France et al, could be all singing in unison, without the approval of the CFR.

The Ukraine had the hallmark of the CFR all over it.  Alas, only 20% of the forum understood what I was saying. Despite the amount of CFR members employed on Team Trump, the dissonance and ignorance, will make the Trumpettes, believe Trump is for the little man and not a globalist. lol.

Omega_Man's picture

civil war agaist zionists 

Laughing.Man's picture

It's more like a second war for independence.