Russia Reacts To Trumpleaks: "We Want Nothing To Do With This Nonsense"

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With both the White House and Trump himself denying that they had done anything wrong in response to the WaPo story that Trump improperly shared confidential information with the Russian foreign minister and ambassador, next it was Russia's turn.

And sure enough, on Tuesday morning, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that "we don’t want anything to do with this nonsense,” in response to reporter questions prompted by the WaPo articles. "It’s complete nonsense"

He did however cryptically note that "Russia doesn’t forget about the principle of reciprocity in relation to sanctions against its companies by Ukraine and “unfriendly” actions that “violate rights of people in Ukraine."

Separately, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova interjected her traditionally cynical retort on Tuesday when she advised that people don't read American newspapers, in response to U.S. media reports that Trump had disclosed classified intl.

Zakharova said she had received dozens of messages asking about the reports, which have been denied by the White House.

"Are you guys American newspaper reading again? Don't need to read them. They can be used in different ways, but there is no need to read lately it is not only unhealthy, but dangerous." she said on Facebook, and added the following conclusion:

Just a reminder that 11 may I warned: American media in a couple days, apparently planned to issue "Scoop" about meeting lavrov and trump. True, the idea was to and yet to be to paint her equally "Secret" Photos from the past meeting that was supposed to inject another fairy thoroughness and accuracy. But this part of the plan information campaign we ruined by posting pictures of you so, as required by all the laws of professional ethics.


How to live in this volatile global information?

Meanwhile, for whatever reason, in the Kremlin...

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I endorse anything Maria Zakharova says. Why can't we have politicians like her? We get Theresa May. Woohoo

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Count youself lucky because we got Hillary Rodham "The Rotten Rodent" Clinton and her Klinton Krime Klan (KKK) Pedophiles 'R Us kabal.  

Give Me Some Truth's picture

When you think about it, this site is based entirely on the premise that what the MSM is reporting is largely "nonsense." It's telling that the MSM smears people who visit sites such as this as "kooks." 

HRClinton's picture

Since Putin is behind her, I'll bet he's having sex with that woman.

He is probably also putting words in her mouth.

_RRR_'s picture

nice being on the nonsense side

who do I thank?

45North1's picture

We know the adult in the room.

buzzsaw99's picture

the amount of discord in d.c. makes me smile.

kralizec's picture

Discord is swell...streets runing red with the blood of tyrants would be better.

Bryan's picture

How about we shut down and reboot the MSM?  There is no humility, cooperation or reason any more in the political and media landscape.  Turn them all off.  Absorb facts only and come to your own conclusions. 

The problem with that statement above though is that the lazy world population is used to and even demands to be spoon-fed information.  Whatever happened to people thinking for themselves?  Where is critical thinking?  Where is rational debate of ideas?  Since when did we become a bunch of stupid sheep, sucking off the government's teat and begging to be led around by the nose-ring?

Give Me Some Truth's picture

The MSM - the "Fourth Estate," the skeptical "watchdog" of those with power - has been co-opted by the Establishment. That is, the press publishes only items that advance the Deep State's agenda. As "gatekeepers of news," they refuse to publish stories that challenge or contradict the Establishment's preferred storyline. This might be THE most ominous "story" of our times. But who is going to tell it?

Katos's picture

UNTIL we bring the AMERICAN perpetrators of 911 to justice, we will continue to live under the TYRANNY created by their action!

gregga777's picture

The American Intellectual Yet Idiot (IYI) classes ruling MORONS specialize in nonsense and that has never stopped them.  The entire "Russia hacked" this, that or the other thing is 100% pure and unadulterated nonsense.  But, the CONporate Mainstream FAKE NEWS Media and the presstitute talking heads screeches nonsense all day and all night long.



Able Ape's picture

American IYI - grow the fuck up and fix your broken-down, decrepit piece of shit country...

Callz d Ballz's picture

It's all propaganda now.

BigFatUglyBubble's picture

Believe in the lie
Of the big eyeball in the sky

Billy, watch what you're saying
Billy, watch what you do
Billy, best lay back and watch the wide screen
Believin' all of it's true

They're comin' through the dishes
And through the billboards too
They own that gas you're pumping out
And soon they're gonna own both Billy and you

Believe in the lie
Of the big eyeball in the sky

Susie on the computer
Susie on the commode
Susie stuck her fingers down her throat
After chowing down a big bowl of rocky-road

In the pages of Cosmo
They like 'em waify and thin
Now wouldn't it be nice if Calvin Klein
Helped Susie wipe the vomit from her chin

Believe in the lie
Of the big eyeball in the sky

Now Granny likes her media
She likes it nice and hard
When her soaps are on TV
She buys it by the yard
Gramps is in the room
Saying it's a bunch of crap
Watching football games for hours
With tortillas on his lap

Now me I like my media
I like it nice and thick
Throwing opinions at the wall
To see which ones will stick

But to formulate opinions
From what I see, is a joke
Because American TV's owned
By Pepsi and by Coke

Believe in the lie
Of the big eyeball in the sky

Give Me Some Truth's picture

It's all "lies" now. If a U.S. government "official" says something (especially if he or she is "anonymous") you know almost know for a fact that the truth is the opposite of what this person/agency said/says. 

Bernardo Gui's picture

Here come the Kremlin basement bloggers. "USA bad. Russia is greatest country in world."

seataka's picture

Born at GWU hospital in DC
House of Cards is truth.
Russia Makes sense..
DC doesn't...


AlexCharting's picture

Putin is behind you... always watching! Putin is the only guy that follows EVERYONE on Twitter :D lol

shutterbug's picture

Want to become a zombie? just read USA newspapers and watch USA news channels...

it works... just ask the walking dead in the USA.


peterk's picture

russians play chess, the americans play  checkers

...on the floor

.... in a dark corner of the room


Rodders75's picture

What happened to the click bait photo? This is better

Able Ape's picture

The Russians are an intelligent, vital and dynamic people - Americans waddle and drive from one convenience store to another...

RevIdahoSpud3's picture

Why can't American media liars just be 'dispatched'? They have no security and are easily accessible. Like rodents they eat away our freedoms and institutions. People usually do not tolerate rats, mice or vermin in their homes, lives etc. Why should they tolerate the media?  

The Power Vertical's picture

erdogan and mike pence are loving this

brushhog's picture

I dont want anything to do with it either. We get it, the media hates Trump and everything he does is a national crisis. Can we just move on already, its gone beyond boring at this point.

SMC's picture

"Just Us" want war. Perhaps they believe that they will survive and be better off than they are now.

jet20's picture

It's comforting to know they have an adult government full of grownups...

in Russia!

BritBob's picture

Russia invades Crimea

Russia/Ukraine – Crimea (If it ever went to court Russia would lose).

As successor states to the Soviet Union, both Ukraine and Russia are signatories to the Final Act of the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe (CSCE). Adopted in Helsinki in 1975, the document sought to promote détente during an era of Cold War geopolitical tensions in Europe.

Part 3 – Inviobility of frontiers

Part 4 - Territorial Integrity of each of the participating states

Gibraltar – Helsinki Accord 1975 (1 page)

In the same respect, Spain's claim to Gibraltar has also been signed away.



land_of_the_few's picture

Hey Bob, EU is also the the successor state to the USSR, it got carved up, remember? Like Yugoslavia :)

And, you know it's pretty certain Russia and Ukraine didn't sign anything in 1975 in Helsinki, that would have been pretty bad insubordination.

Are you saying Ukraine is responsible for the Georgian Stalin, being a successor state as you say, in that case?

Well, shared responsibility and all that. How interesting! :D

rejected's picture

If this is a person he's a complete idiot.

If it's a machine then the programmer is a complete idiot.

If this is a employee of one of the Intel gangs than they are pathetically stupid.

Hope Copy's picture

Ukraine never was a 'sovegien state' by its own volition.  The Helsinki Accord will not hold and the best that can be done is the Minsk Accords.  Anyone associated with the present Ukrainian government by financial dealings has committed sedition  against the Ukrainian Constitution.. There are no UN borders With Russia.  Case 'Complet'.

Sandmann's picture

Ukraine was never a sovereign existed only because Lenin and Stalin created it within the USSR

Sandmann's picture

You are ridiculous. The transfer by Khrushchev of Crimea from RFSSR to Ukrainian SSR was within the USSR and never legally ratified by the Supreme Soviet and as the Russian Federation is the legal successor state to the USSR it retains legal claims to Crimea.........otherwise all the SALT treaties died with the USSR and Vienna Convention on Law of Treaties is void

Sandmann's picture

Russia had a naval base in Crimea. Are you suggesting UK invaded Gibraltar to impose its rule over Spain ? Are you suggesting UK invaded Cyprus to put an airbase at Akrotiri ?

Catherine the Great took Crimea from Ottomans just a few years after Britain took Gibraltar from Spain......UK never took Gibraltar and Scotland and Ireland never consented to keeping it when they were annexed into UK in 1707 and 1801

outsideguy58's picture

It's the ongoing tantrum because the puppet masters didn't get the election result they wanted. As the intelligent lady alluded to it's all getting "dangerous"

Infinite QE's picture

Putin needs to give Wikileaks the true files on the WW2 German labor camps. Shut this farce down ASAP.

BustainMovealota's picture

Sad, Russia has better advise than our own  US leadership.  Its fundamentally fucked up.

Give Me Some Truth's picture

On the plus side, sites like ZeroHedge have a virtual monopoly on presenting "the rest of the story." These sites will never run out of content.

Give Me Some Truth's picture

When things get serious ... lie. When things get really serious ... make the lies bigger and spread the lies more aggressively.

BustainMovealota's picture

Actually, the Nazi, Joseph Goebbels, had a better statement.

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

Akzed's picture

He never said it. Its a conflation of other quotes describing how the Jews or British behave. Honest.

metafaux's picture

Ah, nothing like waking up in the morning to another reminder that Russia is now a more logical and sensible country than we are. 

Able Ape's picture

Oh yeah, just remember that Russia bombed Pearl Harbor!...

Fake Trump's picture

Remember Putin had said "in Russia we have the best prostitutes in the world".