Sweden Inches Closer To Cashless Society As Churches And Homeless Now Accept Plastic

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The citizens of Sweden are perhaps closer to completely giving up a component of their individual sovereignty than any other country on earth.  In a world where government's abuse of power and intrusion into the personal lives of its blissfully ignorant enablers grows more disturbing by the day, at least for now, cash offers the one opportunity to transact in a truly anonymous way.

That said, Swedes are ditching their physical currency at a breakneck pace with notes and coins in circulation dropping consistently for the past 6 years and down over 15% in 2016 alone. 


According to the following chart from Bloomberg, notes and coins in public circulation dropped to an average of 56.8 billion kronor, just $6.4 billion, in the first quarter of this year, the lowest level since 1990 and more than 40% below its 2007 peak with the pace of the decline accelerating to its fastest ever in 2016.


As Bloomberg notes, the avoidance of cash has become so prevalent in Sweden that churches, and even the homeless, now accept plastic and/or digital payments.

A growing number of Swedish parishes have started taking donations via mobile apps. Uppsala’s 13th-century cathedral also accepts credit cards.


The churches’ drive to keep up with the times is the latest sign of Sweden’s rapid shift to a world without notes and coins. Most of the country’s bank branches have stopped handling cash; some shops and museums now only accept plastic; and even Stockholm’s homeless have started accepting cards as payment for their magazine. Go to a flea market, and the seller is more likely to ask to be paid via Sweden’s popular Swish app than with cash.


“Fifteen years ago I would withdraw my entire salary and put it in my wallet, so I knew how much I had left, but these days I never really carry cash,” said Lasse Svard, the acting vicar at the parish of Jarna-Vardinge, about 50 kilometers (31 miles) south of Stockholm.


"A drive for innovation has been created in Sweden to come up with cost-effective and user-friendly alternatives to cash,” Skingsley said. Cash is likely to “more or less disappear” as a means of payment in the private sector, she said.

Of course, we should all promptly ignore the negative, unintended consequences of a cashless society in the name of "innovation."  Forget about the ultimate power and control it gives to governments to track your every move and to Central Banks to ram their reckless policies down your throat. 

And you shouldn't t worry too much about those cyber attacks either...because those things rarely happen these days..."Worst-Ever Recorded" Ransomware Attack Strikes Over 57,000 Users Worldwide, Using NSA-Leaked Tools".

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Azannoth's picture

Swedistan, again? Somebody please just torch that place.

X- x3's picture

Ta de' i arslet!

Vad vet DU om hur man gör här i Sverige.

Säkert du bor bland ett urvattnad *Folk* o babblar som alla idioter.

Fuck off asshole.


X- x3's picture

Up until recently, Sweden had a hetero-genus population, similar to Finland which is 98% "Nordic Peoples*.

After WWII, Sweden had a mass immigration from the Baltic countries, primarily Estonians.

As a heterogeneous culture, which thru "Lutheran Values", Swedish Folks used the solidarity & trust as fundamentals to develop both the culture & people.

The Rothschild-NWO-Soros Cabal has exploited Swedish Peoples generosity and beliefs in Solidarity.

The transformation of a so-called cashless society has it's foothold in this (((Cabal)))'s long-term project *The Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan - The Genocide Of The People Of Europe*.


Bo Bylund the Swedish Minister responsible for currency-swedish krona bills has publicly said repeatedly the past 2 years that Sweden will continue to have CASH!!!


Those are the facts.

All of these ignorant a-holes that start talkin' about Sweden goin' TOTALLY cashless are, full-of-shit.

Don't like facts, fuck off.


btw, have a nice day ZH-readers ;)))


land_of_the_few's picture

Perhaps you meant homogenous culture? ;)

20,000 or 2% of their population going to Sweden might be mass emigration for Estonia, I suppose ... !

X- x3's picture

Thanks for the reply l-o-t-f.

I only presented a a synopsis, so the serious readers here at ZH could get an 'idea(am slang)' of what's really the truth.

Considering that Blomberg-Bloomturd is a (((publication))), owned by the super-zionist-nwo-cabal (((blomturd))),

I figured it's better to start the 'easy way' with the largely brainwashed goyim masses that read here.

History literally takes years to live thru/read/study/understand.

Since I've been a student of History for +50 years, and have lived here in Sweden for +35 years, I believe it's only right to try to decern real facts.

Once Again, thanks for your input.

Cheers  X-


land_of_the_few's picture

Hey no worries, you know I met an Estonian bar manager once who was working in London, then left to go to France to teach English, well, it amused me anyhow :D

Hope it is true about the cash staying in place.

X- x3's picture

....let me inform you about something taking place here now in Sweden.

btw, I'm a WASP from NJ that left the States 40 yrs ago.

The SD-Sweden Democrats are now the LARGEST political party among Swedish Men, according to the latest polls!!!

Approx. 43% of Swedish men would vote today for this party.

The SD is NOW, the 2nd largest party in Sweden.

It's called BACKLASH.

All Nordic Folks are goin' to revolt, except fot the incorrigible brainwashed.

It's in our DNA-genes.

However, the true enemy is not the 'freeloading immigrants'......dots.....dots......connecting the dots.....

It's the (((CB-banksters-BIS-Basel-Redshield-Zio-NeoKohen-Cabal)).

If I can, in the slightest possible awake 1-person once a day about the true enemy of the People of the World, I've been successful.

Remember, *Knowledge Is Power*.

Time to go to my garden, as Voltaire's reveals in Candide,....'time to cultivate my garden'.

Cheers  X-


land_of_the_few's picture

Yeah I don't think the immigrants really understand what kind of situation they are creating

New_Meat's picture

the individual immigrants might not understand, perhaps excepting the "families" composed of fit young men of military age.  But in the Mosques, there is a generational ... er ... thrust to use the birthrate dynamics to "cure" the situation.

It is easy to see the population trends in Detroit as compared to Dearbornistan, for instance.

meta-trader's picture

she was a waitress in a cocktail bar now she owns a jet... http://bit.ly/2jdTzrM

X- x3's picture


Sorry for the delay....U R 100% Correct.....*HOMOGENUS* is what I thought.

5+ languages & bein' pissed-off at the blombturd reference did that.

Cheers  X-

BitchezGonnaBitch's picture

"Bo Bylund the Swedish Minister responsible for currency-swedish krona bills has publicly said repeatedly the past 2 years that Sweden will continue to have CASH!!!"

Public servants are notoriously honest and truthful. It is not a fact, it is a statement from another member of a government so full of morons that jokes about Sweden are passe nowadays.

The stuff Swedish government comes up with used to be hilarious, now it's just plain stoopid.

X- x3's picture

What kind'a relevant info was that?



effendi's picture

So Swedes according to Byund can keep their cash just as under Obummer  AMericans could keep their health care plans? Never trust what politicans say.

holgerdanske's picture

Drukket for meget igen?

Typisk svenskt.

X- x3's picture

Hördu, dejlig-dansk...I'm a fuckin' bonefide yankee-doodle alá 300 years, livin' with you Nordics.

Last time I was in Danemark, folks were drinkin' 'pilsners' at 7 a.m.

Shut-your-trap....drink a carlsberg instead.

Med Trevliga Hälsningar,  X-

btw, Ich bin eine Deutscher....don't provoke me or I'll/We'll invade you danes for the 10,000th-time.... ;)  &  :)

holgerdanske's picture

I told you a million times! Don't overexaggerate!

You have only been there 4 times in newer history.

Everytime not invited, though!

As for beer, we make them as good as you, but we normally drink responsibly!!  ;-)


TeraByte's picture

What do they do with Romanian beggars ring from now on. There is one of them i front of almost every store now. Have they plastic card facilities too, is my question or do I have carry cash in case.

land_of_the_few's picture

Isn't an AK or an offer of foreign genes the new cash in certain areas in Sweden anyway?

Intelligence_Insulter's picture

Shoot them. before it's too late.

Mimir's picture

It's called PROGRESS !! Get over it.

LA_Goldbug's picture

Sweden, what a bunch of losers.

I used to have s=respect for this country when they were making the Saab and Volvo. But watching the show there now makes me think they have all lost their minds. Yes I know, not much sunlight and short summers does have a negative effect on ones moods.

Freedumb's picture

Lived in Sweden for a few years. I can say that the extent to which Sweden, or Finland, or Norway rank so low in "corruption" indices is in part due to the acceptance of certain kinda corrupt practices, as in, they have become so common that no one considers it "corruption". Like the massive real estate black market in Stockholm, for example. And people fall in line generally and are super trusting of the government, you can actually be forced to provide a urine sample to the police basically at their whim, positive drug test makes you guilty of possession, legally having smoked pot in another country is no defense. They tolerate paying extortionate taxes on income and alcohol, though in the single aspect of healthcare they do get more bang for their buck than Americans do, not necessarily due to socialization but due to the ultimate cost being billed to the ultimate paying entity being far lower, perhaps.

Sweden has been somewhat boringly stable for many decades now, and it is unfortunate because I think the people are not paying enough attention and exercising enough scrutiny when it comes to the government.

givadam's picture

Part of the reason Sweden is moving to a cashless society is because of a bank robbery:



gespiri's picture

Too bad for that society and culture.  One of the most beautiful places and people......self destruction by its ultra liberal politicians and ideology.  First with third world immigrants.....finally with total submission to the banks.  

AlexCharting's picture

Hackers around the world are popping their champagne about now. 

Ghordius's picture

meh. Sweden is Exceptional... in a Swedish (National) Way

the real idiocy is to think you can just copy Sweden. the other real idiocy is to expect Swedes to be something like "more at home" or "regular guys, really"

and no, descent is not the same as culture

X- x3's picture

You sound like a 'mongrel', ghourdis or whatever the fuck your real name is.

Sounds like you don't know jack about Sverige.

Take your euro symbol-avatar & shove it, eu-clown.


New_Meat's picture

channeling your inner joizey I see.  Algebra should make one calm with insights into the beauties of the mathematical world.

land_of_the_few's picture

Buy a waffle-maker and repent, sinner! ;)

Intelligence_Insulter's picture

Nigers and Muslims don't belong in civlized society I hope sweden realizes this?

Intelligence_Insulter's picture

Never give niggers anything.

New_Meat's picture

except, of course, every payday

Jack Oliver's picture

Fucking idiot Swedes - Of course - when China/Russia bring back the GOLD standard ( they are not hoarding copious amounts of GOLD for NOTHING ) - the average 'experimental' imbecile SWEDE - will be absolutely FUCKED !!

Nexus789's picture

Will be fun when the Internet goes down. 

Justin Case's picture

The internet doesn't have to go down to cause you problems. If the authorities suspect you for some kind of crime or someone reports you in error for some crime, the banks will lock you out of access to yoar money. Then when you call them they will simply tell you to report to the police for questioning about a possible offence. You could just be a suspect and nothing that you did, perfectly innocent, just part of an investigation.

They will monitor yoar spending, articles you purchace and retailers you shop at. All for selling this info to corporations and targeted advertising.

You'll pay tax on every transaction. Garage sales, second hand kids toys and clothes, coin collections, stamp collections, everything on Kijiji and E-Bay etc. You spending should not eceed your income otherwise you may get yoar account frozen until you can explain it.

Total control for TPTB

saudade's picture

Oy vey, why won't you just go cashless goy? You don't support terrorism, do you?

JailBanksters's picture

Do the homeless accept Mastercard ?

New_Meat's picture

certainly not Amex, they can't stand the skim or the vig

Oldrepublic's picture

Was reading a 4chan forum yesterday, found out that the Chinese netizens are using the term Baizuo, or white left as a derogatory expression to describe what is a SJW. It seems that the Chinese have a very good understand about what is destroying the West.


: https://www.opendemocracy.net/digitaliberties/chenchen-zhang/curious-ris...

bjax's picture

I guess that's the end of wishing wells? Or will we see loads of plastic floating in them ?

2_legs_bahhhhhd's picture

if you want to dazzle your fellow tourists, throw in some bitcoin. Any charitable organization that refuses cash, won't get a dime from me ever. It's not charity if the bank gets a cut.

Khan Bodin's picture

Swedes are disgusting liberal bankster-oligarchic cocksuckers! 

Khan Bodin's picture

See, instead of lamenting about "predicament" of degenerete Scandinavian liberal trash like Swedes in regards to Muslim immigration, you should instead encorage it. Muslims won't suck bankster-oligarch dick like liberal degenerate euro trash does that's for sure. 

pizdowitz's picture

Sweden is a perfect example of the road to hell paved with good intentions. It was Sweden who accepted the Marxists in the 60's, that de Gaulle and Adenauer managed to kick out. The Gothic aborigenes now fully subverted into pulp-fiction.

Khan Bodin's picture

Marxists were born in Europe. They were never kicked out of Europe. See those cultureal Marxists and authors of their "critical theory," jews of various stripes, where they lived in and when. They were always in Europa.

Khan Bodin's picture

Perhaps we are looking at it from the wrong angle all together. You know the ones you often like to envoke as an example of the vigor of the white race, the warrior Nordics called Vikings or Varangians, well they seem to have been very treacherous and faithless people. Betrayers. The only 2 examples where they didn't betray their ancestors were Novgorod, where the Slavic tribes of Ilmen and Finnic tribes of Chuds had driven them back but then asked them to return to be a unifying factor between various Slavic tribes, so it was a condition placed upon them, and the other example was Iceland where there were no people, it was a barren land and thus Nords could not betray their ancestors and their culture. Perhaps the proplem is in Germanic blood all along. Perhaps it is Germanics who are such disgusting liberal creatures who lack even the faintest traces of loyalty? 

Khan Bodin's picture

The Persian nation contains a number of tribes as listed here. ... : the Pasargadae, Maraphii, and Maspii, upon which all the other tribes are dependent. Of these, the Pasargadae are the most distinguished; they contain the clan of the Achaemenids from which spring the Perseid kings. Other tribes are the Panthialaei, Derusiaei, Germanii, all of which are attached to the soil, the remainder -the Dai, Mardi, Dropici, Sagarti, being nomadic.

—  Herodotus, Histories 1.101 & 125


Notice one specific Aryan tribe there. Have you ever wondered why Germanic language is called Indo-European or Indo-Aryan, or why the Germanic tribes living in Germania during the Roman time were known to be very tribal whereas northern ones living in Scandinavia never were, hmm? It's because they don't share the blood. They are culturally similar, but distant by blood. Those southern, central and eastern Germans are way more related to us from the Balkans and the Italians than they are to the Nords of Scandinavia.

Khan Bodin's picture

And I have to add here, poor warriors those Nords were. They were as bad as warriors as they were as trecherous to their ancestors and their people. They were physically bigger than horse lords of the steppes, but in any and all occassions they met on the battlefied, Nords were wiped out. So much for your fantasies about "bigger being better," hmm? ehehehe Perhaps you need more fitting idols to look up to instead of treacherous, underserving Nords. You should worship us instead. We Dinarids are so much better than the Nords. Worshipping us will be for your own good too. There is only death for you in your admiration of Scandinavians whereas we have true vigor. ehehehehehe