Sweden Inches Closer To Cashless Society As Churches And Homeless Now Accept Plastic

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The citizens of Sweden are perhaps closer to completely giving up a component of their individual sovereignty than any other country on earth.  In a world where government's abuse of power and intrusion into the personal lives of its blissfully ignorant enablers grows more disturbing by the day, at least for now, cash offers the one opportunity to transact in a truly anonymous way.

That said, Swedes are ditching their physical currency at a breakneck pace with notes and coins in circulation dropping consistently for the past 6 years and down over 15% in 2016 alone. 


According to the following chart from Bloomberg, notes and coins in public circulation dropped to an average of 56.8 billion kronor, just $6.4 billion, in the first quarter of this year, the lowest level since 1990 and more than 40% below its 2007 peak with the pace of the decline accelerating to its fastest ever in 2016.


As Bloomberg notes, the avoidance of cash has become so prevalent in Sweden that churches, and even the homeless, now accept plastic and/or digital payments.

A growing number of Swedish parishes have started taking donations via mobile apps. Uppsala’s 13th-century cathedral also accepts credit cards.


The churches’ drive to keep up with the times is the latest sign of Sweden’s rapid shift to a world without notes and coins. Most of the country’s bank branches have stopped handling cash; some shops and museums now only accept plastic; and even Stockholm’s homeless have started accepting cards as payment for their magazine. Go to a flea market, and the seller is more likely to ask to be paid via Sweden’s popular Swish app than with cash.


“Fifteen years ago I would withdraw my entire salary and put it in my wallet, so I knew how much I had left, but these days I never really carry cash,” said Lasse Svard, the acting vicar at the parish of Jarna-Vardinge, about 50 kilometers (31 miles) south of Stockholm.


"A drive for innovation has been created in Sweden to come up with cost-effective and user-friendly alternatives to cash,” Skingsley said. Cash is likely to “more or less disappear” as a means of payment in the private sector, she said.

Of course, we should all promptly ignore the negative, unintended consequences of a cashless society in the name of "innovation."  Forget about the ultimate power and control it gives to governments to track your every move and to Central Banks to ram their reckless policies down your throat. 

And you shouldn't t worry too much about those cyber attacks either...because those things rarely happen these days..."Worst-Ever Recorded" Ransomware Attack Strikes Over 57,000 Users Worldwide, Using NSA-Leaked Tools".

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Sweeden can always switch their hard currancy to those meatbals.   I LOVE those things!

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Don't be stupid like Froda Baggins westerners. Avoid the void while you still can. ehehehe

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Swedes are not wanting to lose the usage of cash. They make it impossible to receive or get paid without having a fully verified Bank account (no checks as in America possible), Almost all banks have removed the option in the last 5 years to deposit or withdrawl cash. If you want to deposit more than about $180, they want blood, ATM receipts, name of buyer who gave you cash, reason, source, or they will not allow you to deposit it. Nothing to do with the law, just policy and stupid rule following idiots.
The ATM network was taken over by mainly 1 company which reduced how much cash you can actually take out vs high fees, normally around 2000 swedish kronor max $233 usd at the time I'm writing. Cash is mostly used by smart Swedes and immigrants.

Swedes are being hearded like cows in a slaughter house to cashless. We will come to see how deep negative interest rates go once cash is out of the system in another year or two. Most absolutely have zero clue and think cash equals criminal. They are so entitled to government hand outs and dictates that if an authority says something strong enough, they believe it. These guys are going to make Cyprus look like it was the best economic event in the last thousand years.

Sweden has the aura of being corruption free. ABSOLUTELY BULL**. The truth, no statutes defining or criminalizing corruption/graft etc for public officials. They accept bribes, steal, mis appropriate, you name it and no prosecution. They just go "Oops, how unfortunate. It seems an error was made and we will investigate it fully!" (Nothing ever happens, nobody espects to see any Swede ever be punished. But woa to you if you are an immigrant of any other inferior country; all outside of Sweden).

Benefits? Chicks are sooo easy to bang. But so much makeup, in the morning or after a shower you would not believe how alley cat most are. Blonde? Massive amounts of bleaching and hair dye. Everything is a facade. When they are hot, they are hot.

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The Swedes are moving up a few spots on my 'ultimate moron' lists today.

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Ultimate serfdom. Oh well, as long as one can protest and take selfies, all is well...

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Cut the power and a cashless government closes down. A war can be won without firing a shot.