Banker: "One Million Will March On Washington If They Impeach Trump. They Will Be Armed"

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via Soren K Group and Marketslant

Because He's TNT

Sometime contributor Bon Scott who happens to be not only a Trump supporter but more importantly a Constitutional expert and Big  "L" Libertarian had this to say in response the 'Impeach Trump' escalation.

10,000,000 people will march on Washington if they try to impeach Trump... they will be heavily armed. I will be one of them. No kidding

While our colleague seems given to hyperbole consider this. Last year as early as February he said:

"Trump can win. Ignore the polls. Polls are meaningless in an election with so many “shock events”. The truth is Donald Trump can win the election in a landslide. 

That was true. We quoted him in our October 2016 post HERE

SKG contributor Vince Lanci echoed Bon's words in this Aug post:

On the flip side Trump fans should be happy.  If past calls are any indication Trump will indeed win in  landslide..

Bon also said in our July Post

Trump will spend like a drunken sailor

That Story HERE

This is also true in Trumps's attempts if not in execution yet. 


Can you argue With Bon?

The truth is, while our pseudonymous contributor is given to outrageously couched statements, he  has picked up  on something that is close to our hearts.  You can  see it in how polls are just wrong consistently. And to us that is explainable. The statistical world relies to heavily on  polls. Polls are merely "snapshots' of moments.

What is not revealed in polls is the subjectivity of the person being polled!. We know the bias of pollsters. But what has been ignored for years is subjective probability. That concept relates to trends when humans are involved.

Do you think people are going to be honest with pollsters anymore? No, they say what you want to hear so they can move on. Voting is very private. And people  are taking back that privacy. On a broader scale, subjective or conditional probability includes drifts or trends.  Nassim Taleb is a key proponent of this, and we count him  as a genius in  taking his options  knowledge and applying it to many fields in need of improvement. We also  enjoy his lambasting those dogmatists that do not get it.  Jim Rickards is another subscriber to Bayesian  theorems. 


What Is  Bayesian  Probability?

Simply put, is it a 50/50 chance the sun rises tomorrow? Statistically the answer is yes to an uneducated caveman seeing it for the first time. But how many times can that caveman stick with those stats when 5 years later the sun continues to rise?

Personal example: If it is 50/50 that a coin  lands on heads or tails, then how come I could at one time flip a coin and make it land on heads 10x in a row? Statisticians will say " Luck, law of large numbers will fix that". Sorry guys that is just not true.

Here is why. I practiced coin flipping at one point in my trading career to make it a skill. I measured how high it had to go, what side the coin had  to start on, and how hard I had to flip it. Was I cheating? No. What people see as randomness is actually a skill based event via intense practice. Had I let the coin land on the ground it would have been randomized. But I did not.


Pollsters Do Not Get it

This is the essence of the core ignorance of pollsters and statisticians. They ignore the human factor. And with that, they miss grass roots macro  trends like the populism that triggered Brexit. They do not see what our friend Bon does, that people are not numbers, and the more we rely on  models dogmatically,  the more likely we are to be surprised. Or as he would say : Dont be stupid! Trump is going to win in a landslide.

So while numbers are counted by Nate Silver, conditional/ subjectivity of the person polled is not factored in. This is the problem in modern  polling and stats. 

In trading we used to Fade brokers to protect ourselves from this. We were taught statistically that it is 50/50 every order is buy/sell. But when  a  broker came in everyday at the same time for 2 months straight and bought from us, that concept meant shit. We used to say:  Crap, how high do I have to make this price so he would not buy from us? And the answer was essentially NONE. That broker was a buyer and would continue to be one until he began unwinding  his position.


Option Traders Don't Get it

At the time I understood this as Bayesian probability and explained the rationale for "fading" markets to my boss and mentor. He disagreed. He did not get it. He was an extremely hard working savant who in the end became a bitter detractor despite my idol worship and his own immense  success. When you quit working for him, with only a couple exceptions, you were the enemy.  All this because the man, like the modern pollster could not grasp that whenever human behaviour is involved, probability has a subjective factor.


What are the Odds of a DC March if a Populist President is Impeached?

Can we afford to ignore "Bon", our colleague who is quite sane, does not represent the lunatic fringe, and is intimately aware that while Trump may not be a beltway darling, he has governed through populism.

Witness how Trump castrated the media with his "Fake News" press conference. He literally made people reject the MSM info as false and further likely turned people off to even looking at it. 

He effectively put them in a box where they could not sell their wares anymore.

This is no easy task. Winning elections via populism is easy game. But actually governing that way is not easy. We'd dare say,  it has not been done ever in a Republic.

So here we are. A populist-ly elected President who has thus far governed through populism. A president with a loyal following that is likely to not take an unconstitutional impeachment sitting down. Trump will not go quietly into the night. He will appeal to the public. He is a narcissist. And to his credit, narcissists are  all about winning popularity contests.

And against him are now the legal types who will use the Constitution to undermine it.

To Bon we joked:

"To get you and your pals to disburse, all we have to do is kill the wifi."

To which he responded:

That isn't enough. You may get some to go home with Beer bribes, but the core people mean business. They will not stand for this.


People vs. Elites

Do you want to bet against a DC march  if Trump is impeached? Do you want to be short Gold or long stocks if that happens?

A march would be an exponential increase in uncertainty. The people vs the Elites. And in the end with Elitist power at their disposal including manipulating the press, social media, revoking freedom of speech and rights to assemble and restricting gun ownership; it wont be enough. There will be the fallback to the use of force. People in power always lean on that when  needed. And while they may have learned marketing and manipulation tricks, at bottom, there is always metal hammer inside that velvet wrapper you see.  


People are fed up. Impeach  at Your Own Risk

We personally own 2 guns. A Benelli shotgun for skeet, and a 357 magnum for target range shooting. As believers in gun control laws for non law abiding citizens, we will not be inclined to subscribe to giving up what protects us from  a deep state that does what it wants and when it loses, changes the rules. This is the potential beginning of  the libertarian left and right People aligning against the authoritarian left and right Elitists


Impeachment Adds Uncertainty, Not Closure

So this will not end with impeachment. It will only stir more problems at grass roots levels. To tell 50% of the country that already distrusts its institutions that those  same institutions are collaborating to kill off their president may be a spark of revolt unlike anything seen  since the 1960s.

This is the cause that would unite libertarians, rednecks, NRA types, uneducated (but no less human and entitled to constitutional rights) and the silently suffering suburban middle class under one banner. People evolve at their own pace. Stop telling us what is best for us. That is not working out so well for you in the world. Don't do it here

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Thom Paine's picture

Whatever the numbers it is a fairly sure thing that an attempt to impeach Trump will be the end of a lot of things.

And I suspect the media will come under as much attack as the political establishment.

YourAverageJoe's picture


"10,000,000 people will march on Washington if they try to impeach Trump... they will be heavily armed. I will be one of them. No kidding"


Al Green's office is a hell of a lot closer than Wash DC....much cheaper and probably just as satisfying.

bardot63's picture

Finally, someone who agrees with me.  The way to win a war is to be a meaner, nastier sonofabitch than the other sonofabitch. And only a donkey-fucking moron would say we are not in a war.  Time to choose up sides.

onwisconsinbadger's picture

Bring it on ! I will take care of them with my small hands. Drumpf is a loser ! Sad !!!!!

dot_bust's picture

I sense a disturbance in the Force.

EvryInternational's picture

We won't march, we'll exterminate. The insane leftists have left no other recourse. It's time for a cleansing.

Tonterias's picture

BLA, BLA, BLA, BLA, BLA. I'm so scared

Craven Moorehead's picture

An armed march on Washington would be a mistake, you can be sure they already have a plan of action to quickly divide and conquer even a 10 million man march. Many would die

But what if one day 10 million people, refused to participate in the economy by not spending or going to work , and the next day it grew to 15 million people , and the next day 20 million, and so on,  hit them with the only thing they have ever really cared about M-O-N-E-Y.

They certainly wouldn`t care about the lives of what would be, in their eyes 10 million malcontents, but hit them in their pocketbooks, then you have their attention

Dave Whiteman's picture


fishpoem's picture

Right on the money!!! Pun intended. Let's face it: the only ideology left in American politics is greed. The thing that moves the Beltway isn't bullets. They've got more of those than you have and will fire them right up your ass. No, what touches the hearts of Bush, Clinton, Obama, Trump, and the rest of the dirtbags is one word: CASH. Lots of it. Piles of it. They roll in it. They use it in salads instead of lettuce. They wipe themselves with it. Your money.

This article is totally useless flatulence. It's bullshit. The "hero" is a fucking BANKER, a proud member of the same criminal cabal that has caused all this shit to begin with. He'll encourage YOU to go out there and get your ass shot off. But I'll bet a hundred bucks the prick has never even been in a fistfight. Beyond that, anybody who still thinks Trump is some kind of savior obviously lives on a desert island without TV, Internet, newspapers.

Don't you guys get it yet???!!! Trump is Deep States' Trojan Horse. He, Kushner, and the rest of the creeps he's hired are geared up to pocket billions and strip you and I of what little we have left. Then, when we're on the bread line, he'll send our kids off to fight another fucking war in some pointless shithole that we should stay the hell away from. And when the bodies have all been shipped home, the only winners will be the oil companies, defense contractors, THE BANKS, and, last but not least, Israel.

Seriously, wake up! You'll accomplish nothing fighting with cops in the street. Been there, done that. It was called the Vietnam War. And nothing has changed. But if we deprive the slavering Beast of money, we will have it by the throat. A taxpayer rebellion could in fact turn the tide. And that's worth fighting for.


Dave Whiteman's picture

White productivity for Whites alone.  

The existing system is SURVIVAL OF THE LEAST FIT.  




La Raza has a saying:  For the race everything, outside the race nothing

Let us learn from these mexican philosophers.


Cynicles II's picture

People get hungry. People want TP. People want things they would no longer be able to buy after they were terminated from their jobs for no show.

shovelhead's picture


Just having a fantasy of what a 2.5" mapp gas spud gun would do to a pussyhatted head at 25 yds. *yuck*

You really don't get the velocity they generate until you fire them off in the dark and that 6' flame follows the spud out of the barrel.

Observingmen's picture

They should impeach the war criminal sonofabitch - he tried to appease the Jews by shedding the blood of innocent Syrians. Forget about him.

OCnStiggs's picture

Observingmen=Soros blogger

Strelnikov's picture

See you on the ramparts, bitch.


As Bon would say, we're on a highway to hell.

Cynicles II's picture

Dead people writting is new to me, voting, not so much.

TRM's picture

Or more appropriately for politics "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap"

brooklinite8's picture

or you will have to understand most AMERICANS well. America is made up of immigrants from all over the world. Most of them don't think alike. That is where the predictive modelling goes wrong. It doesn't take into account the ethnicity, kinda jobs they do, incidents and issues that they have faced to convert them to a republican or a demonocrat. And then again people change depending on the candidate. The idea for the deep state was to conform all into one or two buckets. I think we have over achieved the conformity to a point where Trump as an anamoly away from the main stream conformity became very attractive and ran the table to the end. It does pay to be genuine in a conformed world. It just takes time. You do reap the benefits of being your self and out front. Try not to fit into the rat race sheep if you are not one of them. 

In short Models can't predict human brain. It could for certain events but for not for all of them all the time. You just can't predict when there are so many variables to take into account to begin with. But again what do I know besides growing tomatoes.


PoBoySammich's picture

America is clearly divided from the Know nothing's, and the people who kinda give a shit, and the people who really give a shit. Apparently YOUR not getting it. Your comments are rambling garbage.

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

application of direct action..alot of" follow orders" types will have their souls sent to the will start local, and the fire will grow jumping state borders- travel will become dangerous- public assembly will be outlawed-the economy will stop..many will see this as the last straw- of an elite -mad with power - major liberal cities will be blockaded by the surrounding red neck lands..major network reporters cnn and such,will be shot on sight as well as NYT and Wapo and public radio it would be best not to trip the trip wire they are about to do. give peace a justice no peace..

cops will fight with us, or they will be exterminated..they do not control the streets- when the real american vets think they have been" taken' one time too many.

"Hell has come to breakfast"

EcoJoker's picture

Listen if armed revolution starts, let the masses revolt.   Small groups of smart revolutionaries would be acting in parallel with murder squads, silently killing off bankers, ceos, media execs and politicians.   Completely flush the earth of them all.

Selectively target some military families and the armies will never take up arms against the citizens.      

ThrowAwayYourTV's picture

Fuck the bankers and politicians, the main stream media should be the first to go.

Just that alone would be a win.

Hammer of Light's picture

You better hope military and ex-military as myself don't wind up splattering your brains into the pink mist for targeting any of us. WHEN this all goes hot, the only thing standing in the way of these despotic servants from hell in our government are people as myself and millions of others. Make no mistake, we're watching and we're taking note of EXACTLY who is doing this in government.

Old Navy here will be right on the front lines defending America if this goes sideways if needs be. ANYONE who gives an illegal order to kill Americans, I'll disappear that one into pink mist faster than you can blink.

As for these people blowing all this up on Mr. Trump, this is a distraction as intended for Seth Rich. MSM is ALL DEEP STATE - to you in deep state - WE KNOW THIS MATERIAL TRUTH and you will never recover from this what is now known in the open clear. You fuckers have been outed that's for damned sure. Civil war is coming sadly and this time, DC will be decapitated in the most severe manner if this illegal removal of Trump goes down.

Our entire apparatus has to be cleansed and much of it shuttered. As for you ECOJOKER... you better hope a guy like Halo Maker never comes calling... you'll never see it coming and won't even know it happened. All there will be is an explosion and much of your head will spray out down the sidewalk and your body will be nothing but a thump and a lump laying next to a gas pump, or... could happen anywhere.

So before you start using stupidity as your call to action to solve the immense issues which confront our nation, consider who really does watch out for assholes as yourself to guarantee your right to speak that vomit... guys like me. But then again, when the cryin ass comes down, maybe some of us look the other way. You're about as bright as a bag of screwdrivers that's for damned sure! NEXT ~

DrData02's picture

"Guys like me" - You mean mercenaries, right? Just trying to understand.

AnimalSpirits's picture

All the comments here similar to yours are just plain childish - would you rather not have a military? How realistic is that - what would you propose then?

Granted not all military campaigns are justified, but that in no way takes away from the respect our service men/women deserve.

Show some respect to those who have given their lives for our country and its people - too bad this also includes your right to spit out your ingratitude.

Honestly now - grow up!

Dave Whiteman's picture

Military exists for the establishment- namely jewish "bankers."


Why do you think otherwise?  The last time this POS cuntry was attacked for real was 1812.


Do you think the people have any actual control over the government?


Do you approve of the Waco barbeque, conducted by the American Military?




All who volunteer are whores/mercenaries.


Military should be removed and replaced by the Militia.  The Militia is the Whole People.


See especially WAR IS A RACKET by Smedley Butler [USMC].  He admits he was dogshit while on active duty- a whore.


Forget Ike's warning about the Military Industrial Complex?

Mr Hankey's picture

Military eats, rapes, tortures ,kills & enslaves everything that isn't military.The only credible threat to my blood, freedom and treasure is you and the people you kill for, Rambo. So don't do me any favors. Military takes care of military. Monk3eys will fly out of my butt before your kind kills anyone bigger than a peasant that doesn't know how to ????<

Dave Whiteman's picture

Amen to that.  The military is for the corrupt establishment- NOT for the people.


Following orders without question is pure evil.

GunnyG's picture

"Selectively target some military families and the armies will never take up arms against the citizens."

While I am for the revolt against the scumbags on the Left, any dickhead I see shooting innocents will have their head turned into a canoe. Targeting military families? Pretty fucked up.  

DrData02's picture

So you are good with the military going after your son, so good with it you would not retaliate. Saint GunnyG. Hmmmm.

TRM's picture

I would hope he meant "fire on those who order the troops to kill their own citizens". You wouldn't have to do in too many of the order givers to have an effect. Which brings up another interesting point. No government survives once the army says "fuck it". Phillipines, Iran, Romania, etc etc. The dictators fled or died once the troops had said those 2 magic words.

So look for the government to transfer all the "constitutionalist" troops to Europe, Asia and other oversea posts. That leaves all the recent immigrants who volunteer to get citizenship in the North American theatre. They have never heard of the concept of an "illeagal or unconstitutional order". They are WTF on that one. I'm a soldier, I was told to shoot so I shoot. That is all they know from their countries in central and south america.

They will have much greater firepower and intelligence. They will kill the resistance one by one by isolating small groups and overwhelming them.

The best action would be to disrupt society to the point of exhaustion. How many roads jammed with cars having flat tires in NYC could be achieved with a couple boxes of screws? The whole city would come to a halt. No deliveries. That is just one of the simple yet effective tactics that could be used. There are dozens and dozens more. Be creative and think about it for a minute. How could you stop society? Pretty easy if you have any sort of immagination.

Chupacabra-322's picture

“These people are playing with matches… I don’t think they understand the scope and scale of the wildfire they are flirting with. They are fucking around with a civil war that could last a decade and cause millions of deaths… and the sad truth is that 95% of the problems we have in this country could be solved tomorrow, by noon… simply by dragging 100 people out in the street and shooting them in the fucking head.”

And lemme tell ya, he had the list… he rattled off 25 or 30 names of well-known, prominent politicians, mostly Democrats, but a few Republicans, several members of the current Cabinet, a couple of Obama’s “czars”, a couple of figures from the Bush administration and the Republican establishment, several media company executives and on-camera newscasters, reporters, and pundits, a couple of people who are active in leftist politics but not in elected office… he had obviously thought about this to some degree already.

GunnyG's picture

100% of reporters, Democrats, and College professors (Leftists) need to reap the whirlwind and 90% of the GOP as well. Toss in the Deep State vermin and that is the complete package. 

If fact, it would not surprise me if there are militia "hit teams" of trained vets, just waiting and ready to take out their targets.

STP's picture

Yvette Felarca and Shanta Driver are at the top of my list.

highwaytoserfdom's picture

leverage buyout of TWX and CBS  would be a nice threat to AlanBenFelon  to keep the Banks as middle men..


MSM has made the Deplorable's the Nazi Jews Bernays Goebbels trick.   BLM is meeting HRC made to heal remarks. Soros gang getting pretty cocky with Vichy French..   

The people need to be impeached with letting McMaster(bation)  letting Raytheon dump obsolete inventory like FDR did with oil sanctions and ww1 Battleships at pearl....   Don't worry honest Abe killed more...  

 Hold this guys feet to fire and have serve people..  This policeman world drug intelligence funding show is pretty sad.  

Neo-clowns and regime change coming home.. Soros Kissinger ...    Power and War......    sad    Can you make the UN a hotel and fire Kushner?

My only question is how many of DNC/RNC put the horse head in bed? start having credentials pulled for Goldwater rule..   This really pissed me off having parent suffer and be looted when had Alzheimer's by these same globalist. 

Freedumb Freedumb Freedumb Freedumb

Consuelo's picture



I saw Bon Scott at a 7/11 convenience store during a concert tour here in the Bay Area, not long before his death in 1980.    

Gritty, klck-ass rock & roll back then --

Observingmen's picture

I found myself behind Dave Vanian of the Damned in a supermarket checkout queue in Crouch End in 1990 - during their goth phase. He looked like something out of the Rocky Horror picture show apart from the basket of groceries in his hand.

bogbeagle's picture

Best predictor of future behaviour, is past behaviour.


In other words ... it's all talk. They'll do precisely nothing.


Now, it might be different if Trump were to personally appeal to his followers ... exhort them to take up arms. That'd be his very last throw of the dice, of course.

HardAssets's picture

Nothing has indicated that Trump is a hardcore follower of the Constitution or one who effectively communicates to the people what the true nature of the ruling system actually is. He's talked in sound bites and made vague promises. He appears to be another tranquilizer politician given to the population to keep them calm.

If he makes a series of t.v. presentations where he actually explains the fed reserve and the banksterism that grips America and the West - - that would prove the guy is real.

SgtShaftoe's picture

Again, look at Bundy Ranch. That came within a millimeter of going live. Don't lean on normalcy bias.

bogbeagle's picture

Brave guys ... but, recall that the whole of the US could muster fewer than 100 such men.

SgtShaftoe's picture

There were multiple hundreds of people there from what I saw on the Internet and the accounts from Oathkeepers that was there at the time. It seemed Bundy had too many people rather than not enough, with more on their way when it finally came to resolution.

STP's picture

Indeed, there were a lot of people there and they came from ALL OVER the United States and even the World!   Like the biker who rode 16 hours straight from San Francisco, pulling up next to my car, by the bridge at 2 AM, with just an old comforter strapped to his seat.  Or the retired couple, who flew from Austrailia!  They pulled up in a rental car at 7 AM, that same morning from Vegas.  And at 7:30, a gent on a Harley Road Glide, with a .45 strapped on his hip, pulled up from New Mexico.

The Aussie retired police chief, the Frisco Biker and the NM Harley dude and I, never met, never got a call, but we came, because deep down in our hearts, we heeded that call. Like the unemployed GM engineer from Michigan, the mule driver from the Sierra's and so many others.  We all came, because we had to go.  When you get that call, that's when you'll go and you'd better do it.  I was scared, my family was worried, but I went.  And y'all on the East Coast and the South, better do your thing too, we did!

Hikikomori's picture

Wonder if they'll get the Marines to oppose the marchers with machine guns and tanks, like they did the Bonus Marchers?

aliens is here's picture

Depends if they are Mexican Marines then all bets are off. 

Xena fobe's picture

Yes, of course they would.

EcoJoker's picture


Marines and Armies will quickly disperse when their families start being targeted.