Artist's Impression Of The Mainstream Media This Week

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Did anyone think for even a minute that the establishment would just go away quietly after Trump won the election? This latest attempt at a counter coup will fail, just like Hillary failed.  

Obama will have to console them by reading passages from his latest poetry on the virtues of dialectical materialism. 

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It is a coup and a national security risk. The DOJ needs to be mobilizing now as we speak. This is becoming a direct threat to our nation.

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another example of the deep state owning shrump:



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Prepare for bodycount.

1 (Trump) or huuge number (Deep State+MSM)

Either way will go down in history as "The Summer of Trump". 

DNC Poking Nose into Seth Rich Murder while MSM stay Silent

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Trump and the Media should both be in straitjackets.

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Most media is not worth reading anymore. For example, Yahoo has morphed into a cheap tabloid with hit piece after hit piece bashign Trump. tghe other articles on Yahoo are Fake News and various left wing propaganda.


Not worth reading the Yahoo news section at all anymore. The Enquirer is better. At least they report on the latest Alien Invasion.

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Are you retarded? Israel is balls deep in the asshole of the Deep State.

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Trump is planning for a cessation of hostility between the Palestinians and the Israelis, maybe even a peace agreement of some sort. That's simply not possible with an embassy move, at least at this time. Abbas will walk away from the table and that will be that.

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Anti-trust action needs to be taken against the media IMMEDIATELY.

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No.....Let them destroy their own credibility.  "Don't interupt your enemy when he is making a mistake".  Not sure whose quote that is but it certainly applies.

  Those in government however, deserve execution for treason for what they are doing now.

  I am sure the media will dummy up with the public executions of a dozen or so senate and congressional leaders.  Real fear of death with have a dramatic effect on them as people start focusing on the egregious media owners.

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So what Criminals at large Obama, Clapper & Lynch have done 17 days prior to former CEO Criminal Obama leaving office was to Decentralize & weaken the NSA. As a result, Intel gathering of RAW Data was then regulated to the other 16 Intel Agencies.

Thus, taking Centuries Old Intelligence based on a vey stringent Centralized British Model, De Centralized it, filling the remaining 16 Intel Agenices with potential Spies and a Shadow Deep State Mirror Government.

All controlled from two miles away at Pure Evil Criminal War Criminal Treasonous at large, former CEO Obama's Compound / Lair located at:

B. Obama?
2446 Belmont Rd
NW,?Washington, DC 20008

It's High Treason / Sedition being conducted "Hidden In Plain View" by the Deep State. It's the most Bizzare Transition of Power I've ever witnessed.?Unprecedented.

The National Security Elimination Act of 2017

Effective immediately defund, Eliminate & Supeona it's Agents, Officials & Dept. Heads in regard to the Mass Surveillance, Global Espionage Spying network & monitoring of a President Elect by aforementioned Agencies & former President Obama, AG Lynch & DIA James Clapper.

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Sounds good, but with the stroke of a pen, Trump could reverse that move and set things back like they were with the Intel agencies.  Why hasn't he done so, is the question I ask myself.

Tenshin Headache's picture

It's definitely time for some arrests to break the momentum toward utter disaster.

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So when do I buy the dip?

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DOJ Hell. Mobilize the US Military!

Drone the shit out of the MSM, in mass.

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Don't forget the anti-freedom neocons over at Townhall need to go down too. They are as in bed with the deep state as Hillary herself.

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Media !

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i'll give you dishonest but not liberal.  john mccain, the "maverick"  (bomb bomb iran) got somewhere in the low 200's of newspaper and magazine endorsements in 2008 against obama.  trump got about 26 against clinton in 2016, including the national enquirer and the crusader, the kkk paper.

why trump was rejected by the u.s. media is not because of any "conservatism" but because he doesn't want endless war, a renewed cold war with russia, and, possibly (he is not trusted by the neocons), a more even handed policy in the mideast.

not because they're liberal but because they are neo-conservative.  as george h.w. defined it for his son: 


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Art does imitate life!!

LawsofPhysics's picture

Fuck 'em, now jump you fuckers!!!

BritBob's picture

In tune with Macri's words, Xi Jinping thanked Argentina "the support they have given us for our claim of a single China as we support theirs for the Falkland Islands."  (Telam 17 May 2017)

How can Argentina claim the Falklands when she has never legally owned them?

Falklands- Never Belonged to Argentina:

Funny old world.

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It's about the MSM and Trump. Yet here you are with your one trick pony. Stay on topic cunt. Most of us already know your boring whining.

Buy a destroyer and go get your island. Let us know how that worked out for you. 

jeff montanye's picture

the sad/silly thing is that britain already possesses the falklands, having rewon them in a war in the '80's.

the war itself was quite influential in britain and in argentina.  imo losing the war was one of the best things to happen to argentina in a long time.

Tenshin Headache's picture

In the cartoon, that's you in the straight-jacket and written all over the walls is "The Falklands."

Zorba's idea's picture

Desperately clinging to the evacuation plan when your tiny island nation is over run by all the mussies. Long live the Falklands Brit Bob

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EXACTLY!!! The MSM is absolutely coming unglued. I am loving it.

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Why do gangsters sometimes off members of their own gangs?

jeff montanye's picture

because trump, starting at the top, was never vetted by aipac like nearly everyone else in national politics.  he doesn't want cold war with russia, aipac does; he doesn't want endless war in the mideast or the deposing of assad, aipac does; he is willing to consider the one state solution for israel (the vote for palestinians), aipac not.

those republicans are zionists first, republicans . . . well, farther down the list.

11b40's picture

Well, you can hope and dream, Jeff, but just look at Trump's little dual citizen grand babies (and we know what a soft spot he has in his heart for the babies), and maybe you will want to reconsider.

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What is really going on? Coney wasn't prosecuting pedophile cases and in fact was protecting the perps because of their plitical influence. Post names and addresses "the people" will take care of the rest.

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Seems to me that a primary role of the FBI (maybe THE primary role) is to protect institutionalized pedophilia.

And it clearly is institutionalized. Take a look at Dave McGowan's writings if you doubt me. All he does is pull together all the MSM reporting on large-scale pedophilia over the years. All together like that, the institutionalization becomes clear. Not to mention absolutely fucking sickening.

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Nice! Says it all.

Dutch's picture

These media types are destroying the normal functioning of the system. They are not going to like a system that does not function normally.

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"These media types are destroying the normal functioning of the system." 

That's the one good thing out of all this.

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F you, ZH, and your lunatic libertarian followers.

Stick to the market; your political commentary is insane, like our president. He will resign before July: he hasn't the courage to face impeachment hearings.  

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Please go and bet your entire life savings (if you have any) on that on the various prediction markets.

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And fuck you too o' sucker of statist cock!

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You hate libertarians too? Shalom, brother!

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The watchdog media envisioned by our framers turning into the groveling lapdawg media envisioned by the central banking cartel & their political minions is one of the reasons there is no market any more.

Keeping the sheeple clueless with diversions & distractions 24/7.

francis scott falseflag's picture


ZH has to start converting to political and international stories.


By Black Friday there won't be any financial markets left to comment about.

Except for a few commodity markets ( mostly food stuff) with unbelievable

prices.  Like the DOW at 21,000.

Publicus_Reanimated's picture

Because nothing matters to the markets any more except what governments do.  Ergo, it is the financial news.

francis scott falseflag's picture

Okay.  So they padlock the door to the NYSE.  Then stories about out of work traders

milling about Wall and Broad selling previously worn Barney's jackets and coats.

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Couldn't decide whether to + or - you...+ for the courage to speak something contrarian/balls


- because you demonstrate how fucking stupid and "insane" the "impeachment crowd" is.

Go blow your load somewhere else, trying to tell us about how bad you would run away if you had to "face impeachment hearings".

Like it's really gonna get that far...nitwit.