Comey To Testify Next Wednesday At 9:30am

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Set your alarms: the public appearance by fired FBI Director James Comey (who "evidently has a new phone #") that could make or break the presidency, has just been scheduled, and according to Jason Chaffetz, the hearing will take place next Wednesday at 9:30am.

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And at 9:30AM next Wednesday, he will commence his lying to damage Trump. 

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Let's see if he lives that long. 

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I call for the arrest of Comey & Lynch for obstruction of justice for failing to indict Hillary Clinton when clear criminal activities were brushed aside because you know, they are all friends and shit.

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...and Rice, Obama, Mills, you all know the score here.

Fucking round up Schumer, Pelosi, Grahm, McCain as well.

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>could make or break the presidency

Peanut mindset. Even under the worst possible interpretation, this doesn't rise to the level of a crime. If Comey thought Trump was trying to obstruct justice, he was under legal obligation to come forward AT THE TIME, not after getting fired like passive aggressive bitch.

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Did not he and then deputy (now acting) already testify under oath that no attempted obstruction had taken place?  popcorn....

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Wouldn’t it be cool if Trump actually did have tapes and this duplicitous schmuck perjured himself?

Maybe Trump would make a Federal pen co-ed and he could have the cell between Hillary and Huma.

The pervasive rank odor of fetid estrogen would be a suitable punishment for his misdeeds.


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A whole week to falsify a handwritten memo...


Chrissakes, if he contacts Langley or Ft. Meade, they'll have those things digitally recorded backdated to the Clinton Administration & make it look like Boris Yeltsin intercepted it on a vodka cocktail napkin.

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As I have come to understand the issue, Comey is required by law to immediately report any attempt any obstruction of justice.

If this is obstruction of justice (it’s not) then Comey is the one on the hot seat for sitting on the evidence of a crime.

And damn, it’s far from the first time he would have done that.

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I had a TS special intelligence clearance back in the day and the maddening thing is that regarding classified intelligence, “intent” has nothing to do with gross negligence and disregard of the law.

Ask that poor kid from the old nuke sub who had a pic of him in his workspace as wallpaper on his laptop and who now is in the pen for it.

Comey sand-bagged the country and deserves to fry for it.

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Wonder if he owns any nail guns?

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I’d settle for 95 mph into a concrete bridge column.

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With DNA tests, all specimens proper chain of custody. A movie would be nice but an internet dump leading to major convictions would be sweeter, and just might get him an honorable burial.

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So is Chaffetz gonna demand the FBI digitize and turn over the contents of Seth Rich's laptop or not? 

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Is Comey's testimony the story or the cover?

We might spend some time thinking about what else is going on in the world.

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Ask him why he didn't indict Crooked Clinton first. Lets go chronologically thru his crimes. He's going to feel alot more then "Mildly nauseated."

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I'd love to see Trey Gowdy in that position.


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Deep State is scrambling to protect their own.

For Trump, winning the elections was the easiest part.

Too Many Similarities Between Seth Rich Murder and “Clinton Body Count” Victims

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Do they have the Weiner computer files yet?

goober's picture

Most likely not, except more of the shit show of insanity based on NOTHING except PRAVDA/MSM democrat created junk. And who is concerned with the real crimes we know that have been committed , like Lynch on the tarmac and Hillary's emails,  A Weiner case apparently on hold for what ? and of course Comey himself obstructing justice in the Hillary thing ? This a cabal of criminals protecting themselves with our money ! sick shit to be sure

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So, Comey let Hildaskank off the hook and didnt recommend prosecution on the email stuff because apparently she didnt have criminal intent.  By that logic, theres no case against Trump.  At all.  Although I'm sure the Dims could find any number of "reasonable prosecutors" to take the case.  

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intentional dupe comment...

I had a TS special intelligence clearance back in the day and the maddening thing is that regarding classified intelligence, “intent” has nothing to do with gross negligence and disregard of the law.

Ask that poor kid from the old nuke sub who had a pic of him in his workspace as wallpaper on his laptop and who now is in the pen for it.

Comey sand-bagged the country and deserves to fry for it.

Robert Trip's picture

Did you need a T5 special intelligence clearance to work the fryer?


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"We accidentally sledgehammered Seth Rich's laptop."

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I had a simple secret clearance and even at that lower level we were well informed of the consequences of any divulgence of info and intent was NOT a priority or any part of any possible charges being brought. We all knew this was a serious matter and accepted that fact.

This charade we are seeing and Comey's false mention of intent is absurd and an act of dereliction and deceit that is actaully an obstruction of justice on his part. He simpy had too much power via the BHO regime as a player. Many have over stepped their bounds and are now in desperate mode because they know they went too far with their crimes. So throw as mush shit on the wall at DT and hope some of it sticks. It is all various forms of deep state corruption and criminality on a grand scale in total cooperation with PRAVDA/MSM. Only a complete idiot could or would beleive any of the memes being tossed out there based on supposed news stories and nothing else.

All the while the real criminals walk freely among us !

goober's picture

Did Comey obstruct justice in his dealings with Lynch and Hillary and many other matters ? What a farce this is turning into. And the perfect setup of charactors or actors for the kabuki theatre to undermine DT and crew ! Built up to this fake crescendo of NOTHING !

I am convicned this is all tied to the 3500 arrests of pedophiles and child sexual abuse crimes that have occurred since DT and crew took office ! That is a number well past any previous arrest's in any year, ever ! And it clearly shows a motive to undermine DT and crew from the deep state that is covering up all manner of horrendous crimes and vast corruption within our own government and the corporatocracy they have created. It is proof of draining the swamp and the swamp creatures fighting back so they are not exposed for all to see ! This definitely goes right to the top of the prior regime and they will say or do anything to keep their power and keep from being exposed. Do your own resaerch, it  is all out there for all to see ! A very convoluted and complex set of crimes so vast it is hard to comprehend it all. The chikd sex thing is just one part of all the incredible corruptin that has taken place and the many trillions of tax payer dollars involved in a myriad of ways ! Our government and the corporatocracy they have created is simply a vast criminal enterprise run by socioptahs and psychopaths and simple idiots.

It is all an illusion created to undermine DT for trying to drain the real swamp at many levels of corruption. Simple as that, so of course the creatures will say or do or create anything necessary to survive and not be exposed via PRAVDA/MSM, the tool of choice !

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At 9:30am I will already have been up for almost 5 hours.  That assumes I will have slept at all that night.


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Good to see I am not the only one.

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Mass Kabuki Shit Show

Comey, not wanting to incriminate himself as he has been playing both sides of the street with CYA games, politics, may have little of importance to say OR he is looking for a deal ????

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Maybe the JewUSA Dollar just up and kicks the bucket next week and that is that.

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You guys need to relax. This is just another nothingburger. Pure posturing by the Deep State.

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If Comey showed President Trump a sample tape from his blackmail collection, he's already dead.

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Or maybe he'll testify that Trump never asked him to end the investigation.

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He does seem to like being the center of attention

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Meryl Streep and Klooney are on hnad to give him acting tips.

Schumer and Mr Khan will sit behind him and cry on cue.

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Testify or lie? I'm confused.


Chupacabra-322's picture


Comey should be immediately apprehended & arrested.

Comey's a Criminal accessory.


Where's Anthony Wiener's Laptap?

What was in it James, along with the 650,000 emails.

McCabe is no better. Criminal accessory just the same.

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The Republic of America vs USA corp. Repeal the District of Columbia Act of 1871

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Of course he has a new #, he doesn't want to deal with congressional dipshits.

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all a show all a plan...a show for the gallery

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This will put it all to rest.

swmnguy's picture

That's the one thing this won't do.  It'll do a lot of things, but I can't imagine it "putting it all to rest."

Perhaps I missed an implicit /sarc off tag?

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One would think Trump would have learned from the Clintons that enemies either die from tragic accidents or commit suicide at the exact point where they might cause any damage to the Clinton's good name.

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Memo to those at risk: No weightlifting, hot tubs, standing on street corners, standing in front of open windows.  Remove all firearms from household.  Avoid tall buildings or doctor visits or hospitals.  Quit breathing.  Assume a new identity.  Preferably speed away to another country.  Pray for your inlaws and loved ones.

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Cut up any and all pneumatic hoses.

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Soros swore to always protect his most valuable investment

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The barbell crushing the throat death had a certain "Bond -like" aroma to it. Just expect us to lap this shit up like it's all a tragic accident Hillary?

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I read commentators in an earlier thread on ZH discussing how the Patriot Act changes the impeachment process or its definition. I am not sure I have the time or the stomach to research the Patriot Act on this issue.

If anyone has knowledge of this and has the time to share some knowledge and point to some quality resources it would be much appreciated...