Congressman Calls For Trump Impeachment For "Obstruction Of Justice"

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Update: Rep. Green has called for the impeachment of the president...

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With Trump impeachment odds spiking...

The first Congressman (Maxine Waters must be pissed off) has come forward to demand Trump's impeachment...

For now it is unclear what Congressman Al Green's reasoning is... apart from anonymously-sourced evidence-free reports from a clearly biased mainstream media perpetuating a narrative designed to 'resist'. Apparently the argument is that Trump "obstructed justice", although we hope Mr. Green has some evidence to back up his accusations.

15 minutes of fame?

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jcaz's picture

LOL-  self-aggrandizing indeed....

VD's picture

at this point any accusation will do. trump needs to start prosecuting many people asap.

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Every day this continues, the more I think that (((they))) have already won.  What is the point anymore? 

Oldwood's picture

They won a long time ago. We are the rebels trying to take it back, and they don't like it one bit.

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Hillery Strikes again.

PT's picture

That does it.  From now on I shall always vote for the guy they want to impeach.  Unless, of course, Giant Meteor is running.


1.  Giant Meteor
2.  Kthulhu
3.  Impeach Guy.

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We are truly living in an Idiocracy.

I don't like Trump. He is way too authoritarian for me. However, he hasn't done anything impeachable while in office...yet. He will. They all do. But give him time and let him do it, first.

For 2020, dig up ol' Thomas Jefferson and let his corpse run. Or give me another George Washington. Hell, I'd talk James K. Polk at this point.

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Long overdue ... do they take refunds on MAGA hat?

NugginFuts's picture

I'm just over here wondering why 5D chess looks so much like losing. 

AVmaster's picture



Now the dimocrats have lost 2024...

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“It depends upon what the meaning of the word “is” is”. -  Wee Willie Clinton  

Now it might depend upon what the meaning of the word “hope” is.

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Bitmap Al Green is angry that Sessions is going to make him too famous. You are really sweating Al - what are you hiding?

FBI Leaks: Comey allegedly directly involved in Pizzagate pedo activity

BullyBearish's picture

can't help it....i'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO  tired of winning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


fu*&ing idiot...


he's not nor has he ever intended to drain the swamp...however, his actions have served to triple it...

TeamDepends's picture

Is that the caveman from the insurance commercial?

BullyBearish's picture

I base my opinion on shrump on the following set of NON-accomplishments, all of which are in his power:


1. Pardon Edward Snowden and Julian Assange as a sign he WELCOMES whistle blowers and putting the PEOPLE'S business in the LIGHT

2. Begin to revoke the fed's charter by putting Ron Paul in charge of a special investigation of fed malfeasance

3. Revoke israel's special exemption from foreign lobbying registration and fully audit AIPAC with an intention to uncover bribery and espionage

4. Immediately indict Bill and Hillary Clinton and others from the Clinton Foundation on charges of corruption, espionage, and theft

5. Rescind all future payments/allotments to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and israel until they are in compliance with international law and human rights standards

6. Cease saber rattling against Iran and Russia and work toward peaceful, complementary accommodations

7. Draw down the 600 plus U.S. military bases around the world and bring the Americans HOME


8. Initially shift 30% of the current military budget to domestic infrastructure needs with a mandate of further reductions of 10% per year

espirit's picture


Obstruction of Just-Us?


Something is over ripe here and needs be tossed out.


Hopeless for Change's picture

FUCK these democrats and their idiotic supporters who applauded the Brown Clown during his 8 year run of treason.  They were all calling for impeachment months before Trump was ever even inaugurated.

stizazz's picture

Every time the US gets a new President, he's always worse than the one that came before him. So Potuses keep getting worse and worse.

In other words, the US is in deep shit.

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Comey: Say, kids, what time is it?

Bill Clinton: It's Howdy Doody time (wink, wink)

Pairadimes's picture

I have met that joker Al Green. You can actually watch the political calculations play out across his face when you talk to him. He (and so many like him) is what is wrong with America.

PrayingMantis's picture

... warning: this posting is not intended for those whose libtard views are easily offended with truth and sarcasm ... and also not for those retards whose brains' elevators don't reach the top    ;)

... let's shine a light on why Al Green (the congressman, not the singer nor the "reverend", and a former trial lawyer who co-founded Green, Wilson, Dewberry and Fitch law firm) would want Trump to be so badly impeached ... and, also, who lined Green's political campaign pockets with selfish motivations ... just follow Green's libtard's snowflakes' money and tears ...


... Green (not his real color) served as president of the Houston NAACP
   ... flashback: Donald Trump Will Not Speak at NAACP Convention, Campaign Says >>>


... While serving as NAACP leader, Green focused on increasing minority hiring in Texas and forming alliances with Hispanic groups ...

   ... flashback: Hispanics eager to punish Donald Trump, GOP over border wall, immigration rhetoric >>>


... Green voted against an amendment to the Affordable Care Act (aka Obumboclotcare) ...

   ... flashback: Trump says Obamacare 'dead' after GOP health bill passes House >>>


... Green Green has voted against eight other bills proposed in the House that would prevent any government spending to cover abortion. Due to this, he has received 100% ratings from Planned Parenthood and NARAL Pro-Choice America

   ... flashback: Trump offers Planned Parenthood funds if it halts abortions >>>


...  The National Rifle Association gave Green a rating of 0%

   ... NRA Endorses Donald Trump for President >>>


... Green is a member of the Congressional Pakistan Caucus ...

   ... flashback: India is the check to Pakistan, Donald Trump declares >>>


... Green is a supporter of the Federal Reserve's program of quantitative easing

   ... flashback: Donald Trump has vowed to abolish the Federal Reserve and reinstate the gold standard when he enters the White House in January >>>


... so you see folks, Al Green's motives had nothing to do with "obstruction of justice" re: Comey ... Green's motives are purely political partisanship motives that would benefit those deep swamp entities who supported his campaign finances by giving their all-out "green"-buck support to further their agenda ...

... I'm sure there are more "motivating" factors about Green's hatred of Trump which escaped my webcrawling attempts ...



Kotzbomber747's picture

Spot on BullyBearish, but that's what all the Trump fanboys here just don't want to hear.

"1. Pardon Edward Snowden and Julian Assange as a sign he WELCOMES whistle blowers and putting the PEOPLE'S business in the LIGHT"

Here's Trump on Snowden: "Kill the traitor!"

So much for draining any swamp ey?

All the ZH Trump fanboys here stubbornly believe in the second hand car salesman "MAGA" bullshit, and fail to identify Trump's totalitarian tendencies (big on waterboarding) and Keynesian/Big Government policies like increasing the military budget (even more!) and wanting to spend nearly a trillion on public works/infrastructure.

jeff montanye's picture

it was clinton vs. trump.  even the libertarians were zionist.

trump was unvetted by aipac and didn't want a new cold war with russia.  the media and the deep state hated him.

so he's obviously the choice.  he's still accomplishing a lot of good just not being hillary.  and here's why and what he should do (taken from the american spectator):



publiusnj • an hour ago

Comey definitely sold Justice down the river in his absolution of Hillary for her National Security crimes. We should go there and not into satire. There seems to be a Deep State Conspiracy aimed at a coup d'etat. Hillary is certainly involved. She is therefore a good co-conspirator to go after because she is definitely implicated in crimes that are still well within the Statute of Limitations.

A Grand Jury proceeding ought to be instituted and Comey ought to be put in front of the GJ and questioned about his involvement in the investigation and why he bum-rushed the investigation once Loretta Lynch got caught conspiring with Bill Clinton. The FBI was slow-rolling the investigation (probably until after the Election) until the "Tarmac Embarrassment." Then, all of a sudden, the seas parted. Hillary was quickly interviewed on the Fourth of July weekend, and the infamous and bizarre Comey July 5 Press Conference occurred the morning after. Comey had to lay out the evidence--because his agents were close to revolt--but then out of nowhere, he absolved Hillary on the spurious ground that some special intent was required for criminal liability. Not so, but so what? Loretta wasn't going to second guess him and neither was the Mainstream Media.

That hopefully cleared the deck for Hillary's run UNTIL the FBI Agents again were ready for revolt in October when the Weiner Computer discovered in an entirely independent investigation turned up more proof that Hillary and Huma ignored the Classification Laws in another respect. So again, Comey had to lay out some facts that his agents were screaming about. Once again, though, Comey managed to wrap everything up in record time to absolve Hillary a second time. Unfortunately for Comey, Hillary and the Deep State conspirators, the people picked Trump over their candidate. Comey needs to be put in front of a Grand Jury, not in front of the incompetent examiners who sit in a Senate Investigating Committee. AND HILLARY NEEDS TO BE LOCKED UP.

meterman's picture

So what is the surprise about Al Green's - or any "Black Culture" politician's - voting record? There are two classes of blacks in the US - (1) Those who are committed to the "Black Culture" and (2) Those who have evolved and embrace the historic American culture (White culture if you prefer that name). Of course there is a third class of Blacks who have joined others in a permanent "Criminal Culture". Al Green is a prime example of a Class 1 Black - They are all the same.

Please note the number of attack dogs in the Democratic Party that are black. Lying is their job and they obviously love it.

Make no mistake - Blacks and the "Black Culture" IS the Democratic party. Whites are the dog walkers, Blacks are the dogs and Welfare is the leash. This will never change.

All whites in the Democratic Party are traitors - Someday they will realize this, but will be too late.  


VZ58's picture

Sweet tunes.  thought he was dead. Who knew...

Dennisen's picture

Shouldn't he be doing 'Sinking near the Dock of the Bay'?

land_of_the_few's picture

Maybe he actually really meant "peaches". Some kind of folk memory popped up? :D

lil dirtball's picture

> biggest disaster in Potus history

Even I wouldn't go that far. Lincoln and FDR have done far, far more damage.

Anyhow, all the recent shitting on the PM prices in fiat d0llars makes a little more sense in light of the up-coming polisocioeco turbulence.

Ink Pusher's picture

You forgot to mention 'tricky dick' the myopic fool who nixed the Gold Standard in favor of fellating the House of Saud.

lil dirtball's picture

Really, they're all scumbags - it all just a matter of degrees. When did America really have a great president outside of maybe - maybe - Coolidge ? They all stick their dick in her when given the opportunity.

keesooi's picture

I think it's fair to say that literally almost EVERY potus has been a bigger disaster.  What disaster are we talking about here anyway? FBI director fired?  "Russia"?  I fail to see anything remotely close to disaster, just a giant hissyfit by the snowflake media and assorted progressives, if you ask me.

There only have been a handful of potuses that mostly lived up to their oath. I maintain that since all the right people (mostly left and right wing variety progressives) are pissed, this one must be doing something right.  And what has he done?  Answer:  Not all that much, mostly blowing smoke.  At least we got a (supposedly) conservative judge on the USSC.  We'll see.  We do not want a government that "gets things done" (believe me, we don't).  "The Wall", "Trumpcare", "Tax Reform", "Trade Deals", all unconstitutional statist solutions to unconstitutional statist, government induced problems.  I'll pass, thanks.

My hope is that they'll be focused on all these hearings, "scandals" and whatnot, but for the love of God, do not pass any legislation of any kind.  I love a "do-nothing" congress, I would gladly pay for them to just play fucking golf all day (In their case, watching child porn would be preferred, I'm sure).  I am over the hope that we may ever get a congress that actually repeals anything (Which would be the only exception to the do-nothing rule). 

In the mean time, we get to enjoy this shitshow.  So grab some popcorn, and cheer up, it could be a lot worse. 

jeff montanye's picture

it has been a lot worse and quite recently.  the bushobama four term administration makes, say, eisenhower look like a god in comparison, with jfk as the martyred son.  

a do nothing congress is not enough, imo.  bushobama killed, wounded, orphaned and exiled millions with very little congressional action.  

indict the deep state.

Manthong's picture

It is probably good that this dufus is jumping the gun, like, prior to any formal investigation.

It validates the issue as partisan emotional and delegitimizes it as a legal one.

Itinerant's picture

Why he Green? He don't appear Green to me at all.

A_V's picture

Maxine has worn out the black's Al's turn...

HopefulCynical's picture

Great list. Let's get back to reality, though, and add the final item:

9. Get your fucking airplane blown out of the sky by Mossad.

The folks who think this shit can be done even in 8 years are living in a delusion.

Unfortunately, it is quite likely that they only way it gets done at all is for the citizenry to start hunting the puppet masters down.


garcam123's picture

I'm thinking we're hours from marshall law.  Time to lock and load......the shit is starting today! Who will you stand for? Revolt and death or tyrrany and death.........fuck may as well go out blazing.  It is so over for us!

New_Meat's picture

not even months.  but that will give you time to unlock and insert that shiny thingie in first.

City_Of_Champyinz's picture



I would take you more seriously if you knew it was Martial Law , not Marshall Law

J Jason Djfmam's picture

At least it's not Marital Law. Yikes!

Secret Weapon's picture

Marital law means 80% of everything you earned for her and 20% plus all the debt for you.  Wait a second, sounds to me like we are already there. 

garcam123's picture

I knew, sensed I was mis-spelled baad!