Cyber Attacks Are The Perfect Trigger For A Stock Market Crash

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Authored by Brandon Smith via,

The world has been stunned over the past few days by the advent of “Ransomware;” the use of sophisticated cyber attacks on vital systems in order to (supposedly) extort capital from target businesses and institutions. I am always highly suspicious whenever a large scale cyber incident occurs, primarily because the manner in which these events are explained to the public does not begin to cover certain important realities. For example, the mainstream media rarely if ever discusses the fact that many digital systems are deliberately designed to be vulnerable.

Software and internet corporate monoliths have long been cooperating with the NSA through programs like PRISM to provide government agencies backdoor access to computer systems worldwide. Edward Snowden vindicated numerous “conspiracy theorists” in 2013 with his comprehensive data dumps, exposing collusion between corporations and the NSA including Microsoft, Skype, Apple, Google, Facebook and Yahoo. And make no mistake, nothing has changed since then.

The level of collusion between major software developers and the establishment might be shocking to some, but it was rather well known to alternative analysts and researchers. The use of legislation like the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) to skirt Constitutional protections within the 4th Amendment has been open policy for quite some time. It only made sense that government agencies and their corporate partners would use it as a rationale to develop vast protocols for invading people’s privacy, including American citizens.

The issue is, in the process of engineering software and networks with Swiss cheese-like defenses in the name of “national security,” such exploits make vast spreads of infrastructure vulnerable to attack. I think it likely this was the intention all along. That is to say, the NSA and other agencies have created a rather perfect breeding ground for false flag attacks, real attacks and general crisis.

It should be noted that the Ransomware attacks which struck systems around the world used “Wannacrypt,” derived from an NSA exploit called “Eternalblue.” This program was designed to specifically target Microsoft Windows machines, no doubt using vulnerabilities which Microsoft ENGINEERED into their own software. Now, interestingly, a batch of NSA exploits was published online by a hacker group called “the shadow brokers” only last month. From the information I have gathered so far, it seems that “Eternalblue” was part of that data dump and that the Ransomware incident is directly connected.

Something else that is very interesting about Eternalblue — as CNN notes, similar exploits were used not long ago by the NSA to get backdoor access to financial data within the SWIFT banking system. This was rather odd because through international agreements the NSA already had front door access to such data. However, front door access can be tracked and traced and any illicit activity can be exposed. Therefore, the NSA must have had something more nefarious in mind than simply looking for terrorist activity, such as testing the effectiveness of their own exploits for future use in attacks.

I mention the incident with SWIFT because it brings up a potential danger that I don’t think many people have considered.

First, let’s assume for a moment that groups like the “shadow brokers” actually exist and aren’t some kind of NSA created front. These groups are using the considerable weaknesses that corporations like Microsoft put in place for the NSA in order to reap profits through criminal enterprise or to commit terrorist acts. The NSA and its Silicon Valley partners literally created this monster; a monster which has the capacity to attack otherwise secure banking networks like SWIFT.

This begs the question - how much of the global banking system and global stock exchanges are open to attack with these same NSA exploits. I would suggest that ALL of them are.

Second, let’s consider for a moment the possibility that groups like the “shadow brokers” are mostly fraudulent fronts for establishment agencies and elitists. Consider that maybe, just maybe, the NSA is releasing some of these exploits on purpose to the public. Why? Well, one might consider that issue complicated, but to summarize, it may be very advantageous for international banks and governments to deliberately place financial systems at risk.

In my article The Economic End Game Explained, I outline in detail with evidence why the establishment is seeking a major economic crisis within the near term. Organizations like the IMF have been talking excitedly for the past few years about something they call “the great global economic reset.” The details behind this “reset” are rather vague, but the general notion is that the economic systems of today are going to evolve in a painful way and that certain elements of our fiscal structure could be wiped clean altogether. In order for such a “reset” to take place, some kind of crisis event would be needed or would happen inevitably as a consequence.

In order for a new economic system to be entrenched, the old system has to be dismantled; but how can banking moguls and globalist interests succeed in doing this without taking the blame for the ultimate social and geopolitical suffering and carnage that would result? Well, they would need scapegoats.

Some of these scapegoats will be political in origin. For example, the mainstream media has been pumping out non-stop rhetoric suggesting that the next global crisis will be a direct result of the “rise of populism and nationalism” within Western societies. Meaning conservatives, classical liberals and sovereignty champions are the new patsies for economic instabilities that the globalists built into the system long ago.

Some of these scapegoats, though, will be far more illusory and intangible.

It is my belief that agencies like the NSA are unleashing some of their own exploits to the public on purpose. But what does this accomplish?  For one, it makes the use of false flag attacks more viable. If attacks like Ransomware continue to escalate, the public may in a sense become normalized to them. What if one of these attacks targets major financial elements? Say the large networks of algorithmic computers that dominate stock transactions today come under threat; what would be the result? Most likely complete market disaster. And, almost everyone in the world will believe the culprit was some kind of terrorist hacking group, rather than the establishment itself, which has the most to gain from this brand of catastrophe.

Also, the establishment may simply be hoping that if they release enough of these exploits which they have been devising for years, someone will use them to attack the financial system autonomously. That is to say, the establishment does not necessarily need to use false flag attacks to bring down stock markets or banking networks. All they need to do is put the weapons out in the open and wait for someone to fall to temptation and do their dirty work for them.

I would compare this to the act of forcefully injecting millions of Muslim immigrants into western nations without a rational vetting process. If the elites want more terrorism in Europe, for instance, they don’t have to do all the work of forming domestic cells and training the members as they have done in the Middle East with ISIS. All they have to do is leave the front door wide open in the name of “humanitarianism” and allow the enemy to waltz right in.

This strategy gives the establishment plausible deniability while also giving them the crisis environment they secretly desire.

Our economy and the economies of most nations today stand upon a razor’s edge. Historically negative data is now reported weekly. Hard and “soft” data indicates a massive downturn is lurking under the surface. In fact, the ONLY elements of the economy which remain “positive” are stocks and some currencies. This is what we call a bubble scenario. The globalists have managed to stretch equities markets for years on the back of untold stimulus measures, but this illusion is quickly coming to an end.

Central banks are backing away from quantitative easing and steadily increasing interest rates, removing cheap debt as a tool to prop up stocks. The era of easy money is almost over. It seems to me that this is a perfect time for a trigger event that is completely unrelated to the financial elites, an event that will distract the public away from their culpability. This is not to say that a cyber attack on our market networks will be the only trigger event or distraction, but I am starting to think it will be a primary measure, no doubt while the world is mesmerized by James Comey "memos" and other such nonsense.

The NSA and other organizations have handcrafted global networks to fail, and not just fail, but fail spectacularly leaving maximum destruction in their wake. I do not think this was done without foresight. Events like Ransomware might only be the beginning. Watch this trend carefully, and be extra vigilant if cyber attacks begin to target financial institutions and systems. If this does happen, the “great economic reset” may not be far away.

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Paul Kersey's picture

The perfect trigger for a stock market crash would be for Trump to make Crypto-Israeli, Joe Lie-berman the director of the FBI, America's national police force. Who ever thought that the day would come when the United Russia Party would be duking it out with the Likud Party for control of the United States of America?

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A stock market crash will just offer Democrat cities more bums in the streets. 

And Democrats they love bums. Otherwise they wouldn't have legalized pot.

Beggars Overrun Colorado Town, Residents Blame Legalized Marijuana

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You mean the cataclysm.

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My apologies I didn't respond on the previous response I made on another thread.  Since old articles comments are never read I'm going to respond here hoping one of the adversarials to my previous post picks up on the answers an rebuttals to their assertions.  I can't even remember who said what, though I remember the arguments posed.  One particular person on there suggested that I was extremely indoctrinated.  To answer that question.  No I am not. I come from a very secular family.  I was very close to being an athiest in my early 20's.  I came to realize the lie to that affair.  I went through life studying history, eveyrthing from Bar Khobba rebellion, to Babylon, to Christianity, to Buddhism, to Jews.  Because my parents allowed me to choose whatever I wanted to believe I wasn't forced into going to Christian church.  I read parts of the Christian bible, the Talmud, the Koran.  I had friends of all persuasions.  Yes I've liked both Jews and Muslims as people, and at one time I was indifferent on the beliefs.  You see I studied the whole thing and came to the belief that Christianity and it's predictions of the future were amazingly accurate to the observed and now history.   As such I'm the least indoctrinated person I know.  I'm also one of the most honest people on here.  I believe I've told many people about how entropy is connected to the speed of light.  I know this how?  Because I've studied it.  I've never stopped studying Electromagnetics, relativity, and as such I've designed amazing things.  I know many things of the world knowledge that most people would not even have a clue.  But I'm not bragging, what I'm saying is that I'm not some close minded nimwit.  When I tell people things like averaging is entropic whether it be money or genetics, I'm not making it up.  I think diversity sucks.  I think printing money sucks.  I think homosexuality makes no reproductive sense or for that matter does it equal a healthy lifestyle.


When HItler, Stalin, Marx, Trotsky, Kissinger, JP Morgan, Goldman Sacs, Madoff, the list goes on and on.  And they all have the same common thread of Jewish. When the last 7 Fed Reserve are owned an controlled by Jews.  When the media that keeps lying to us on eveyrthing from wars to diversity owned by Jews.  When the banking industry titans and all of majority of the corrupting Hollywood and it's disgusting taught and disseminated values of lawlessness and lack of morality.  When people like Soros and Rothchilds all Jews.  How the heck can a logical person avoid coming up with a logical connection to this?  How can one not see that Turkish genotypes of DNA and not semitic bloodlines course through the Askenazis?   I'm not asking people to hate or kill Jews, but for crying out loud I'm tired of being silenced with political correctness that is killing this once Christian nation.  It's unbelievable times we live in.

As far as another commentor that said if it wasn't the Jews it would be someone else doing the same thing.  Let me explain my thoughts.  Have you ever listened to Soros when he said why he didn't mind holocausting other Jews when he was pretending to be a German Nazi? His answer was that like the market if it weren't me it would have been someone else so I don't lose sleep over it. This is Talmud thinking to a T.  And if has somehow rubbed off onto you, don't ask me where, I'm sorry for you.  There's a good reason not to participate in evil, even if someone else will do it.  And the way for good men to correct evil behavior isn't by doing or saying nothing, it's about putting a halt to lawlessness.  And if you believe in God and Jesus and I do then you know this not only has to happen but it must if you have faith and follow through with that objective in your heart.

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 You like to talk a lot about yourself don't you?


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she was a waitress in a cocktail bar now she owns a jet...

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No you do liar.  You and your butt buddies on here mean nothing to me.

roddcarlson's picture

I can vote for Joocrats or Jooblicans.  Last I checked the establishement Joos never change.  The only difference is that we get pro Israel, pro creditism, pro bankers, and pro Talmuds no matter which way we vote. I'm really sick of the steins and burgers.  They always conveniently miss the Titanics and World trade centers they own.  They just always have the things insured too.  And they always can cry Antisemitism even when being Turkish in origin and not even semitic.  That's the way the way the Joos like it.  More beast of burdens to water down white Christian man and every possible serpent wisdom to craftly and recursively rip off the northern white man. 

The Joos being serpents of the devil and not having a Godly connection don't have the antenna on their heads to actually be productive.  Hence they find every possible way to rig the system to steal from those that are productive.  Truly being the Pharisee's converts (before the Pharisees became extinct by Rome), they are twice the bastards of hell.  And I'm going to keep up the pressure on the liars and grandchildren of the devil.  Because you know what I'm tired of saying code words like "establishment" when we really mean the haphazard architects of destruction known as Jews.  Which interestingly enough Jesus was not a Jew but rather a Judahite.  And he certainly wasn't of Talmud (Pharisee teaching) either.

roddcarlson's picture

Democrat= Joo going 200% increase in muslims, third world beasts,  antichrist immigration

Repulican= Joo going 100% increase in muslims, third world beasts,  antichrist immigration


Democrat=Joo always getting special treatment as the "special" Turkish holy people

Republican=Joo always getting special treatment as the "special" Turkish holy people


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Republican= Joo media not telling of his pet antichrist and blacks to rape, steal, and murder of white Christian man


Democrat= Joo laws protecting bankers and handouts to bankers when they crash the system

Republican=Joo laws protecting bankers and handouts to bankers when they crash the system


Let's put things into perspective. Hitler's Christian mom was raped by his Joo Dad.  Obviously Hitler became a mad man from the experience, but he probably saw his dad following the Talmud for what he truly was.  That said an antichrist has no qualms about raping, killing, stealing from Goyim (Christian man).  Just like the Muslims they it's all legal in their Talmud.  Now you know why the Joo always talks nice about caring about pet blacks, but also ran the biggest human trafficking when slavery was them.  Like always they morph into the good guys but behind closed doors they always are stalked full of family members that are pedophiles and homosexuals.  It's just how they work, and soon their Joo media will be ok with animal sex and marriages too.  It's what happens when you don't have the Father, because they reject the Son Jesus, they don't have the Father either.  And they certainly aren't semitic being Turkish genetics and all.  All hail the Hellenist Turkish Jew convert that was also the same hateful bloodline that opposed God's people back in Jesus day too.  But hey we can all get along right?  More diversity in our countries but not their Israel?  Somehow these men of old have crept back into the Christian churches through the likes of Scofield and his notes to persuade Christians in the nasty idea of Zionism.  Doesn't bother the Christians at all that their Moses like figure of Ben Gurion was an athiest? Now would God use a Marxist and athiest to found his Holy nation?  Yeah right.  But that's what you get when the Joos have been programming a country with their contrived media and buying off all the real  wealth with their printed dollar bills for a century.  I've got bad news for them, their better days are over.  The handwriting is on the wall and their empire is going to be divided.

Paul Kersey's picture

Instead of killing Osama bin Laden, they should have forced him to read one of your egotistical rants. After that, he would have willingly ratted out every al-Qaeda operative, until he finally died of boredom. However, there are probably those snow flakes who would call that a violation of the the Geneva Accords.

roddcarlson's picture

Stop giving yourself likes serpent, how many Hollywood aliases do you own?  Believe it or not I'm not persuaded by popularity contests.  I'm tired of liars and until you can come up with some good aguments why the Talmud doesn't suck, and the likes of all the other issues from genetics, to entropy of breeding races and distributing wealth (socilaism) all constructs of your people are good things then I'll keep up the heat of the fake Turkish holy people.

Paul Kersey's picture

"Believe it or not I'm not persuaded by popularity contests."

Indeed, you are driven by unpopularity. You seem to thrive on negative attention. If so, you've come to the right place.

"until you can come up with some good aguments why the Talmud doesn't suck

Why would anyone give a rat's arse about a book written by ignorant goat herders, that depicts talking snakes, people being turned into pillars of salt and 600 year old ark builders?

By the way, you might have someone explain spellcheck to you.

roddcarlson's picture

Take your atheist arguments somewhere else pal,  Marx and your crew had your chance and you showed effectively why goat herders are better than a million of your kind.  You tend to convince yourself of your own empty world jargon.  But of course humanity is the peak of intellect in this world, your arguments are null and void, and your humanity like all your previous ilk is serpentine and leads to death.  You are a cult and your are the true nature of a Jew even if you don't claim it.

roddcarlson's picture

Actually no I'm not being negative.  I'm trying to stop WWIII because whether your type wants to admit it or not there is an undercurrent and pretending it doesn't exist isn't go to save you.  There was a theme in WWII and there is theme today and atheist had their day thinking they had a better solution to end all the insanity they call of religion, and they ended up killing more people than all the religious wars combined.  You better wake up because there is something happening and has been happening for a long time, and it's certainly not caused by wishful thining of what you call goat herders.   Stay blind to the undercurrent and you'll be swept like all your previous atheist into darkness, the big dirt nap followed by your true worm inside that defines you.  It's called reprobate ignorance, because it's obvious you have the ability to get it but you prefer darkness and darkness is what you'll get.


lolmao500's picture

You mean the perfect scapegoats?

Lost in translation's picture

It's strange how tubes of silver eagles and a Mossberg are unaffected by cyber attacks.


undertow1141's picture

Yeah, I checked my safe and oddly nothing in there was gone. NYSE can't say the same.

BeanusCountus's picture

Silver eagles not going anywhere (physically). Neither will the cyber attack. Played down by the media as we speak. "Move along, nothing to see, problem solved." Just a pre-cursor of problems to come, but America will sleep through it. That's what Microsoft wants. XP targeted? Old news, easily explained away as "that's why you need your upgrades". No crash until the PR people don't have an easy answer.

techpriest's picture

As a web developer, hopefully this means we never need to bother developing for IE7-9 ever again.

Anyway, get your Xubuntu Linux box and get off M$ as fast as you can.

The only reason Microsoft holds on is because of the office admin features. Once open source tools become cool in that particular space, the real MS customers (big business and big government) will start disappearing.

Takemine2go's picture

Not to mention that an attack on critical infrastructure is an act of War.  Power grid gets conveniently hacked or the banking system crashes and The Logical scapegoat is of course Russia. I'll give them credit they're trying their best to get World War 3 started

Handful of Dust's picture

What if they hack into a nuke plant and somehow force the protective shields down? If they do and it hits Cali, I hope the smelt are not harmed.

Implied Violins's picture

You know what? Fuck you. I live here and I do toxicological studies for a gubmint laboratory, and I've been trying to raise the red flag about how there is almost nothing left alive in the Sacramento river (only *6* smelt were found in the last survey) - and yet our gubner is STILL releasing acre-miles of water to 'keep them alive'. And this is a NON-NATIVE fish, btw. It doesn't take much imagination to wonder what's happening to the native fish, if the smelt are gone.

Yes, this state is fucked. And any virus that fucks with nuke plants will probably kill us all. But some of us still live in this shithole and are trying to make a difference where doing so MIGHT ACTUALLY MATTER.

So, again, FUCK YOU. But don't take it personally.

Truther's picture

-----> NSA to blame
-----> BiBi to blame

Salsa Verde's picture

If you don't hold it...

lasvegaspersona's picture

ha ha SWIFT is on an ATARI  running VISTA....I'm pretty sure hackability is a feature...not a bug..

Clock Crasher's picture

I'm sceptical of the arguments presented here.

I think this is pure and simple hubris that backfired mixed with idealistic maneuver by the leaker.

The DS thought they would never be caught.

Whistle blower thought others would do the right thing.

The big banks are never getting hacked.

We either hyper inflate or after a mild micro crash first.

Markets never melting down. Only up. Are you going to capitulate at DOW 30,000 or Nasdaq 30,000.



Lost in translation's picture

I will capitulate at Dow 100,000 and not one second before!

En garde!

Clock Crasher's picture

Gold will out preform equities by x% per year in perpetuity.

I expect stocks to do well continuously from here on out say +10% this year and Gold +20%. We will compound these gains until Mars attacks.

Not one man in a thousand can discover the fraud hence no crashing.

Yeah yeah I know but the internet. OK fine I'll spot you not TWO men in a thousand.

We are buried in the avalanche of apathy.

runningman18's picture

Stocks have been in stasis for months.  Not more than 1% in either direction.  One mention of a Comey memo and the Dow takes a dive.  Time is almost up for equities.  Anyone who thinks this ship is going anwhere but down has unicorns on the brain, lol! 

PitBullsRule's picture

...and that is called, a CONSPIRACY THEORY!  

This generation, todays voters, are the most conspiratorial paranoid weenies the world has ever seen!  Thats how we got Trump!  Too many conspiracy theorists!  

runningman18's picture

"...and that is called a CONSPIRACY FACT!"

There, fixed it for you.

Ajax-1's picture

I beg to differ. This generation are a bunch of unthinking Lemmings whom lack critical thinking skills or the concept of cause and effect. 

runnymede's picture

Do you just have to troll to get the $15/hr Soros bucks, or do you have to occasionally suck his dork too?

sleigher's picture

Am I paranoid if they really are out to get me?

Itinerant's picture

Agree with much of what you bring to light, but the idea that the software vulnerabilities are engineered does not stand up to scrutiny. Most software errors (there are tons) do not yield an exploitable vulnerability. A lot of random factors have to come together in order to overflow a data structure and be able to set the stack pointer to some code that you have positioned there. The fact that the software is so vulnerable has various reasons: [1] Commercial pressures to develop at break neck speed, and a culture of relative indifference to correct code; [2] Cheap solutions always win out over good solutions in technology marketed to the public; [3] Companies regard the losses of customers as externalities. The whole billion dollar anti-virus industry is predicated on software companies not making small adjustments upstream, often for very lazy reasons (less help desk calls; very tiny bits of user ease; etc). These companies do not make software, they make money.


That is not to say that there are no back doors -- these are enforced by courts and gag orders, and some are built into the hardware. There are really enough to not really need software exploits.


Many events are actually more frightening than conspiracy thought supposes: There are not evil geniuses pulling the strings and playing 5-D chess, but things are just completely out of control.

Dragon HAwk's picture

I hate when things start to make sense and fall into place... /s

Megaton Jim's picture

Coming soon to you from Tel Aviv.............just like the rest of them!

PhilofOz's picture

Yeah.....this is nothing compared to what Israel's Talpiot program will unleash when it suits their purpose!

Arthur's picture

Most trading houses and banks rely on custom,  proprietary software for key functions and don't use decade old, off the shelf products, like British hospitals nor are they using pirated software like millions of Chinese and Indians.

 I would not worry about a global take down of banks and trading houses through software flaws.




runningman18's picture

Dumb assumption.  NSA exploits can hit anything using Windows or any other operating system made by a company that works with the government.  Banks and trading platforms don't use proprietary operating systems. 

East Indian's picture

The whole financial world is a disembodied brain in a vat; all it can do is to hallucinate. Till the plug is pulled.

moorewasthebestbond's picture

Don't KILL SWITCH me bro'!

francis scott falseflag's picture

It only took bringing down the WTC on 911 to halt trading for a week back there in

2001.  The NSA/Deep State have a million other tricks up their sleeve to halt trading.

When trading finally opens in the midst of the Comey Island Ferris Wheel and the

the enormous False Flag Betsy Ross has been knitting since the Ukrainian Coup

or before, people in the market should be hysterical or worse.


When the markets finally open to limit-down days and the only buyers are shorts

covering their multi billion dollar positions.  Not buying too quickly either, cause

the longer they wait to buy, the more moolah they make. By that time the Dow

could be at 14,000, 12,000 or a round 10,000.


The only thing that remains to be seen is whether or not the Department of Blame

and False Flag trys to pin this one on the Russians and turn 300,000,000 Americans

into warmongers out to get even with Moscow.  Putin has aid that if war breaks out,

it will be nuclear. (I'm selling tin foil hats if yours has been tossed out).


To me the most perplexing thing of all is the fact that after the NSA (who tapped

Merkel's cell phone) has blamed everything that's happened since Y2K on Russia,

not one of the major European countries of NATO has stepped up and said "This

looks like a false flag to me."  Not England, not France, not Germany, not Belgium,

not Sweden, not Netherlands, not Denmark.


So much blackmail and so much in bribes (pre-blackmail) have transpired since the

end of WW2, the Great John le Carre must consider it unrealistic and has been struck