EU Warns Turkey After 141 Greek Airspace Violations In Sinigle Day

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Turkish aircraft and helicopters illegally entered Greece’s airspace 141 times on May 15, the Hellenic National Defence General Staff reported.

As KeepTalkingGreece reports, airspace violations are a common practice by Ankara to reiterates its unfounded claims in the Aegean Sea.

20 Turkish F-16, 5 CN-235 maritime surveillance aircraft and 19 helicopters entered the Athens flight information region (FIR) without submitting a flight plan.

The  Turkish aircraft were identified and intercepted by Greek fighters, while in nine cases the interception process resulted in near combat situations (dog fights).

In addition, two Turkish missile boats entered Greek territorial waters off the southeast Aegean island of Agathonisi.

The vessels, which were taking part in a maritime exercise code-named Deniz Kurdu (Seawolf), stayed in Greek territorial waters for about 20 minutes.

Contacted by, an EU spokesperson sent a strict message to Turkey, urging that it respect the sovereignty of the EU’s member states.

“The EU underlines that Turkey needs to commit itself unequivocally to good neighbourly relations and urges Turkey to avoid any kind of source of friction, threat or action directed against a member state, which damages good neighbourly relations and the peaceful settlement of disputes,” the spokesperson said.

The same official added that negative statements that damage good neighbourly relations should also be avoided.

“Moreover, the EU also stresses the need to respect the sovereignty of member states over their territorial sea and airspace,” the spokesperson told EURACTIV.


“At the Informal Meeting of Foreign Ministers (Gymnich) of last 28 April, the EU High-Representative and Vice-President Federica Mogherini recalled that good neighbourly relations are one of the core principles which Turkey is called upon to respect as a candidate country,” the EU official concluded.

Will now Turkey stop Greece’s airspace violations? On the contrary. Greeks expect ‘intensive activity’ due to the Turkish naval exercise Seawolf.

On May 16, a pair of Turkish F-16 and of F-4E as well as one CN-235 violated the Greek airspace three times.

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bobert727's picture

Happy Sinigle Day!!

Haus-Targaryen's picture

So what happens then?  Greek F-16s fight Turkish F-16s.  Everyone loses except the US MIC, which always seems to win.  

What is the EU going to do?  Write a strongly written letter?  Fuck Brussels. 

Dame Ednas Possum's picture

Imagine if the Greeks had been as trigger-happy as the Turks shooting down the Russian Su-24 for a supposed momentary transgression in Nov. 2015.

Hypocrisy much by the Turkish bastions of righteousness? 


It almost pains me to say it... but if only the entire global community were as mindful, understanding and reasonable as the Russian administration.  If they were the MSM would be left with no choice but to report on the progress of our species rather than our decay. 

Having said that... an intra-NATO military conflagration has an almost commical element to it. 



fx's picture

141 missed opportunities to shoot Erdogan's islamist bastards down.

fx's picture

All hell would break lose at Brussels if a Russian figher jet were spotted just once and for a milisecond within Greek airspace.
With Turkey, all we hear is some empty posturing with zero consequence whatsoever.

Ignatius's picture

We can hope that Turkey will show Greece the same compassion the Turks have displayed in Syria.  /S

eforce's picture

As long as their both in NATO I don't see any point squabbling over it.

Backin2006's picture

Can you imagine if Turkey did invade!? How on earth would the world's most bureaucratic, European-hating organisation ever respond?!? By holding a record twenty week committee meeting?!? By producing a report?!? Give us a break.

shovelhead's picture

They're looking for Kurds in the Aegean.

They don't want them to intercept all their ISIS pals they send on their way to Europe.

Inshalla Allah.

Ms. Erable's picture

The Turks have been doing this on nearly a daily basis for over a decade, often resulting in mock dogfights between Greek and Turkish pilots. Not only have both sides exhibited great self-control throughout, both have, as a result, some of the best trained combat pilots in the world.

The Russian Fencer wouldn't have been downed without specific orders to do so.


peddling-fiction's picture

Putin is aware of that.

And that the Bosphorus is in Turkish hands.

Volaille de Bresse's picture

How do you say "doormat "in Turkish?


Turks are 100% Muslims : show one tiny bit of weakness toward them and they'll stomp you.

Be strong and proud they'll retreat like rats.

Azannoth's picture

Deservetly so, weakness needs to be punished it's the Law of Nature

Kaeako's picture

Seems like Greece needs to buy more weapons. Perhaps German or French? Tanks, submarines.. Definitely submarines.

SnottyBubbles's picture


Safety tip for those that know nothing!




Youngsters might want to freshen up on your wiki phd’s between these to be approximately conversant.


Kaiser Wilhelm II's picture

The Hellenic Air Force already has 20-30 Mirage 2000 in their fleet; which overwhelmed more than once the F-16 of the Turkish Air Force :

BadDog's picture

Or maybe some Russian S-400's?

BorisTheBlade's picture

That would be some conundrum, one NATO member buys Russian-made weapons to protect itself from another NATO member.

A. Boaty's picture

Erdo needs squirrel.

God is The Son's picture

I though the EU wants ASSAD GONE and ISIS in.

SnottyBubbles's picture


WTH? Heck no. Not at all. Raqqa is still a Syrian city, run by the death cult after 5 years f ‘sustained EU/US bombing’, 40 miles south of Turkey.




ISIS is useful cannon fodder between the blocs that really wanna get rowdy


SnottyBubbles's picture


… the EU wants millions of military age jihadi males keeping their over privileged white citizens in check


God is The Son's picture

I wonder how many Violations the EU Brussels Pedophiles have committed on children.

Vido's picture

The EU should blockade turkish occupied Cyprus and drive the turks into the sea. To bad they do not have the balls to make it happen.

directaction's picture

Why does Greece allow Turkey to keep doing this?

OverTheHedge's picture

As always it is history, violence and an unwillingness to compromise. The full list of petty squabbles is here:

The short answer is that Greece and Turkey don't measure "international waters" in the same way, and what to one is the free right of passage, is an invasion to the other. Both sides play games, and have done for years.

However, as always, Turkey is taking the piss. Luckily I don't live anywhere near Turkey, but the Greek air force train over my house most days of the week, as they need to practice to be really good at killing each other. The noise is tiresome, and one day I will catch an F16 in my potato patch, and then they will see what a real border dispute looks like.

seabass974's picture

Greece still has airspace?  One more thing to sell!

OverTheHedge's picture

Sorry, but that is funny. +1

OliverAnd's picture

Erdogan publically supports the rebels in Syria.  Erdogan privately and religiously supports ISIS.  Two days ago it was reported that ISIS fighters were joining the ranks of the rebels.  While there were times when Turkey was following a more western approach, with Erdogan they are returning to their caliphate state.  Turkey as a continuation of the Ottoman Empire is the oldest surviving caliphate.  It is a 'nation' that suddenly appeared about 1000 years ago organized by the Mongolians and united by radical Islam.  Every Turk has had at least one female Christian ancester that was raped and enslaved by radical Islamist in order to sustain and expand their population at a time when most if not all Arabic nations were Christian states.  Imagine the barbarism of those that lived as Turks during the Ottoman Empire.  Imagine the miasma of Turkey today.  

Putin considers himself the protector of the people of Orthodoxy.  Lavrov made comments about Turkish jets flying into Greek airspace when the Turks shot down a Russian military jet.  Today Russia forgot about their jet that killed Russian pilots and is now instead building them a nuclear factory.  On the 29th of this month Aghia Sophia will be turned into a mosque; like to see what the protector of Orthodoxy does?  Or is religion a tool he uses to control the Russian people?  One thing is for sure, next time he shows up in Greece to go to Agios Oros he will be greated with rotten tomatoes.  Maybe the Russians and the Russian church later will turn him into a Turkish kabob, because he definitely is no Turkish delight, although with his latest politcal moves he has become so for Erdogan.

Fireman's picture

Erdoggy is playing a scripted game and so is the EUSSR Pedophile Politburo in Natostan sewer BrUSel$. Soon there will be "an incident" and this will allow Erdoggy to empty his USSAN financed Syrian migrant concentration camps into the muslim ghetto that Urupp is fast becoming. The fun will begin when Porky Walzman attacks the Novorussian Republics and starts the implosion of Ukropland sending NAZIS on their way to Germany sans visa. If 3 more million mus and Nafri migrants is bad just wait for the 20 million Ukrops on tractors and trucks storming in from Victoria (zionazi) Nudelman's Kiev paradise.


Onward to the collap$€!

Buster Cherry's picture

Greeks hate Turks. Back in '76, as a teenager, I worked at a gas station that was owned by a Greek, and at that time, fighting broke out between the Turks and Greeks on Cyprus. He told me that the Turks were animals and their purpose in life was to rape Greek women.

I was young back then, and didn't know much about world events, but that Greek's emotions sure impressed me.

Greeks hate Turks.

sheikurbootie's picture

I lived in Greece in '76 DURING the Cyprus War, it was very exciting as a teenager.  The Greeks hate the Turks/Germans.  I kick myself for not buying all of the WW1(a few) and WW2 German leftovers (rifles, mg's, uniforms, etc) of battle sold at Monastiraki (old city bazaar/ flea market).  I learned how to negotiate at a very young age.

If you look at a map of Greece and their islands, exiting Turk airspace and entering Greek airspace is VERY EASILY done with a 12 NM international zone.

This sounds like Greece being the aggressor. 

shutterbug's picture

That sounds like you never really knew the Greek people...

Shibboleth's picture

So, since when does the EU deal with defence issues?

F*ck you Brussels. That's what NATO is for. And yes, NATO is obsolete. But still, mind your own f*cking business.

FranSix's picture

Greeks probably very happy with Euros in their pocket right about now.

shutterbug's picture

You never went to Greece ...

silverer's picture

Greece decided to be a failed state when it decided to get down on its hands and knees and kiss the EU for whatever it was told to do. It should expect to be invaded, taken over, and divided amongst its conquerors. It had a choice: It could have thrown the middle finger at the EU, and went independent, recovering itself financially and picking new allies it could work with. It gained nothing staying in the EU. Now look at it: bullied by a NATO member, no less.

shutterbug's picture

It certainly did NOT gain nothing with staying inside the EU and Euro!!

Greece gained AT LEAST 40 BILLION in additional debt! So that is a large amount of money !! ;-)

/sarcasm off
Their minister of finance left because he saw the "result" of the "help" by Europe... more debt instead of less.

This is a crazy world and regular people have nothing to say. Nobody of us wants war or "helping" countries by pushing more debt onto them...

quasi_verbatim's picture

Aegean islands off the Western littoral of Turkey? Those islands are Greek?

OverTheHedge's picture

Very Greek. Some of the favourite tourist destinations.

Historically, Greece was never a "nation". It was a collection of independent settlements around the coast of the Mediterranean, from Portugal in the west, all around the coast past Turkey , the Levant, and along north Africa to Morocco. They were more prevalent in the area of modern Greece, but the buggers were everywhere.

Post ottoman empire, they had to create a Nation state, and with the help of all those romantic young officers from the British empire, who were well schooled in their Greek history and mythology, they got to keep all the islands, which they basically stole from the rightful government of the time, but that's what a revolution is. It was a bit messy then, and continues to be messy now, but Lesvos and Mykanos are the result, where all the gender-different of the western world get to go on holiday and be "diverse". If Turkey ever takes them back, you can expect a lot of snowflake melting on behalf of lbgtvrqsbynt holidays lost.

OliverAnd's picture

Greece was never a nation?  It was like how the USA was before its union, and how the USA is today after the union.  But Turkey is a nation?  Since when? Troy? Ephesus? Alikarnassos?  Smyrna? Konstantinople?  These Turks did not exist until after 1000AD when the Mongolians organized a bunch of radical Islamist to attack the west and plunder all its riches.  The Ottomans, or Turks of today are nothing more than the oldest Caliphate.  Yes many Turks are not radical Islamists, but many still are including Erdogan and his followers.  Turks need to realize that someone in their family from the past was raped by these Islamist to sustain and grow their Caliphate...  and while many think it were European women that were raped, that is not entirely true as many Arabic nations were Christian back then.  How do you allow a nation founded on extremism, barbarism and raping women to exist?  Turkey can't have what did not ever belong to them. Ever.  Konstantinople is the capital city of Greece and is now under occupation.  Don't ever forget that because many Greeks will not ever forget that.

SpanishGoop's picture

I thought that Turkeys dont fly.

But if they do shoot them down.


1.21 jigawatts's picture

Gee thanks, EU.  The cockroch Turks have only been doing this for like 20 fucking years!

barysenter's picture

We're not friends anymore Recip!

farflungstar's picture

Turkey is Islamic cancer. 

barysenter's picture

Erdogans are (((frankists))). Lots of vampire dna.

D. G. Neree's picture

Erdogan is one of the most dangerous persons on the planet.

LoveTruth's picture

Typical for Turkey.